Signed and Sealed

Signed and Sealed William Drake s living an ordinary life he s got a job a dog and a house near Lake Superior when a frantic call for help from his ne er do well sister Katrina throws a big rancher shaped kink in t

  • Title: Signed and Sealed
  • Author: B.A. Stretke
  • ISBN: 9781615819324
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook
  • William Drake s living an ordinary life he s got a job, a dog, and a house near Lake Superior when a frantic call for help from his ne er do well sister, Katrina, throws a big rancher shaped kink in the works Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, Will s arrival at the Montana ranch belonging to Katrina s fianc , Martin, is marked by a flat tire and unexpected help frWilliam Drake s living an ordinary life he s got a job, a dog, and a house near Lake Superior when a frantic call for help from his ne er do well sister, Katrina, throws a big rancher shaped kink in the works Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, Will s arrival at the Montana ranch belonging to Katrina s fianc , Martin, is marked by a flat tire and unexpected help from a tall, dark, and handsome Good Samaritan who turns out to be Elijah Hunter, Martin s brother, and the most unsettling man Will has ever met.Eli s fury over Katrina s misdeeds boils over onto Will, and he demands that Will remain on the ranch until the matter is resolved While Will can take Katrina s place, Eli doesn t make it easy, testing Will at every turn, but Will s uncompromising morals exceed even Eli s exacting standards The attraction growing between them is further complicated by Eli s ultimatum he s still holding Katrina to the pre nup she signed unless Will agrees to marry Eli instead.

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    1. B.A. Stretke

      B.A Stretke is a Gay Romance and fiction author who publishes through Dreamspinner Press, LLC, and B.A Stretke began writing as a hobby He read his first Jane Austen novel as a teen and was instantly hooked The age old dream of being a novelist took hold Now long into adulthood, and a few years as an editor under his belt, B.A is a full time writer B.A spends his days reading, engaging in sarcasm, and plotting the next storyline, often leaving little headspace for much else He loves hiking through the Northern Michigan woods he calls home, often finding inspiration for his books Writing and finding that perfect cup of coffee occupy the rest of his time B.A Stretke lives in Northern Michigan with one royally spoiled cat and his dear friends and family.You can connect with B.A Stretke on his website bastretke Follow me on twitter at twitter BAStretkeWriterLike me on Facebook B.A Stretke

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    1. WTF-ery, Thy Name Is Signed And SealedThis book had one of the most implausible and convoluted plots I've ever read. Will's sister, Katrina, is a gold digger who's managed to snag a guy (Martin) that she thinks is rich. Martin's brother, the one who's actually rich, Elijah doesn't want Katrina to marry Martin. Katrina finds out Martin's not actually rich and tries to leave him. Elijah, who didn't want them to get married in the first place, makes Katrina sign a contract that says she'll forfeit [...]

    2. Spoilers are scattered here and there, so please read at your own risk. I won't deliberately give all the major parts away, but there's just too much to be said that cannot be clearly explained without giving some sort of context.I'm torn between giving this a two or a three but decided to settle for two stars because while there were times where I found myself enjoying the book, as a whole I wasn't really satisfied. However, I could've easily given this book four stars if it was correctly bille [...]

    3. CAUTION: Slight SpoilersHoly Hell! A mm-romance that's your standard Harlequin romance! Aaaaaaa!/crazyfanmomentIf you don't like Harlequin or you don't like western romance, move on. If you like at least either one of them, this book may be your cup of tea. I don't care for western romance but I do occasionally read Harlequin and the sort. What can I say? I'm a sucker for those baby mama stories. =PInstead of a chick, it's two guys with dicks, one being all alpha-you-better-listen-to-me and the [...]

    4. I understand that Signed And Sealed is B.A. Stretke's first published work (if memory serves me correctly). I will try to bear that in mind as I write this review which is, just MY opinion.First of all, the basic premise of the booki.e. Will being held against his will in exchange for his sister until she can come up with the money to break her contract etc. is completely unbelievable (and I daresay illegal). Even ignoring this fact, I still had issues stomaching Will's gallant show of arriving [...]

    5. DNF at chapter three.This story reads as a 1980s Sandra Brown or harlequin romance novel. The things I didn't like about this story are a direct result of that. I don't read m/f largely to avoid this type of story.What I didn't like Unrealistic/cheesy and stilted dialogue.POV switches were confusing.I'm pretty sure this was written as m/f and swapped to m/m. Will reads as a female.Elijah acted as if he had multiple personality disorder.The plot (especially the beginning) made no sense to me. The [...]

    6. I read this story in a hundred Harlequins back in the early 80s, when I was young and foolish--and I was interested to see one of the old classic tropes in a current-day M/M romance. Nostalgia only takes you so far, and the early 80s were kind of a low point anyway. I kept reading to see if it would get better or interesting or something. It didn't. Eli has no redeeming qualities at all, but at least he's not as annoying as Will. Terrible.

    7. 2.5It was like reading a mm version of a 1980s Harlequin. Crazy, vengeful, super-rich rancher and the poor little innocent. Of course, the rancher quickly realizes the innocent is truly innocent and falls in love, but by then there's nothing he can do to convince the innocent he's sincere and that his protestations of love aren't just part of his vengeful scheme. It even included the ubiquitous scene where the rancher is overcome by lust and almost takes the innocent against his will, only recog [...]

    8. Well, this is a "MM harlequin" with the typical average plot: rich man blackmails younger and morally strict man thinking the younger man is a gold-digger with bad morals. At the beginning the rich guy blames himself for finding the gold-digger irresistible. He sometimes fights the attraction and he sometimes gives in to it, and the younger man is troubled by these contradictory signals. Then the rich guy discovers the younger guy has a pure heart and falls totally in love with him. But convinci [...]

    9. I think this is another one of those stories you'll either love it or you'll hate it. It's got the feel of a harlequin book but make no mistake neither of the characters are effeminate. I personally loved it but of course I've always been fond of 'arrangement' type books and this one definitely can be found under that classification. I don't really want to give spoilers about it but basically William has a quiet life but when his sister calls it's thrown into chaos. He flies to Montana to help h [...]

    10. I probably would have never read this story except I saw a few reviews from some of my GR friends that were so bad I had to do itG this was the best bad book I have read in so long!! I was so entertained that I could hardly put it down, and then I wanted to go slower so it would last longer. Yes, this book will not appeal to many readers. It is the epitome of a cheesy Harlequin romance from the 80's. If ya read my bookshelf lists you would know how much I love to read those literary gems even in [...]

    11. The criticisms are true. The dialogue reads like a period piece male female novel then as if the writer changes his mind in the middle and turns it into a modern day cowboy novel with gay leads. Only this is the least rugged cowboy out there as they do not speak in contractions. Wow an old English cowboy rancher hybrid. Why 5 stars??? why i like it:1. The story hit all my kinks! Loved the bad boy who falls hard for the conservative good hearted guy. 2. You know what EVERYONE is thinking. So we k [...]

    12. Stars: 2-2.5/5OverallA lot of other reviewers have listed this book as "Harlequin" in nature, which really didn't mean much to me, since I've not read enough Harlequins to judge. However, it is something to keep in mind when reading this review, as some of my points may be applied to this Harlequin status.To enjoy this book, the reader is going to have to take a ginormous leap of faith from the beginning, as the entire story is reliant on the notion that Will is practically held hostage at Eli's [...]

    13. I think this book has to be read for what it is. A first time novel of MM romance. For some they will find it sweet and like the gentle angst of Will. For others its a step back in time to an era they left behind. Personally my problems with the book were more about the style than the story. Sometimes it felt almost like a historical piece, and that was never my favorite. But at the same time it was kinda nice to remember the good old Mills and Boon days but still have my MM fix lol. . I think w [...]

    14. 2.5 starsAs others have said, this read like a Harlequin novel to me. Just read Beatrice's review for my thoughts on the characters - "Will felt to me like a helpless damsel-in-distress most of the time, not the independent young man he professed himself to be." Yep that, and her thoughts on the other characters, just about covered it. Not a bad story though.

    15. Loved it, simply just loved it. I actually thought I would hate this book. But in reality I loved it so much. Admittedly it's not for everyone, and anyone who hates sometimes random things will hate this, but I for one loved it. The plot and characters were great.I am a huge fan of drama. And this was one of those books that had subtle drama. Not everyone would label it dramatic, but that is how I felt about it. Will and Eli were completely different. Will was the sweet, but temperamental pushov [...]

    16. I was feeling a bit bad and wanted to read something that wouldn't ask a lot of me and simply amuse me. So, with some reward money I bought this. I knew I was buying a harlequin M/M, but thiswas more then I could have imagined ;)At one point during the novel, the MC says something along the lines: "I feel like a heroine in an old harlequin romance". Boy, was he right. And not just in a harlequin romance, but in one of the worse ones out there. This was so incredibly bad it was kinda good :DThe o [...]

    17. This book had one of my most hated tropes in it - but it was chosen for me as a challenge read so I persevered - the love = possession trope. The only way I ever saw the "love" shown and not told was in sexual attraction and extreme possessiveness/domineering. I generally would have avoided this story because I know that kind of plot line pushes all my buttons. I was also frustrated because many times in the story I had to re-read a passage to see whose head we were in because POV switched so of [...]

    18. 3 starsybe. I don't know. I did enjoy the book but there was just somethinge random (and sometimes useless) PoV's drove me crazy. Will was getting on my nerves a bit near the end. And the whole thing really did have the feel of a Harlequin novel. I will read more from this author, since I did like the story. :)

    19. I missed the shouldn`t-be-taken-seriously-fairytale vibe I got from a book with a similar story I liked very much.A 1950ties Harlequin m/f romance plot without even the tiniest sliver of realism - now someone stapled a dick to the damsel in distress and made a gay romance out of it. It doesn`t work that way, it really doesn`t.

    20. If not for a challenge I would have dnf'd early on. The premise of the story was ludicrous and the language was so stilted and false. It was a painful read without hearing everyone's thoughts. Hopefully the author got better as this was one of his earliest works but not sure that I'm willing to try.2.5 stars

    21. Reading Signed & Sealed was like doing a jump in the past, when I was an avid reader of the Diana Palmer’s series Long Tall Texans. In those serial romances, there was always, always the mousy virgin heroine who was stubbornly refusing to accept that the handsome, and very wealthy, ranch owner had fallen in love with her. There was also always a butterfly sister/friend/cousin who was taking all the attention while her shy and plain jane sister/friend/cousin was doing her best imitation of [...]

    22. This book was - O K . It actually was well written and the start had me hooked and looked promising but it ended up being disappointing . Will is in no way described as being femminate and infact at the start of the book and all the way through it really, he argues against Eli, not backing down yet as the book goes on he gets treated more and more as a girl being described as 'wanton', 'gasping against Eli shocked' and being swung up into Eli's arms, I mean really? No offense to the author becau [...]

    23. The catalyst to the story was a bit unbelievable (what businessman holds a person hostage for collateral?) but I did eventually like Will and Eli together. I was glad to see Eli was actually capable of warmth and love where Will was concerned because he sure was a cold, pompous ass for a while. And even though I liked Will's spirit and determination to stand up to Eli, I was a little annoyed with his constant refusal to ever believe any of Eli's feelings for him were real. He told himself over a [...]

    24. This is the first book I ever deliberately read a second time. I originally rated this book as a 4, but when I read it the second time I just loved it. The main characters, Will and Eli, are well developed, interesting and likable.The story opens with Eli calling Will about Will's sister. Will's sister, Katrina, is not our hero's favorite person. In fact, he's been cleaning up after her for years. Eli thinks Will is in on Katrina's grand plan to trap Eli's brother in marriage. Through some fancy [...]

    25. This was a refreshing read. Just old fashioned romance with some conflict. I am so sick of reading about abuse, rape, so poor one has to resort to prostitution or living in the streets which seems to be an m/m romance trend. This is a Harlequin type romance alright. Alpha gay Eli mistrusts poor falsely accused William Drake because of his gold digging sister's antics. She maneuvers William to take her place and makes her escape.Poor guy left his dog, job and house in Michigan to help his ingrate [...]

    26. Harlequin romances with this premise were always my favorite, so when I read the blurb for this of course I had to buy it. It's a good read and brought back memories of those novels I read-which were many, I bought bags full of them at a used book store and then traded them for more. >.<I'll admit at times it felt like I was reading an m/f romance, but it's not that Will was effeminate or portrayed like a woman; to me it was more like Eli's personality is imposing and very take charge.Will [...]

    27. Few pages in and already the head hopping and dialogue is killing me. Killing me!Could. Not. Wait. To finish this story. My eyes hurt from all the eye rolling. Did not like Eli, Will was too damn soft-hearted, and why oh why are we in everyone and their mama's head?

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