My Mind's Eye

My Mind s Eye Do you know what I m thinking I m fairly certain you don t I m also certain you don t want to know Then again it might surprise you just how similar we are So are my thoughts of extreme violence and

  • Title: My Mind's Eye
  • Author: Dan Dillard
  • ISBN: 2940000898635
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Nook
  • Do you know what I m thinking I m fairly certain you don t I m also certain you don t want to know Then again, it might surprise you just how similar we are So are my thoughts of extreme violence and hatred offensive to you Or do you love me just a little for having them From the collection, Demons and Other Inconveniences

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      Just write Dan writes Well, actually, he types so he s of a typist than a writer If he s any good at it is really up to you, and none of his business.Leave a review, seriously, it s okay.Dan lives in small town Midwest and writes when he isn t working, hanging out with the family or creating something for his annual Halloween party He owes his imagination to his two beautiful children, and the guts to put it out there to a lovingd patient wife.If you d like info, he s on facebook, twitter, google just ask himr info demonauthorgplus dandillardtweet demonauthorfacebook demonauthor

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    1. While reading Demons and Other Inconveniences by Dan Dillard, a few of the thoughts that ran through my mind were as follows: - How did he do that? (awe)- Why did he do that? (silently sobbing)- Wow.- He’s my new best friend.- Curse you Dan Dillard!!!- Did I lock the front door?- I need a brighter night light.- Just…wow.- This man is either brilliant in his writing or one of the most creatively gifted psychopaths I know.- What’s the balance in my checking account? I must purchase everythin [...]

    2. Demons, vampires, and things that go bump in the night. What scares you? Is something the future may hold? Is it a murderer of innocent children? What about the old woman living alone down the street? All of these and more can be found in the short stories contained in Demons and Other Inconveniences. Dan Dillard has quite the imagination and has some great stories here. Some of my favorite stories in the collection include “Amber Alert”, about a child that’s gone missing in a small town, [...]

    3. (short story)This was a short story I found months ago (a whole slew of his stuff was on sale for free on and I grabbed them because the stories sounded interesting), but then somehow forgot about them (there are lots on my Kindle, so this is easily understood). I decided that since it is a month of horrors, to pull 'em out and give 'em a read - and noticed that, sadly, and for some unknown reason, that this one is no longer available on . Too bad because it is one that I would recommend, so if [...]

    4. Long short story.Kids can have a wild imagination when it comes to making up stories about the crazy old woman who lives next door. But maybe their imagination isn't enough!Today must have been Dan Dillard Day. I knocked out 5 of his short stories. He's a talented writer. He describes himself as "a normal guy. My brain just doesn't rattle quite right." That's true. But that weird rattle created great horror/suspense stories and he can turn a nice phrase. An example:An old crusty cyclone fence li [...]

    5. Well, this had some potential, but overall I found it completely unbelievable, and I like a bit of a chance that a story could really happen to make it good and scary. How could the "demon" have done what it did? This is a good candidate for a re-write, perhaps utilizing a few more handymen.

    6. Free on my KindleVery short, cute story I think the author could possibly do a funny sarcatisc longer story and sell his work.

    7. Never should have read this on my iPod while trying to go to sleep. There was a Pig Man chasing me in my dreams!

    8. GreatAs good as Stephen Kings very best books of short stories. The monsters and characters are completely original and scary.

    9. (Originally published at Red Adept Reviews.)Overall: 3 1/2 StarsPlot/Storyline: 3 1/2 StarsPig Man was genuinely scary at times, particularly the final scene. Some of this might be residual childhood trauma over Jodie the Pig in Amityville Horror. Of course, I read Amityville Horror probably ten times, so what does that say about me? I think though that the author also managed to portray how scary it is to be an adult at home with a young child when the house settles, let alone when there's a re [...]

    10. DEMONS AND OTHER INCONVENIENCESBy Dan Dillard Demons, vampires, and things that go bump in the night. What scares you? Is something the future may hold? Is it a murderer of innocent children? What about the old woman living alone down the street? All of these and more can be found in the short stories contained in DEMONS AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES. Dan Dillard has quite the imagination and has some great stories here. Some of my favorite stories in the collection include AMBER ALERT about a child [...]

    11. As always Dillard grabbed my attention from the get go. This story was filled with good humor and not so much gruesome horror as the last ones I read, but it was still an excellent read as far as I'm concerned. Unlucky in Death was far less polished than some of the others I've read, but nothing that really interfered with readability so I can't complain. Here's a quick rundown-David has been turned into a vampire and isn't really handling it well. In fact, he's decided to see a shrink. He misse [...]

    12. Yet another great story! This one reminded me of a cross between a children's fairytale and the movie Stand By Me, namely because of the summertime adventure and the friendship the children otherwise would not have had they still been in school, separated by clicks and whatnot. I have to say, this story gave me a good creep out. The descriptions were fantastic and the relationship between the children, their thought processes and so on took me back to when I was little. Dillard really captured t [...]

    13. Author: Dan DillardPublished: 14/04/2010Recommended for: short horror storiesEdition: KindleI found this novel on the Kindle Store for free and so I thought that I would give it a go. This book to me sounded quite intriguing and sounded like a good one to read. I thought that it was well written and did a good job at keeping hold of the readers attention and kept a nice even pace through out which means there isn't a dull bit to read. This is one of the books I have read by Dan Dillard and I wou [...]

    14. I have read a few Dan Dillard books and have thoroughly enjoyed them and this one has not let me down. Though it is not gorey like his other works it is, however, hilarious.This short story is about a vampire that hates being a vampire. He loves garlic, early mornings, and loves bacon. If losing all of his loves in life, when he was turned, wasn't bad enough, he faints at the sight of blood. He now has to find a way to feed and not faint, which brings him back to his maker. This is a short but h [...]

    15. A terse little tromp through the fear that we've all experienced while home alone, hearing those foreboding knocks and bumps in the night. Dillard gives the reader just enough details to put themselves in that unsettling situation without dictating every detail of the story. As the last pages are wrapped up into a sinister confrontation, much more of an ending is left to be desired, however, some of the best horror is where there’s enough humor to personify the story and the bad guy wins just [...]

    16. Pig Man has everything I look for in a story but never seem to get. It has suspense, humor, drama, and a healthy does of horror. Dan Dillard crafted a brilliant story of a tired mother who, stuck in her daily grind and her husband out of town, is woken up one night with her six year old telling her a Pig Man was in the house. If that isn't eerie enough, the creep factor gets turned up notch by notch until the gruesome end. This is what I want in a story, for the author to be unafraid of shocking [...]

    17. Most neighborhoods have one - a decrepit house on a deserted corner, inhabited by a smelly, scary old woman who children have been told eats those who stray into her yard. When a group of kids spend their summer watching the Demon Woman of Walker's Woods, they're intent on finding out what rumors are true and what is false. But in the end, what their imaginations thought up might not even be close to the horrifying truth. This is a creepy, creepy story! If you're a fan of horror tales, be sure t [...]

    18. This short story was great. Hysterical with just enough edge to it to make it a little dark.What do you do when you're a freshly turned vampire with no fangs and faints at the sight of blood? You go see a shrink of course. What does the shrink suggest? Seek out your 'attacker'.t makera shrink doesn't believe in vampires after all. So that's just what David does. Can the surfer-dude vampire help David take his baby steps towards being a self sufficient vampire?Funny from beginning to end. You can [...]

    19. This is a fantastic short story that gives the Vampire genre a huge kick up the backside with the narrator not only hating the fact he's been turned but also being unable to feed as he faints at the very thought of blood as well as being a lover of garlic (none of which bodes well for life as a vampire). So he seeks the help of a psychiatrist and in doing so finds his attacker, a Vegan surf dude vampire called Bob who helps him overcome his aversion to blood the only way he knows how. Simple yet [...]

    20. Very well written and interesting story. I know some have said that the title was distasteful, but I find it to be a humorous twist. But then, maybe I'm just as warped as Dan claims to be ;) The story follows a new mother's journal writings from the day she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy to the day the police investigate the grizzly crime scene that is her home. I'm not exactly sure what her son is, and I don't want to give anything away by getting too into the storyline, but he's clearly n [...]

    21. This was just a short little story but it sure did pack a wallop at the end.I enjoyed the writing style was a cute depiction of a mother & young daughter relationship they handled nightmares, school, eating dinner, the dog, playing gamesc. The father was away on a business trip so it was just mommy/daughter time. Then enters the 'Pig Man' here and there to just creep you out enough to not enjoy the daily routines those two are having.d then the dog growls in the end.d BAMlet's just say I rea [...]

    22. Wow!!! A vampire that doesn't like blood. "Don't even like strawberry jam or red paint because it make me swoon."lolhe even goes on to say, "So here I sit with a therapist who thinks I'm one nut shour of a testicle sack and I just want help." The main character (David) is so flipping funny and really hates the fact that he was turned. When he meet his creator, Bob the surferaka"Dracula Bob"; and they finally found a way for David to feed. O, you will love how it all plays out!!! Good simple read [...]

    23. writing from the kid's point of view made it all the creepier. but there were holes in the wrap-up: for example, what happened to the van? was anyone else ever reported missing? still, the writer is very skilled in writing about family dynamics (the way his parents coped / couldn't cope with a missing child) and how he described his neighborhood friends, making a distinction between them and school friendsis was a decent story, though.

    24. -Agradable brevedad.- Género. Relato.Lo que nos cuenta. Bob pone su caso en manos de una doctora, ya que desde que le convirtieron en vampiro hace tres semanas no acaba de encontrarse cómodo en su nueva condición. Relato que forma parte de la recopilación “Demons and Other Inconveniences” del mismo autor.¿Quiere saber más de este libro, sin spoilers? Visite:librosdeolethros/

    25. This was a great little tale that may make you think twice before thinking all children are sweet & innocent.I love Dillard's way of building the creep factor, but then not really finding it necessary to spell out every detail. This was a very enjoyable read, especially so close to Halloween. I can't wait to read more of his stories.

    26. DeliciousIt's usually difficult for me to find a collection of short stories all my the same author that I truly enjoy in any genre. Dan Dillard has done me a beautiful service by being the first. His collection of short stories will delight the demented mind and it made my little black heart flutter with wonder. It's a truly amazing and unique read.

    27. I am glad this was a freebie, it was very short. It took me less than 20 minutes to read it. I think it's great when someone can write a great short story, and it flows so wonderfully I want more from the author. This story grabbed my attention and I was disappointed when it ended. Great quick read.

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