I dare you!

I dare you as pictured and described has been wrapped in bubble wrap and shrink wrapped for shipping protection

  • Title: I dare you!
  • Author: William H. Danforth
  • ISBN: 9780960241606
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Leather Bound
  • as pictured and described, has been wrapped in bubble wrap and shrink wrapped for shipping protection

    • [PDF] í Unlimited ☆ I dare you! : by William H. Danforth Ä
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    1. William H. Danforth

      William H. Danforth Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I dare you! book, this is one of the most wanted William H. Danforth author readers around the world.

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    1. I received the I Dare You! Award through 4-H, when I was 18. I wish I had taken the time to read the book then and apply its principles. It is a little dated but still inspiring. Mr Danforth has a wonderful way of expressing how we can make the best better!

    2. I dare you is pretty much a book that teaches you to do the right things like how to sit at a desk or not to bend over your paper work and sit tall. This book has taught me a lot of things about being mannerly and respectful. The thing about this book it is different from all the other books that I have read, the book dares you to do the things as it is teaching you just like the main cover I DARE YOU! Some parts of the book it dares you to sit up straight and not to slouch over your work. When [...]

    3. Wow. This book crossed my path just as I was launching myself into a higher gear -- to successfully complete a 90-day-Isagenix-challenge. For me that means getting up 6ish, running (even if it's zero degrees), going to the gym to work out, stretching and sit-ups at home, eating more sensibly, and "cleansing" four days a month. On top of all that it's NaNoWriMo time -- so I tackle the keyboard for the third consecutive year pounding out childhood memories in narrative form. This on top of good ha [...]

    4. I happened across a dusty copy of this book years ago. I picked it up to see what it was about and read the whole thing that night. I read it again every couple of years. Mr. Danforth has a way of inviting you to make the most out of your life that is hard to resist. Want to borrow my copy? Just ask!

    5. This was a re-read for me. Written in the 30's, the language/layout out of the book is a little hokey in places. However, the message cannot be argued with. More people the sort of zest for life and faith that this book represents. Not to be sappy, but it really is inspiring!

    6. A fine challenge.Wake up. Do it.Such great and positive motivation from a few decades ago cannot be ignored.Live big, love big, dream big, act big and care to succeed.

    7. "I Dare You!" Is a book that can be read in one sitting. Feeling unmotivated, feeling lost, feeling like you've lost the "spark" you used to have? Instead of investing money in a life coach or motivator, read this book and become motivated again. Regain power and control over your life and your destination. Remember what you started. Finish it. Start something bigger. Envision and plan. Always adapt for tomorrow. Never stay stagnant like the people around you think is safest and best to do. Tire [...]

    8. Have you ever wished that you could be more than you are now? I Dare You, by William H. Danforth tell you how to think tall, stand tall, smile tall, and live tall. This book was a very interesting think to come across unknowingly. I really liked how it immediately drew me in, by his cunning use of words and his striking philosophy. I really like the overall concept of his book. It not only tells, but shows how someone who has the drive to stand up and work can be an extraordinary person, and hel [...]

    9. I Dare You, by William H. Danforth, is a book that puts forth Mr. Danforth's idea that successful living is based on disciplining and developing in four areas: body, mind, heart, and soul. Danforth founded the Ralston Purina Company."Who wants to do unimportant and uninteresting things?" Danforth asks. He goes on to show how we owe it to ourselves to make sure we concentrate on all four areas of our lives, warning that "No man can allow part of himself to die without penalizing the parts of him [...]

    10. 1. I dare you, whoever you are, to share with others the fruits of your daring. Catch a passion for helping others and a richer life will come back to you!2. Our most valuable possessions are those which can be shared without lessening; those which when shared multiply. Our least valuable possessions are those which when divided diminish.3. You have one life to live. What are you going to do with it?4. Magnificent obsession5. Physical: walk a mile a day, drink 8 glasses of water, exercise muscle [...]

    11. Written in 1941 by William Danforth to inspire people to be better than even they thought possible. The advice is timeless and still as true today as when it was written. I like that he tells us that a well rounded life is the best and has four elements: physical, mental, social and religious. He dares you to be better tomorrow than you are today. And don't just read, think and talk about the advice in the book get out and DO IT!!! And helping others achieve is the best no matter what area it is [...]

    12. Human life is four-dimensional, a concept with which decades later Stephen R. Covey agreed. A human being has four dimensions: physical mental, spiritual, and social-emotional. Or to put it in different terms: a body, a mind, a soul, and a heart, respectively. To neglect any of these four dimensions is like driving a car with a flat tire. And the proper way to exercise each of these dimensions is to give dares to yourself to do what you have never done before.

    13. This is a book I inherited from my father. It was written in 1953 by William H. Danforth, one of the founders of the Ralston Purina Company. Its focus is to motivate people to believe in themselves and to take control of their lives through adopting a positive program of thinking, planning and acting. He emphasizes work on the four aspects of life: the physical, the mental, the social and the spiritual.

    14. This is a book about living life to your fullest potential. It is about daring to do what you have thought about doing for years. We only get one life and this is the time to shine, strive and accomplish what you will leave behind in legacy. I will reread this book again when my 'Books to Build On' drive (#bookstobuildon)is successful. I dare, do you?

    15. “I Dare You” by William H Danforth encourages teens to rebel against the comfort zone that conformity will inevitably suck you into. Very much the “Do Hard Things” book for the World War 2 generation. It's not about "success" or "money," it's about being your best and being the best FOR everyone around you. Required reading for my kids.

    16. Dated is an understatement. This book achieves a whole new level of making me not want to read it. But, alas, I own it so I read it. The "I Dare You!" stories in the front almost took me back off of it. After I read it though, I fell in love with the stories and examples. Absolutely great. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is the initial response to the fact it felt so old.

    17. Although semi-antiquated, I Dare You is an excellent motivational book for anyone looking to make a change in their life. On the fence about changing careers? Debating about following your childhood dream? Read this book for a renewed sense of confidence in yourself and the motivation to change your life for the better.

    18. Was given this book by my High School Math teacher as were the other four members of our advanced math class. Yes there were only five of us in 12th grade Math Analysis in the early 70's in my small town. I have kept it. I have re-read it occasionally. I am very thankful for wonderful teachers like her and inspirational teachers like the author of this book.

    19. This book is the foundation of a youth organization I have volunteered with for almost ten years now and was a member of myself as a kid. Great information on how to live a balanced life and work to achieve satisfaction with you life as well as impact in the world. Easy read, short book, great content.

    20. I dare you to read this book and not be inspired in some way or another. As I read through it I found myself sitting up strait in my chair and walking taller. I started identifying thing to do to improve. The style that this book is written in is inspiring. Its short and easy to read. Recommend it to anyone who considers themselves business minded.

    21. Written by the grandfather of the currently living William H. Danforth, this is an inspirational guide to life. I can't describe it any other way. You can finish it in about 90 minutes; highly recommended.

    22. I was given this book back in 2004 upon my high school graduation by a friend from Church. I was the fifth person to receive the book, and I'm going to hand it down to my baby brother at his graduation party Saturday! It was a pretty good book, and I think he will enjoy it.

    23. What a challenge! At virtually every turn, Danforth challeges us to raise our personal standards as well as our performance and results. Not for the weak-willed. This book will convict you if you aren't performing!

    24. My grandma has been dropping this book into my bedroom for the past few months telling me that I have to read it before college because it changed her life, so to appease her, I'm giving the cheesy self help book a shot.

    25. very motivational - there's much I have to work on and this book helps give me the motivation and clarity to do just that.

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