nglamakerskan P sken f rsvinner en familj sp rl st fr n n Val utanf r Fj llbacka En fin p skmiddag r uppdukad i matsalen men alla utom den ett riga dottern Ebba r borta Har de blivit utsatta f r n got brott e

  • Title: Änglamakerskan
  • Author: Camilla Läckberg
  • ISBN: 9789137136653
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover
  • P sken 1974 f rsvinner en familj sp rl st fr n n Val utanf r Fj llbacka En fin p skmiddag r uppdukad i matsalen, men alla utom den ett riga dottern Ebba r borta Har de blivit utsatta f r n got brott eller f rsvunnit frivilligt G tan har aldrig f tt n gon l sning.M nga r senare terv nder Ebba till n och den gamla barnkolonin d r hennes pappa med h rd hand drev enP sken 1974 f rsvinner en familj sp rl st fr n n Val utanf r Fj llbacka En fin p skmiddag r uppdukad i matsalen, men alla utom den ett riga dottern Ebba r borta Har de blivit utsatta f r n got brott eller f rsvunnit frivilligt G tan har aldrig f tt n gon l sning.M nga r senare terv nder Ebba till n och den gamla barnkolonin d r hennes pappa med h rd hand drev en internatskola Hon och maken M rten har f rlorat sin tre rige son, och i ett f rs k att vervinna sorgen har de best mt sig f r att rusta upp huset och ppna ett bed and breakfast.Men knappt har de hunnit flytta in f rr n de blir utsatta f r ett mordbrandsf rs k Och n r de b rjar bryta upp matsalsgolvet hittar de intorkat blod under plankornaMed den mycket efterl ngtade nglamakerskan f ljer Camilla L ckberg upp succ n med Fyrvaktaren och de vriga b ckerna om polisen Patrik Hedstr m och f rfattaren Erica Falck.

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    1. Camilla Läckberg

      Born in 1974, Camilla L ckberg graduated from Gothenburg University of Economics, before moving to Stockholm where she worked for a few years as an economist However, a course in creative crime writing became the trigger to a drastic change of career Her first four novels all became Swedish bestsellers L ckberg s books are always set in or around her birthplace, the small Swedish west coast town of Fj llbacka.

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    1. Ειναι ενα πολυ ευφάνταστο ανάγνωσμα με παράλληλη πλοκή και ανεξάντλητη δράση.Περιπέτεια που αρχίζει πριν πολλα χρονια και εξελίσσεται μεσα στις σελίδες ανάμεσα σε παρελθόν και παρόν με αμείωτο ενδιαφέρον.Η συγγραφέας κατορθώνει να ξεδιπλώσει τόσο αριστοτεχνικά την πλοκ [...]

    2. Camilla dear I have missed you so much I just love the way this woman writes So imaginative, such complicated plot line Whenever I pick up one of her books (with a few exceptions) it's simply impossible for me to put them down I love this flashback technique she uses so masterly The narration is fast paced and constantly switching back and forth as the mystery unravels I am not going to go into any plot details to avoid spoiling anything However, there were some parts that were never clearly exp [...]

    3. Life is a bitch, έχει πει μια σοφή ψυχή και δες τώρα που αναγκάστηκα ν’αφήσω στην άκρη τον Θαφόν (ποιον τον Θαφόν; - που θα μου πέσει ο ουρανός στο κεφάλι) και να πιάσω τη Lackberg γιατί το μόνο που μπορούσα να έχω μαζί μου ήταν ένα αλαφρύ ποκετάκι βιβλίο…Έτσι άδικη λοιπόν είναι η ζωή και [...]

    4. When you get past the familiar, tried and tested, formulaic writing style, this is another excellent book. I do wonder why Camilla doesn't just write historic fiction. I guess cos she likes to reflect and reveal its impact on her contemporary characters. You get two stories in one book and you are quickly absorbed into her writing and all seems quite straight-forward and normal.As usual, Erica investigates behind police hubby's back, placing herself and others she loves in grave danger; police b [...]

    5. Η Camilla Läckberg αποτελεί ένα από τα κορυφαία ονόματα της σύγχρονης αστυνομικής λογοτεχνίας, αλλά και ένα από τα πλέον αγαπημένα στη χώρα μας. Αυτό που εντυπωσιάζει στην περίπτωσή της, είναι το ότι πρόκειται γυναίκα, και χωρίς καμία φαλλοκρατική ή φεμινιστική διάθεση -δεν είναι [...]

    6. Επιστροφή στη Φιελμπάκα (η οποία όπως είδα στη το 2008 είχε 850 κατοίκους --> σιγά σιγά η Λάκμπεργκ πάει να τους μειώσει, βάζοντας τους μισούς να σκοτώσουν τους άλλους μισούς). Αυτή είναι η 8η περιπέτεια του Πάτρικ και της Ερίκας, οι οποίοι έχουν τώρα τρία παιδιά. Η υπόθεση που αν [...]

    7. 4 de 5 estrellas ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Me ha encantado)Es el octavo Libro que leo de la maravillosa saga de Camilla, éste junto con La Princesa de Hielo y Las Huellas Imborrables, mis favoritos. La historia que hay detrás, lo que explica el porqué de la desaparición de una familia un sábado de Pascua es tremendo, escalofriante y digno de releer. La novela tiene un buen ritmo, se lee con facilidad, con un alto nivel de adicción y con un amor en aumento hacia los personajes secundarios d [...]

    8. You have got to love these books. Even when you are studying and reading a lot, it is like a holiday when this book is in your hands.If you love the other Camilla Läckberg books, you will love this one too.

    9. Άλλο ένα απίθανο,εκπληκτικό,χορταστικό,ανατρεπτικό μυθιστόρημα από τη λατρεμένη μου μαστόρισσα της αστυνομικής λογοτεχνίας!Η 9η ιστορία της με τους τόσο γνώριμους ήρωες και το αγαπημένο περιβάλλον,που σε κάνουν να νιώθεις πως επιστρέφεις σε παλιά λημέρια και συναντάς το [...]

    10. Oh, lord. It's a bad sign when a character gets into a life-threatening situation and you find yourself rolling your eyes. Again. I mean, the writing has always been formulaic, the characters can all be intensely annoying, and it's generally been clear who the killer is, but that didn't bother me as much before, because there was something good in the stories being told. Now I feel like I got suckered into reading a checkout-lane thriller in which the characters grow increasingly into stereotype [...]

    11. Durante grande parte do livro achei que a autora não iria conseguir surpreender no final, mas a verdade é que me surpreendeu. Os possíveis culpados eram poucos, o destino da família também era bastante previsível e a certa altura temi que fosse como no livro anterior, em que foi possível identificar o culpado bastante cedo. Mas não, ainda que dentro do esperado, foi uma surpresa saber quem foi responsável pelo que aconteceu.

    12. 5 huge stars for Buried Angels. Camilla Lackberg's Patrik Hedstrom series was my first and still favorite crime series. It's been awhile since I read one of her books and Buried Angels reminds me so much why I love this series. In 1974, a family vanishes from their home at a boy's school on an island. The only one left is one year old Ebba. The case has never been solved. Many years later Ebba and her husband Tobias return after the loss of their child to refurbish the island home. An arson atte [...]

    13. Talvez o livro menos bem conseguido de Camilla. O final consegue superar o resto do livro, daí as 4*. Conseguimos sempre ser cativados com os finais surpreendentes destes livros. No entanto, até lá se chegar, parece-me que cada vez mais há muita informação desnecessária e, a certa altura, senti que o livro estava a ser algo maçador. Espero que o próximo seja melhor

    14. Think this is one of her better ones. It has several strands, including some serious ones (neo-Nazism and Nazi sympathies from the war being one). A few themes have had an outing before, including the idea of a real person from history not only appearing but having a part in the story (as an ancestor through an illegitimate line), which is a bit cheeky. In this case, it's Goering, whose Swedish connections are embellished for the story, culminating in an explanation for the (genuine) two possibl [...]

    15. I couldn't keep going with this one. The writing was childish, to the point where I wanted to get a red pen out and go to town - that may be an issue with the translation, not the text but still was annoying. The premise was really intriguing but the book was so slow to get to the point. The supposedly action-heavy scenes were tensionless and threatless. The characters were boring or annoying. I couldn't work out whether this was meant to be a serious crime thriller (as it seems to be have been [...]

    16. Encore un livre très réussi, à combiner le suspense, l'émotion, le lourd héritage du passé et un éclairage politique (terrifiant) qui devrait faire réfléchir « sur la direction que prend notre société ». Camilla Läckberg procède avec délicatesse, mais beaucoup de sensibilité féminine, ce qui rend ses livres toujours plus attachants à mes yeux. Et je meurs d'envie de visiter en vrai Fjällbacka !!

    17. This is another of Ms Lackberg's stories starring Erica and Patrick, altho in this book like others, they are not really the focus. It is about an old crime in theea thT went unsolved for many years and which rekindles when one of the victims re emerges in the town. The book in my opinion was not as good as some of her others, but entertaining enough for the light end of mystery readers.

    18. Κοίτα να δεις!! Ένα αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα που πραγματικά η ανατροπή στο φινάλε ήταν τελείως απρόσμενη! Δεν είχαμε κανένα στοιχείο, καμιά προειδοποίησηΜπράβο Καμίλλα, αυτή τη φορά μας έβαλες τα γυαλιά!Επίσης, μου άρεσε πολύ η πολιτική τοποθέτηση της Λάκμπεργκ και η παρουσί [...]

    19. Buried Angels by Camilla Lackberg is simply the best thriller I have read in I don't know how long. OK, yes, I am an unadulterated fan of Scandanavian noir but this is a five star plus on every level. The plot leaves you gasping at every unexpected turn, and there's plenty of emotion too as Lackberg's familiar characters in Detective Patrik Hedstrom and his author and very inquisitive wife Erica Falc initially blunder their way through a messy mystery in Sweden's seemingly peaceful Fjallbacka. Y [...]

    20. 3,5*Gostei, foi bom o reencontro com os mesmos personagens que me suscitaram boas gargalhadas e o final como sempre foi surpreendente, contudo achei parado demais.

    21. Adictiva. No se me ocurre otra forma de describir a esta autora. Puede que todos los libros sean iguales pero consigue engancharte a la historia de una forma que no es normal

    22. Never disappointing is Camilla Läckberg. The proofreading however was and the translation from time to to time. Maybe they were in too much of a rush to publish.Can't wait for Camilla's next book.

    23. *2.5( really should let us put .5)In this review, I'll just say the negative points because all the other reviews are full of admiration for this book, and I am not.Mrs. Läckberg does not explain anything, and that is what had the most negative impact for me. These are the 2 examples that annoyed me the most:First of all, there was some "threatening letter" sent to one of the main characters that keeps being mentioned, yet THE BOOK NEVER TELLS YOU WHAT IT SAYS EXACTLY. They mention the handwrit [...]

    24. Digo sempre o mesmo destes livros: a fórmula é sempre a mesma, como policiais são bastante fraquinhos (que força policial tão tótó, desculpem lá), as personagens principais não evoluem e repetem-se constantemente, mas a verdade é que é difícil largar o livro e vai-se num instante, e daí continuar a lê-los. Ou então a tótó sou eu ;)

    25. 4'5, en realidad.Me ha gustado bastante cómo ha cerrado la autora el final. Es una buena novela policíaca, y espero leer más libros de Camilla Läckberg.

    26. Czytało się nieźle. Intryga prawie ma sens. Prawie. Ale jak tylko zaczniesz się nad nią zastanawiać, rozłazi się w palcach.Tutaj przerywam przygodę z Lackberg, bo kolejnych tomów już nie mam. Największe plusy to warstwa obyczajowa, codzienne życie bohaterów i wątki mocno osadzone w historii Fjallbacki (stąd tez najlepsza część to Niemiecki bękart). Plusem jest także nieprzesadne epatowanie przemocą. Minusy - eeech. Niekonsekwencje: autorka nie może się zdecydować, czy po [...]

    27. Este libro me ha encantado, no es el primero que leo de la autora pero si me he saltado alguno de la lista, aunque los libros de esta serie se pueden leer sin seguir ningún orden determinado, cada uno es una historia propia con final. El libro se desarrolla lentamente y te da tiempo de conocer a cada personaje, lo que he agradecido. A veces leo thrillers en los que todo sucede muy rápido, y te mantiene la adrenalina, pero pierdes un poco a los personajes. En este sin embargo tienes tiempo de c [...]

    28. Llevaba casi 5 años con esta serie a medio leer; ya que llegó un momento en que me encontré saturada de novela negra nórdica. Ahora la he retomado y ha sido con ganas En pocos días me he leído tres libros.Como siempre, Camilla no defrauda. Tramas rebuscadas, con raíces en hechos pasados; narración fluida y amena alternando el momento actual con los pasados; personajes creíbles y entrañables.

    29. Under en påskmiddag försvinner en familj från sitt hem utan ett spår, men kvar lämnas familjens ettåriga dotter. Det är en gåta som saknar lösning och flickan blir placerad i en fosterfamilj.Flera år senare flyttar hon tillbaka till sitt barndomshem med sin man. Deras son dog nyligen i en olycka och de försöker hitta motivation att fortsätta med sina liv. Men redan inom de första veckorna blir de offer till vad som verkar vara försök till mordbrand. Samtidigt som de försöker hi [...]

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