Carried Away

Carried Away Scorching hot leathersex is only the start when a jaded bottomboy and a one time Master come together for some no strings bondage and s m But after lust is sated each finds a deeper hunger within tha

  • Title: Carried Away
  • Author: DavidStein
  • ISBN: 9781881943174
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Scorching hot leathersex is only the start when a jaded bottomboy and a one time Master come together for some no strings bondage and s m But after lust is sated, each finds a deeper hunger within that moves them unexpectedly toward partnership as Owner and owned Set in the early1990s in New York City, Carried Away is not only replete with hard core bondage and ferociousScorching hot leathersex is only the start when a jaded bottomboy and a one time Master come together for some no strings bondage and s m But after lust is sated, each finds a deeper hunger within that moves them unexpectedly toward partnership as Owner and owned Set in the early1990s in New York City, Carried Away is not only replete with hard core bondage and ferocious leathersex it s a love story between two men who are equals in intelligence and character, but opposites in temperament Terry Andrews is a successful architect and all around topman with a passion for bondage and the means to indulge it Matt Stone manages a large bookstore, but he lives for the times when he can surrender control When these two come together at the Spike, the legendary leather bar, neither is looking for a new partner, just a night of hot action They get that, and much almost in spite of themselves, they forge a deeper connection Matt gradually realizes that he needs to belong to someone, not simply let himself be played with and released For his part, Terry simply needs to own what he loves, and once he falls for Matt, enslaving him is the only option

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    1. DavidStein

      Born in Pittsburgh in 1948, David Stein grew up in Western Pennsylvania After high school, he went off to study philosophy at New York University in 1965 and later at Northwestern, where he earned an M.A degree and met all requirements for a Ph.D except the dissertation, which he was too perfectionist to finish In 1975 he fell into publishing and in 1977 landed back in New York City, where he got a job as a magazine editor from which he was laid off in 2006 He s lived there ever since except for a year in San Francisco to produce his story collection, Boots Bondage and Beatings, and the nonfiction Ask the Man Who Owns Him for his new Perfectbound Press imprint His romantic yet realistic novel about a gay Master slave relationship, Carried Away, was started in the late 1980s and completed and published, by Daedalus, in 2002.In 1980 David co founded New York City s Gay Male S M Activists GMSMA , once the world s largest gay SM organization, and served it in many capacities, from president to newsletter editor and program chairman, for the next 11 years In 1983, for that group s statement of purpose, David coined safe, sane, and consensual SM, now a ubiquitous slogan he has mixed feelings about Retired from GMSMA, he co founded and helped lead New York s gay chapter of Masters And slaves Together, from which he is also now retired.For six years he wrote the Bond Aid safety column for BoundGagged magazine, and in 1996 he guest edited issue 14 of International Lea th erman magazine, devoted entirely to real world gay Masters and slaves Over the years, his fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Drummer, DungeonMaster, International Leatherman, Mach, Power Play, and other periodicals as well as the antho logies Leatherfolk, edited by Mark Thompson Alyson SM Classics, edited by Susan Wright Mas querade Horsemen, edited by Joseph W Bean Leyland Men on the Edge, edited by Christopher Pierce StarBooks and The Academy, a novel ology by Laura Antoniou Circlet Press Some of his other writing is available online at his personal website, as is a fuller biographical essay.

    893 thoughts on “Carried Away”

    1. DNF at 27%I was mistaken when I thought it could be interesting to have insight into a gay Master/slave relationship. I normally don't enjoy a BDSM topic in my books, but I was curious. The author, being himself a co-founder of GMSMA (Gay Male S/M Activists) and an active member of MAsT (Masters And slaves Together),knows what he is writing about, without any doubts. And in spite of the fact, that Carried Away is a fiction novel-I can't see it as a romance though, sorry!- it tells us with a docu [...]

    2. “Carried Away” changed my whole mindset about BDSM books.Until then, I’d been mildly amused by the sexy handcuffs, the odd flick of leather or swat of paddle that I’d come across in my reading. In these, the kink is just a playful part of sex. Even when books tried to get deeper into the whole Master/slave scenario, it seemed unreal. Sure, some of the better writers depicted scenes where the pain could be viscerally felt, but it still seemed superficial.There is nothing superficial about [...]

    3. There is not much about the main characters’ background or personal history, e.g. we don’t know where they come from and what their relationships with their family members are. But we know that the story happens in the 90s and that the MCs live in Manhattan. Terry, the Dom, is an architect specialized in jails and Matt, the sub, is a manager in a bookstore.In the first chapters, I found that there were descriptions that were too much detailed, like the one of the police uniform in chapter on [...]

    4. This is a really, really interesting book, and a really, really long one! The conversations between Terry and Matt were enlightning & informative. Both men are very much into bondage and a lot of the book is describing the chains and handcuffs and how the slave is positioned. It was interesting at first, but then became a little too tedious. Maybe it wouldn't have bothered me if I just read a little at a time, but that's not my style :) The author does an excellent job of walking you through [...]

    5. This book definitely pushed past my comfort zones and made me uncomfortable in places. However, I found the characters interesting and the insight into the mind of Matt fascinating. The dialogue, although repetitive in places, was also insightful in understanding this extreme side of a s/m relationship.

    6. I loved this book! Both MCs were so lovable. I loved how they were so great at communicating, how Terry took the time to explain everything to Matt and didn't assume the 'because I say so' attitude some Doms seem to have in some BDSM books.I also loved how raw and MALE this book was. Although there are some GREAT women writers of m/m books, many times I feel like I am reading a female character trapped in a male character (and not because the character is effeminate) or that the writer is surely [...]

    7. I read this book as an exercise in comparing bdsm books written by men, targeting a male audience, vs books written by men or women targeting a female audience (I can't say I know of any women authors who write bdsm books targeting male readers - not to say there aren't any, but I don't know who they are).I've read a few other books written by men for men and they all have similar characteristics as far as what appeals erotically. There's much more boot-licking/kissing/worshiping, uniform kink a [...]

    8. I couldn't really decide if this book deserved a 5 or a 1. It was a very raw book. There were many times that I had a hard time reading the book. There were things that were done that totally turned my stomach. I continued to read because It just seemed so real. There was nothing pretty about this book or characters. Anyone who is really into S/M I think would totally get off on this book. I would like to read more form this author. After reading his biography I think this was . well, Just get t [...]

    9. The blurb is kind of meh, but it doesn't sound that bad. It's the godawful cover that makes me want to run for the hills

    10. Five years after the loss of his lover, Matt Stone, a confident and successful book store manager in his early thirties, is content to be a freelance bottom, and seems happy with his reputation as a proud, sassy, somewhat self-centered regular on the bondage scene. That is until he is one night in a bar he selected by Terry Andrews, the well built Master a few years Matt's senior, who has for some considerable time observed Matt from a distance but perhaps been wary due to Matt's reputation. But [...]

    11. I'm on page 222 - and I think it's time to call it quits. Maybe I will come back at a later time, but I doubt it.Master/slave relationships are a tad outside my comfort zone. Which is why I wanted to read this book. And david stein suceeded at least a bit in giving me a realistic-feeling glimpse into the dynamics, into the heads of people who are into these kind of things. It's just so awfully, awfully boring. And much too wordy. For the last 150 pages or so, Matt's thoughts are running in circl [...]

    12. This book isn't for everyone, but for me it was an exceptional book. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is it has some epic long very complex scenes involving piss, boot licking, and mild humiliation that just aren't really big on my sexy list. Still there is alot to enjoy in the play scene of this book that includes a little bit of everything. What's more this also contains a great deal of discussion and introspection of what it means to be a slave. These guys don't just fall into a D/s r [...]

    13. If you enjoyed this book you may like the BDSM GroupWhat a great read. I absolutely loved this book! Everything about it just felt so real. It read more like a real life love story then fiction. Which you would think you'd see that more often from authors who are part of the life style but you don't. The relationship between Matt and Terry is sweet, romantic, and realistic. The bondage scenes are most certainly the hottest that I have ever read. There's a lot of really great scenes containing un [...]

    14. This story provided a fascinating look not only at the physical nature of an s/m relationship but the emotional one as well. This book is very long and VERY descriptive. I really liked the connection between Terry and Matt. It took a bit to get into the story but then I was completely drawn into their relationship. The s/m scenes were very raw, intense and often brutal. I appreciated the thought and detail given to the psychological aspects of their relationship. There was a lot of discussion re [...]

    15. What can I say about this book? It was a dark and thrilling ride. I just had trouble getting into the fact that it was okay to have sex with anyone and everyone especially in the height of HIV in the gay community. Although they took precautions constantly, it somehow made the flow of the story break. Maybe it was just me? Terry was sometimes cruel and careless about how others emotional and mental well-being. The flippancy of him sometimes made me want to just put this book down but I figured I [...]

    16. I *really* loved this book, even though there were places where it well beyond my personal comfort zone but that's okay, because the biggest selling point of Carried Away was the genuine emotions Matt and Terry had for one another. My only real critisism is that the book could have done with some editing--not for any punctuation or grammar or spelling issues. Clearly, it *was* edited. It just could have been shortened up in places (some of the descriptions of *things* and *places* were a bit lon [...]

    17. This was a fascinating book. There were many parts which I had real trouble with (many of them the actual physical details of what Matt was being put through - all very willingly).What fascinated me was the psychology behind Matt's and Terry's relatonship, their conversations and the glimpse into the "leatherworld" this book gives in ample detail. Matt's strength of character and determination to get what he wanted was as interesting to me as Terry's reluctance to jump into this without proper m [...]

    18. Reviewed by: DannyGenre: M/M BDSM5 HeartsSee Review Here: Hearts On Fire ReviewsFacebook link: facebook/pages/Hearts

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