Criminal Intent

Criminal Intent When a priest with radical ideas and a parish council with traditional values lock horns over the beliefs they hold most sacred there s bound to be controversy and consequences But murder crosses the

  • Title: Criminal Intent
  • Author: William Bernhardt
  • ISBN: 9780345441751
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a priest with radical ideas and a parish council with traditional values lock horns over the beliefs they hold most sacred, there s bound to be controversy and consequences But murder crosses the line between committing a sin and committing a crime, turning a battle over faith into a battle for justice And smack in the middle of the explosive case is Tulsa attorneyWhen a priest with radical ideas and a parish council with traditional values lock horns over the beliefs they hold most sacred, there s bound to be controversy and consequences But murder crosses the line between committing a sin and committing a crime, turning a battle over faith into a battle for justice And smack in the middle of the explosive case is Tulsa attorney Ben Kincaid.Kincaid rescued Father Daniel Beale once before When the priest s renegade views and violent temper nearly cost him his position as rector of St Benedict s Church, Ben intervened and saved the day Now Beale is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of a female parishioner though lack of evidence has left the case unsolved But as Father Beale struggles to escape the shadow of suspicion, another woman is savagely slaughtered And this time, Ben himself discovers Beale literally red handed with the blood of the victim.As Father Beale declares his innocence, Ben and his team feverishly work to build a defense that will deliver the man of God from a date with the death chamber But each new revelation that emerges in the packed courtroom only serves to tilt the scales increasingly in the prosecution s favor And Father Beale s own shocking testimony ignites a firestorm of controversy that could doom his last best hope for acquittal.In his heart and in his gut, Ben knows Father Beale is innocent But proving it means taking a leap of faith that will plunge Ben into the whirlpool of dark secrets and dangerous intentions that surround St Benedict s And ultimately, it will force the idealistic attorney to confront the chilling face of evil in the most unexpected of places.Criminal Intent proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the author of Murder One has earned his critical reputation as the master of the courtroom drama whose novels of legal suspense consistently offer a one of a kind reading experience.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. William Bernhardt

      I love my job William loves his job and it shows in his writing Library Journal has called him the master of the courtroom drama his books have sold than ten million copies worldwide The Vancouver Sun dubbed him the American equivalent of P.G Wodehouse and John Mortimer His novel Dark Eye was a psychological thriller that, in the words of bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, will chill you while its two unique and endearing protagonists steal your heart Bernhardt s novels are renowned for their unexpected twists, breathless pace, humor, and insightful consideration of issues confronting contemporary American society He is also the author of The Code of Buddyhood, a coming of age novel described by The West Coast Review of Books as a powerful and sophisticated novel about the nature of friendship, a holiday novel, The Midnight Before Christmas, a biography for young adults, Equal Justice The Courage of Ada Sipuel, a children s book, Princess Alice and the Dreadful Dragon, and has edited an anthology of original short stories Legal Briefs and a multi author fundraising novel for The Nature Conservancy Natural Suspect And as if that weren t enough, he is also an often published poet and a member of the Academy of American Poets.Bernhardt s career is the product of a lifelong love affair with books When he was seven years old, he told people he wanted to be a writer He got his first rejection letter when he was eleven and several thereafter He was an English major in college, and after a break for a legal career, returned to college for a Masters Degree in English literature The studying seems to have paid off Bernhardt s books have been translated and published in than two dozen countries He has twice won the Oklahoma Book Award for Best Fiction, in 1995 and 1999, and in 1998 he received the Southern Writers Guild s Gold Medal Award In 2000, he was honored with the H Louise Cobb Distinguished Author Award, which is given in recognition of an outstanding body of work that has profoundly influenced the way in which we understand ourselves and American society at large That same year, he was presented with a Career Achievement Award at the 2000 Booklovers Convention in Houston He has also been inducted into the Oklahoma Writers Hall of Fame, the youngest author ever so honored.In addition to his work as a writer, Bernhardt is also a popular teacher and publisher In 1999, he founded Babylon Books formerly HAWK Throughout the year, Bernhardt teaches writing and literature to fortunate students who invariably remark on his passion, knowledge, and expertise His Red Sneakers Writers Center hosts conferences, seminars, and a series of books designed to provide useful writing instruction.

    783 thoughts on “Criminal Intent”

    1. Wish I could give it a minus! Total disappointment! 75 percent done and he introduced a wife swapping plot that became ridiculous. Tried to skim beyond and it just plunged into absurdity. Don't waste a dime in this loser. Won't read another Bernhardt after this atrocity!

    2. The Usual!!! Once you have read two or three books in a particular series, any person can easily skip around 15-20 pages which would be re-establishing the characters and in the case of (so called) legal thrillers another 50 odd pages on all the legal jargons which would be discussed on court (beyond reasonable doubt, DNA analysis, Hair analysis, fingerprint analysis which would be explained in detail) which I don't say is wrong for someone who just picks any book but for some one who reads the [...]

    3. Another compelling novel in a great seriesWell here we are at book 11 of the series. I really do not have anything left to say that I have not already said in previous reviews of this series.I would say this is the one of the faster flowing books in the series and the ending is quite surprising. It is well worth reading if you are a fan of the series.

    4. a bit different than the others in the series. Far fetched plot and loose ends. This is the first in this series that was a disappointment. will wait for awhile to continue with series.

    5. WIlliam Bernhardt brings us a complicated and challenging story with an extremely imperfect major character in the person of a radical Episcopal priest, who has made a critical difference in our protagonist, Ben Kincaid's life. There are a number of finely drawn characters in this story, few of whom completely capture our empathy, but all of whom combine to make an intriguing story. There are a number of twists in this one and twists on twists, but it all resolves in a very believable way. The f [...]

    6. Another new author. The setting for this one is Tulsa , OK where lawyer Ben Kincaid is a member of the choir of the St. Benedict’s Episcopal church and he is acting a defense lawyer for Father Daniel Beal, the rector. There has been a murder in the church prayer garden and Father Beal was suspected, but no proof to arrest him. The trial is an ecclesiastical trial because the parishioners, particularly the vestry members want to oust him. Father Beal is very liberal and the parishioners are not [...]

    7. I liked this book because it has the humor and interesting plot twists that all of this series features. What I really didn't like was the defendant, Ben Kincaid's client. I don't expect all of his clients to be angels - defense lawyers frequently are called on to defend reprehensible people, some of whom are actually innocent. Of course innocence is generally the case in novels where the hero is a defense lawyer. I had a hard time with the Reverend Beale even before a startling revelation comes [...]

    8. This is the first novel that I have read by William Bernhardt, and I except that it will not be my last. It is an easy and quick read, offering enough suspense and intrigue to keep one continually leafing through the pages, right until the end.A fascinating and highly entertaining legal, courtroom thriller, with plot twists on top of plot twists, William Bernhardt skillfully intertwines the law, politics, religion, and sex in this 10th novel of the Ben Kincaid series. In the end it also becomes [...]

    9. This book was ok. I don't know much about literary criticism, but while I was reading this, I just kept thinking "this is so sophomoric" I'm not really sure what that phrase meansbut I the plot was good, funny--the writing a total flop.So the plot: there is a preacher who finds himself in the middle of a murder trial after three of his church members were killed, and all signs point to him. Now most of the time we might not think that a preacher is capable of murder, but as the trial unfolds we [...]

    10. I've read all the previous Ben Kincaid books. This is probably my least favorite. I think the reason is that the defendant, Ben's friend and priest, isn't very likable. It's hard to care what happens to him. I liked all the others in this series so well that I'll probably continue the series. No reason not to hope that the others will be as good as all the first ones rather than this one.

    11. I found the story at the beginning when the murders were committed and father Beal was the main suspect very interesting, even the hole interrogation of the witnesses during the trail kept me tide to the story,But how the trail ended en the murder cases were solved, were to my point of view very disappointing and less exciting,

    12. This is the first Ben Kincaid book I have read. I liked the characters and he certainly kept me guessing as to who dunnit. I liked the interesting and controversial subject matter as well.I wasn't overly thrilled with the ending as I felt that it wasn't all resolved, but I am hoping he will pick up the story line again in the next book.

    13. wellI finished itme good plot twists.or had a point to prove about the innocent men and women serving time in prisond I applaud thatbut Bernhardt turned a good story into ridiculous with a sex twistat could have been left out and maybe had a decent book. your time. on this one

    14. Another in the Kincaid series. I like how he tackles issues that are confronting us today this one doesn't even resolve in the way most would expect it to resolve. Still, it is light reading, but interesting. On to the next one

    15. Not up to the same standards as Bernhardt's other work. The overt socio-political message and unnecessary journals from the priest drowned the story. The plot felt slow and in the end didn't tie together. If you like legal novels choose another from the Bernhardt collection.

    16. I liked this book very much,it's well written,with good characters,some I thought could have been developed more,I don't wish to be a spoiler so I'm not saying anything else,but I felt the outcome was reaching a little,but that's just my opinion,In the end a good read,highly entertaining

    17. A story featuring sex, murder and religion-a combination only William Bernhardt could pull off. And he pulls it off well. The intricately woven plot had me spellbound and guessing from the first page.

    18. This was a good read. I think it may have had too many twists and turns. Some just don't seem very believable.

    19. This was a tougher read than the usual Ben Kincaid mysteries. I did not like the defendent, Father Daniel Beale.

    20. Barely okay. The plot could have done without all the extra sidelines that didn't really add anything and instead only made the writing less fluid and almost patronizing

    21. An interesting courtroom drama. The ending did seem to come out of nowhere, but it was good. However, the defendant was not very sympathetic.

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