The Demon's Bargain

The Demon s Bargain The Demon s Bargain by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lisa Alder is the first book in the Demons Unleashed paranormal romance series When the Demon bargains for one night of her ple

  • Title: The Demon's Bargain
  • Author: Lisa Alder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Demon s Bargain by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Lisa Alder, is the first book in the Demons Unleashed paranormal romance series When the Demon bargains for one night of her pleasure one loses Vetis, the Demon of Corruption, is bored It s too easy to tempt humans into committing horrible acts and the appeal has worn thin He s restless and seThe Demon s Bargain by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Lisa Alder, is the first book in the Demons Unleashed paranormal romance series When the Demon bargains for one night of her pleasure one loses Vetis, the Demon of Corruption, is bored It s too easy to tempt humans into committing horrible acts and the appeal has worn thin He s restless and seeking distractionuntil a gambler offers to settle a debt by submitting his wife for Vetis s use One tiny glimpse of the rage in Amara and the absolutely sexless way she endures his sensual touch, and Vetis has his challenge He ll make this woman enjoy the carnal pleasures of sex The bargain is struck One night Of HER pleasure And the debt will be paid Ill used by her husband, Amara believes she is doomed, for she has no pleasure within her, her innocence forfeit long ago But as Amara s body awakens with sinful desires and carnal longings, hope begins to blossom that pleasure is within her reach Demons never fail and the challenge is on Vetis knows with the right sensual persuasion the debt will be paid in pleasure, however he doesn t bargain on falling in love Warning this erotic romance novella contains m f m sex, light bondage, and smokin hot demon sex This is a 25,000 word erotic paranormal romance novella featuring Demons, Fae and Humans in a post apocalyptic world The Demons Unleashed series features a paranormal post apocalyptic world of Demons who have been trapped beneath the earth s crust for over a thousand years and who now struggle for power over the Fae, their mortal enemies, who cast them into their prison When the Demons broke free of their confinement, the world was destroyed, electrical systems fried, and Human society was thrown back into the pre industrial age Demon romance, Fae enemies, and Humans just trying to survive Other books in the Demons Unleashed series To Summon A Demon Demons Unleashed 2 The Demon s Seduction Demons Unleashed 3 The Demon s Deception Demons Unleashed 4 The first three books are also available as a box set, Demons Unleashed Volume 1 3 REVIEWS FOR THE DEMON S BARGAIN 4 Flames Smokin Hot from Demon Lovers Books and More demonloversbooksand Dark, haunting and sexy, THE DEMON S BARGAIN is one treat of a tale 4 out of 5 stars from The Romance Reviews eroticeromancereviews v The Demon s Bargain is a very hot torrid read 4 a pack howl and 4 Alarm Fire from Bitten By Paranormal Romance bittenbyparanormalromance 3.5 stars from Romance Novel Junkies romancenoveljunkies Bo ACCOLADES FOR THE DEMON S BARGAIN Nominee of Best Erotic Paranormal Romance Angel and Demon of 2011 at The Romance Reviews romancereviews

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      Lisa Alder Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Demon's Bargain book, this is one of the most wanted Lisa Alder author readers around the world.

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    1. First I'm never quite sure how to rate books on here when they come in at 3.5 (or any other .5 score for that matter.) This one wasn't quite a 4, but 3 seems kind of low. Hmm. I suppose that's a debate for another time. The Demon's Bargain may have been short, but it definitely wasn't lacking in content. I guess my only problem with it, and what essentially kept me from giving it a full 4 stars was that things went a little fast. I know that she was being seduced by a demon (a very patient, thor [...]

    2. A quick, hot fantasy novella about a demon finding a woman's icy detachment a challenge he can't resist to assuage his boredom. Meanwhile, a war between demon and fae with humans in the middle rages and a conspiracy is afoot.Enough background to be interesting, some character development, hot and sensual encounters including a threesome and more leading to a woman discovering pleasure and something more at the hands of a demon who realizes he wants more than he bargained for.

    3. Holy heck, where do I begin? This novel was pretty sultry and hot from start to finish. I had started to read it on my Kobo, but the darn thing kept sending me to the author's blog, instead of letting me read the book, so I had to read it on the laptop. I learned that it's not SO bad to read on the laptop -- at least when it comes to novellas. I loved this story and it was just what I was looking for. Sure, I wanted to read it before bed, but had to settle on cracking it open (or turning it on? [...]

    4. This was picked up as a group read for one of my GR groups but (as usual) I messed the timing up and ended up reading it on my own. However, this was AWESOME! and I am hugely grateful to my Kickers friends who turned me on to this author.I really enjoyed this book and the world that this author has created. n the prologue we learn about the demons and their enemies and the way that they came to her earth (in our future). The first book is set in 2025 so we have a few years left. This book is rel [...]

    5. Wow, this was a surprisingly good sex fest/novella;-) And it was free on 10 years ago, an earthquake released the demons from their underground prison, where they'd been trapped by the fae for nillennia. Now they're free to roam the Earth again, and prepare for the inevitable war with the fae. To gather their strenght, both the fae and the demons must feed off of human emotions, greed, lust, fear. But when a down-on-his-luck gambler offers his sexually traumatized wife as payment to the demon of [...]

    6. The Demons Bargain is a very hot torrid erotic read. So, you get lots of hot sex along with a small, but good storyline. This demon Vetis stops at nothing to make this lady Amara know that she is to be cherished and not abused as she has been by her husband. I was very compelled to find out how he was going do it. I loved how the author wrote the sex between Vetis and Amara it was very caring and thoughtful. There’s mention of anal sex. The author made the world build clear and easy to read. I [...]

    7. EnjoyableI was surprised at how much I enjoyed this short story, now I'm a fan! Can't wait for the nest release!! First off let me point out a few things. 1) there is no 'devil' worshipping. It's a paranormal romance with a different background for demons. If you're too stodgy, remember to read the Damn title. 2) 3 partners sexually is a touch a go spot for me. This was a great in between, nothing that would take away from the main characters. 3) I loved how the hero took care of our heroine bot [...]

    8. A gambler in order to pay his debt to a demon makes another bet. That the demon cannot give his wife ONE night of her own pleasure. He's used his wife to pay numerous gambling debts so she believes sex is just painbut Vetis is going to show her how different it can be.It wasn't a book that appealed to me massively but it is well written

    9. For being a short story, this book was pretty awesome. Vetis was sexy as hell, He was dominant, yet sweet and caring. Amara was so guarded, yet Vetis broke through her walls. I highly enjoyed this book. I would recommend. <3

    10. A dark and spicy short. "Corruption is defined as getting someone to do something they believe they would never do." The demon of corruption is intrigued when a gambler offers up his wife to settle his debt.

    11. This was ok. Pretty much sex and nothing else, it did have a sweet side though. Shame the ending was so rushed.

    12. What a naughty demon book. This was a fun book to read. Although there are harsh memories for Amara it was her awaking that made so sweet.

    13. Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters paranormalsistersI don't know why but I'm always surprised on how well these erotic’s are crafted, how the sex just flows seamlessly into the story line. Before I got into these I always thought erotic’s were just adult books, meaning they just had sex added into them. Nothing more than that. Just an added bonus for the adults out there. But now I see erotic’s are different from adult books, I see they're two different things really. Adult books just [...]

    14. I was taken aback by Amara’s experiences early in the story and did consider not continuing The Demon’s Bargain, but I was curious as to how the story would play out. While I’m still discomfited by Amara’s life with her husband, I did like that she did improve herself--even though I’m skeptical of such “improvements” happening so quickly. Of course, Vestis is a demon so I guess he has “superpowers.”

    15. At times like this, I really wish that GR allowed for half stars because this is a solid 3.5.After being imprisoned for a bazillion years by the Fae, demons escape the bowls of Earth and are once again free to partake upon the pleasures (and emotions) of humans. A war ensued and surprise, surprise, humans got their butts kicked back to the medieval age. A technology free world has now moved humans down the food chain and treachery is abound.Enter Vetis, Demon of Corruption who is bored and on a [...]

    16. This was WONDERFUL! I've read the series out of order, I think. This is one of three books (not exactly a series, each book has a different demon hero and female counterpart) and I think it's easily the best of the three. Vetis the Demon of Corruption is bored. But when a local gambler brings his cold, indifferent wife as a means of settling his debt, Vetis finds her to be a challenge he can't refuse. After two years of marriage and countless incidents of unspeakable abuse, Amara's only protecti [...]

    17. Holy smokes, Batman! Where has this series been all my life? It has all the things I adore and want more of a sexy beast of a hero, a damaged heroine, a despicable ass of a husband who needs to get his comeuppance If I weren't sitting in my chair right now I'd be bouncing all over the place.Maybe this was just the perfect book for the type of mood I was in, but everything about it worked for me. I LOVED how Vetis was determined to replace Amara's memories of degradation and pain with ones that g [...]

    18. I was actually shocked by this book. I guess mostly due to the fact that it is hard for me to read or watch scary. But I had no idea what I was getting into until I read the book. OMG!!! For a short story it was AWESOME. The Demon’s Bargain by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Lisa Alder, is the first book in the Demons Unleashed paranormal romance series.Vetis, the Demon of Corruption, is not only bored, but he is restless and seeking a distraction. It’s too easy to tempt hum [...]

    19. romancenoveljunkies /for readers & book lovers.3.5 starsBRIEF SUMMARYVetis is the Demon of Corruption and is a little bored. The Demons magick are fuel by human emotions. When Edward, a gambler uses his wife, Amara, to bargain his debt, Vetis is excited of a new challenge that he sees in AmaraOUGHTSI gave this book 3.5 stars, which is still a nice read. However, this book has Demons and a lot of talk about Faes. If you are looking for an action packed read this may not be your thing. However [...]

    20. Quick short story about a sexually abused woman who learns sexual pleasure at the hands of a demon.This was my first book by this author and in this Demons series. It starts quick, which I really enjoyed. Amara's husband has been selling her body to pay off his gambling debts from the beginning of their marriage. And by beginning, I mean their wedding night. Amara was an innocent virgin and from the memories of her sexual abuse, it appears that she's been subject to a lot of sexual abuse, includ [...]

    21. Start to a series as a sci-fi/romance novella, so I found this one confusing. Demons and Fae are enemies. Demons had been imprisoned for thousands of years beneath the earth apparently and were freed during earthquakes 10 years prior, causing a complete blowout of technology on the surface with the humans, leading to the new post-apocolyptic present, complete with Demons and Fae still fighting and humans third on the food chain. Both Demons and Fae somehow get energy from humans. Our story is Am [...]

    22. This novella was straight out 90% sex. The story line was as you see above, and aside from the beginning and ending of the story, there was not one second of non-sexing. Vetis is the Demon of Corruption. I giggled every time I said his name. In my head, I pronounce it Vee-tus, which is way too much like Fee-tus. :) Not very sexy. However, it's probably pronounced Veh-tis. Amara's sexual awakening with Vetis was hot. He took his sweet time (like 3 days?) and showed her the ropes, and then some. H [...]

    23. Surprising well done book with light elements of BDSM and voyeurism. The character development and story line made this a great choice. In the post apocalyptic world were Demon's and the Fae battle over the face of the earth modern society has crumbled and humans are a distant third on the food chain. Amara has lived a multitude of horrors since marrying. Her husband is beyond vial and used her repeatedly to pay off his gambling debts. I liked her for her survivors spirit. She has given up all h [...]

    24. This novella is h.o.t. It's the tale of a demon who is determined to awaken a woman's ability to feel pleasure, while determining her husband's hidden agenda. Set in the near future, this novella is one in a series Alder is writing about a war between demons and fae, where humans are caught in the middle. The characters are surprising. For example, the main demon character is moved by kindness and empathy toward the human woman whose husband has traded her sexual favors (usually by force) to pay [...]

    25. A pretty good novella. In a world that no longer uses electricity due to a tremendous power surge and war between Demons and Fae (Fairies), it's almost like it takes place before there ever was electricity, but that's a small side bar. The erotic scenes were steamy without trying too hard (pardon the pun LOL), and while I'm not sure if I believe a Demon could fall in love, I kinda like where that direction went. There could have been a bit more back story and several areas could have been more e [...]

    26. The Demon has met his matchAll Amara knew in life was pain and distrust. To keep her sanity she develops a wall of ice to shield her emotions. It comes to no surprise that her husband uses her to settle his gambling debts (again), this time to the Demon of Corruption Vetis.Vetis is bored. Bored with the gambling establishment he runs. Bored with life in general. Then a situation happens that captures his attention. A gambler that owes him a great deal of money offers his wife to settle his debt. [...]

    27. This was a nice couple hour read. I enjoyed the story and did feel I got my monies worth. Still I would have loved to pay more, for more. There could have been a bit more character and story development as the concept and idea gives you a lot to work with. Also I thought there were several opportunities to get a bit more graphic with the sex scenes. I would be interested to read more of this authors work and hope as this author develops that we get more depth on the story and more erotic details [...]

    28. I read this novella as a group read. It was definitely intersting, and full of smexy. I like the way it gave a different view of fairies and demons. In the beginning demons and fae were created at the same time, neither one good or bad, simply as two parts of a whole. But a war has been raging between the two races for centuries, and the poor humans are caught in the middle. It was interesting to see a demon fall in love with a human and how that affected his demon energy.However, if you're look [...]

    29. I picked this one up on a "fill the new Nook hunt". Unknown author for only 1.99- my expectations were a tad bit low. Boy was I blown away! In a very different twist, the demon of corruption tenderly seduces an abused woman after her abusive husband offers her to pay a debt (there's more to this but you'll have to read it to find out). This short story was a treat and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would have given it five stars but the villains were just too "villainy" in this otherwise flawle [...]

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