Jar City

Jar City When a lonely old man is found murdered in his Reykjav k flat the only clues are a cryptic note left by the killer and a photograph of a young girl s grave Inspector Erlendur who heads the investiga

  • Title: Jar City
  • Author: Arnaldur Indriðason Bernard Scudder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a lonely old man is found murdered in his Reykjav k flat, the only clues are a cryptic note left by the killer and a photograph of a young girl s grave Inspector Erlendur, who heads the investigation team, discovers that many years ago the victim was accused, though not convicted, of an unsolved crime Did the old man s past come back to haunt him As the team of deteWhen a lonely old man is found murdered in his Reykjav k flat, the only clues are a cryptic note left by the killer and a photograph of a young girl s grave Inspector Erlendur, who heads the investigation team, discovers that many years ago the victim was accused, though not convicted, of an unsolved crime Did the old man s past come back to haunt him As the team of detectives reopen this very cold case, Inspector Erlendur uncovers secrets that are much larger than the murder of one old man secrets that have been carefully guarded by many people for many years As he follows a fascinating trail of unusual forensic evidence, Erlendur also confronts stubborn personal conflicts that reveal his own depth and complexity of character.

    • ✓ Jar City || ✓ PDF Read by Æ Arnaldur Indriðason Bernard Scudder
      309 Arnaldur Indriðason Bernard Scudder
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    1. Arnaldur Indriðason Bernard Scudder

      Arnaldur Indridason b.1961 has the rare distinction of having won the Nordic Crime Novel Prize two years running He is also the winner of the highly respected and world famous CWA Gold Dagger Award for the top crime novel of the year in the English language, Silence of the Grave Indridason s novels have sold over twelve million copies worldwide, in 40 languages, and have won numerous well respected prizes and received rave reviews all over the world.

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    1. I am HIMThis cryptic message is left with the body of an elderly man when he is found dead in his apartment in Reykjavik. So begins Arnaldur Indridason’s brilliant contribution to the Nordic Noir sub-genre of crime literature. First published in 2000 in Iceland under the title Mýrin, I read and thoroughly enjoyed the English translation by Bernard Scudder published in 2005 by Minotaur Books.A compelling police procedural that shows a law enforcement task force in Reykjavik investigating a mur [...]

    2. رواية تمزج بين الادب البوليسي والرعب يصور الكاتب جريمة تقع في إحدى المدن الآيسلندية حيث تعثر الشرطة على جثة رجل ستيني داخل شقته ويقوم المحقق أرنالدور بتحريات واسعة وبمكر وعبقرية (وشئ من الحظ) بكشف خيوط الجريمة والعثور على القاتل ينقلك الراوي الى مجتمع غريب وجريمة غير مألوفة [...]

    3. [9/10] "Squalid, pointless and committed without any attempt to hide it, change the clues or conceal the evidence.""Yes," said Erlendur. "A pathetic Icelandic murder." First impressions can be misleading. At first glance the murder of a lonely seventy year old man in his own apartment is just a sordid, simple robbery gone wrong. But as Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson of the Reykjavik Criminal Investigations Division starts to poke into the past history of the deceased, the case gets darker and dark [...]

    4. I've taken an interest to Iceland ever since I read Halldór Laxness. Seeing there are a few Icelandic authors in translation - or maybe they are indeed just a few - I wanted to explore this country through the detective novels of Arnaldur Indriðason, as well. Luckily, he gives some interesting insights into the social aspect of Icelandic people. Well, more like the criminality aspect, through phrases such as:Icelandic murders aren't complicated.Icelandic judges were notoriously lenient.Iceland [...]

    5. Rating: 3 bleak * of fiveIt's hard for me to believe this is a debut novel. The author is, of course, a journalist and so the possessor of writerly skills; still, a novel is something wholly and entirely other than what he could be expected to do in his sleep.I think the first-novel-ishness comes out in a few small ways. He introduces a deeply disturbing sub-plot and does almost nothing with it. He has characters behave in some ways that don't scan with their stated behaviors. But on the whole, [...]

    6. المتابع لأدب (الجريمه) من المؤكد انه سيلاحظ تطور ملموس بشدة .من دويل لأجاثا كريستى الى الطفرة الرهيبه فى العقود الأخيرة .والفرق شاسع فعلا تبعا للتطور الرهيب فى الوسائل المعيشيه المختلفه.ورغم كلاسيكة (أجاثا) التى لا تقاوم وعبقريتها الفذه الا اننا لا نقدر أن ننكر ابداع أدب الجر [...]

    7. This is my first Arnaldur Indrioason novel featuring Inspector Erlendur, the wearyIcelandic detective who must solve a murder that spans several decades. The novel also won the "Glass Key Award" given annually to Nordic crime writers. I was impressed by the good writing and compelling plot and now want to read the series. Recommend to crime fiction readers.

    8. This very intriguing novel introduces Inspector Elendur Sveinsson of the Reykjavik Police Department. In Iceland, where virtually everyone is related, people are known by their first names. Erlendur is in the throes of middle age and not in the best of health. He lives alone and has two troubled children, including a daughter who's in debt to drug dealers.An elderly man is murdered in his basement apartment and the killer leaves an enigmatic note lying on the body. Some of Erlender's colleagues [...]

    9. Having very recently read Reykjavík Nights: Murder in Reykjavík, which was a prequel that I really enjoyed, I was really looking forward to this book, which is the first in the series proper. I should say the first to be translated into English, because it is actually book 3 in Iceland. Which is too bad, because there are relationships which presumably were fleshed out in the first two novels, so you sort of come into them partway, if you know what I mean.Anyway, in the prequel, Erlendur is a [...]

    10. This was a great Scandi- Crime Noir book that I've read for my Scandi Noir "real life" book club. I had never read this author before so dived in with a clear set of expectations.I was quickly hooked into the storyline and characters. A man is found murdered in Iceland where the book is set and from that murder unravels a spiel of other stories and revelations. It was like a magic box, more and more new surprises kept popping up to keep you guessing.The writing is very good. I found the book tra [...]

    11. Hannah Kent, a contemporary Australian writer, has commented about "Iceland" as:In Iceland, you can see the contours of the mountains wherever you go, and the swell of the hills, and always beyond that the horizon. And there's this strange thing: you're never sort of hidden; you always feel exposed in that landscape. But it makes it very beautiful as well. Arnaldur Indriðason, a very famous author of Iceland, has spun a mind-blowing thriller story, Jar City, which has sold over 6 million copies [...]

    12. مؤلمة!!"الأطفال فلاسفة ، سألتني ابنتي مرة في المستشفى لماذا لدينا عينان؟ أجبتها حتى نرى بهما، صححت لي قالت "حتى نذرف الدموع منهما"تختلف القصص المأساوية ولكن يجمعها الألم نفسه لأول مرة اتعاطف مع القاتل عند قراءتي لرواية بوليسية ربما لأنه مجرم وضحية في آن واحد.رواية جميلة لأرن [...]

    13. Arnaldur Indriđason's Jar City is a mystery novel set in Reykjavik that plays with issues of paternity, family, and identity. Mostly, however, it's a whodunit. As such, it's a good read. But as more than that, though it gestures toward larger questions, it left me wanting more. The jacket reviews call it a "dark, haunting novel" with an "emotionally wrought ending that caught me off guard and touched me in a way that few mystery novels do" (The Boston Globe), one that, according to Time Out Lon [...]

    14. الرواية بتحكي عن العثور على جثة راجل عجوز في منزله و محطوط على جثته ورقة مكتوب فيها " أنا هو " و صورة ابيض و اسود لشاهد قبر بتاع طفلة صغيرة و بيبدأ المحقق الآيسلندي الشهير أورالندو التحقيق في القضية . دي أول تجربة ليا في الأدب البوليسي الإسكندنافي و بجد ما كنتش أعرف إن الناس دي ب [...]

    15. This is a very enjoyable piece of Icelandic crime. We are introduced to Erlendur, a cop who has his own idiosyncrasies and his own way of working a crime scene. I found myself being drawn to his character as the book progressed, he is a man who I feel is quite complex even though he may not appear so. Erlendur has a drug addicted and pregnant daughter and it kills him to see her live her life this way, he is like any parent in this situation, tormented but lets her stay with him when she wants.H [...]

    16. اللقاء الرابع مع أرنالدور أندريداسون بعد كلا منsilence of the grave أفضل ما قرأت له حتى الأنصقيع الموت أول عمل أقرائه له وكان على قدر عالى من الجودةجثة فى الفندق التى لم تعجبنى كثيراً وكانت أخر ما قرأت له قبل هذا العملوأخيراً هذه الرواية مخزن الأعضاء البشرية وبعد كل هذه اللقاءات أكاد [...]

    17. 3,5/5 αστεράκια.Ο Arnaldur Idridason θεωρείται ένας από τους σημαντικότερους Σκανδιναβούς συγγραφείς και ο διασημότερος της πατρίδας του. Πράγματι, αν κάποιος επιλέξει κάποιο βιβλίο του θα δει ολόκληρη την Ισλανδία, τις παραδόσεις, τις απόψεις, τις συνήθειες και το πνεύμα των κατοίκ [...]

    18. Icelandic Inspector Erlendur is leading the team investigating the murder of Holberg, an old man. Nothing has been stolen in his flat, but the detectives found a mysterious note and a photo of a child's grave. The photo leads Erlendur to some unconvicted crimes by Holberg years ago. Was Holberg murdered by one of his victims?The autumn weather during the investigation is chilly, gray, and rainy, an atmosphere that seems right for investigating the events that led up to the burial of the child. T [...]

    19. Από την ζεστή και εξωτική Αβάνα, στην παγωμένη και μουντή Ισλανδία.Δεν είμαι και μεγάλος φαν των αστυνομικών, αλλά όταν τύχει και βρεθεί κανένα στα χέρια μου το διαβάζω. Αυτό το πήρα όχι για μ' άρεσε ο τίτλος, ή η υπόθεση, ή ξέρω τον συγγραφέα, αλλά γιατί πέρσι (και το συνεχίζω [...]

    20. Set in Reykjavik, Iceland, this debut novel police procedural features Inspector Erlandur who is practically a copy of Henning Mankell s Inspector Kurt Wallander. Both are divorced, both have trouble with their ex-wives, and both have terrible relationships with their daughters (although Wallander s improves over the series). [return][return]The plot centers around the murder of an old man. The investigation slowly uncovers the fact that the origins of the murder go back decades to other crimes. [...]

    21. A very serviceable mystery set in Iceland (my first in that setting) and therefore featuring laconic detectives, much darkness (literal and figurative), and a seemingly huge cast of borderline depressive characters. Some of this depression may be laid at the feet of circumstance, some a part of the specific mysteries at the core of the story. While I did ultimately like the mystery and its resolution, the telling was so much more stark than what I'm used to that it detracted from the overall exp [...]

    22. Bleak landscape, bleak characters, bleak story. Icelandic murders are simple ones usually insists Inspector Erlendur. This one is certainly not. An elderly man, Holberg, is found dead in his apartment with a strange note left on the body. The case then leads in a variety of directions: to a young child, the product of a rape, who had apparently died of a brain tumor; the suicide of her mother; the disappearance at sea of Holberg’s friend; additional rapes; a terminally ill cop unsympathetic co [...]

    23. Set in Reykjavik, Iceland, an elderly man is discovered to have been murdered in his apartment. Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson of the police and his crew find only a picture of a grave hidden behind a drawer in a desk and a note that says "I am him" on the victim as evidence, and as they continue to dig, they discover that their victim had been accused years earlier of sexual assault, although never convicted. Erlendur must now reopen the original case, which leads to the uncovering of secrets tha [...]

    24. روايةمميزة جدا،يستخدم فيها الكاتب تقنية فريدة تضيف الكثير إلى الأدب البوليسي المترجم إلى العربية أو المكتوب بها،حيث إن الكاتب ينطلق من جريمة قتل إلى العديد والعديد من التفاصيل الصغيرة والمنعطفات الهامة، وهذا وصولا إلىجرائم أخرى ارتكبها أكثر من مجرم،مع تسليط الضوء على الج [...]

    25. Yeah, it had a very similar feel to other Nordic thrillers. But, damn. That last 20%! You pretty well knew where the plot was going, but it was the characterization that left you balled in knots til the very end. Suspense barely covers it. Heart-attack-inducing might be more appropriate.

    26. This is like lot of forien crime books such as NESBØ the first to be Tr into English. It introduce us to rare delicious that bet not meny people will want to eat.Boiled sheep's head the whole head including the eyes.Ughh. A dark crime that also has been made into a movie with also included him eating the head.So if the description wasn't bad enough you get see it too

    27. This is an intriguing novel, atmospherically and in its inexplicable ability to sustain the reader's interest -- despite the fact that practically everyone in it is strange, idiopathic, stilted or weird of articulation, practically autistically disconnected from reality, and committed to viewing everything generically and without depth or dimension, as though through the filter of a bad fifties cop drama. Dragnet, possibly, though without the cheeriness and empathy of Joe Friday.Erlendur, the pr [...]

    28. قراءة ثانية فنية و ممتعة للكاتب الآيسلندي إرنالدور اندريداسون هذه ليست رواية بل قِدر ساحرات ؛ فكل شيء ممكن أن يباغتك من داخل القدر فمحتوياته غامضة ومجنونة، ومهما توقعت ممزوجها تبقى كومة توقعاتك تعلو و تعلو دون جدوى، من المعقول أكثر خروج أرنب الساحر منها أكثر من خروجه من قبع [...]

    29. الرواية الثالثة التي أقرأؤها لـ الكاتب الايسلندي أرنالدور أندريداسون .وكالعادة كانت مميزة جدا وإن اختلفت عن باقي رواياته فـ في هذه الرواية تركيز كبير على العلوم الجنائية والأمراض الوراثية وإسهاب بمعلومات أصبح الكثيرون يعرفونها الآن والفضل يعود لمسلسلات الـ CSI ربما لأنها [...]

    30. This book is an interesting study of old crimes that generate new crimes through genealogy. Reykjavik Police Inspector Erlendur is called to the scene of a murder of an old man, Holberg. He discovers that the man was accused of rape back in 1962 and that there was a child.Erlendur follows the investigation while at the same time dealing with his drug addict daughter. She tells him that she is pregnant and is trying to give up drugs. He is divorced from his wife and tries to help her on his own.I [...]

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