Muletrain to Maggody

Muletrain to Maggody Under the benign watch of Police Chief Arly Hanks things are pretty quiet in the sleepy Arkansas town of Maggody these days Not even the prospect of a historical society funded Civil War documentary

  • Title: Muletrain to Maggody
  • Author: Joan Hess
  • ISBN: 9780743443890
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Under the benign watch of Police Chief Arly Hanks, things are pretty quiet in the sleepy Arkansas town of Maggody these days Not even the prospect of a historical society funded Civil War documentary on the locally touted albeit historically insignificant Skirmish at Cotter s Ridge of 1863 does much to stir up the denizens of this sleepy backwoods town What does finallUnder the benign watch of Police Chief Arly Hanks, things are pretty quiet in the sleepy Arkansas town of Maggody these days Not even the prospect of a historical society funded Civil War documentary on the locally touted albeit historically insignificant Skirmish at Cotter s Ridge of 1863 does much to stir up the denizens of this sleepy backwoods town What does finally get the rumor mill buzzing, however, is the revelation that two saddlebags of Confederate gold were hidden in a local cave to keep them from falling into Yankee hands Once word gets out that the saddlebags were never recovered, almost everyone in town has a plan to get their hands on the lost gold Meanwhile, a colorful cast of outlanders has taken over Maggody They include a dewy Charleston belle, a famous writer of historical romances, her ne er do well son, and three dozen obsessive reenactors who have not yet acknowledged that the Civil War ended over a hundred years ago, as well as a documentary film crew and a handsome, if enigmatic, filmmaker with ties to Arly s past Arly has than enough on her hands trying to locate missing senior citizens and keeping the visitors from each other s throats, but when the genealogist of the Stump County Historical Society dies under questionable circumstances, and a member of the Buchanon clan is the victim of a vicious and fatal attack, Arly finds herself faced with the most baffling whodunit of her career, with a disgruntled ghost a possible prime suspect.

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    1. Joan Hess

      Joan Hess was the author of both the Claire Malloy and the Maggody mystery series Hess was a winner of the American Mystery Award, a member of Sisters in Crime, and a former president of the American Crime Writers League She lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas.Joan Hess also wrote a mystery series under the pseudonym of Joan Hadley.Series contributed to Crosswinds The Year s 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories Malice Domestic Deadly Allies Sisters in Crime

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    1. I have read almost all of the Maggody series, and I would recommend them. They are funny mysteries headed by a female police chief in a little town in Arkansas. They are all about the crazy shinanigans of the rural people of Arkansas and the crazy things (aliens, Civil War reinactors, country singers) that happen in their town. The characters are funny, but the storylines are not always that great. The books are entertaining as they go along, but the conclusions are kind of convoluted. Anyway, i [...]

    2. A movie is being made in Maggody - an educational film about a minor - a very minor - Civil War skirmish. The movie is based on an old journal, and the journal hints at some missing gold that just might never have been found. Just about everyone in town comes up with a plan to find the hidden treasure, but the plot thickens when two people die.Most of the book is beyond silly, and some of the jokes were just plain tiresome, in my opinion.

    3. Police Chief Arly Hanks finds herself working through a very colorful cast of characters in search of answers. A Civil War reenactment scheduled to land on this sleepy Arkansas town starts rumors of hidden gold in one of the dozens of caves in the area. Characters disappear and a couple of bodies show up, providing plenty of ammunition for this light-hearted mystery. Hess delighted me with a myriad of interesting characters and a setting that I could see, hear and feel. She provided a balance of [...]

    4. This review is for the audiobook ISBN 1-4025-7539-4:Oh. My. Stars. There is no way that I can tell you whether or not I like the story, the characters or even the author's writing style. The narrator on this audiobook, C.J. Critt, gave such a nails-on-the-blackboard rendition that after less than ten minutes I was pulling over to the side of the freeway to rip the cd from the dashboard player. Seriously. A Granny Clampett tirade is preferable (and easier on the ears) to this narration.Is this th [...]

    5. The big draw of this book for me was the setting of a small Arkansas town along the Missouri border a.k.a. my home. The author did an excellent job in capturing the homespun, hardscrabble life in a small, Ozark town (not surprisingly she actually hails from Northwest Arkansas). The mystery that Arly Hanks is charged with solving is overshadowed by the comedy that ensues after the town When the town is turned on its ear by the filming of a Civil War documentary and a rumor of a hidden stash of go [...]

    6. This one took me a little bit to really get into the story. I really like these stories, but I find myself wondering how people could be so stupid.urse I wonder that at work sometimes too. =) I got a little lost in the last pagesI like how Arly comes to her conclusions, figures out what happened and why, but the two deaths aren't really explained. Left me kinda hanging as to what was going through their mind when they committed the murder.d left some of the other characters up in the air as well [...]

    7. Even though there are not but two murders, it seems that really nothing much actually happens except that everyone in the very small town of Maggody, Arkansas gets all a-bothered when a documentary is set to be filmed there, re-enacting a Civil War battle in which two saddlebags of gold disappeared. What made the book enjoyable was the quirky characters, whose foibles and misapprehensions kept me amusedly turning pages.

    8. This is the first series of hers that I read and I absolutely loved it. You must read the series in order to truly appreciate the development of the characters. I discoverd the series late, so I had fun reading one after another. Now that I'm all caught up, it seems like ages since she has written a new Maggody adventure. I also read all the Claire Malloy books and I'm dying for a new adventure in that series as well. It's sad when you finally get all caught up with your favorite author.

    9. There's gold in them hills! Maggody inhabitants are all planning on finding it. Arly is having trouble keeping track of all those that are missing. Ruby Bee is acting strangely again and Arly is wondering why. Mrs Jim Bob is hostess of the visitors for the documentary filming of the Battle at Cotter Ridge. Until Kevin informs her there is a body on Cotter Ridge. Who will find the gold? This satire at it is best. Don't like foul language skip the book. I recommend this series highly.

    10. I love the "Maggody" series--who could not with characters like Brother Verber of the Voice of the Almighty Lord Assembly Hall, Mayor Jim Bob, and Mrs. Jim Bob--to name just a few regulars. For some reason, though I didn't love this book as much as the others. But these are light and make me smile--who could ask for anything more.

    11. I have read a few of the Maggody books so far, and they are OK. I really don't like many of the peripheral characters. In this book those characters annoyed me from the start - so much so that I just put the book down and have no interest in even trying it again. I will likely read another in the series, since I did like the others I read.

    12. The local historical society has decided to shoot a documentary in Maggody reenacting a small skirmish during the Civil War and Arly, chief of police, has to deal with the reenactors and people descending on the town searching for hidden Confederate gold. Then two murders occur and things really get crazy. A fun entry in the series. It was good to visit with the kooky citizens of Maggody again.

    13. I listened to the audio version of this book driving to and from a recent southern trip. I haven't read an Arly Hanks for awhile, and it was a perfect car book. Arly Hanks is the sheriff in the small Arkansas community of Maggody, which is filled with zany hillbilly characters. This one is pretty good, although not one of her best.

    14. Another fun Arly Hanks book! This one dealing with a Civil War reenactment and lost gold. When the actors and historians show up in Maggody, everything goes from a planned documentary filming to mass chaos as can only happen in Maggody. Be sure to read Maggody and the Moonbeams before this one, because there are references to it.

    15. I like the Maggody series all thought this was far from the best. There was a lot of book gone by before the first murder and it wrapped up really quickly. Again I like the series and everything I have read from Joan Hess but this wasn't her best effort.

    16. Joan Hess predates Janet Evanovich. They're from the same school--murder mystery as slapstick comedy. I grab these out of the paperback rack at the library when I don't have any better reads under way.

    17. I really enjoy the Maggody books. They are so funny. This one in particular left me with a few images I'll never forget--no matter how hard I try.

    18. Civil War re-enactment.2 sacks of gold hidden since Civil War.Lots of people are looking for them.Jack, the boyfriend, is director of the film being made.Good.

    19. Laugh out loud.As usual for this series, mindless fun with amusing characters and lots of hillbilly jokes.

    20. Another laugh-out-loud edition by Joan Hess. The dry humor evoked by Arly Hanks will have even the biggest Yankee laughing out of their seats.

    21. Another installment of Arly Hanks & the towns people of Maggody involving a Civil War reinactment group and supposed buried gold.

    22. Since this is #14 of a series and I hadn't read any of the other 13, maybe I was being too harsh for giving it only 2 stars, but I found this book annoying and not very riviting.

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