His Pain

His Pain Life is pain or at least it is for Jason Born with a rare central nervous disorder every sensation is pain Every sound scent texture flavor even every breath brings nothing but mind numbing pain

  • Title: His Pain
  • Author: Wrath James White
  • ISBN: 9781936383672
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life is pain or at least it is for Jason Born with a rare central nervous disorder, every sensation is pain Every sound, scent, texture, flavor, even every breath, brings nothing but mind numbing pain His days are spent in a padded room addicted to every narcotic known to man At night he is sealed in a sensory deprivation bag to block out the entire world.Life is pain or at least it is for Jason Born with a rare central nervous disorder, every sensation is pain Every sound, scent, texture, flavor, even every breath, brings nothing but mind numbing pain His days are spent in a padded room addicted to every narcotic known to man At night he is sealed in a sensory deprivation bag to block out the entire world Pain is all Jason has ever known about the world Until the arrival of Yogi Arjunda of the Temple of Physical Enlightenment He claims to be able to help Jason, to be able to give him a life of than agony But the treatment leaves Jason changed and he wants to share what he learned He wants to share his pain From hardcore horror master Wrath James White, comes a novella of pain, pleasure, and transcendental splatter.

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    1. Wrath James White

      Wrath James White Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the His Pain book, this is one of the most wanted Wrath James White author readers around the world.

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    1. Although this book was written a number of years ago and published by small press publisher, Delirium Books, this is probably my favorite story by Wrath James White. He takes a basic premise and runs with it to completion in the most hardcore and visceral way. I honestly believe he has now taken the crown away from author Edward Lee as the new king of hardcore horror fiction. You never know what to expect from one moment to the next, and as events progress into the most horrific and disturbing w [...]

    2. OMG - what a story! I'm pissed that I haven't read it until now! BUT on the other hand I'm happy that I just read this kick-ass story! I often wonder how soo many of the books that I own slip through the cracksI need to take better care with my reading lists - I've started 3 books this week that I have already read, and I finally read this book - which I thought I already finishedouchmy brain

    3. this was an intense, powerful, and gripping read. everything about it was incredible. Wrath James White is not for everyone,his horror is visual, unnerving, disgusting and terrible. The "monsters" are us. People. The blood is spilled realistically, and copiously. Furthermore, there is no suggestion of violence, no romancing about it. we are shown the violence with unblinking clarity. That is not to say that there is no story, or that the violence and gore take the front seat. No. We are never in [...]

    4. Have you ever read that one novel or short story that was just so compelling that it sunk it's claws right into you and wouldn't let go even well after you finished it? It disturbed you and made you think, it made you upset because it was just too tragic or unfair? Well that's just what happened to me after finishing Wrath James White's novella His Pain.The story moves like an elevator that's plummeting form the top floor with no way to slow down or stop, it has to. At a scant 79 pages, His Pain [...]

    5. „Sein Schmerz“ geschrieben von Wrath James White ist ein Teil des vierten Bandes der Festa Extrem Reihe. Ich schreibe „ein Teil“, da der vierte Band aus zwei Geschichten besteht. *zwinker* Die Bücher der Reihe sind in sich abgeschlossen, doch wer einmal festafiziert ist, möchte alle weiteren Bände auch lesen. *grins*Es ist gerade mal 7 Uhr in der Früh und ich sitze bereits an meinem Laptop und schreibe diese Rezension für Euch. *schnarch* Dabei hätte ich noch ein bisschen Matratzen [...]

    6. The concepts that Wrath James White comes up with are unlike any other horror novels that I've read. He manages to mine terror from situations that, at first glance, would appear to be more geared towards heart-wrenching drama this case, a couple who will do anything to ease the perpetual physical pain that their child finds himself in. The novel is thoughtful, seductive, and visceral all at once, with a resounding message: even the best of intentions can lead to deadly consequences.

    7. This is definitively my favorite Wrath James White book. It crosses so many lines, and it's so unique<3. I love it. It's actually my favorite novel of all time. I definitively recommend it to everyone.

    8. Brutal, raw, breakneck pace. Tore through this in one sitting, and it's everything I've come to love about Wrath's work in one quick, concise tale. One of my favorites from my STC pile.

    9. Wer die Bücher "Der Totenerwecker" oder "Schänderblut" kennt, der weiß, wie intensiv Wrath James White schreibt.Erbarmungslos offen und ohne Scheu, lässt er die Leser die wahrste Hölle durchleben und man muss wissen, worauf man sich einlässt.Nichts für schwache Nerven oder einen empfindlichen Magen.Besonders bei "Sein Schmerz", muss man im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes "schmerzfrei" sein, denn diese grausame Story, lies sogar mich er schaudern und ich habe schon sehr viel in diesem Genre gele [...]

    10. His Pain is a novella wrote by hardcore horror author Wrath James White; who has built up a reputation for bringing visceral and intense horror tales to the public.[return][return]This book is about a lad called Jason who is born with a rare condition which means that every sensation gives his immense pain meaning he is forced to live a very sheltered life. One day his mother sees a monk on TV who can teach people to overcome pain so she contacts him and asks for help for her son. But no one cou [...]

    11. Not great and not horrible. The book contains all the splatterpunk essentials, graphic violence, detailed sex, blood, gore, and even throws in some incest, all of which are written pretty well. However, the characters are very unrealistic. I understand that the dumbing down of logic and reason is a necessary evil in any horror, but I feel the author didn't even try to give any rationality to the characters. Second, the book is a very short read (a couple hours at the most) and the ending is very [...]

    12. I keep reading Wrath because there are few good authors of hardcore horror that can hit the gore and insanity well while writing a good story. That is exactly how I feel about most of Wrath James White's writing I have read so far. He is brilliant at creating completely horrible scenes that push the mind into uncomfortable areas. Sometimes I think he gets a little repetitive with his descriptions. I find him lacking in the story teller department though. For some reason I keep finding things to [...]

    13. Absolutely Brutal And Surprisingly ThoughtfulAs much as this book is absolutely brutal and filled to the brim with writing that may force you to run for the toilet to hurl, it also contains some surprisingly thoughtful elements. Wedged in between the gore are questions about the choices parents make and, more prominently, the difference between physical and emotional pain. The different things happening in your gut and your head makes this an interesting read.

    14. This is one of those kind of books I SO do not wish to purchase in paperback but having no choice but to do so. Ugh!*resignedly clicks Bookdepository BUY button*Sighhh I will need to locate a good hiding place for this once it arrive. Note to self: Go buy a new lockable cabinet for my "naughty stash".* 26th December 2014

    15. Die eine oder andere Stelle musste ich quasi mit Händen vors Gesicht geschlagen lesen, weil die doch etwas heftig waren, dennoch bietet die Geschichte viel mehr als Brutalität. Sie ist spannend, berührend, abgedreht, interessant und hätte ruhig noch ein paar Seiten länger sein dürfen Der Schreibstil von Wrath James White finde ich super. Süffig ohne Platt zu sein.

    16. WJW with another wonderfully difficult read. Jason can only feel pain. His parents do everything they can to help him. Interesting premise taking to the natural WJW conclusion. Just the right length to match the concept.

    17. Einfach unglaublich!!! Mein erstes Buch von Wrath James White hat mich gleich aus den Socken gefegt!!! Auf keinen Fall etwas für Schwache Nerven. Ging mir schon fast an die Substanz. Unglaublich Verstörend!!! Für Hartgesottene Horrorfans auf jeden Fall lesenswert!!!!

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