A Passion for Narrative: A Guide to Writing Fiction

A Passion for Narrative A Guide to Writing Fiction This book is not intended to persuade you to take up writing novels or short stories Nor will it tell you how to market your stories But it will take you through the problems facing any fiction writer

  • Title: A Passion for Narrative: A Guide to Writing Fiction
  • Author: Jack Hodgins
  • ISBN: 9780771041983
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book is not intended to persuade you to take up writing novels or short stories Nor will it tell you how to market your stories But it will take you through the problems facing any fiction writer and how some of the best writers in English have solved them The chapters are clear and comprehensive Finding Your Own Stories One Good Sentence After Another SettinThis book is not intended to persuade you to take up writing novels or short stories Nor will it tell you how to market your stories But it will take you through the problems facing any fiction writer and how some of the best writers in English have solved them The chapters are clear and comprehensive Finding Your Own Stories One Good Sentence After Another Setting Character Plot The Architecture of Story Point of View and Voice Metaphors, Symbols and Allusions Revising.As an award winning novelist and short story writer Jack Hodgins is uniquely qualified to preach what he practices As a trained teacher, he has been giving creating writing lessons for than forty years, at high schools and universities and to writers summer schools With its scores of examples of first class writing this lively, truly fascinating book will almost certainly make you a better writer it is guaranteed to make you a better reader.

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    About "Jack Hodgins"

    1. Jack Hodgins

      Novelist and short story writer Jack Hodgins lives on Vancouver Island where until recently he taught fiction writing at the University of Victoria Raised in the small rural community of Merville in the Comox Valley, he graduated with a B.Ed from the University of British Columbia, and taught high school in Nanaimo between 1961 and 1981 He was a Visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa between 1981 and 1983 Between 1983 and 2002 he taught in the Department of Writing at the University of Victoria, and was a full professor at the time of his retiring He occasionally conducts fiction writing workshops, including an annual workshop in Mallorca, Spain He and his wife Dianne, a former teacher, live in Cadboro Bay within easy visiting distance of their three adult children and their grandchildren.Jack Hodgins s fiction has won the Governor General s Award, the President s Medal from the University of Western Ontario, the Gibson s First Novel Award, the Eaton s B.C Book Award, the Commonwealth Literature Prize regional , the CNIB Torgi award, the Canada Australia Prize, the Drummer General s Award, and the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize, and has twice been long listed for the IMPAC Dublin award He is the 2006 recipient of the Terasen Lifetime Achievement Award for an outstanding literary career in British Columbia and the Lieutenant Governor s Award for Literary Excellence His books include Spit Delaney s Island stories , The Invention of the World novel , The Resurrection of Joseph Bourne novel , The Barclay Family Theatre stories , Left Behind in Squabble Bay children s novel , The Honorary Patron novel , Innocent Cities novel , Over Forty in Broken Hill travel , A Passion for Narrative a guide to writing fiction , The Macken Charm, novel , Broken Ground novel , Distance novel , and Damage Done by the Storm stories Short stories and articles have been published in several magazines in Canada, France, Australia, and the US.Jack Hodgins has given readings or talks at international literary festivals and other events in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and the US Some of the short stories have been televised or adapted for radio and the stage A few of the stories and novels have been translated into other languages, including Dutch, Hungarian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, and Norwegian In 1985 a film of the story The Concert Stages of Europe, directed by Giles Walker, was produced by Atlantis Films and the National Film Board of Canada In 2001 the Victoria Conversatory of Music produced a commissioned opera Eyes on the Mountain by composer Christopher Donason, based upon three of Hodgins s short stories intertwined A screenplay based upon the title character in Spit Delaney s Island has been optioned by a Vancouver film maker.A number of scholars in Canada and Europe have published critical studies on his work He has been the subject of a National Film Board film, Jack Hodgins Island, and a book, Jack Hodgins and His Work, by David Jeffrey In 1996, Oolichan Press published a collection of essays on his work, titled On Coasts of Eternity, edited by J R Tim Struthers A book of essays on Hodgins s work, edited by Annika Hannan, has been published by Guernica Press, Toronto His manuscripts, papers, letters and other materials are held in the literary manuscripts archives at the National Library of CanadaIn 1990, as part of its 75th anniversary celebration, the University of British Columbia s Alumni Society included him amongst the 75 most distinguished graduates to be honoured with a plaque In June of 1995, the University of B.C awarded him an honorary D.Litt for according to the UBC Chronicle bringing renown to the university and the province as one of Canada s finest fiction writers and as an innovative stylist and distinguished academic In the spring of 1998 he recei

    879 thoughts on “A Passion for Narrative: A Guide to Writing Fiction”

    1. Well, I didn't do the exercises. (You can't tell me what to do, Jack Hodgins.)Still, I think this would be a useful book to own. I loved reading all the excerpts from notable authors. (Some of my favorites!) Hodgins' own voice felt a little dry and teachery, but I can't quibble with his advice.

    2. I use this wonderful guide in my courses in the CW MFA optional residency program at UBC. I highly recommend it as a guide to writing.

    3. I've used this book in my university-level Creative Writing classes for 16 years, and over the years I've not received a desk copy of any other text that can take its place. I supplement it with John Gardner's On Becoming a Novelist, but it remains the concrete foundation in all of my second-year courses. Why? Because Jack shares his experience and opinions on all of the most important issues facing any writer, but he never insists on his theory or method. Instead, by presenting a rich array of [...]

    4. My sister bought me this book. She got it for 30p in a library sale. Thanks, sis. ;) However, the fact that it was unceremoniously cast out of my local library system suggests it has not been well loved. That’s a shame, since, as books-about-writing go, it’s not a bad one.The book’s Unique Selling Point (i.e. what makes it vaaaguely different from the thousands of others books-about-writing) is that it quotes extensively from authors. This includes both excerpts from novels and short stori [...]

    5. Picked this guy up after browsing creative writing workshops and their accompanying syllabi. I enjoyed this. You will like this book too if you're a writer interested in learning about narrative from an author's perspective. I've only read Aspects of the Novel, and Related Writings by E.M. Forster previously, and I enjoyed it a lot too. This guide may not do anything for those familiar with the basics but for those who aren't, I highly recommend a read. It's an introductory guide that does not s [...]

    6. This is a book that I have on my writing resource shelf that I often refer to for inspiration and/or help while writing a book. It discusses topics such as: writing good sentences, finding story ideas that are meant for you to write, plot, setting, character, structure, point of view, and voice. It also goes into using metaphors, symbols and allusions correctly and when. Towards the end of the book, it discusses the tedious but necessary process of revising. You get brief notes on fiction writer [...]

    7. This was a little less accessible compared to some other writing books I have read recently. That being said, it works well with teaching the staples and the necessary flow of narrative and story-telling.

    8. There are plenty of how-to writing books on the market, many of them focused on writing page-turning novels that will land a publisher and sell tons of copies. Certainly, they have their place in the market, but once in a while writers should get back to basics and read a book that is all about writing well. A Passion For Narrative is a great choice.Jack Hodgins is not only a highly regarded Canadian author known for his Vancouver Island settings and wonderful storytelling, but he’s been teach [...]

    9. Whenever I come back to this book, Jack Hodgins and other writers he quotes have something to say that helps me with my current writing project. I guess I've been learning since last time I read it though, because I found myself just nodding more often than I experienced startling moments of epiphany this time round. JH presents so many viewpoints that any writer is bound to feel validated in how they approach the writing of fiction, and to have some new idea to consider.

    10. I really enjoyed this book--Hodgins drew on a wealth of experience, noticeably polished over years of revising his ideas as he worked with students. I found his style open and supportive, and I liked how he constantly found ways to include other perspectives on topics or ideas, making a well-rounded exposition into the possibilities of fiction writing.

    11. I have a large collection of books about writing fiction. This is the most valuable. Jack Hodgins reviews prevalent thinking, adds his insight and analysis, outlines effective exercises, and points to excellent examples in literature. My only regret is that I haven't been referring to this book more often but at least that is something can change starting now.

    12. I liked the specific instructions, which help direct writing practice, and the specific examples from various well-known authors - also the recommended further reading lists. This is a get-down-to-work-and-start-here kind of book. That's what I like. Stephen King's "On Writing" is like that, too - and also good. Lots of resources in this one book alone.

    13. I've read this book for a creative writing class, and it's a great one. Good clear logical advice through good clear writing. Not slow-going or boring to read. Practical and illuminating.

    14. Instructional book on the craft of writing. Chapters divided into logical segments. Useful exercises. A good book to use as a reference.

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