Gabriel's Bride

Gabriel s Bride Trapped by duty and the demands of his cruel unyielding father Lord Gabriel Sinclair the dark and moody Earl of Wakefield is being forced to find a bride But Gabriel plans an exquisite revenge on hi

  • Title: Gabriel's Bride
  • Author: Samantha James Sandra Kleinschmidt
  • ISBN: 9780380775477
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trapped by duty and the demands of his cruel,unyielding father Lord Gabriel Sinclair, the dark and moody Earl of Wakefield, is being forced to find a bride But Gabriel plans an exquisite revenge on his cold hearted parent wedding the sultry, low born Yankee wench who tried to steal his watch Ragged and beautiful Cassie McClellan is desperate to escape her life ofTrapped by duty and the demands of his cruel,unyielding father Lord Gabriel Sinclair, the dark and moody Earl of Wakefield, is being forced to find a bride But Gabriel plans an exquisite revenge on his cold hearted parent wedding the sultry, low born Yankee wench who tried to steal his watch Ragged and beautiful Cassie McClellan is desperate to escape her life of poverty and, therefore, willingly accepts the handsome, arrogant aristocrat s offer of marriage in name only But neither is prepared for the awakening passions that will bind their fragile, damaged hearts or the blistering, sensual need that comples them both to surrender body and soul.

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    1. Samantha James Sandra Kleinschmidt

      Growing up in Joliet, Illinois, Samantha James had many childhood aspirations being a writer was never one of them When she was ten, she was certain she was destined to be an astronomer That soon changed happened a lot during those pre teen years when she decided archaeology was in her future Detective work was her next goal, thanks to the Trixie Belden mysteries she was reading, and before long, nursing beckoned courtesy of the Cherry Ames series In college, she set her sights on teaching history, then briefly entertained the notion of becoming a flight attendant, only to discover she did not like to fly Having been raised in a family of avid readers, she was rarely without a book in hand Her tastes were rather eclectic She got hooked on the Doc Savage series and Edgar Rice Burroughs after her older brother finished them, in her teen years, moved on to Agatha Christie, Daphne DuMaurier, and Phyllis A Whitney In the meantime, the right guy came along They met on a semi blind date at an office Christmas party She was told he wanted to go out with her, and he was told she wanted to go out with him Six months later, the U.S Army shipped him off to Germany and she wrote faithfully at least three times a week she often jokes this was the start of her writing career Marriage followed, as well as three daughters Samantha left the detective work to her husband and turned her attention to raising their girls When her youngest was six months old, two things happened 1 she read Moonstruck Madness by Laurie McBain and scrambled to find every historical romance she could lay her hands on 2 her older brother revealed he was writing and submitting his short stories to big name magazines As he put it, I ve been rejected by the best of em The seed was planted Rejection was a dreaded word, but Samantha figured, Well, if he can take it, so can I That summer, she wrote not one book, but three longhand, in a notebook, during naptime Bedtime Any time she could The burning desire to write was a long time in coming she was nearing thirty by then but she discovered that once she set pen to paper, she couldn t stop Those three manuscripts did get the dreaded rejection letter they re still languishing somewhere in her attic , but she finally hit pay dirt with her fourth Samantha s brother promptly proposed collaborating on a fantasy together alas, still unwritten Nowadays, she s firmly convinced she s the queen of rejected titles for her books She s only managed to retain two original titles thus far, but writing is indeed a dream come trueTo date, her books have been published in numerous foreign countries her daughters number one choice for show and tell were always the foreign editions of Mom s books Known for her heartfelt, emotionally charged three hanky reads , her books have been nominated for numerous awards, and have consistently hit the bestseller lists Maybe someday she ll do that fantasy romance collaboration with her brother For now, she s having a great time spinning dramatic, passionate tales of old

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    1. This is a wonderful book, with the following caveat: Gabriel is a very cruel hero. He is a bitter man. So full of anger at his father that he often uses Cassie as a verbal punching bag. His father is after him to marry, so he picks a bride that he is absolutely sure will aggravate his father. Cassie is a poor, overworked tavern maid that he finds on the docks in America. He thinks she isn't virtuous, but it turns out that she is. He doesn't make her over or clean her up, but delivers her to his [...]

    2. Gabriel, who stands to inherit a dukedom, marries a barmaid in order to frustrate his father whom he hates. The barmaid knows that his reason for marrying her is revenge but not quite the extent of his hatred for his father. In order to make her agree with his plans, Gabriel tells her he will make sure she will want for nothing AND their marriage is to be in name only. Cassie agrees and together they leave with his ship for England. Of course nothing goes as promised neither for Cassie nor for G [...]

    3. This book was pretty horrible. It wasn't well-written, yet it was still readable, which explains how I managed to finish it.At first I was intrigued. It was kind of an unusual setup with an English earl picking an American tavern wench as a wife to spite his father. Okay, I can go with that. Gabriel offers Cassie a pretty sweet deal: she'll be his wife, never want for anything for the rest of her life, and as a bonus, he agrees that she won't even have to sleep with him.Yet for some reason Cassi [...]

    4. The book was OK in the beginning. I understand why Gabriel hates his father. But, marrying a girl to take revenge against his father is not a good idea. Gabriel marries Cassandra, a lowborn Yankee wench and exactly those are the things Edmund, Gabriel's father hate. At some point, I like Cassandra. She is brave and tries to accept her position as a countess and learn how to be a proper lady, even learn how to read and write. Gabriel was cruel and rude to her. He insulted her every time. When he [...]

    5. Oh dear God! Someone shoot me? For two people who supposedly love each other, these two have about zero - and I mean, absolute zero - trust in each other. I didn't see how Cassie fell in love with the Gabriel. Unless it's some weird Stockholm Syndrome. I mean, he manipulates her into wedding him & constantly degrades her by calling her a whore - despite her constantly telling him she doesn't give her favors easily. Then rapes her one night, then gets mad at HER for not telling him she is a v [...]

    6. This is actually a 3.5 star for me. This was a good read and found myself on an emotional rollercoaster along with Cassie. Yes, Gabriel was a cruel hero and said very hurtful things to Cassie. However, his anguish over her disappearance certainly tugged at my heartstrings. One of the reasons I didn't give this a full 4 stars is even though Gabriel did redeem himself over his treatment of Cassie I wanted him to be a little nicer to her after she returned and the baby was born. Another reason is C [...]

    7. The way I came upon this book is by reading a post regarding pregnant heroines. I first read Annie’s Song and was fascinated by the story and the characters in it, so I decided to give this book a try.Cassie is a barmaid in Charleston, her mom is dead and she doesn’t know who her father is, regardless of her situation she is very bright girl and a hard worker and is looking for a way out though none is forthcoming, until the night her boss sends her to the room of Gabriel. Gabriel is captiva [...]

    8. I loved everything about this book. Gabriel is the ultimate alpha hero. Hard and brooding and bitter and yes even cruel! The emotional roller coaster journey between Gabriel and Cassie is just thrilling!Gabriel, a duke has to marry not because he wants to but because his hateful father orders him so. In America he meets Cassie, a poor uneducated tavern maid and decides to marry her as an act of defiance and revenge against his father. Cassie accepts cause she is miserable and desperate to escape [...]

    9. must read book !!!this book totally surprised me, never thought this book so tempting, but it is. now, this book becomes one of my fav books!!!first step, prepared tissue because certain scenes very sad enough sobbbbb

    10. 3.5-4 pointsLord Gabriel Sinclair , Earl of Wakefield, is heir to the Duke of Farleigh. He was the duke's second son by a second wife and the duke unfortunately makes it clear to both his new wife and Gabriel that he does not love them but is committed to the memory of his dead first wife and his first son, Stuart. In the end the situation becomes too much for lady Caroline to bear and she drowns herself. Gabriel is aware of this but his father is totally oblivious. When Stuart dies, the duke ca [...]

    11. It's been about 20 years since I first read this and after all this time I still consider this a keeper. Although, this second time around I am a bit more picky, which is why I'm giving it 4.75 stars. There was unnecessary drama on the h's part towards the end and I really wish there was an epilogue! Maybe a scene with an older Jonathan, a baby sibling, doting parents and grandfather.

    12. Enjoyed it, It could turn out better if hero was less jerk & heroine had enough sense. There are some loop holes & some sudden change of emotions that confuse me. Plot was interesting. Will look for more books of this author.

    13. 4.25stars reallyAs the younger son Gabriel Sinclair was fine making his way in the world though he was filled with resentment for his father in general. But then his elder brother died and Gabriel's hated father has reminded Gabriel that he is now the Duke, that it is his duty to marry and produce an heir. Gabriel agrees to marry but insists he travel to America to finish some business first. While there, Gabriel is charmed by local barmaid Cassie McClellan who's not being treated kindly by eith [...]

    14. Why do so many authors shove words down the throats of readers? The whole book can be summed up with the following words:Casey: "I had never been so angered" "I have never been so insulted" "I have never been so ashamed" "I have never been so frustrated"Repeat, reuse, recycle. This was pretty much her mantra for the whole book. Gabriel: "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank" "Yank"He said it enough time [...]

    15. I hated Gabriel, the "hero". Let me be clear that I love a alpha male, rogue, dark hero. But this guy was cruel to Cassie on a very regular basis, seemed to have no interest in her other than sexually and he was never made to grovel or truly atone for his atrocious behavior. He said vicious things, "raped" his wife twice. Of course the heroine barely blinked twice about that. Even when the hero was upset that she left, he was STILL mean when she was back home with him. I liked the heroine ok but [...]

    16. The last time I read this book was, according to my reading diary, 2001. So 14 years. My god. That’s a long time. I’ve found that when I reread some of my favourite romances that I haven’t reread in years, they don’t hold up to the greatness that I remembered in my mind. My reading tastes have changed significantly over the years, and I also notice weaknesses in writing and construction a lot more than I would have ever used to.Gabriel’s Bride, however, withstood the test of time and p [...]

    17. Gabriel is the 2nd child of a Duke. His father have always loved his elder brother Stuart. He grew up hating his father so after his mother passed away he cut all connections with him until his brother was killed in war. Now he is an earl and a future Duke. He must do his father bedding but he doesn't want. he only wants Vengeance and here comes our heroine's part. Cassie is a barmaid. Her mother abandoned her as a child and she never knew her father. Her friend and mother figure has just passed [...]

    18. I first read this book years ago, and I remember it fondly. Sadly, now that I've read so many other, better books, there are things about the book that now annoy me.Has this book always had flip-flopping POVs? In the span of a single page, the POV would change 4-5 times! That's ridiculous. I read through the book as fast as I could so that I didn't spend too much time trying to figure out who was talking or thinking.It is still an emotional story - the asshole heroine, his asshole father, the we [...]

    19. I'd have liked this book much more if I can stomach the hero's bullshit like everybody else. My heart broke for the little boy in the prologue and I thought no matter how hard he turns out later in life I'm gong to love this boy. How mistaken I was! I couldn't find a single reason to justify his behavior towards the heroine and even after they had their HEA at the end of the book I couldn't help it but hate him still.The book started of very well and I was really hooked for a while. Then it star [...]

    20. It's been many years since I read this, and I only had to see the title to remember the childish viciousness of this particular rapist " hero." I was a lot less judgemental back then, when dubious consent was common in the bodice rippers I happily devoured, but this one stood out as particularly ugly. Gabriel is consistently cruel and hateful, using the powerless heroine as a constant scapegoat for every wrong, real or imagined, in his nasty little life. I wanted him to grow the hell up. By the [...]

    21. I gave this book 3 stars based solely on the pluck of the heroine. She was put into a situation where she could have crumbled, but she didn't. Instead, she was determined to make herself better and prepared for the world she was dropped into. The hero was a heartless ass who, even though he predictably realized his love for the heroine at the end, was cold and bent on using her to humiliate his father.

    22. ลังเลระหว่าง 3 กะ 4 ??????งั้นเอา 4 ไปละกันนะ โฮะๆ เพราะชอบอ่านดราม่าสุดๆ มันบีบจิตดี แต่มันน่าจะมากกว่านี้หน่อย (ซาดิสนะยะหล่อน 555)แต่เนื้อเรื่องมันเบาๆ พล็อตลึกลับ ปองร้าย ตามฆ่า มีไม [...]

    23. 4.5. Emotional angsty story about a man who took a common Yankee barmaid as his bride in order to spite his father, a duke. Instead she slowly warmed her way into their hearts and demonstrated far greater innate class than most peers can lay claim to. Just short of perfect due to hero's brutality in their first sexual encounter.

    24. Good plot lines throughout, though a very frustrating read. Simply put Gabriel is a very arrogant and an unliked character for me in this book all the way through until the last chapter. I've felt so sorry for poor Cassie all the way through calling her 'Yank'! Even at his disgusting words at her pregnancyWell guess what Lord Gabriel? It takes two to tango. Grrrr!

    25. I don't know why it took me so long to read one of Samantha James' earliest works. I should have done it sooner ( i love her Perfect Trilogy and Just One Kiss) I had heard so much praise for this book and I was excited and curious to read it And let me just say I was totally NOT AT ALL disappointed or let down. This book took my breath away. I started this book this morning and I am already done. I just could not put it down. Marriage of convenience involving two very imperfect people with a bab [...]

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