The Bilbao Looking Glass

The Bilbao Looking Glass Sarah Kelling and her art detective friend Max Bittersohn arrive at her Cape Cod summer home to find a strange addition a lovely old Bilbao looking glass Appie Kelling brings her son Lionel and

  • Title: The Bilbao Looking Glass
  • Author: Charlotte MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9780380674541
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sarah Kelling and her art detective friend, Max Bittersohn, arrive at her Cape Cod summer home, to find a strange addition, a lovely old Bilbao looking glass Appie Kelling brings her son, Lionel, and her four grandsons chaos creators, but not killers Sarah and Max battle through social prejudice and conflicting clues to again solve murder.

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    1. Charlotte MacLeod

      Naturalized US CitizenAlso wrote as Alisa CraigCharlotte MacLeod, born in New Brunswick, Canada, and a naturalized U.S citizen, was the multi award winning author of over thirty acclaimed novels Her series featuring detective Professor Peter Shandy, America s homegrown Hercule Poirot, delivers generous dollops ofwarmth, wit, and whimsy San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle But fully a dozen novels star her popular husband and wife team of Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn And her native Canada provides a backdrop for the amusing Grub and Stakers cozies written under the pseudonym Alisa Craig and the almost police procedurals starring Madoc Rhys, RCMP A cofounder and past president of the American Crime Writers League, she also edited the bestselling anthologies Mistletoe Mysteries and Christmas Stalkings.

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    1. I remember noticing my main objection years ago and making excuses and rationalizations for it. No longer. The casual anti-Semitism in this book among the well to do crowd of Boston was undoubtedly accurate. However, there was no particular need for it and I definitely find it offensive now. I'll admit that McLeod's aim may have been to show the anti-Semitism to condemn it. I'm not keeping this book. The mystery was better than the last one in the series, and the characterization was much better [...]

    2. Delightfully fun series to reread when I feel like a whimsical, literate but light mystery - great characters, well-plotted puzzles, but the endings sometimes turn into a little too much "telling" - long, drawn-out explanations of the crime and motivations. Ah, well, MacLeod still manages to make me chuckle out loud and entertain me, so I can skim the very few boring bits!

    3. Sarah and Max are at Ireson's Landing, fixing up the old house. They go in the front door since that is the only key Sarah can find, and discover a Bilbao looking glass hanging in the entryway that Sarah has never seen before. Since there have been burglaries in the area, Max assumes that it must have been stolen and cached there and turns it over to the police. When Aunt Appie appears a couple days ahead of time, followed shortly by her son Lionel and his four hellions, Sarah is thrown into a t [...]

    4. Another wonderful installment of a great mystery series. I love the characters she creates. I forget about the timeline in the books sometimes as they came out about every year or so at the beginning, but the events take place over only a stretch of a few months. It's quite the hopping place Sarah is running, with a bunch of murderous events happening in a short amount of time.While somewhat predictable, I pegged the main culprit straight off, the culmination was a rather exciting buildup. Max e [...]

    5. This is my first time reading the Kelling & Bittersohn mysteries. "Bilbao" is #4 in the series, so I came into it cold - and let that be a lesson to me As always, author MacLeod shows great insight about human character as well as excellent skills at plotting and dialogue.But the sheer awfulness of Sarah Kelling's snooty, anti-Semitic family makes it unpleasant to spend time with them. If their dreadfulness is intended as comic relief, it's not working for me.In the end, justice triumphs - o [...]

    6. Sarah has fallen in love with Max, and grown a backbone. She's certainly standing up to her relatives, no matter how opportunistic, or dense they may be.This one is fast, acerbic, and an interesting look at class prejudices from both sides. I liked that I didn't figure out the murderer until Sarah did.

    7. Max Bittersohn is quite ready to marry Sarah Kelling, but she hasn't yet agreed. The couple decide to summer at her home at Ireson's Landing, but soon after arriving they discover an beautiful and valuable antique Spanish mirror hanging in the house--one that Sarah doesn't own. This puzzle is their introduction to a wave of valuable antiques being stolen from wealthy homes in the area. While the mirror isn't broken, it continues to bring the couple nothing but bad luck, as people are murdered an [...]

    8. In The Bilbao Looking Glass, the fourth book in Charlotte MacLeod's Sarah Kelling/ Max Bittersohn series, Sarah and Max arrive for their summer stay at Sarah's country home to discover a beautiful and valuable antique mirror from the sea port of Bilbao, Spain that doesn't belong to Sarah. As an art expert who makes a living as a detective of stolen artwork, Max suspects something criminal is going on, especially after learning of a recent rash of robberies of art in the area.Read the rest of thi [...]

    9. Wow. I held onto this hardcover in anticipation of it being great. The mystery is well-crafted but the middle muck was annoying: vignettes about the rich and Sarah’s self-reliance, in superfluity. The mystery’s resolution hinges on misjudging Sarah. Enjoyment unravels over the story’s poor-proportioning and sparseness of likeable characters. A gambit I detest is peace-seeking couples being interrupted. Charlotte hails from a day when inopportune timing was hilarious but I loathe that. Beca [...]

    10. I am thoroughly enjoying this series. I like that they are short and you can read them in less than 2 days. It's a pleasant escape. I'm on the next one.

    11. #4 in the Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn mystery series.According to Max Bittersohn, he and Sarah Kelling have witnessed enough murder and unhappiness, so it's high time they got married. And though Sarah hasn't yet agreed to such drastic measures, she invites Max to summer with her at Ireson's Landing. But they haven't been in the house ten minutes when they stumble upon summer's first mystery--a mint-condition, antique Spanish mirror that is tremendously rare and valuable. Sarah has never se [...]

    12. Sarah and Max deal with Sarah's Yacht club friends or rather Alexander's friends who wish to protect her from that Jewish fellow Bittersohn. Instead they decide who would be most suitable for Sarah to marry from among their number to keep her in her proper social milieu. Meanwhile Max's family are having their own difficulties with accepting Sarah.Lionel and Appie Kelling began as very simple flat characters but showed up with Lionel being more interesting and his children being better than the [...]

    13. This entry in the series has Max proposing at irregular intervals to Sarah, who intends to say "Yes" but isn't quite ready. In the meantime they're spending the summer at her old country house surrounded by snobby yacht-club members, Max's family who view Sarah with varying degrees of enthusiasm or lack thereof, and Sarah's cousin Lionel and his four hoodlum sons. The sons, incidentally, are named after Jesse James and his gang. :) Throw in stolen paintings, Max's arrest and a transcendental col [...]

    14. It was hard to put this book down before finishing, so I didn't. Although the characters aren't as wonderful and whacky as in previous books, this book presents class consciousness (where classes aren't supposed to exit) from both sides, and it is done well. The little asides, the outright rudeness, and the all-pervasive "them" and "we" trap Sarah and Max in the middle, forcing the reader to root for the couple against both sides. There are moments when you wonder how Max and Sarah will ever get [...]

    15. I read this series many years ago, but did not record my review (before GR). Confession: I didn't read all of this book. My reading tastes have definitely changed. That is, if I liked the series then. The story line is more about Sarah's life with a silly family and a fiance to be that is in competition with her husband's ghost. I really got tired of Alexander and waiting for Sarah and Max to concentrate on solving the mystery. I gave up and read the last few pages to see if they found the culpr [...]

    16. Like the previous novel, it had its good and bad points.The mystery itself was good with several twists and I do like the inclusion of wacky family but a lot of the other characters in this one were just plain annoying and simply caricatures. Its also way too wordy with explanations and meandering thinking rather than having the characters actually DOING things.I also prefer books where marriage and romance between the main characters is non existent. All I can say is at least the author isn't d [...]

    17. Zunaechst fand ich das Buch ziemlich ueberspitzt, gerade, was die versnopten Cliquen angeht, aber je weiter ich las desto lustiger wurde das Buch durch diese überspitzung. Es ist halt der lustigste Kriminalroman, den ich je gelesen habe!;PMacht wirklich spaß und wer nun wen ermorchelt hat, ist dann im Endeffekt auch nur Nebensache, viel wichtiger ist, dass Sarah bekommt, was sie will und sich nicht mehr in ihr Leben reinreden laesst!

    18. The Bilbao Looking Glass by Charlotte MacLeod was a let down after several previous winners. The progressing romance between Sarah Kelling & Max Bittersohn was the definite highlight. Getting to know Max's family a little better was also a plus. The murder was gruesome and an afterthought and I didn't care for being away from Boston. Glad Sarah & Max should be married by the next installment.

    19. The mystery part was really interesting but I really don't like the characters sleeping with each other before marriage and have it presented as the thing to do.

    20. sarah opens her summer place on cape cod. there is, of course, a murder involving sarah & max who is staying in an apt over the carriage house/garage. an old flame of sarah appears.

    21. CharmingVery cozy but with a twist. The characters are unlike any other and the plot has a lot of substance. Very witty

    22. Another charming book in one of my favorite series. Sarah and Max open her summer house and get involved with the snobby yachting crowd and a couple of murders.

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