The Case for Israel

The Case for Israel The Case for Israel is an ardent defense of Israel s rights supported by indisputable evidence Presents a passionate look at what Israel s accusers and detractors are saying about this war torn count

  • Title: The Case for Israel
  • Author: Alan M. Dershowitz
  • ISBN: 9780471679523
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Case for Israel is an ardent defense of Israel s rights, supported by indisputable evidence.Presents a passionate look at what Israel s accusers and detractors are saying about this war torn country.Dershowitz accuses those who attack Israel of international bigotry and backs up his argument with hard facts.Widely respected as a civil libertarian, legal educator, and dThe Case for Israel is an ardent defense of Israel s rights, supported by indisputable evidence.Presents a passionate look at what Israel s accusers and detractors are saying about this war torn country.Dershowitz accuses those who attack Israel of international bigotry and backs up his argument with hard facts.Widely respected as a civil libertarian, legal educator, and defense attorney extraordinaire, Alan Dershowitz has also been a passionate though not uncritical supporter of Israel.

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    1. Alan M. Dershowitz

      Alan Morton Dershowitz is an American lawyer, jurist, and political commentator He is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School He is known for his career as an attorney in several high profile law cases and commentary on the Arab Israeli conflict.He has spent most of his career at Harvard, where, at the age of 28, he became the youngest full professor in its history, until Noam Elkies took the record Dershowitz still holds the record as the youngest person to become a professor of law there.As a criminal appellate lawyer, Dershowitz has won thirteen out of the fifteen murder and attempted murder cases he has handled He successfully argued to overturn the conviction of Claus von B low for the attempted murder of B low s wife, Sunny Dershowitz was the appellate advisor for the defense in the criminal trial of O.J Simpson for the murder of his ex wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

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    1. I would give this book negative stars if I could. Based as it is on lies, distortions, and racism, it is an embarrassment that it even got published, much less widely distributed. (It was handed out FOR FREE on the Stanford campus by a "pro-Israel" student organization -- that's how I got a copy.)John Wiley & Sons might have made money off it, but it is a poorer world for having this book in it. It serves only to propagandize people who are too uninformed to know any better.If you want to kn [...]

    2. Some of these reviews inaccurately call this book "biased", which confuses me. Dershowitz quotes from historical from the essential British Mandate period. Just because history happens to be in Israel's favor, and not in the favor of the Palestinian Arabs (the word used to refer to one of many ethnicities who lived there, and Jews were actually the first Palestinians - by about 700 years) or some of the 59 Muslim nations that cannot tolerate a tiny Jewish nation does not make the bo [...]

    3. Most of us are familiar with the author who is one of the country's foremost attorneys and defender of individual liberties. He is also one damn good author. In this book, Dershowitz utilizes his legal skills to argue for the existence of the state of Israel through the posing of 32 questions about Israel. He refutes the slurs, slanders, and misrepresentations that have been leveled at Israel in recent years by its venomous critics. The questions (chapters) range from "Has Israel engaged in geno [...]

    4. Of course the author has his biases. The book is needed because "The new anti-Semitism" has been defined as people who will accept a world with Jews but not a world with Israel. Dershowitz is a mainstream liberal and not an egghead like Noam Chomsky or Norman Finklestein. As a trained lawyer, Dershowitz knows that he must be careful with his facts. What I found most helpful is an appendix where he states what are legitimate disagreements about Israeli policy and what constitutes closet anti-Semi [...]

    5. Dershowitz does an excellent job tearing to pieces every unfair criticism of Israel, while not clearing Israel of all wrongs, either. A must read for anyone reading newspapers, listing to radio news, or watching tv news.

    6. Some of the criticism of this book is spot on. Dershowitz chooses a strange tactic to make his "case", which is actually centered on refuting points made by the most extreme academic critics of Israel. So it is a case, but perhaps appropriately for Dershowitz, it is a DEFENSE. Some would argue the case could be written from the standpoint of Plaintiff. I'll start with some criticisms and end on a positive note with how this book is still well-worth reading. 1. The book is divided into 32 argumen [...]

    7. This book is good. Not only is it good, it is eye opening. What Alan Dershowitz is saying is that, although he does not agree with Israel's every action, they have a right to existence. After reading this book, this is now my view. What I love that Deshowitz does is the formation of each chapter. He starts off by stating the accusation, the accusers and quotes them, the reality, then the proof. There were some accusations against Israel that even I thought were true, but turned out to be over sh [...]

    8. A laughably bad book.Instead of this pile of tosh (of afterwards if you've already had the misfortune to read it) try Norman Finkelstein's "Beyond Chutzpah" which exposes Dershowitz's cynical distortion of the truth, wholesale misrepresentations and unacknowledged reliance on the work of others.Michael Desch (Chair of Political Science at Notre Dame University) reviews Dershowitz's book in "The American Conservative" and sums it up well as:"a scandal that Dershowitz's sloppy book was widely and [...]

    9. Intriguing and insightful. What's even more compelling is that this is written by a self-proclaimed lefty in the world of academia. Dershowitz makes a great case for the cause of Israel, that if the opponents would do even a smidgen of their homework on this, they too could understand the nature of the Israeli/Palestinian conflictd that Israel should be praised and supported, not condemned.This book is set up in a question/answer format which makes it accessible and fairly simple to follow. Ders [...]

    10. This book was somewhat annoying. Obviously, Israel does exist currently and it is not really a reasonable option to eliminate the Jewish state. So why does Dershowitz act as if that is an argument that must be dealt with? It seems to me that criticism of Israel (like criticism of the U.S.) is directed at the actions of the government. Therefore, critics are hoping to change the way the Israeli govt conducts itself, not to say that Israel needs to be gone. The author does make a few good points, [...]

    11. Here is how you can argue the morons that claim Israel has no right to exist and that the Occupied Territories are an apartheid state. Morons.

    12. This is an abysmally bad book and complete waste of paper. Dershowitz says that it's a book written for “someone who is interested but not an expert”. He preys on the ignorance of well-meaning people who simply want to be better informed on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and who, sadly, will probably read nothing else on the subject. From the beginning, one ought to know to read with caution when Dershowitz readily discounts sources when convenient and then cites them as authoritative at o [...]

    13. Im about 7 chapters into and none have been slightly convincing. The line of reasoning is basically that since Jewish people lived in parts of Palestine pre-turn of the 20th century, the state is their right. There has been no addressing of the war crimes committed by Sharon, nor the flagrant violations of UN mandate that have made Israel one of the top three international violators of UN mandate, with the other two being the US and Iraq pre-March 2003. To say nothing of the fact that among his [...]

    14. It is sad that a book has had to be written to defend Israel's right to exist, but sadly that's the world we live in now.Dershowitz defends Israel, as one would in an international court, against 32 'charges' against it, and does so convincingly simply by conveying historial facts and figures. It was good to see that Dershowitz did not rely on pro-Israeli sourses to back up his arguments, rather he used neutral, and often pro-Palestinian sorces to ensure that his facts were not tainted by bias.

    15. Read this book shortly after having dinner with the author. This book put the Israel-Palestinian conflict into perspective and has helped me not only become more educated on the issue, but also remain educated on it.

    16. I've read a bunch of Dershowitz works (mostly articles) and never agreed with any of them. His book on ten incidents of injustice from the Book of Genesis was horrible in most every way. In the Case for Israel he is no less obnoxious than usual, but he finally allows common sense to guide his analysis of the evidence. There are more than 200 reviews already posted on this book, so I won't repeat all the details. Bur I found his format to be excellent: 32 short chapters of about 6-7 pages each. E [...]

    17. Dershowitz's writing is refreshingly clear, concise and like a logical scalpel. He is not an uncritical supporter, and I can't agree with some of his foundational assumptions, but his book is heartily recommended. He cites verbatim the allegations of his opponents - on Israel's 'racism', its 'unlawful' attitude to Palestinians, its 'persistent occupation of conquered territory' - then addresses them with references, dates, places and names. Bristling with facts often not encountered before - the [...]

    18. I was disappointed by this book's narrow agenda (it proposes primarily to refute arguments rather than establish a more generic dialog) and academic counterpunching. Each chapter purports to be a self-contained presentation of a claim and refution of that claim; unfortunately many chapters fail to form arguments I was able to make sense of. I read it hoping to educate myself on the topic; what I came away feeling was that this book was not intended for people new to the subject and that I should [...]

    19. Dershowitz takes all the arguements that we hear through the mainstream media, college professors (some of mine, actually), & even friends and methodically picks them apart using common sense, history, & actual facts. His logic is sound and history/facts back up his assertions. While Isreal is not perfect, no democratic nation is & Israel deserves much more support worldwide than it gets. The real question for everyone is: Do you really want to be found on the wrong side of history ( [...]

    20. Not sure why reviewers are complaining about this book being biased. The title of the book implies it is a persuasive piece with a clear thesis in mind. In fact, this book is needed to counter the Islamist anti-Israel propaganda that is in the mainstream Western media nowadays. Dershowitz cites his sources and presents a compelling case for the existence and continuation of the state of Israel. Even if you do not agree with everything he says, there is no way you cannot agree that the state of I [...]

    21. A handy book for anyone who wants to read exactly what it says in the title. Many chapters, so if one wonders about a particular issue, one can pretty easily find what one is looking for. That goes for everyone, no matter what their opinions on the matter may be: The author is really not trying to fool you with this book. It's his Case for Israel, fair and square. To me, it's not quite so useful, since I'm studying these things (among others) and kind of run into the events and opinions describe [...]

    22. Although titled The Case for Israel, this book is mostly written in the negative; Dershowitz generally makes The Case Against The Case Against Israel. The disadvantage of this approach is that, by the end of the book, Dershowitz convinced me that Israel is not [fill in the blank, e.g the worst human rights violator in the world, a racist apartheid state] but didn't provide much insight into the nuances of more moderate arguments regarding individual actions/policies of Israel. The book is struct [...]

    23. This book is a good history lesson for people like me that don't have a strong grasp of the facts around Israel's history. I learned a lot from the book and I find that history fascinating. On the flip side the book didn't deliver what I expected. the author's strategy was to present cases against Israel then he outlined the case. finally he presented his arguments against the case. what he frequently delivered was a outlined about how Israel's actions just aren't as bad as the actions of others [...]

    24. One of many books I have read to make sense of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Really liked the way Dershowitz presented facts and opinions. Good read for the topic.

    25. I used to think that the Israeli/Palestinian issue was just some ancient and inscrutable conflict between two sides that were more or less using the same cruel tactics to achieve the same selfish ends, making no reasonable effort to compromise. Because of this book, I no longer feel that way; the fact that this has even been dubbed a controversy now seems incredibly strange to me. One side has clearly been committed to the rule of law, one side has been committed to minimizing civilian casualtie [...]

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