My Beautiful Genome: Exposing Our Genetic Future, One Quirk at a Time

My Beautiful Genome Exposing Our Genetic Future One Quirk at a Time What if you could predict your future which political party you will vote for what kind of person you will marry which disease will end your life whether your blue mood will fester into something t

  • Title: My Beautiful Genome: Exposing Our Genetic Future, One Quirk at a Time
  • Author: Lone Frank
  • ISBN: 9781851688333
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if you could predict your future which political party you will vote for, what kind of person you will marry, which disease will end your life, whether your blue mood will fester into something troubling, even debilitating Would you want to know Taking a uniquely intimate and cheeky approach to the personal genomics revolution, internationally acclaimed scienWhat if you could predict your future which political party you will vote for, what kind of person you will marry, which disease will end your life, whether your blue mood will fester into something troubling, even debilitating Would you want to know Taking a uniquely intimate and cheeky approach to the personal genomics revolution, internationally acclaimed science writer Lone Frank swabs up her genetic code to explore who any of us are in the days when a catalogue of your full six billion DNA building blocks is available for 10,000 and the local Walgreens offers genetic screening tests to anyone She challenges the august Nobel Prize winners and the hyperactive business mavericks who are pushing to map and decipher every fetus s genome within the next decade She tests the potential to detect diseases early, as well as our capacity to develop chronic anxieties when our DNA is seen as a death sentence She ponders whether personality, including her own above average irritability and non conformity, can really be reduced to biochemistry And she prods the psychologists who hope to uncover just how much or how little our environment will matter in the new genetic century a quest made all the gripping as Frank considers her family s and her own struggles with depression At turns compellingly candid and irreverently insightful, Frank provides the first truly personal account of the new science of consumer led genomics and to what extent our genes determine our destiny Lone Frank is the author of The Neurotourist Postcards from the Edge of Brain Science ISBN 9781851687961 She holds a PhD in neurobiology and was previously a research scientist working in the biotechnology industry in the United States An award winning science journalist and TV documentary presenter, she has written for such publicationsn as Scientific American, Science, and Nature Biotechnology and is a frequent speaker at venues including Harvard Medical School, the Library of Congress, the Royal Society, and TED Praise for The Neurotourist A fascinating exploration of the most intriguing brain experiments so far New Scientist Riveting Rita Carter, author of Mapping the Mind

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    About "Lone Frank"

    1. Lone Frank

      Lone Frank is a Danish science journalist, author and PhD in neurobiology Since 1998 she has written for newspapers She is also a commentator and lecturer and has worked in radio and television including organized and participated in science series on television, talking about controversial issues such as heritability of IQ and race and intelligence She received her master s degree in biology on a thesis about the transcriptional regulation of glutamate receptors in cerebral ischemia from Aarhus University in 1992.In September 2011 her book, My Beautiful Genome Exposing Our Genetic Future, One Quirk at a Time was released to positive reviews The book is based on a number of genetic based tests, which aims to clarify the biological context of human personal development It was also released in German, Norwegian and Dutch Source

    703 thoughts on “My Beautiful Genome: Exposing Our Genetic Future, One Quirk at a Time”

    1. Lone Frank is not only a highly qualified scientist but she also has the ability to make the complex accessible. She put herself forward as a research subject to unravel her own genetic history and predispositions - a courageous move give the family history of depression, mental illness, cancer, alcoholism. This book gathers together what she found out and sets it against knowledge of genetic inheritance across the world stage. It reads like a novel in places but packs in a huge mount of informa [...]

    2. This is a beautiful book.Beautiful because of the author's honesty and openness about her interest in and the insight given by the investigation of her own genetic inheritance.Beautiful because it gives a sense of empowerment where perhaps before there was only fear or self-blame."my genome is not a straitjacket but a soft sweater to fill and shape, to snuggle up and stretch out in.""So who am I?I am what I do with this beautiful information that has flowed through millions of years through bill [...]

    3. My Beautiful Genome is a first person account of modern, personal genetic testing. The author, a journalist, interviews the leaders in the industry and people like technologist Esther Dyson who have made their genomes public. Along the way Ms. Frank explores what it means to study ourselves in this way. She explores the genetic underpinnings of disease and of personality. In the end she feels that the result of her explorations were not "a simplified self-image" but that it gave her insights int [...]

    4. This is a gobsmackingly good book. Anyone who is interested in genetics, ethics, psychology, science and social policy should check this book out. I finished the book with more questions than I started with, and I would love to find others who have read this book to discuss all the cans of worms this exciting new field has opened. Lone does a great job of demystifying some of the workings and methodology of gene science and has given me a thirst for more knowledge on the subject, which is the ha [...]

    5. After the dry and, to me, uninteresting beginning chapter about tracing one's genetic ancestry, the book got a lot more interesting and I went from dreading reading it to being, at times, quite riveted. (I had chosen it for a book discussion so I was obligated to read it, and read it well.) Genetic research is making new discoveries every day. The field is percolating and many many questions and possibilities (social, ethical, medical, etc) are presented that are juicy ones for discussion. Frank [...]

    6. This book is a very personal but nonetheless interesting exploration of someone, well, exploring their own genome, with helpful explanations about the way these things work and why. I winced over references to AMD -- my mother has apparently non-age related macular degeneration, as did both her parents, so things aren't looking good for me. Would I want to find out for sure? I'm not sure. And my cancer risks With three of my four grandparents dying of cancer which metastasised to their lungs and [...]

    7. I thought Lone Frank presented the information and data in ways that made it interesting to read and easy to understand. I was glad to see that she was honest about where genetic technology is at and presented all sides of ethical issues. What really made this book difficult to read was that the author would often go on tangents that consisted of mostly complaining. In some places, her family background was relevant, in others, it was distracting and took away from my ability to enjoy reading th [...]

    8. It's weird because I started this in November, stopped a third of the way through (because it was a 2 week 'new' book at the library), then resumed months later so not sure how valid my comments can be? Dr. Frank writes a very accessible book exploring the potential and pitfalls of personal genomics, going through a number of available tests and screens while weaving her own personal narrative about family history and depression. She references contemporary research, especially the newer epigene [...]

    9. A great intro into the complicated jungle of personal genetics market. Based on Lone Frank's own experiential research into her DNA, My Beautiful Genome follows a series of tests Lone undergoes to answer the ages-old question of heritability vs. environment (or nature vs nurture, if you prefer), focusing specifically on genetic illnesses. I found the book refreshing and, in general, satisfying, though the narrative got bogged down at times with many-a-verbatim interviews with dozens of experts/p [...]

    10. I decided to reread this book because I recently did my own genetic testing through 23andme. It was really cool to be able to read through Frank's process of discovering her genome while learning about my own. I love her blend personal experience and scientific understanding because it really captures the essence of what the genome is. She also does a great job with making the information really understandable and puts into perspective how the future of humanity and science rests on genetics. Th [...]

    11. a refreshing dosage of biology and genes and what to expect in near future and how it may effect our living but not sure if i will dive into sequencing my genome, it is enough what i have in my mind already to add more burden to myself

    12. Intressant ämne och mycket personligt skriven. En god belysning av den moderna gentekniken, dess möjligheter och begränsningar.

    13. Journalist Lone Frank takes a personal journey into the human genome but chronicling her forays with numerous genetic tests to discern her health risks, genealogy, personality, and romantic compatibility. Along the way, she interviews the scientists and entrepreneurs behind the research. She asks a lot of questions about what genetic tests truly tell us and matches her results with her own self-knowledge. Her conclusion that, while interesting and somewhat useful, genetic testing only gives us p [...]

    14. Lone Frank har skrevet en rigtig god bog om hendes genom og det er både bogens stærke og svage side. Det er nemlig svært at skrive en bog om både videnskab, teknologi og etik der samtidig bliver vedkommende og interessant. Dette løser Lone ved at skrive en meget personlig bog og hendes jagt på hendes eget genom og forståelsen af det hun finder ud af om sit genom. Det virker for det meste, men bliver desværre ind i mellem lidt for meget og så går bogen fra at være personlig til at vær [...]

    15. Zeer persoonlijk boek van een journalist die stand van zaken van de genetica onderzoekt. Dit doet ze door interviews met deskundigen en door het laten onderzoeken van haar eigen genome door verschillende (veelal commerciele) bedrijven. Door deze vorm is het een spannend boek geworden.De punten die zoal voorbij komen zijn: # bepaald ons genome wie wij zijn ? Bv.: onderzoek toont aan dat bepaalde genetische aanleg afhangt van of het via vader of moeder is verkregen. Maw. onze genetische blauwdruk [...]

    16. Having recently read the book My Beautiful Genome about all things genetic I was fascinated by the article ‘From dark to light’. (March 7th)it seems we are at the tip of the iceberg with what is possible.Currently pandoras box is limited by the need for evidence based research, which is expensive.Also the concern that a predisposition to a disease doesn’t mean it is a fait accompli.What future adventures await in that thing called DNA?My letter which was edited by SA Weekend.Loved this exp [...]

    17. Pretty interesting stuff. I especially liked the part where the author was thinking through all the possible future implications of DNA testing and coding. For example, she wondered if soon celebrities may not only have to worry about Paparazzi snapping photos everywhere they go, but also whether someplace they've been and left behind any of their DNA, if it will end up in the tabloids what genetic mutations or disease tendencies, etc. are part of their DNA. It talked about DNA privacy and possi [...]

    18. Meget fin gennemgang af genetikkens genrer og muligheder - det fungerer rigtig fint at følge hendes personlige rejse ind i sit genom. Vi får en rundtur i genetikkens virkelighed og interviews med et meget stort antal forskere. Så i I virkeligheden er det jo en debatbog, der haler læseren ud på den anden side af den almindelige debats opfattelse af genetikken som determinisme - og mener at forbrugergenetik vil være det, der for alvor flytter den genetiske debat, der ellers sidder fast i eti [...]

    19. I have read several books on this subject, and I find this one the best so far. It covers various aspects of genetics, is very informative and objective, but you can still read it like a personal story rather than a scientific report. The author is open and honest, and that makes this book plausible. Reading this book made me very curious how the genetic researches would develop in the next decades.

    20. Lone Frank explores the burgeoning industry of personal genomics by subjecting herself to all of the genetic testing that she can. She writes in the first person and adeptly mixes the science behind the testing with her own feelings upon receiving results and a considerable amount of autobiography. The mix makes for an enjoyable read and a viewpoint on genetic testing that is pretty closely aligned with my own.

    21. Basically Ms Frank discussed about how our genes affect our behavior. The relations between genetics, epigenetics and our brains. But lack of one important thing - religion. I don't know about you Ms Frank, but my religion (Islam) taught us how we can control the outcome even though the 'bad' genes were imprinted in our genome.

    22. Fascinerend boek. Geeft helder inzicht in de huidige stand van wetenschap rond DNA en Genen onderzoek. Bepalen je genen wie je bent en wat je hebt, levert dit nieuwe medicijnen op, wat zijn de morele risico's en maatschappelijke vraagstukken.Boeiend en bij vlagen zelfs hilarisch zonder diepgang te verliezen.Aanrader

    23. Amazing book! If you want to know anything about where genetic testing is at the present, or where it is heading in the future, you must read this book. The author herself gets all the genetic tests she talks about, and then talks to the heads of the companies who provide them, in order to get all the information about them. It is funny, exciting, and very interesting!

    24. An exploration of the rapidly developing field of personal genomics and related areas such as epigenetics and personality research. It's a very engaging read as the author presents quirky and critical portraits of the researchers she interviews and herself, while filling in all the scientific background as a clear and dispassionate narrator.

    25. fascinating book. Not too technical so even a non-scientist like myself could keep up with the genetic information. I had no idea things had progressed so much. Lots of great story ideas for technothrillers as well :)

    26. A must read if you are interested in genetics and your DNA. Today, we have consumer ability to have our DNA through orgs such as 23andMe and Decodeme. Fascinating stuff. The author writes in an easy to read fashion and uses her own life and genes as examples.

    27. Beautifully written and very thoroughly researched. I don't know if she was her own translator/interpreter for the English version; it was nearly flawless in this regard. Occasionally tough to get through; ultimately a great read.

    28. A really fantastic popular science book. Deeply personal, which aids understanding of sometimes complex subject matter. I come away from the book having been impacted emotionally and with a wider understanding of personal genomics.

    29. I really enjoyed this book. It is informative, funny and entertaining all at the same time. Many books of this type go on and on and you feel like the editor stopped doing their job at the half way mark. This book has avoided that curse.

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