Caressa’s Knees

Caressa s Knees Working for megastar Jeremy Gray has taken an emotional toll on personal assistant Kyle Winchell In the name of self preservation he re locates to New York City to work at Ironclad Solutions a servi

  • Title: Caressa’s Knees
  • Author: Annabel Joseph
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Working for megastar Jeremy Gray has taken an emotional toll on personal assistant Kyle Winchell In the name of self preservation, he re locates to New York City to work at Ironclad Solutions, a service agency catering to the needs of the rich and famous He accepts a job as personal assistant to well respected concert cellist Caressa Gallo, only to find she s not as respWorking for megastar Jeremy Gray has taken an emotional toll on personal assistant Kyle Winchell In the name of self preservation, he re locates to New York City to work at Ironclad Solutions, a service agency catering to the needs of the rich and famous He accepts a job as personal assistant to well respected concert cellist Caressa Gallo, only to find she s not as respectable as she seems Soon he s involved in a world of lust and dark inspiration, and emotional stakes beyond anything he s encountered before This novel contains BDSM elements and is approximately 70K words in length.

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    1. Annabel Joseph

      Annabel Joseph is a NYT and USA Today bestselling BDSM erotic romance author She writes mainly contemporary romance, although she has been known to dabble in the medieval and Regency eras She is recognized for writing emotionally intense BDSM storylines, and strives to create characters that seem real even flawed so readers are better able to relate to them Annabel publishes with Ellora s Cave and Loose Id in addition to her own imprint, Scarlet Rose Press She also writes non BDSM erotic romance under the name Molly Joseph You can sign up to receive Annabel s newsletter here wordpress7st manage Some of Annabel s favorite authors are Laura Kinsale, Judith McNaught, Jo Beverley, Flannery O Connor, Molly Weatherfield, and Anneke Jacob.Annabel Joseph loves to hear from her readers at annabeljosephnovels gmail.

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    1. One of the best erotic romances I have read. I just loved it!!! I really will take the time soon to write a more detailed review, but I wanted to make sure until then, those perusing knew what a great story this is.It is an extra full-length novel at almost 70K words about Kyle from Comfort Object. Remember Kyle, Jeremy's assistant who found Nell, and had the privelege of sharing Nell when Jeremy commanded? Kyle the poor Texas boy who was infatuated with the girl he found for Jeremy? Who took a [...]

    2. I've been waiting for this one since I Comfort Object. I deeply enjoyed that book, but it has nothing on this one. I was prepared to love Kyle. He was a supporting character in Comfort Object, but what I wasn't prepared for was seeing a character like Caressa in romance novel. Difficult. Unruly. Hard to know and understand because she doesn't know herself, yet. God, I understood that character. I am that character sometimes. Love and age have tempered me, but reading this book brought me close t [...]

    3. I love how, at least in Annabel Joseph books, that everyone involved in the performing arts has a serious kink going on in private.This is Kyle’s story – Kyle’s was Jeremy’s PA from Comfort Object. He found Nell for him, shared Nell with him, fell hard for her and ultimately took a bullet for her. Nell, of course, is deeply in love with Jeremy and we start this story with Kyle on a downwards spiral of drink and drugs unable to get over his infatuation with Nell.After a brief stint in reh [...]

    4. This was my first book by Annabel Joseph. As I was reading the synopsis, it called to me I was a music major in college, and I always love reading books that have a strong musical content. This one did not disappoint!I adore the way Caressa compared her relationship with Kyle in musical terms. While that might be frustrating for someone who isn't familiar with the terms, it really worked for me. The story is filled with both tender and frustrating moments. I could sympathize with Caressa and the [...]

    5. 1st read: 5-7 May 20142nd read: 27-28 May 2015Buddy read with MaruMs Joseph makes everything so amazing! She can transmit emotion like few others can :)

    6. Nakon poplave štiva serviranog nakon jedinstvenih “Pedeset nijansi sive” u Hrvatsku je stigla i ova knjiga. Radi se o markantnom muškarcu mračne prošlosti koji voli BDSM i mladoj neiskusnoj ženi. Tu svaka sličnost prestaje. Ova je knjiga laganija, kraća, a BDSM je u laganim dozama. Unatoč tome da bi neki mogli činjenicu da priča nije kompleksna doživjeti kao minus, knjiga je začuđujuće opsežna.Mlada glazbenica Caressa dobiva privlačnog asistenta koji joj pomaže tijekom turne [...]

    7. Caressa's Knees is a tale of exquisite music and exorcising personal demons. Nice character trajectories for both Caressa and Kyle make for a rich experience. Both protagonists are battling back the darkness. One is further along and dragging the other, but it is still a challenge. Painful to watch at times, and though some will see it as weak or whiny I find that assessment shallow. The torment is real, perhaps not expressed in ways some will understand or recognize, but still valid.

    8. 2,5 *MOODY BITCH* stars!UGH. I hate this book! Wait Did I just said it? Yep.It didn't meet my expectation like the previous one. I thought if I'm moving on in this series, I will find more interesting story. Is it? I'm not quite sure. Caressa's Knees in the second book in Comfort series that disappointed me so deep. It's about Jeremy Gray's assistant story to meet his true love.Slumped in sadness and broken heart, Kyle Winchell has messed up his perfect life. But Jeremy is not only his boss, but [...]

    9. I definitely liked this book better than the first one, moreso because I like Kyle eleventy billion times more than Jeremy. This book is mostly sex, sex, sexwith a little bit of story thrown in. If nothing else, Annabel Joseph sure can write some BDSM!!!! After reading a lot of this style of book, I'm thinking the sadism aspect of BDSM I just don't get or find all that schmexy. I do love me a dominant man though!!! And Kyle really was kind of swoony - I mean, he fixed her hair for her. What man [...]

    10. Caressa´s Knees is the sequel of Annabel Josephs Comfort Object. When we finished COMFORT OBJECT we weren´t really up for another abusive story. BUT,….nce we´re strong believers in reading a series to the bitter end, we gave CARESSA´S KNEES a chance. And guess what? It wasn´t as bad as we thought it would be. To be honest…we actually thought this book was a good read. Oh the story still had more than enough sex scenes in it ( some we thought were hot and some we made awkward faces at [...]

    11. Originally I wasn’t a fan of the comfort series, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for BDSM books, but book one, Comfort Object was just a bit too extreme for me. I thought Jeremy was a jerk and a bit harsh at times and Nell was just too eager to please, but that was book 1 and it went by fairly quickly for me. Why did I decide to start book 2, Caressa’s Knee’s, it was just there. I was pleasantly surprised on how much more I liked this book than Comfort Object.I liked Kyle, although I thoug [...]

    12. My take away from Ms. Joseph is that she believes people in the Arts are f-ed up mental cases. Since I'm more into the Sciences, I'd have to agree with her. Yet another Ms. Joseph's main characters is into the Arts and is a complete emotional cripple. On top of Caressa's psychological problems, she's a hysterical drama queen. Right this is the type of woman I'd like to relate to NOT! Kyle is too good for her. Caressa should have been put out of her misery. I'd have shoved her off the roof – go [...]

    13. 3.5 starsAfter reading the previous books in this series I was not too keen on reading Caressa's Knees. Indeed, I put it off for a long, long time. It was only because the story was about Kyle that I finally gave in and picked it up.Caressa's Knees was difficult to read but not in the same way as Comfort Object. Comfort Object rubbed, ripped and tore me the wrong way. I felt it was abusive. Caressa's Knees was difficult because the main character was a diva in every sense of the word - she was n [...]

    14. Kyle is so sweet - he's like the complete opposite from Jeremy!! I really liked this book. was touching.Carissa is a famous cellist - child prodigy - sheltered - her life is music. Kyle is trying to get his life back on a good path after everything that happened to him while working for Jeremy. Carissa is his new client and she is a handfulbut Kyle is so used to Jeremy, he totally thinks it's no problem - ha! Boy was he wrong! She is one crazy diva with no social skills!I like this book partly b [...]

    15. Such a different book from Comfort Object! A significantly darker emotional story with more romance and less kink than the first. I had wondered what Kyle's story might be since he was so obviously not a sadist in the first book like Jeremy and really played the part of "rescuer" so well. Now I know and I don't think his story could have been told any differently since Caressa’s Knees really hit on all his strengths as a character; patience, strength, kindness and "knight in shiny armour"ness. [...]

    16. 3.5 Comfort Object is by far one of my all time favorite reads. I never really was endeared by Kyle in CO but thought I would take a chance on Caressa's Knees, I do love Annabel.The story was really good. I enjoyed the music aspect and the fact that this was erotica with a great plot. I just didn't love the h/h the way I did with Jeremy and Nell. I was also reminded of one of my all time favorite books with BDSM and a heroine who plays a string instrument.I think the struggle with being consumed [...]

    17. This is the second book in the Comfort Series, Kyle's story. I love Kyle. His character was introduced in Book 1 as the third wheel in Jeremy and Nell's relationship. I loved his character and hoped that he would find his own HEA. Unfortunately, this book did not deliver. Carissa's neurotic tendencies were just too much and it was very difficult to connect with her. Her immaturity, impulsiveness, rudeness and overall bratty attitude were so overwhelming. I couldn't find any redeeming qualities i [...]

    18. Read more of my reviews and ramblings at Ana's Attic Sexy Tales and Toys4.5. Beautifully written, intelligent story of a sheltered, orphaned, out of control cello prodigy finding love and self control. Yes it was a sequel, but SO different from the first. Kyle was worthy of love, it was Caressa who was difficult, but very often that is how these prodigies are, especially ones with no parents to ground them. This one was definitely not as heavy on the kink, at all. So those of you wanting more, t [...]

    19. This story was sweeter than Comfort Object and less kinky too. Actually, I'm not sure that's true but the kinky aspects took a back seat to the relationship in this one.I enjoyed seeing Kyle get something good for himself after his third-wheel status in Comfort Object. He certainly earned his HEA after working for Jeremy Gray! I'm ambivalent about Caressa being a good HEA for Kyle, she's quite the mess. An understandable mess, but still someone I would steer well clear of. She was one very lucky [...]

    20. Joseph does an incredible job of writing about Caressa Gallo, a talented but emotionally damaged cellist, and Kyle Winchell, the personal assistant/bodyguard who can't help but want to heal her. Plus, the end of this book has one of the most beautiful wedding scenes I've ever read in which fireflies play the starring role. Anyone who enjoyed the Fifty Shades books should dive into Annabel Joseph's books, which feature amazingly emotional, heartfelt and sizzling-hot BSDM scenes in addition to the [...]

    21. I loved Comfort Object and was keen to read Kyle's story. I liked his character transition as he struggled to find himself post Jeremy and Nell, but I didn't quite get why he fell for Caressa and her bratty behaviour so quickly. She was such a different sub to Nell and we really didn't see her grow up. I found it very hard to like her and root for her and Kyle to get their HEA. But for all of my issues with Caressa, I really like Ms Joseph's writing.

    22. Still love Kyle. Could not get into Caressa at all. I think her earlier behavior just wigged me out too much. I just could not connect to her at all and I cringed everytime she would do some strange weird thing. It's rare that I have this happen - and it may be a more personal thing to me IDK. The writing, as always, is of the best in BDSM today. Love the author - have loved all the other books. I'll def. continue reading her!

    23. Kyle's story was really sweet and I am happy he has his HEA. Caressa may never realize his true value, but I thought she grew a bit in the book. Kyle was able to figure out how to maintain a delicate balance with her like no one else ever could. You must read Comfort Object prior to this book, so that you understand Kyle's past. I'm proud of Kyle for embracing his inner dom-ness.

    24. Reseña subida a Yo leo RA (yoleora)yoleora/2014/05/redenc[]Que Redención es una novela ligera, donde él es contratado por ella o más bien por la tía de ella para que haga de "canguro/ayudante personal/chico para todo" y ocurre lo que debe ocurrir: la CHISPA se convierte en INCENDIO.[]

    25. As a violinist in real life, the cello motif in this book really sung to me. Pun intended ;) The heroine was annoying, but I felt for her situation so I was able to look past her issues. I was happy to see Kyle from the previous novel (Comfort Object) get a happy ending. :)

    26. I loved Kyle's story. Using a classical musical prodigy as the heroine was a stroke of genius. My Texas heart was thrilled to see my home state through fresh eyes. So many things to like in this story and, oh yeah There was plenty of kinky stuff too.

    27. Buddy read with AlyI want a KyleI'm addicted to this series and the author's writing style.Thanks Aly for making me read this series :)

    28. 4 Stars. I just love this author. I'm slammin' through these books. This was a bit different, but very good. Full review to come soon.

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