All Other Things

All Other Things Bea s husband Tommy is the sweetest most gorgeous guy she s ever met There s just one problem he doesn t seem to want to have sex with her Or at least he shows no interest in the kind of sex she s c

  • Title: All Other Things
  • Author: Charlotte Stein
  • ISBN: 9781419935787
  • Page: 266
  • Format: ebook
  • Bea s husband Tommy is the sweetest, most gorgeous guy she s ever met There s just one problem he doesn t seem to want to have sex with her Or at least, he shows no interest in the kind of sex she s craving Kinky, torrid, passion filled sex, of the sort a too handsome and too fascinating colleague at her workplace is offering Kieran is everything that Tommy s not darkBea s husband Tommy is the sweetest, most gorgeous guy she s ever met There s just one problem he doesn t seem to want to have sex with her Or at least, he shows no interest in the kind of sex she s craving Kinky, torrid, passion filled sex, of the sort a too handsome and too fascinating colleague at her workplace is offering Kieran is everything that Tommy s not dark to his light, triple caramel swirl to Tommy s vanilla But Bea will not be tempted Or at least, she thinks she won t Until she discovers Tommy and Kieran have been IMing each other for some time and they haven t been talking about innocent things They ve been talking about her, and importantly, they ve been talking about what they d like to do to her Together And once Tommy s buttons have been pushed and Kieran s been let off his leash, anything seems possible

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    • [PDF] æ Unlimited ✓ All Other Things : by Charlotte Stein É
      266 Charlotte Stein
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    About "Charlotte Stein"

    1. Charlotte Stein

      Charlotte Stein is the RT and DABWAHA nominated author of over fifty short stories, novellas and novels When not writing deeply emotional and intensely sexy books, she can be found eating jelly turtles, watching terrible sitcoms and occasionally lusting after hunks For on Charlotte, visit charlottestein

    686 thoughts on “All Other Things”

    1. My intention had been to read a couple pages of this book just as a teaser before I went to bed. Instead I was up for the next 2+ hours because I just couldn't leave this story. I would liken this book to one of those artsy photos with the haze around the edges. The middle of the picture is awesome, but you don't see much of anything outside the middle. You don't find out too much about the characters' motivations, their jobs, their personalities or even much of their looks outside the bounds of [...]

    2. I've been trying to read everything out there by Charlotte Stein and this book did not disappoint. Stein writes repression so well. And once she's hooked me with intelligent, sensitive, articulate characters who yearn and long and just can't go there, she's so adept at bringing in a really likeable but utterly pervy, filthy-minded hot guy who makes all the magic happen. I whiffled right through this book and enjoyed it to the last drop.

    3. 2.5 stars. i bought this after seeing it very highly rated on the page of one of my favorite authors, Cara McKenna. the novella is a fairly well-written and provocative story toying with the notion of polyamory, but the ending was too rushed, the emotional payoff not credible enough, for me to rate it highly. the author needed to lay the groundwork much more carefully for the major emotional and psychological shift between certain characters at the end. as it was, she told us but didn't showRT [...]

    4. Love how in Stein's books, it's all about the sex AND all about the emotions that sex (or wanting it) brings: shame, hope, fear, want. And how good Stein is with her first-person narrators, allowing them to dig into the nitty gritty of those emotions in all their messy, ugly, and beautiful glory. A menage book this time, with a female narrator who is worried because her manly new husband doesn't seem to want to have sex with her all that often, a worry that she ends up confiding to a fellow co-w [...]

    5. Charlotte Stein's books appeal to me in the filthiest of ways. All Other Things was such a hot read. I had no idea that this kink would appeal to me until I discovered Charlotte Stein. This is the second book I've read by her,Control was the first, where there is a secondary character that infiltrates a couple's relationship and then controls/directs them together sexually. Sooooo hot! I also really liked Kieran and the emotion and feelings that dictated his actions. That was an unexpected bonus [...]

    6. Mercy, mercy, mercy. “I’m not selfless. I’ve led a criminal, selfish life. Not sure I’ve ever cared about anyone.” She watched him put his cigarette to his lips. It looked damp and forlorn, the way she felt, suddenly. “So it came as quite a shock to me to realize that when you love someone, it comes above all other things. All the other little pieces of your life. You just want them to be happy." Kieran.I wish that Charlotte Stein wrote full length books, because I would have wanted [...]

    7. I have owned this book for four months. I have read it at least ten times. So hot. The shame, the sexy, the people trying so hard not to say what they want. And then the sweet, right at the end. Gah. I love Charlotte Stein. Yet another U.K. author who is only saved from my stalkerish tendencies by wisely living across a giant, fricking ocean.

    8. That was one insanely hot read! The excessive amounts of inner monolog detracted a bit from the story, but overall it was a very steamy read that I enjoyed immensely.

    9. A different take on the usual m/f/m ménage, with a cuckholding twist. Well done, as Ms. Stein’s writing inevitably is. I wasn’t sure how it was all going to unfold, and really enjoyed that. Bought from kobo

    10. I was really surprised by how much i like this book. My experience with erotica has been Anais Nin (lovely) and ann rice's book (bored me). This was altogether something different and very well done.

    11. God, I loved this so much. Right from the very first bit that instantly hooked me in to the very heartbreaking situation of our heroine to the utter insanely hot messy wonderful situation that escalated with such fabulous efficacy.I did love how different Bea was, the uncertainty of her coupled with the unshakeable love with the very real voracity of her libido. Admittedly I found the husband, Tommy, quite uninspiring in his goodness and his reticence even though I adore male subs and the beta [...]

    12. Reviewed By~EmmaRaeReview Copy Provided By~EmmaRaeOnce again I think it's 20 pages too short, but I loved this novella. Almost five stars, but not quite. This story will set fire to your ereader in all the right ways. The characters are a little off sometimes…which is why I want the 20 more pages. I wanted to see more of Tommy and Bea's motivations, and Kieran was a little off balance. But who cares! This book did get into the heads of the characters and I loved it. Tommy is adorable. Kieran i [...]

    13. I thought this one a little on the short side, but so very hot with an exciting build-up as the interrelationship between the three is set up and the characters explore forbidden desires and challenge their comfort zones. As usual, Charlotte Stein brings her highly readable style and develops great suspense as her protagonist attempts to work out the men she's so drawn to. Very enjoyable - I was left craving more, but would definitely recommend it, particularly for those who enjoy the anticipati [...]

    14. This book took absolutely forever to take off, and it didn't get to a proper menage until the very end. Bea and Tommy were a little on the boring side, even when having nookie. And the chemistry between them wasn't the best.However when you throw Kieran into the mix, he had great chemistry with Tommy and with Bea. And only when he was there with them did things heat up properly. The act of menage itself though was ratherdisappointing.An OK read. Loved the fact that the book took place in UK, and [...]

    15. I found it hard to stay with All Other Things. Bea and Tommy's relationship seems scattered and at times they are in different places. When comes to introducing Kieran into their life it seems to only scatter the plot more. The sex is hot, I just wish there would have been more communication between the characters and their thoughts.

    16. Sweet Baiby Jaizus this was hot. And because she knows how to turn a phrase, use dialogue to build characterization, create tension with unexpected word choice Charlotte Stein gives us some interestng characters instead of paperdolls to twist as a flimsy bridge to build plot.

    17. Charlotte Stein is a master at writing hot smut books, however, I always find them ridiculously short. The story would be a lot more interesting if she could drag it out, or add enough material to write a full-length novel. There's no question that she knows how to make it hot, though.

    18. I just couldn't get into this one; the situation was just too bizarre with all the male secretiveness and her trying to decipher her husbands' problems without actually being able to talk to him.I like her writing so I will continue to search for a story of hers that I can connect with.

    19. Laugh out loud, pee your pants scandalous (my hubs is pretty close to big tommy boy, I hate him but love him ;) so I did, laugh a lot and pee my pants. Gawd!! I wish!! Love the ménage! HOT HOT HOT

    20. This was a sweet, hot and smutty read that I finished off one Tuesday night alone in bed. I like how subtly the author manages to show emotion in the characters, while letting them have the filthiest mouths. Gorgeous.

    21. I though it was good but the way the novel ended was kind of lame and very short. I was hoping for some drool worthy moment but all we got is possibilities and unconfirmed, unsaid out loud love yous from only two people instead of three.

    22. 3.5: the hotness is off the roof! If anyone beside me reads all of Charlotte Stein's books, you will she that I absolutely love all she writes within this sinful delicious genre; erotica <3

    23. This was 'ok' not up to the eroticism of Cara McKenna but it's all rights I doubt I'll read it again to be honest. It was short but there wasn't any emotiona there, I just didn't feel it :(

    24. Ms Stein writes erotica like no other in my opinion. Great style. She pulls you in and makes you feel. You totally engage with the characters. Would have loved to know more re Kieran.

    25. 3.5, some of the IM scenes just kind of took me out of it, yet IMO had one of her hotter mfm encounters. At any rate I just love Charlitte Stein, so frank, such sexy, awkward, funny and honest kink

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