Остров Погибших Кораблей

  • Title: Остров Погибших Кораблей
  • Author: Alexander Romanovich Belyaev Alexander Romanovich Belyaev
  • ISBN: 9785170329908
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
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      153 Alexander Romanovich Belyaev Alexander Romanovich Belyaev
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    About "Alexander Romanovich Belyaev Alexander Romanovich Belyaev"

    1. Alexander Romanovich Belyaev Alexander Romanovich Belyaev

      Alexander Romanovich Belyaev Russian , born 16 March 1884 in Smolensk, Russian Empire died 6 January 1942 in Pushkin, USSR Born in Smolensk, at the age of 30 Alexander became ill with tuberculosis Treatment was unsuccessful the infection spread to his spine and resulted in paralysis of the legs Belyayev suffered constant pain and was paralysed for six years In search for the right treatment he moved to Yalta together with his mother and old nanny During his convalescence, he read the work of Jules Verne, H G Wells, and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and began to write poetry in his hospital bed.By 1922 he had overcome the disease and in 1923 returned to Moscow where he began his serious literary activity as writer of science fiction novels In 1925 his first novel, Professor Dowell s Head was published From 1931 he lived in Leningrad with his wife and oldest daughter his youngest daughter died of meningitis in 1930, aged six In Leningrad he met H G Wells, who visited the USSR in 1934.In the last years of his life Belyaev lived in the Leningrad suburb of Pushkin formerly Tsarskoye Selo At the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union during Second World War he refused to evacuate because he was recovering after an operation that he had undergone a few months earlier.Wiki letter wg This section requires expansion.Belyayev died of hunger in the Soviet town of Pushkin in 1942 while it was occupied by the Nazis His wife and daughter, who managed to survive, were taken away to Poland by the Nazis The exact location of his grave is unknown A memorial stone at the Kazanskoe cemetery in the town of Pushkin is placed on the mass grave where his body is assumed to be buried.

    680 thoughts on “Остров Погибших Кораблей”

    1. Такий собі фантастичний твір, прочитаний у дитинстві, про спільноту, яка утворилась у Саргасовому морі та жила на залишках поламаних кораблів. Тоді було цікаво.

    2. Перечитал сейчас и это оказался тот случай, когда даже детские впечатления не помогают.В книгах Александра Беляева, как в этой, так и в прочих, очень интересна сама общая идея.И в детстве я зачитывался ими скорее потому, что это были очень неожиданные идеи ситуации, было инт [...]

    3. В детстве не мог оторваться от книжек Беляева и вот недавно решил перечитать.В отличие от многих других произведений автора, "Остров Погибших Кораблей" проверку временем, к сожалению, не выдержал.Сама задумка очень интересная, персонажи живые, но сухой стиль и неразмеренно [...]

    4. В детстве очень любила Беляева и особенно "Остров погибших кораблей". Почему-то захотелось перечитать. Перечитала. С одной стороны, разочарована куцым языком, сбивчивой манерой повествования и непонятно зачем прилепленными "академическими" деталями, которые смотрятся сов [...]

    5. Suspenseful Page TurnerAfter the first few pages it's hard to put this book down. It's full of fascinating characters and plot twists that keep you reading. At the end however you are left with an ambiguous and hurried resolution, wondering why the author was in such a rush to finish the story.

    6. Alexander Belyaev is one of my favourite russian writers. My childhood was surrounded by his stories which I loved so much that I read them over and over again. My favourite story has always been "Ariel". Recently I was trying to remember some of his works and found out that I don't remember "The Shipwreck Island" and decided to reread it. It took me ~ 2 hours. There is an amazing thing about his novels - you can't get even a little bit bored reading them, from the very beginning the story capti [...]

    7. Добротное произведение.Сама мысль о существовании острова, состоящего сплошь из кораблей, потерпевших крушение - разве не заставляет этого кого-нибудь задуматься о прелестях самовольных дальних плаваний и в наши дни?Конечно, от завязки с братьями немного повеяло Конаном [...]

    8. Не надо, ах не надо перечитывать понравившееся в детстве. Хотя почему? Достойные книжки наверняка пройдут тест - в отличие от этой. Здесь в принципе не прорисованы характеры, нет конфликта, напряжения в сюжете, ну а следовательно, нет и удовлетворительного финала. Более того [...]

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