Lulu Loves the Library

Lulu Loves the Library Re issue of Lulu Loves the Library in the USA Lola at the Library now with a multi language CD Listen to the story in over languages

  • Title: Lulu Loves the Library
  • Author: Anna McQuinn
  • ISBN: 9781907825071
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Re issue of Lulu Loves the Library in the USA Lola at the Library now with a multi language CD Listen to the story in over 20 languages.

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      I am so lucky to spend my time working with books and stories I work one day a week running groups for babies, toddlers and their parents at a local library I spend two days a week writing and six days a week as publisher at the tiny independent publisher, Alanna Books.In my spare time, I read what a wonderful life There are some Children s Books on my shelves obviously but for a comprehensive selection of children s recommendations, look at Lulu s shelves user show 32

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    1. It is often a challenge to find children's books with black characters that aren't overwhelmed with historical narratives or self-affirming gobbly-gook (be like Harriet Tubman! You're special! No really!) The little touches make this book unique and lovely: Lola's soft cloud of unraveled hair when she wakes up, the way she kneels on the floor during story time at the library, or how her mom spoons a little cappuccino foam in her mouth during their snack-time. I read this book to my daughter almo [...]

    2. Who doesn't remember being a child and getting excited when it was that day of the week that you got to go to the library? Ok still is like that for me as an adult. That day of the week when I was a kid was Saturday. My mom who was also an avid reader would take me ever single Saturday and I always loaded up on books. I always took out the maximum amount that the library would let me and sometimes even convinced the one librarian to let me sneak in one or two more. Lola is up bright and early b [...]

    3. The story is very simple: It’s about the weekly trip Lola and her mother make to the library, although it includes a bit about the rest of their day, including the bedtime story. It may not be a flashy story, but it’s a great book for teaching kids about the library, and it’s a bit of a love letter to libraries and books, so of course I enjoyed it.I really liked the illustrations too.The author and illustrator are both English but it doesn’t have a particularly English flavor; this story [...]

    4. My family has fallen in love with this book. The text and illustrations are both top notch. But I must admit we fell in love with the illustrations immediately. They are superb!!!Little Lola gets so much joy from her trip to the library that it truly is contagious. It's great for encouraging the love of books and reading. Thank yous to Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw for giving me something I can feel good about sharing with my children. Something that positively reinforces our values (we ar [...]

    5. Nothing more heart warming than reading a children's book about a little girl who loves frequenting the library.

    6. I read this one in Dutch, but I will be writing this review in English so more people can know about this book.Because, boy, this book is super adorable, cute, fluffy, and perfect for us bookworms. Going to the libraries is such a magical thing, and I was just delighted to see how Bibi (or Lulu/Lola) loves going to the library. She was all eager at super early in the morning, and all done with putting in her books in a bag even before they had to leave.Most kids I see going to the library are to [...]

    7. What a beautiful book! At the end of the story, I felt joyful. The illustrations are spectacular.Bonus points that the protagonist, Lola, happens to be both female and of African heritage and that there is diversity among the other characters.I will be looking up other books by this author and in this series.

    8. Perfect intro for young children to the public library. Sweet illustrations of Lola greeting a baby in a stroller, picking her books, finding her library card, sitting quietly during story time, and the description of a librarian "buzzing the books through the machine" make it very accurate for a toddler's experience at the library.

    9. Lola has the sweetest face. But Lola's mom needs some more fashionable shoes! (per Laura Baines' observation)

    10. Every Tuesday Lola and her mother visit their local library to return and check out books, attend story readings, and share a special treat.Find at JMRL: goo/BkqDuS

    11. Horn Book Guide Spring 2007In this amiable picture book, Lola and her mother visit the public library each Tuesday for a morning of stories, songs, and book borrowing. A snack at a cafe and the walk home complete the ritual. Beardshaw's cozy paintings, with their soft edges and bright colors, convey Lola's love for her mother and their library visits.Kirkus Reviews June 15, 2006It's Tuesday: library day and Lola's favorite time of the weekly routine. At the library, Lola can visit "a special sec [...]

    12. I realize I'm some kind of negligent boob, but tonight was the first time I took my 2 1/2 year old to the library. In my defense, I have a very spirited and physical child so I dreaded shushing her and containing her gigantic force of will. So, with my 5-month-old strapped to my chest and my toddler in tow (and I mean she was towing *me*), we took our first trip to the library tonight. I was rewarded for my efforts with the following: --Bella tore books off the shelf and attempted to misfile the [...]

    13. Tuesday is Lola's favorite day of the week. Why? It's library day. Lola gets to pick out new books, play, and even listen to a story. The library is Lola's favorite place.What I thought: I like Lola from the moment I met her in Lola Loves Stories. Her first book doesn't disappoint me. I now know where her love of stories comes from--her weekly visits to the library. The illustrations are bright and colorful. The lines are soft and don't overpower the color. My favorite illustration is of story t [...]

    14. I used this story for a libraries/reading/books theme for Spanish story time. I used the English version, Lola At the Library, for bilingual story time. The story shows Lola getting ready for her visit to the library, what happens when she's there, and what happens afterward. It's a good example of a book that facilitates children's narrative skills by asking children questions about the beginning, middle, and end of the book as it is being read and after the story is finished. Since my theme fo [...]

    15. How could I not like a book that mirrors the way I am with our girls? Faithfully, just about every Saturday we go to the library and return our old books and pick up countless more. Sometimes we go twice a week, visiting different libraries each time. And when our girls were younger, I would take as many Wednesdays or Thursdays off as I could to bring them to library storytime - I knew when each of our libraries had them and our girls loved it! When it comes to reading stories at bedtimewell tha [...]

    16. Lola at the Libary is a great book to pull out before your class goes to the school library! I believe this book can show children the importance of a library and just how useful and fun going to the library can be! In the story, Lola loves Tuesdays because that's the day Lola goes to the library with her mom. Therefore, the teacher could start a writing prompt of, " I love Tuesdays because" and the class could create their own mini books. Overall, I would recommend this book for children in pre [...]

    17. This belongs on the shelf with the holy books. Lola is the cutest little girl in the whole world and loves the library more than anyone else and is the most conscientious, responsible, adorable library user ever. This book features characters of color without it being the focus of the story, this book celebrates the love of libraries and learning and books and stories and Tuesdays, and this book made me so happy I cried.

    18. This is a great book that incorporate organic diversity. Lola and her mother are black, just going about their daily routine which involves going to the library every Tuesday. Lola is very excited and loves her library visits. Of course, this is a great time to talk about libraries and all the books that are available. This book promotes print motivation with simple language that motivates the children to learn more about her library visit.

    19. Every fall we start with a library themed storytime and I always read this book. It is sweet, reflects the experience of going to the library almost perfectly (I say print a receipt instead of stamp a date) and has charming pictures. When we say we need diverse books, this is one of the things that we mean. The characters are African American and the story and the appeal are universal. Love and joy radiate from every page.

    20. A sweet, adorable book, Lola at the Library is so appealing that I can't imagine a two or three-year-old who wouldn't want to visit the library after hearing it. The words are simple, the print large, and the paintings cheerful, bright, and always from a child's eye view. Lola is a cherub of a toddler having a delightful day.

    21. This book is a must have in your classroom in my opinion. I love the concept of showing children how exciting the library can be. It gives children an appreciation for the library once aware of the fun things that can be done there.L.E.: Have the children show correct book handling skills and act out how a day at the library might be.

    22. One of the cutest books I've ever read! This book had great illustrations and allowed you to follow Lola through her experiences of going to the library with her mom! I'd love to include this is my classroom.

    23. Easily, this book gets five SUPER stars. It is absolutely wonderful. It does a great job of introducing the library and its many merits. Lola and her mother are seen engaging in something that will have a lifelong impact. Superb!!!

    24. This book is about a young girl who takes a trip to the library with her mother every Tuesday. I think this would be a great book to encourage students to go to the library outside of school, maybe get a library card and go over summer break.

    25. I just love Lola! Besides simply being cute, she is always exploring and learning and having fun. This time we find Lola and her mom at the library - their usual Tuesday ritual which includes all kinds of treats. Another good story in the the Lola series.

    26. I loved this book. Lola is so cute. She's excited about reading and exploring her local library. This has a great influence on young children because it makes them want to be involved in reading and visiting the library.

    27. I've been reading this book atleast once a week to my 1 yr old daughter she loves it!!!!!! She points at the pictures & says Lola,dog,lola mama I luv to read things that she can relate to Lola is brown just like her <3

    28. Lola and her mom are going to the library! This is an adorable description of a visit to the library, and when we read it in storytime a lot of the parents laughed and related to various parts of it. Perfect for a toddler or preschool storytime.

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