Doctor Who: The Mutant Phase

Doctor Who The Mutant Phase In the nd century the Daleks have occupied planet Earth By the rd century only a handful of humans survive Still further into the distant future a Thal scientist must choose whether to betray h

  • Title: Doctor Who: The Mutant Phase
  • Author: Nicholas Briggs
  • ISBN: 9781903654217
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Audio Cd
  • In the 22nd century, the Daleks have occupied planet Earth By the 43rd century, only a handful of humans survive Still further into the distant future, a Thal scientist must choose whether to betray his heritage, or see the universe destroyed.When the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa find themselves trapped in this deadly chain of events, they must decide who their real enemies arIn the 22nd century, the Daleks have occupied planet Earth By the 43rd century, only a handful of humans survive Still further into the distant future, a Thal scientist must choose whether to betray his heritage, or see the universe destroyed.When the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa find themselves trapped in this deadly chain of events, they must decide who their real enemies are What is certain, however, is that no matter where the Doctor turns his arch enemies, the Daleks, will be waiting for him.What could possibly be worse than that The Mutant Phase

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    1. Nicholas Briggs

      Nicholas Briggs is a British actor and writer, predominantly associated with the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who and its various spin offs Some of Briggs earliest Doctor Who related work was as host of The Myth Makers, a series of made for video documentaries produced in the 1980s and 1990s by Reeltime Pictures in which Briggs interviews many of the actors and writers involved in the series When Reeltime expanded into producing original dramas, Briggs wrote some stories and acted in others, beginning with War Time, the first unofficial Doctor Who spin off, and Myth Runner, a parody of Blade Runner showcasing bloopers from the Myth Makers series built around a loose storyline featuring Briggs as a down on his luck private detective in the near future.He wrote and appeared in several made for video dramas by BBV, including the third of the Stranger stories, In Memory Alone opposite former Doctor Who stars Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant He also wrote and appeared in a non Stranger BBV production called The Airzone Solution 1993 and directed a documentary film, Stranger than Fiction 1994.Briggs has directed many of the Big Finish Productions audio plays, and has provided Dalek, Cybermen, and other alien voices in several of those as well He has also written and directed the Dalek Empire and Cyberman audio plays for Big Finish In 2006, Briggs took over from Gary Russell as executive producer of the Big Finish Doctor Who audio range.Briggs co wrote a Doctor Who book called The Dalek Survival Guide Since Doctor Who returned to television in 2005, Briggs has provided the voices for several monsters, most notably the Daleks and the Cybermen Briggs also voiced the Nestene Consciousness in the 2005 episode Rose , and recorded a voice for the Jagrafess in the 2005 episode The Long Game however, this was not used in the final episode because it was too similar to the voice of the Nestene Consciousness He also provided the voices for the Judoon in both the 2007 and 2008 series On 9 July 2009, Briggs made his first appearance in the Doctor Who spin off Torchwood in the serial Children of Earth, playing Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary Rick Yates.

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    1. Davison is on top form in this with his flippant replies to the Daleks. These early Big finish stories are the best 8/10

    2. Ok i was expecting this one to be horrible and boring but surprisingly. It's not. It was quite an interesting one. It's a little better than The Apocalypse Element. but not much. It's has quite a few good parts and it has a twist in part 1. The overall plot is'nt interesting but the acting makes it. Not a bad one. I might re-listen to this soon. But then it might forget aout for like a billion years then re-listen to it. I give it a 8/10

    3. Il Quinto Dottore e Nyssa vengono arruolati dall'Imperatore dei Dalek per impedire la genesi di una mutazione mortale sia per i Dalek che per l'universo intero.Un bel gioco di paradossi e una soluzione che risolve se stessa, un intreccio degno delle ultime stagioni della serie tv.Audio parte sia della serie principale del Dottore che della serie tematica dedicata ai Dalek.

    4. It's a bad sign when your first reaction to a story is "Oh no, not more freaking Daleks!"There are a few nice elements, the eccentric characters at the end of the human species, the actual attack of the Mutant Phase, The Doctor being accused by Nyssa of being choosy about which laws of time he is willing to bend given Adric's fate And that's about it.The rest is a convoluted, confusing, weirdly unresolved, mess.Sometimes "wibbly wobbly, timey wimey" is better than trying to explain the science, [...]

    5. another good Dalek story (ie a good story about Daleks, rather than a story about a good Dalek). I have to say that Sarah Sutton as Nyssa particularly impressed me this time round, unlike the previous two audios I heard her in, Land of the Dead and Winter for the Adept. Lots of time travel action, two very bleak and convincing pictures of Earth at different tragic stages in its future, lots of continuity references to, of all stories, The Dalek Invasion of Earth. It got a little tangled up in ti [...]

    6. Seriously. STOP WITH THE DALEKS!Like 20% of these audios are about the mother. . .damn Daleks. The Daleks and the Cybermen are NOT interesting characters. They're the Nazis, that's it. Just Nazis. Stop it. And Doctor Who has enough actual straight-up Nazi episodes as it is. . Also there's like. . I lost count of how many different origins of the cybermen, but at least 3 off the top of my head, and while the Daleks may only have one origin story, they have about a dozen or maybe two dozen "One D [...]

    7. I'm not a big fan of the Daleks and so had put off listening to this story for a long time, expecting to find it a chore to listen to. Having finally listened to it though I have found the story to be exciting and engaging throughout, making me wish that I had opened it up sooner. Certainly of the inital four Dalek stories Big Finish published this is far and away my favorite as I found the mutant phase itself to be an interesting idea and Peter Davison is at his engaging best here (Sarah Sutton [...]

    8. Strong acting, plotting, and production. Maybe my only gripe is an inherent feature of audio dramas (and new Who as well): an hour or two will never be enough to tell a great Doctor Who story. Classic serials escape this by having several episodes a piece. Moffat escapes it by having an entire series tell the same story prismed. This story is like a detailed outline. The only characters we are able to know are the Doctor and Nyssa, and that's just because of their other appearances. It's a frust [...]

    9. Okay, yes, this has some great moments, but overall I'm not the biggest fan of Big Finish's Dalek stories - I'd like to see a lot less Daleks in the series, not one every 4 or 5 episodes. ANd if you do have Daleks, they need to have ridiculous mincing voices and over the top dialogue, which are missing here. Still, a strong showing for Peter Davison and an interesting look at some what-ifs of Dalek evolution, even if said mutant phase just seems a bit too unlikely for my liking - within the fram [...]

    10. My favourite Peter Davison story, The daleks are in deep trouble they are mutating and are panicking so much so that they have already got some of their old enemy the Thals to help find either a cure or where it started.When this fails they decide only the Doctor can help, needless to say the Doctor with the help of Nyssa is not to keen to help until the mutated daleks turn out to be worse. Great to hear Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton back together again

    11. One of the few times the Daleks need the Doctor's assistance. Fifth Doctor and Nyssa must try to 1) Straighten out a timeline snarl 2) Find a cure or stop the introduction of a Dalek virus 3) Try not to affect past events and 4) Stop the Thals.Set (partially) just before the Dalek Invasion of Earth in Kansas (!). I love Daleks and enjoyed how they played with time and the consequences of their actions and inactions.

    12. It really is a shame that Peter Davison had shitty companions during his run on the show, and they haunt him in the audio plays as well. Nyssa wasn't too bad on the show but she's worse in the audios. It doesn't help that this is an average Dalek story, of which there are so few good ones. I've given thought to just skipping the Davison audio plays, because I just don't like any of his companions aside from Turlough. Being a continuity nut I'm going to have to keep on keeping on, I guess. Bah.

    13. I quite enjoyed this. It started with a very dalek empire feel to it. There were some truly priceless comeback lines from Nyssa to the Doctor that I really loved. Nyssa was one of my favourite companions as a child and it was nice to see her used so well in this. I felt that the story was let down a little with the time paradox at the end. But overall I found it really good.

    14. The Doctor finds a bump in time, and lands on Earth to discover that there is a mutant phase of Daleks that no one can beat. He has to help the Daleks stop it. This is one of those paradox stories that only gets explained at the end. It's entertaining enough with Daleks, Thals and failed experiments. Like Nyssa, I did not see the point of some of the plot. A good listen.

    15. This episode was a big ol' mess of paradoxes, Daleks, Dalek puppetry, and timey-wimey craziness. In other words, a Dalek Empire story. Special props to the sound effects crew; the noisy menace of the titular monsters was a wonder!

    16. Not a bad Dalek Story. Another episode with a circular story. Though a virus that hurts the Daleks is a new one.

    17. Not a particularly memorable story (blast those pesky Daleks!). Listened to this a few days ago and can't remember much about it. Will give it another listen sometime in the near future.

    18. I really like this combination of Doctor and Nyssa, but this story got quite convoluted. I did appreciate Nyssa getting her moments of success in research and logic-ing out things.

    19. I am a fan of the Daleks and alwayd like to read or hear their stories. THis story involves time pardoxes and is a little bit confusing. I am not very happy with the way it was resolved.

    20. The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa discover that even the Daleks have foes that they fear as a paradox threatens to destroy the universe but are the Daleks the threat or the cure?

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