Strawgirl Following the success of Child of Silence Padgett s heroine Bo Bradley child abuse investigator for the San Diego juvenile court system returns as she is assigned to retrive an abused child s ten

  • Title: Strawgirl
  • Author: Abigail Padgett
  • ISBN: 9780446401999
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Following the success of Child of Silence, Padgett s heroine Bo Bradley, child abuse investigator for the San Diego juvenile court system, returns, as she is assigned to retrive an abused child s ten year old sister from her parents, members of a New Age group.

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      Abigail Padgett Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Strawgirl book, this is one of the most wanted Abigail Padgett author readers around the world.

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    1. Q:"I don't find this hard to believe," Bo whispered to a social worker from the probation department seated beside her, "I find it impossible to believe!""Shh," the woman replied, writing "Satanic conspiracy" in purple ink on a lavender legal pad. "That's how they operate. They know people won't believe it."(c)Q:"You're not going to believe this!" Bo told Estrella when she returned at noon. "I've seen a lot of nuts in my day. I've been a nut in my day. But nothing can touch this overdressed psyc [...]

    2. [book:Strawgirl|104128From the BookSecond in the award-winning Bo Bradley mystery series, STRAWGIRL throws child abuse investigator Bo into the curious world of cults, and pits her against the most loathsome of antagonists.The rape/murder of a little girl is exploited by a sensation-seeking psychologist, arousing the public to a frenzy of mindless rage toward “Satanists” while Bo struggles to protect the murdered child’s sister and save an unjustly accused man from prison.Complicating ever [...]

    3. In STRAWGIRL, Bo Bradley, a social worker employed as an investigator for the San Diego Children’s Protective Services Department is asked “Why do you risk so much? What makes you do what you do?” That is a question many people may ask themselves. Her response, “Who knows.I have risk built into my chemistry. Any day may bring fears beyond anything real life can produce. It provides a somewhat larger perspective, maybe. Or it may be a pitiable adolescent need to defy authority.” The S [...]

    4. Serious novel that has real life scenarios. I really like that the main character is bipolar. I'm a therapist & dislike the way her life appears to be so clear & problem free. almost promoting not taking meds. people that are bipolar do stop taking meds for reasons the author explains. unfortunately she doesn't state that each time one goes off them, the meds become less effective. wish the author had written as "I" vs "she" it puts distance between the author & reader. includes a be [...]

    5. It had some good writing, but also it read like some editor had told her, your next book needs more sex and violence--the more, the better. Also, the main character's Weltanschauung is just too far from mine to be anything but frustrating: sex is just an itch to scratch that ends most relationships, no use for marriage, no use for religion or for that matter for most religious people, etc. Plus, as in the first book, her conviction that she can tell when she needs her lithium and (more troubling [...]

    6. Charity shop find a few years back and i've never found any of her others. This is book two in a series about Bo Bradley who is a child protection social worker with manic depression. According to the blurb, the first volume was the first ever to feature an investigator with manic depression. In this one, a young child dies and an 'expert' is trying to use the case to drum up media attention for satanic abuse and her own book. Bo has to find out the truth, aided by a handsome doctor and a native [...]

    7. I didn't like this book as much as her first one in the Bo Bradley series. The story dealt with a child molester turned murderer, which is difficult for me to read. I admire the heroine, as portrayed by the author as a manic depressive personality who hates taking her lithium. She feels more in tune with people and the situations surrounding the cases she works in the Child Protection Agency without taking drugs. She always gets her man. Will probably read the next book in the series.

    8. To the best of my knowledge I'm not personally acquainted with someone who has manic depressive disorder. The second book in theBo Bradley series is a good story but it's Padgett's insight into the daily life of a manic depressive (and several other mental health issues)that makes this a really good book. No sexthe violent murder isn't graphic

    9. I love Abigail Padgett's writing, and how she includes politically sensative material, like the stigma of the mentally ill, while composing an intellegent thriller along the way. Bo Bradly is my favorite heroine of all time~!

    10. This is the 3rd book I have read by Abigail Padgett and the 2nd with this character. The storylines are typical of the crime/mystery genre but with the interesting perspective of the main character being bi-polar. Overall, good beach book.

    11. Bo is a child protection specialist with the refreshingly different perspective of bipolar disorder. She pursues the mystery of a brutal case of child abuse which is not as easy to solve as it might first appear to be.

    12. InterestingNot as good as the first book but still worth the effort. Vague on some aspects that should've been explained and expounded on more. Then long winded and rambling at other times.

    13. Favorite Quotes:"The woman was prey to every vagrancy of emotion, every whim in the shifting winds of her time.""Sometimes it's impossible to understand the up side without comprehension of the depths."

    14. I enjoyed the first Bo Bradley book more than this one. I am not sure if it was the whole story or just the subject that made this one harder to read. I will give the Bo Bradley series the benefit of the doubt and read the next one.

    15. Again I'm stumped. Way too much trying to make the reader understand bipolar instead if mystery yet the plot is interesting. Too graphic violence for me

    16. Enjoyed this one. Loved the Indian culture brought in to the story. Kind of a little wordy in spots but overall I really enjoyed it.

    17. good genre fiction, flawed amateur PI with bipolar disorder. It makes bipolar more accessible and less frightening.

    18. I only read about 1/3 of this book and could not get in to it. It just never grabbed me at and it's rare that I don't finish a book :(

    19. More psychological insight into the mind of a manic depressive but also with other mental disorder and people that are just different.

    20. Uplifting among the sorrowWould that we had a thousand Bo Bradley's to champion our children. She's a strong lead for a sensitive subject and I hope Andrew finds a more direct route into her heart.

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