The Snow Merchant

The Snow Merchant Lettie Peppercorn lives in a house on stilts near the wind swept coast of Albion with no one to talk to but Periwinkle the pigeon Her days are filled with floor sweeping bed making and soup stirring

  • Title: The Snow Merchant
  • Author: Sam Gayton Tomislav Tomić
  • ISBN: 9781849393713
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lettie Peppercorn lives in a house on stilts near the wind swept coast of Albion, with no one to talk to but Periwinkle the pigeon Her days are filled with floor sweeping, bed making and soup stirring Her dreams are filled with memories of her mother, who vanished long ago Nothing incredible has ever happened to Lettie, until one winter s night.The night the Snow MerchaLettie Peppercorn lives in a house on stilts near the wind swept coast of Albion, with no one to talk to but Periwinkle the pigeon Her days are filled with floor sweeping, bed making and soup stirring Her dreams are filled with memories of her mother, who vanished long ago Nothing incredible has ever happened to Lettie, until one winter s night.The night the Snow Merchant comes.He claims to be an alchemist the greatest that ever lived and in a mahogany suitcase, he carries his newest invention.It is an invention that will change Lettie s life and the world forever.The Snow Merchant is a fantasy filled with family secrets, magical transformations and wild adventure.

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    1. Sam Gayton Tomislav Tomić

      Sam Gayton lives and writes in a basement, where the spiders are big and hungry He works at a primary school in Kent The Snow Merchant is his first book Now it s finished he ll go and write another one He can t tell you anything except for the first line I can t outrun the horses.

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    1. Vrlo simpatična bajka za decu (malo veću, npr. 10-12 godina). Za prvenac je više nego uspela, zaokružene radnje, nigde se ne preliva, likovi su najčešće simpatični ili uspešno negativni, uticaji iako vidljivi ne i ropski (Dajana Vin Džouns ali i npr. Kornelija Funke i Mihael Ende, ili se to meni samo čini), alhemija koja se opisuje vrcava i originalna (dečak sa drvetom koje mu raste iz ramena! Zla baba sa glavom-čajnikom!) Pa još predivne ilustracije i vrlo dobar prevod.E, ali, ima [...]

    2. Well ,it is time to make way for Lettie peppercorn ,an impulsive ,independent teenager who is capable of taking care of herself and her father.I love fairytales and magical realism and fantasy and I still collect young adult and kids fiction which takes my fancy.This was a wonderful read ,humorous ,adventurous and never a boring moment throughout the ride.It is about Lettie 's search for her mama and the characters she meets along the way ,all of them crazy and messed up😂except of course Noah [...]

    3. This book is a fairy tale about how snow was made, why does it fall and what is it's purpose on Earth. It is a funny story about a little girl Lettie and how she tries to find her Ma - lost alchemist, in order to restore her family.At first I liked the story quite a bit and it was a page turner, but the longer it took, the more I found it to be far too long, which obviously made it become a bit boring. It was full of magic and things that one wouldn't imagine and it was interesting and lovely. T [...]

    4. Interesantna i neobicna prica o devojcici koja se zove Leti Biberko, koja zivi u kuci na stubovima i koja jedne noci upoznaje trgovca snegom. Ona, kao i svi drugi, nikada nije videla sneg, niti ima predstavu sta je to zapravo. Od momenta od kada Leti upoznaje trgovca snegom neke stvari ce se odgonetnuti, a istovremeno devojcica ce biti suocena sa brojnim problemima i preprekama. Prica je vrlo originalna, dinamicna i likovi su sve u svemu vrlo smesni i dopadljivi. Cak i oni koji su zli, ne stvara [...]

    5. I liked The Snow Merchant a lot but I think the real test of a children's book is whether a child likes it. It's not often they can be persuaded to write reviews so here's one on a 12-year-old's behalf. My daughter took the book out of my hands the minute I finished reading it (having glanced at a few paragraphs over my shoulder). She liked the concept. All I've been able to get out of her since is that she likes it, meanwhile I find it lying around the house face down with an ever increasing nu [...]

    6. I wanted something for my December Chatterbooks session that was vaguely Christmas/wintery. This was the closest I could find.It took me a while to get 'into' it, and I really wasn't sure if I was going to stick with it, but I'm glad I did. Not what I'd normally choose to read for myself, but it was certainly different, and on the whole enjoyable. Not to give too much in the way of spoilers, but I did feel there was ONE loose end not tied up that I'd have liked to see resolved.I wonder what the [...]

    7. "But it's one of those laws of the universe, isn't it? Nothing stays the same. Things change." This was a delightful, imaginative and sweet story. it's about you guessed! It's about snow!But not just that it's also about friendship and love and no matter what you are - you can do anything If you put your mind to it.'Imagination has no place in the mind of an alchemist,' Guestav declared. Teresa sighed. 'But Master, alchemy happens in your head before it happens anywhere else.'

    8. Lily (age 7)I like Periwinkle. Periwinkle is the bird in the story. Lettie, a human, lives in the White Horse Inn. Lettie's friend who was called Noah has a stalk on his right shoulder. I felt happy and excited and scared. Blustav was the cheater and the liar and the worsest person in the world. There was a person on the Bloodbucket called Blubber Johnson. I hated him because he broke the hand of Leutha's Wood. Periwinkle and Lettie have a secret, read the book to find out.Theo (age 7)Lettie Pep [...]

    9. Unlike a vast majority of novels for middle grade readers, The Snow Merchant has a lot of imagination, humor and exciting moments. The main characters were all really interesting, too.

    10. I totally agree with the blurb that this is a hugely imaginative tale! If I had to compare "The Snow Merchant" to other children's books I've read, those would be Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events", for Sam Gayton's book has a similar quirkiness and tackles similar themes. Still, I didn't feel that this was a story I had read before, and I kept finding myself all wowed by the images the book evokes, which I really appreciate given how hard it is to find modern children's books tha [...]

    11. The snow mercahnt is absoloutly amazing and it particulary caught my attention by how 'snow' was created and how the wind is controlled. The explanations are fantastic as this book describes how not just snow but other things were created and how they are controlled today.The story is wraped up in a friendship wrap and is sprinkled with some alchemy cheese and the story just flows like a bottle of full mayo.The elegant drawings just top off this amazing wrap of a story and make it all more of a [...]

    12. On a winter night so cold and dark the fires froze in their hearths, snow came to Albion. It came packed up in the suitcase of a stranger. Lettie was the first one to see him.Yes, that’s how The Snow Merchant by Sam Gayton begins. Before it starts there’s a recipe that tells you how to make snow. Have I got you yet? Wanna buy the book? No? Okay, read on.Lettie Peppercorn has lived all her life in the house on the stilts near the wind-swept coast of Albion, never setting a foot outside the do [...]

    13. If you haven't already discovered the brilliant children's publishing group Andersen Press, then now is the time to do it. I have read 8 of their books this year and they are all absolutely brilliant. These are books that will stimulate young minds, making them challenge the world around them and inspire them to embark on incredible adventures.Quite simply, I was astounded by the depths of author Sam Gayton's imagination and inventiveness. If you know anyone in the 9-11 age group, buy them this [...]

    14. Lettie Peppercorn, the 12-year-old landlady of White Horse Inn, can handle daily chores, cranky guests, a drunkard father, a missing mother, and the care of Periwinkle, her pigeon. One cold, ordinary winter night, her world is turned upside down with the arrival of a new guest – the Snow Merchant. What is snow? Why does the Snow Merchant say she is the customer he’s been looking for? And how will snow change her life?Lettie is thrown into an adventure with new friends, old secrets, dangerous [...]

    15. I quite enjoy reading children's novels every once in awhile, and I was drawn to this one by the cover art (done by Chris Riddell) and title. The back said that it was a modern fairytale, so I was, of course, hooked.The book is most fantastical; but in its oddness it seems more like an otherworldly anime film than a familiar fairytale. I applaud a vividly wild imagination, but some of Gayton's bizarre novel was so outlandlish that it proved almost distracting. With people growing stalks from the [...]

    16. I'm not really impressed by this book. True, it is "a hugely imaginative tale" (as stated in the only lines appears on the back cover), and true, the main idea of the story is brilliant and and the plot cannot be easily guessed, but the idea is executed rather poorly. The plot is fast-paced in a funny way, where things and events keep changing quickly. Before I can completely fathom what is happening, the story has already moved on to the next event, and this makes me feel detached from it.This [...]

    17. I gobbled up Sam Gayton's debut novel 'The Snow Merchant' in four nights. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, fast-paced, read that centered around a young girl (Lettie) attempting to bring her family back together through the use of alchemy, weather and a boy with a plant growing from his shoulder!With traces of Pratchett and Gaiman in the writing, it felt very familiar, like a well-worn, comfy sofa.At times, I felt like the book was becoming a little predictable- occasionally getting over confident [...]

    18. Sem Gejton dobro poznaje bajkovnu strukturu, ili možda bolje da kažem strukturu monomita, i dosledno je se pridržava - roman je građen po home & away modelu. Ali bilo bi dosadno da je samo na tome ostalo, u svakom slučaju ne za 4 zvezdice (ili možda ipak 3? lomim se). Sreća pa je pisac pustio mašti na volju i dobro nam poznati model osvežio maštovitim zapletom (alhemija!) i simpatičnim likovima te njihovim odnosima (odlična je dinamika između Leti i Blistava i Leti i Noe). Jedin [...]

    19. An absolutely fantastic children's adventure book. Join Lettie Peppercorn solving the mystery of family, friends and snow! This book will leave you feeling as cold as ice, so make sure you have some warm tea or soup nearby!The only thing I want to know is, what happened to Noah? I loved the epilogue at the end, and I want to know more about this family and what they get up to next.A very imaginative story, can't wait to see what the author publishes next!

    20. Another lend from Vicki, this is a children’s book written by someone from her MA. A fantasy tale that follows Lettie Peppercorn and the way her life is changed forever when a mysterious man brings snow to her home. I read this in a couple of hours and absolutely love it! It was exciting, rich, and sentimental without being overly sweet. I’ll invest in a copy myself for Dylan when he’s older.

    21. Lettie's encounter with the Snow merchant heralds a wild and original romp through impossible landscapes. Lettie's alchemy has a logic of its own which allows transformations and changes of scale that nurture the imagination like few other books. It's playful but touches on love and divided families and imperfect parents. Perhaps the closest analogy is with Lewis Caroll.

    22. This book was recommended to me by a bookseller at Waterstones in Exeter, whilst I was in store carrying out my own book signings for my Bradley Baker series. Very entertaining read. My 10 yr old loved it.

    23. This is a wonderful book for family reading time with children of maybe 5 years and up. It doesn't have the complexity of a Harry Potter or His Dark Materials, but still carries magic and a good adventure inside.

    24. This heartwarming book tells the story of a young landlady who sets out on an adventure to find her long lost alchemist-mother. The book is no short if witty jokes, magic and miracles, and tear-.drppping moments

    25. Una historia sencilla, personajes normales y un desenlace esperado. Un libro especial para los más pequeños de la casa, especial para iniciar la travesía de la lectura.No descarto seguir leyendo obras de este autor novel, por más infantiles que lleguen a ser.

    26. A good story, well written. I found getting used to the concept of a world without snow a little disorienting - it would've been nice if that fact had been established before the beginning of the story.

    27. An absolutely stupendous book because the author used lots and lots of wow words and had completely got the mixture between fiction and non fiction just right. I will definitely be looking for more books by this author.

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