Touching Evil

Touching Evil Greg has a special talent he d give anything to be rid of After an accident many years ago that left him in a coma Greg woke up to find that he could touch things and know what had happened to them T

  • Title: Touching Evil
  • Author: Rob Knight
  • ISBN: 9781934166031
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Greg has a special talent he d give anything to be rid of After an accident many years ago that left him in a coma, Greg woke up to find that he could touch things and know what had happened to them Too bad he can t control the talent enough to keep it from overwhelming him He s lived with it long enough that it he can make it day by day, but when he starts being stalkeGreg has a special talent he d give anything to be rid of After an accident many years ago that left him in a coma, Greg woke up to find that he could touch things and know what had happened to them Too bad he can t control the talent enough to keep it from overwhelming him He s lived with it long enough that it he can make it day by day, but when he starts being stalked, he has to depend on his friends to help him cope The only good thing his gift has brought him is Artie, an overprotective cop with a psychotic cat and a great bedside manner Artie is all about helping Greg cope, and about finding out who s threatening his friend Through grisly gifts and terrifying attacks, Artie stays by Greg s side Even ordering take out can be an ordeal for Greg, and Artie is happy to run interference Greg hasn t touched anyone without pain in years, but with Artie he finds he has someone to lean on, even as the stalker finds new ways to torment him Can the two of them find a way to solve the mystery of Greg s tormenter before one of them gets hurt

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    1. 4.5 starsA very good creepy thriller. So be prepared its a bit gruesome, I'm not joking there were a few queasy moments, the bad guy is truly evil. This wasn't your average run of the mill murder investigation either, pretty nerve racking and gets under your skin. Greg and Artie are working together to solve a case, Greg suffers horribly with visions, they are not fun and are pretty tormenting. He's lucky that Artie is his rock and keeps him sane and grounded, because I can tell you he needs all [...]

    2. Ok paranormal m/m romance about a psychic who can basically read minds when he touches someone or touches an object someone else touched. This makes him very useful to the police until a serial killer starts working to get his attention. I found this a frustrating read - too many sex scenes, too many food descriptions, and too many sentence fragments (reminding me that "Rob Knight" is just a "Sean Michael" pseudonym).

    3. I need Knight to make this into a series. I loved this book. I just can't say enough. I can't stop thinking about it and comparing other books to it. The thriller part was excellent: intense, unpredictable, frightening. The romance part was beautiful: sweet, believable, tender, and very hot sex. The paranormal part was handled really well. I like how he thought of what it would really be like for someone with this ability to live: how he's treated as an invalid, as fragile, as someone who can't [...]

    4. I really, really enjoyed this book. Not just because it had lovely, hot scenes of men screwing madly, though that always is a plus. No, the enjoyment came because I'm severely addicted to books that have characters who can use more than their five senses. There's no good reason for this addiction, it's just something that I've always liked.Throw in a cat with a bad attitude and I'm hooked.There's so much to enjoy in this book. I keep hoping that the author is going to write more with these two c [...]

    5. One and a half stars, where a half is for Duke, half for the characters who miraculously came off as adorable and the last half for that fact that though I didn't like the book I didn't hate it either.

    6. Reading this story was kind of like watching a very thrilling movie on a tv with bad reception. There were so many things I liked about this book. I cared very much about the main characters. There were moments when I flapped my hands and squealed “Eeeeek!” There was humor, horror, and hotness. There’s a cat. There’s food – lots of it, in fact. The villain was truly, madly, deeply villainous. I am extremely appreciative of authors who are willing to go that far to make the monsters tha [...]

    7. I found this book to be weirdly mild, considering it's about a deranged serial killer. Well, not about him so much as he provides the mystery half of this mystery/romance. The other half is Greg, understandably neurotic psychic, and Artie, big blond cop. Now, see, those last three words are what motivated me to read this book in the first place. I can't resist a book about big blond cops. But as for the rest of it, the romance felt sort of unfulfilling (even if the sex was hot), and the writing [...]

    8. The idea of this book is quite interesting, the characters very likable and in the hands of a better author or at least someone with a better editor/beta it could have been an amazing piece of fiction. But as it is, I give it only two stars. Why? Mostly because of the way it's written. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about spelling errors. I'm talking about the words and phrases the author chose. Like for example "There is milk at the house" instead of "I have milk at home". Or "Artie loved [...]

    9. I loved this book, Greg and Artie were such a cute couple. And Duke was just so funny in it. I laughed so hard when he would hiss or bite Artie. The plot was interesting and the characters were fun characters, there was a lot to this book not just romance. It made for a very fun read that kept me engrossed until the end. :)

    10. Let me tell you, this book is very hard to review. This is my first brush with Knight so I can’t say whether this was an experimental piece for the author or not.The characters were definitely engaging enough. Greg’s “gift” is played pretty realistically, except for one major flaw. One of those “the story couldn’t have been told if we took care of it” type flaws: Greg could have just worn gloves to avoid a lot of fallout. But then, you know, there wouldn’t be a story, so we’ll [...]

    11. 2.5 starsIf I had to use one word to describe this book it would be 'weird'.As a lover of crime fiction and all things paranormal I was looking forward to this, hoping it would be more than glorified porn unlike most of mm romance books. (I come for the plot, not for the sex and I'm hugely disappointed most of the time. But let me get back to this particular book.) It is not. Well, not really.There is the main plot of psycho killer obsessed with Greg and his ability, which could have been brilli [...]

    12. This is a nice story about a man, Greg, who has a unique ability though he, rightfully so, considers it to be a curse. A curse that has completely taken over his life. Only one person is allowed close to him and that's Artie, a police detective and friend/protector. A serial killer has his sights on Greg and is using his ability to get to him in the worst possible way. As the killings are being investigated by Artie, the killer has upped the ante and is slowly bringing Greg into his dangerous wo [...]

    13. This book was strange. It was mostly very well written, and the concept was strong. The characters were all well developed, the psychic ability well developed, the serial killer was well developed (er, or something along those lines). But then there's the pacing, where all of a sudden, SEX! SEX! SEX! Which is fine, I suppose (it is a bit of a romance novel, after all, even if it reads like mainly a thriller and the serial killer is one of three main points of view and the fourth is a victim). It [...]

    14. 4.5 StarsI like this type of books, serial killer, very gruesome killings, and plenty love between the characters.Perfect.The two main characters were terrific, even when at the beginning of the story there were more concerned about what to cook for dinner than catching the serial killer.I won't make a big deal about why the police woman went to the serial killer's house without any back –up, after a judge signed for a search warrant. There were a few WHAT THE?? moments for sure. Still, it was [...]

    15. I started skimming through it at about 60% of the way through. It started out okay, but the dialogue just got nauseating after a while. "Want. Need. Now. Oh." ugh. I agree with others that this plot and the characters in the hands of a better writer could have been really good. Maybe the author would do better as an ideas person in collaboration with another writer, because there are some great tidbits in this story.

    16. 2015 Re-read:Ah, I love this book. I think this is only the second time I’ve read it but it stayed in my mind all those years. And it hasn’t lost any of its appeal.Sure, the psychopathic killer is a cliché. Sure, the cuddling and sex and loving does take over once it begins.And sure, the style sounds so much like Sean Michael of the same period that I am quite positive they’re the same person after all.The thing is? It all works. It’s an endlessly sweet, intense story, a beautiful take [...]

    17. After reading this book a second time I have to take two stars back. Although the killer/psychic-plot is great and suitably creepy, as soon as Greg and Artie become a couple the tension decreases. There is suddenly a lot of sex with single words and "Damn. Short. Sentences." It got on my nerves to read only "Yes. So Good. More." I know it is something new for Greg to finally be able to touch someone and for all I care they can fuck like bunnys but I don't want to read every single time. Why not [...]

    18. 5 Stars for the story. 1 Star for the writing style. 4 Stars for Duke. 2 stars for them CONSTANTLY eating. I am going to call that a solid 3 Stars. Let me start off by saying this was REALLY hard for me to finish and read. The. Sentences were. The sentences were short. Short. Yes. It grated on my nerves to the point where I wanted to put it down but the actual story kept me going.I liked how Greg's gift was neurological so just putting on gloves wouldn't help. It was in their heads. I really lik [...]

    19. There are things that I really loved about this book - the characterizations of the MCs, the way they cared about each other, the use of food to express love (because yay!), well written sex scenes (which means very little one-two-three fingers - GO! but the actual description of intimacy), strong female secondary characters - all that was great!Niggles are that the thriller plot was not really elaborated on (it is very gruesome but I didn't buy the obsession thing), too many sex scenes (they we [...]

    20. The premise of this book was really good. Howeverd this may so totally be my fault. I had a hard time following who's point of view was who's and who was talking when. Like I said, it could have been my fault as I couldn't seem to fully engage. Although there was a definite creep factor that had my full attention.I've seen several really good reviews on this. So, I don't want to sway people away from reading it. I'll do a re-read in a couple of months and see if it isn't a bit smoother for me. I [...]

    21. I've read this book before, but I couldn't remember anything about it so I decided to give it another try. It turns out to be a nice book, but it basically composed of:- 50% food - talking about food, ordering it, cooking it and eating it - I get the "love goes through the stomach" thing, but there's a bit too much bonding over food in a story where it shouldn't be of any particular importance- 10% Duke, the cat - a spoiled, slightly annoying siamese cat- 20% smut- 20% interesting serial killer [...]

    22. This story was a lot darker than I thought it was going to be. I liked the relationship between Greg and Archie. They are already friends at the start of the story and very close to being more than that. The mystery part was pretty gruesome but I liked that the book didn't end as soon as the mystery was solved. Life didn't instantly go back to normal and it was good to watch the two men work their way back to a good place.

    23. A very entertaining read. The powers the MC has are very creepy but the author does not dwell on them too much. Enough so the reader understands how horrible his "gift" is but not enough to give me nightmares. Otherwise it was an interesting mystery/drama/romance. I highly recommend this story and really enjoy this author.

    24. This could have been really good, I'm not saying that I didn't like the book as it is but it could have been so much more. I think the characters are well written, and the killer is creepy and in the beginning ther's some sweet chemistry between Artie and Greg but then for a while all they do is to have sex and eat, sort of like they have some food fetish.

    25. Difficult read. Not because it is poorly written, but because it is darn grim. Loved the characters, loved the slow revealing of back history as the plot unveils. Well timed story thread. And loved the cranky cat.

    26. This feels incomplete? You're thrown right in and there's just no reason to care for these characters that you're totally disconnected from. No thanks.

    27. I really enjoyed reading this story. It was well plotted with distinct likeable characters (including an amazing cat). I loved the thriller aspect and overall felt that it was really well done.

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