Let Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime in the Game

Let Me Tell You a Story A Lifetime in the Game America s favorite sportswriter teams up with Red Auerbach the most successful and admired coach in basketball history to share amazing highlights from a legendary life of photos

  • Title: Let Me Tell You a Story: A Lifetime in the Game
  • Author: John Feinstein
  • ISBN: 9780316010726
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • America s favorite sportswriter teams up with Red Auerbach, the most successful and admired coach in basketball history, to share amazing highlights from a legendary life of photos.

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      John Feinstein is one of the nation s most successful and prolific sports authors who has written 24 books to date His most recent work Are You Kidding Me , written with Rocco Mediate, was released on May 18, 2009, and is presently on the shelf at bookstores everywhere In addition, he is an award winning columnist and regular contributor in both radio and television John Feinstein is a 1977 graduate of Duke University and spent 11 years as a sports and political reporter with The Washington Post He has also contributed to Sports Illustrated, The National Sports Daily, ESPN, CBS Sports and Golf Digest Presently he appears regularly on air at The Golf Channel and National Public radio and writes for The Washington Post, Golf Digest and The Sporting News He resides in Potomac, MD, and Shelter Island, NY.

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    1. This book was great, other than the fact that it was kind of hard to follow. It would be in the 1980's then go back to 1960' and talk about the celtics winning a championship. Other than that it was great to learn who the coach of the celtics was when they went on the 8 game win streak, and that was this guy. I recommend this book to anyone that likes sports from the eyes of a coach, or just likes basketball in general.

    2. My dad was a big Boston Celtic fan, so I grew watching them and hearing about Red Auerbach. I picked this book up because it reminded me of his love of the Celts and because I like most of John Feinstein's topics. I can tell you that I'm not a big NBA fan but this book is worth your time. Mr. Auerbach's stories about the game, his life and the people in it are fascinating. You come to care about the lunch club that meets every Tuesday to hear his views and his rememberances about the game and po [...]

    3. If you don't like basketball or the Boston Celtics, first off you need to reevaluate your life, second, you won't care at all about this book. But if you DO, like basketball and the Boston Celtics, then this is fantastic. Not a true biography, just some great stories about the greatest basketball mind who ever lived.

    4. Basketball is a fun sport to learn about, and who better to learn from than the greatest to ever coach the game, Red Auerbach. The book starts off with Red's days growing up as a high school basketball star, eventually landing him a scholarship at George Washington University. Following his playing days in college, Red took up coaching and eventually worked himself into the professional platform. First coaching the Tri-Cities Blackhawks, Red earned the head coaching spot for the Boston Celtics, [...]

    5. Already a Celtics fan, I was somewhat familiar with Red Auerbach, especially the his legendary cigars and his "gift" to Boston by recreating Celtics. However I was NOT aware of how he made all of these deals, including the one with the Ice Capades (read the book to find out!!!), his thoughts on coaching, how HE coached, and even the title of president. Once I started the book, it was all I could think about and wanted to talk about. I think it's a must read for any sports fan, whether they like [...]

    6. Legendary Celtics Patriarch and NBA pioneer Red Auerbach held a weekly lunch at the China Doll restaurant in Washington DC. The group included men from all walks of life. It is an easy read, and a glimpse at what we may be thinking about when we reach the winter of our lives. It is a well-written piece by John Feinstein.

    7. Every Tuesday for four years, Feinstein, the author of two of the bestselling sports books of all time, A Good Walk Spoiled and A Season on the Brink, played story collector, gathering tales for this, his 16th offering. During those four years, Feinstein lived for the Monday-night phone call that delivered five words to him every week: "Tuesday. Eleven o’clock. China Doll." Those words invited him to the most exclusive lunch club in sports, led by legendary Boston Celtics coach Auerbach and fr [...]

    8. I, being not a big fan of books regarding sports, enjoyed looking through the eyes of Red Auerbach in this interesting novel. The story takes place during Red's coaching days and we, as the readers, get a feel of his straight forward outlook on life. I find it fascinating because this book travels back in time and places you in the midst of an era of the (specifically) Boston Celtics' revolution. Reading about Larry Bird, Parish, and more famous players shows the significance of Auerbach's story [...]

    9. Fantastic story about the man who made the Celtics what they are. From this book you get a impression of not only how much of a basketball genius Red Auerbach was but his sense of humor & penchant for story telling as well. If you're a fan who wants to learn about and appreciate the history of the Boston Celtics this is a must read.

    10. Hermoso racconto de un hermoso personaje. Lleno de anécdotas y enseñanzas. Un lindo viaje para conocer a Red.

    11. John Feinstein always seems to find a different way to write a bookis time co-authoring a work with Boston Celtics iconic coach, GM, president and vice chairman Red Auerbach. The book is a autobiographical/biographical work of Auerbach through the eyes of a unique group of friends gathered every Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. for Chinese food in Washington.Feinstein has this wonderful ability to weave many personalities into many of his books, and he did so again in this work, not only describing th [...]

    12. Sports writing is not usually my first choice in light reading, but I really enjoyed this book. I picked it up primarily because I once met Red Auerbach in Washington, D.C. and wanted to know more about his career with the Boston Celtics. I learned much more about the man than his place in the history of the Celtics. For years, Red Auerbach hosted lunch every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. at The China Doll in the Chinatown area of Washington, D.C. The lunches were by invitation only and there were only [...]

    13. To begin with, a huge mistake of Red remembering a trip overseas: Belov wasn't a Yugoslavian player but a Russian one. He couldn't be the star his team beat back in the 60's (maybe Korac was?). Memory failed him, bad for Red; Feinstein didn't check the story, worst for him.Otherwise the title is very explicit, Red used to have lunch every Tuesday with a bunch of friends, including Feinstein, and from there arise a lot of stories Red told. Every chapter begins with a phrase kind of “I ever tell [...]

    14. Born in the 1990's and growing up in Australia, its safe to say that I didn't really have a great idea of who Red Auerbach was, or is. Let Me Tell You A Story makes it clear that while there will only ever be ONE Red Auerbach, he was a man of many facets, and let me tell you, many stories. Feinstein tells the story of Auerbach's life in and out of coaching recounted through stories told at weekly Tuesday lunches Washington and the retelling makes you feel like you're at one of those seats with R [...]

    15. John Feinstein started getting invited to Red Auerbach's weekly lunches at the China Doll in Washington DC, which was admission to Red's inner circle of friends and comrades. So he & Red wrote a book about it.It's terrific.It's about basketball, because you can't write about Red Auerbach without talking about basketball. A lot. But in the end, it's not really about basketball at all, it's about life and friendship and the journey.There's a lot of Red's philosophy of life, basketball, coachin [...]

    16. John Feinstein's books have been more miss than hit this decade, which is why it's a pleasure to go back and read one of his gems. This time his subject is Red Auerbach, the long time coach/GM of the Boston Celtics, and the man who has more championship rings than anyone in the history of the game. The book is basically a collection of Red's favorite Celtics anecdotes, which he often told over lunch to a select group of friends at his favorite Chinese restaurant The China Doll in Washington D.C. [...]

    17. The single most hagiographic (or possibly auto-hagiographic?) sports book I've ever read, extra surprising because John Feinstein is notorious among basketball people for having trashed Bobby Knight and started the era of sports expose journalism. If you think of Red Auerbach as a cross between your grandfather and a saint -- in other words you were born into Celtics Nation -- this book will give you a nice peaceful feeling like drinking warm milk. Otherwise, you'll puke at the first mention of [...]

    18. If you are a fan of the Celtics, basketball, or life in general you must read Let Me Tell You a Story. I am a Celtics fan, yet I never knew much about Red Auerbach and the very beginning of the Boston Celtics organization. It took me approximately five pages to gain immense admiration for Red and a desire to absorb any and all advice he doles out in this biography. Whether you cheered or booed him during his long, long involvement with the Celtics, this book demonstrates what type of man Red Aue [...]

    19. Good anecdotes from Red Auerbach (as told to John Feinstein) on his life in basketball. Auerbach's history is intertwined with the Boston Celtic's (the NBA's most successful franchise), and his stories are an insiders look at the NBA and what happened during Boston's success. Everything is covered, from the Russel-Chamberlain "feud" through the fleecing of teams to arrange the Bird-McHale-Parish frontcourt to the tragic deaths of Len Bias and Reggie Lewis. Through it the humor and intelligence o [...]

    20. Incredible Book. You don't need to be a Boston Celtics fan, a basketball fan or a sports fan to enjoy this book. Of course all of the above helps. But this is more about a first hand account of the type of person it takes to leave a permanent positive mark on any institution. This portrait of Red Auerbach takes you behind the scenes of many key pivotal moments in his career and in basketball history. If you are looking for detail game descriptions, you won't find it here, this is more about how [...]

    21. I'm a big Boston Celtics fan, but not a huge Red Auerbach fan, but this was a very easy read and well written by John Feinstein. It gave a rarely seen side of him being a curmudgeon - a fairly warm curmudgeon I suppose though. The anecdotes were enjoyable to read and it is memorable since Red is one of the few that was there for the beginning of the NBA and had such a long lasting career. If you are a John Feinstein fan, Red Auerbach fan and/or a Boston Celtics fan, you'd certainly enjoy this bo [...]

    22. The man who built the Boston Celtics.I was a Celtics fan through the Bird, McHale, Parish era.I knew who Auerbach was but I didn't know who he WAS.This turned out to be a very interesting read.Humourous and full of interesting facts.If you are an old school basketball fan give it a goI would have loved to see this guy work today with the spoiled brats in the game now. A very good read

    23. What a treat this book was! Sitting and listening to the great Red Auerbach tell story after story was so wonderful! It was like you were sitting at a table in a Chinese restaurant and hearing Red tell you how things really were! What a great job John Feinstein did, letting some of his own voice come through while still keeping Red at the center of it all! Highly recommended for any Celtics fan and every basketball fan!

    24. I am a life long Celtics fan. Whenever Byrd was playing in the 80's, I was watching. During those years I developed a love for Celtics history. Red Auerbach has been my favorite NBA icon because of that celebratory cigar when he knew he had you beat with 3 minutes to go. This book covers Celtics history up to about 2 years before Auerbachs death. I covers Russell, Cousy, Byrd and the tragedy of Len Bias. If you love the Celtsyou should have already read it.

    25. I grew up hating Red Auerbach because his Celtics always beat my Lakers in the NBA Finals. He comes across as a very intelligent and decent person in this book. But I was disappointed because I wanted more stories about his days coaching the Celtics. It is more about his lunch group that met for years in Washington, D.C.

    26. This is the second book assigned by Tom the Barber. Pretty good read for a guy who grew up in the 1960s watching Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain duke it out on Sunday afternoons. My perspective on race relations and sports has grown significantly since then. I just didn't get it when Bill Russell was made coach. Now, I do.

    27. As a Celtics fan and someone who's interested in sports history I loved the insights into one of the greatest minds in the history of sports. The writing and general flow if the book was disappointing though from such an accomplished writer with some parts meandering through some of Red's Tuesday lunch crew and retelling several stories/setups repeatedly.

    28. Growing up in Indiana, basketball was almost a religion for me. So why have I never heard of Red Auerbach? Probably because he wasn't on the HS team? What a sheltered life!! Feinstein does a great job of showcasing this great coach approach to life; lots of wisdom, humor and insight into basketball and life. Great storytelling about a charming and fascinating man

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