Bugand Bear

Bugand Bear Bear learns to appreciate his best friend Bug Bear wants to nap and Bug wants to play Bear learns to appreciate his friend and in the end they nap together Ages

  • Title: Bugand Bear
  • Author: Ann Bonwill Layn Marlow
  • ISBN: 9780761459026
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bear learns to appreciate his best friend, Bug Bear wants to nap and Bug wants to play, Bear learns to appreciate his friend and in the end they nap together Ages 4 8

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    1. Ann Bonwill Layn Marlow

      Ann Bonwill Layn Marlow Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bugand Bear book, this is one of the most wanted Ann Bonwill Layn Marlow author readers around the world.

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    1. 'A story of true friendship' in which the bear gets thoroughly shamed for eventually losing her rag and telling the bug to let her sleep, but the bug's refusal to entertain himself and let the bear have some downtime is apparently fine. So while it is cute, it's also more pernicious the more I think about it.

    2. This story is one to which everyone can relate; sometimes, when we have a persistent friend when we want time alone we can say mean things. For the majority of the story, all Bear wants is to be left alone…all his friend Bug wants to do is play. Instead of explaining to Bug in a nice way that he would like to be left alone, Bear is very mean to Bug. Ultimately, Bear feels bad and apologizes. When she does, both Bug and Bear feel much better and nap together as the best of friends.This tale sen [...]

    3. Bug and Bear by Ann Bonwill, illustrated by Layn Marlow is a book about friendship, learning to express yourself in a kind way, and treating your friends the way you'd like to be treated.When Bug wants to play and Bear wants to nap, grumpy Bear is rather rude and mean to Bug and soon regrets it. They make up and remain friends. The text is in a large font, with some of Bug's dialog written in a looped print in the wake of the flying bug.The illustrations are rendered in gouache, pencil, watercol [...]

    4. This is a really cute story about two friends who wake up with very different plans for how to spend the day. Bug is desperate to play but to his disappointment Bear is sleepy and wants to nap instead. Bear tries everything she can to get the message through to Bug that she doesn’t want to play, but instead Bug sees the potential for a game in everything that Bear does. Naturally both animals come Pthat will satisfy the reader. This book has great discussion potential, neither Bug or Bear are [...]

    5. Bug and Bear has some of the most adorable illustrations I have ever seen in a picture book. The subdued colors give a sweet feeling to the atmosphere. I loved how both Bear and Bug were illustrated. The writing was well done, but I didn't like the concept of the story. The subtitle is "A Story of True Friendship", but Bear is miserable throughout the majority of the book. She employs various ways of hiding from Bug, and constantly tells him to go away and leave her alone. She is quite mean to h [...]

    6. Bug wants Bear to play but Bear doesn’t feel like it. Bug tries every trick to talk Bear into playing, but Bug only succeeds in making Bear angry.“Chameleon gave Bear an idea. She would hide from Bug! She leaned against a tree, thinking brownthoughts. But Bear didn’t blend into the bark as well as she’d hoped…and along came Bug,who spotted her right away. ‘Hide and seek!’ said Bug. ‘Is that what we’re playing?’”Bear uses things he sees around him to try to find ways to esca [...]

    7. Sometimes it takes a moment of reflection to realize that we haven't treated someone the way we'd like to be treated. Bug and Bear are best friends, but sometimes friends don't feel like playing, and feel like napping instead! Learning to express yourself in a kind and understanding way can be hard for children- and bears. So, when Bear hurts Bug's feelings, even a cozy cave can't make him feel good inside. This book makes an excellent tool for teaching children about respecting the feeling's of [...]

    8. Bear just wants to take a nap but his friend Bug is, well, bugging him. Bear tries to avoid his friend using his animal friends' adaptations - a chameleon's camouflage, a turtle's ability to hide in its shell, a lizard staying perfectly still. Finally, Bear lumbers into her cave, leaving a disappointed Bug behind. Bear feels guilty and finds her friend. The apology, sweet and meaningful, is a good model for younger students. Recommended for pre-K through grade 1.

    9. I enjoyed this story of a grumpy little bear and a persistent bee. Bee wants to play with bear and continues to try and get bear to engage in games. Bear just wants to be left alone. When he finally gets to take a nap, he can't. Bear is thinking about how he treated his friend Bee. A sweet story of friendship, and how to repair a friendship when it is broken.

    10. I really liked this book! I liked both the story about two friends who don't always see eye to eye and the beautiful illustrations. I love the illustrator's choice of colors and the unique look of the bear in the story is just great. These are some of my favorite illustrations so far this year. This book is just cute!!!

    11. This is a really cute story about friendship and could lead into a discussion about what friendship is and how people should treat each other. This book could also be used to talk about how to make things better once you have hurt someone's feelings. For this reason, I would recommend this book to any child that I notice having a conflict with friend.

    12. This was a sweet friendship book. A Bug and a Bear are friends. But Bear has woken up in a grumpy mood but bug wants her to play. She keeps after Bear trying to get Bear in a better mood. True friends being with one another even though one was not being very friendly. But in the end Bug gets Bear feeling better.

    13. The story doesn't say anything particularly new, but the illustrations are sweet. (I want to embroider the flowers and leaves.) The part I liked best was how Bear got ideas of how to hide from other animals (turtle, chameleon, lizard) but Bug just interpreted them as different games (Hide and Seek, Follow the Leader, Statues).

    14. I would characterize this book as "bland." Not terribly interesting, not terribly inventive, and it went too far in its pursuit of sweetness at the expense of the story. The pictures were cute, though.

    15. A very sweet book about Bear, who is grumpy, and Bug who just wants to play with Bear. Bug keeps asking Bear to play and Bear keeps telling Bug to "bug off". Finally Bug gets the hint and when Bear decides to go to sleep, she has a hard time relaxing because of how she treated Bug.

    16. Read for preschool unit on bugs and insects. Cute picture book with a meaningful story about being a true friend. I loved the illustrations by Layn Marlow.

    17. It's alright, probably a two and half star book for the cute illustrations. But frankly I'll take Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard over this any day.

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