Demon Slave

Demon Slave Marik Radkov believed the only thing left from his tortured past was the physical scars that adorned his body But when he is stranded on a foreign planet and held captive by an enticing blue eyed str

  • Title: Demon Slave
  • Author: Kiersten Fay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Marik Radkov believed the only thing left from his tortured past was the physical scars that adorned his body But when he is stranded on a foreign planet, and held captive by an enticing blue eyed stranger, he is forced to face his past once To survive, he must subdue his lust, while keeping the mysterious and sexy woman from snaring his heart.After escaping a violeMarik Radkov believed the only thing left from his tortured past was the physical scars that adorned his body But when he is stranded on a foreign planet, and held captive by an enticing blue eyed stranger, he is forced to face his past once To survive, he must subdue his lust, while keeping the mysterious and sexy woman from snaring his heart.After escaping a violent assault of her home planet, Princess Nadua has been hiding on the cold planet Undewla for four hundred years, all but losing hope that her people will return for her When the threat of a rebellion arises, Nadua must decide if she can trust the ruthless demon who strokes a desire she thought was long dead.

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      Kiersten Fay is the author of the steamy romance series, Shadow Quest, in which she combines paranormal and sci fi with loose concepts from lore and mythology In 2013, her short story, Racing Hearts, was published in The Mammoth Book of Futuristic Romance In 2012, via gravetells, she won Favorite Story of August 2012 for Demon Retribution, the third book in her Shadow Quest series, and received a nomination for favorite author in that same year Before becoming an author, Kiersten worked as graphic designer, and now loves creating her own book covers.While fully intending to continue her popular Shadow Quest series, she is currently working on a new dark fantasy series called Creatures of Darkness, set in a post apocalyptic world where vampires openly mingle with humans, featuring magic, witches, vampires, and whatever else she decides to throw in.For information on Kiersten Fay, or her upcoming romance novels, visit her website kierstenfay

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    1. I loved this book! Kiersten Fay's Shadow Quest series is now cemented as one of my favorites - right up there with IAD, LotU, Demonica, Alien Huntress well you get the idea :)While you can easily see Fay's influence from other paranormal/sci-fi romance series (see my fav's listed above) she does a great job of making it seem fresh and exciting all over again. Many of her alien species share characteristics with well-loved paranormal creatures, but her story arc is unfolding as an amazing space o [...]

    2. The second book in the Shadow Quest series by Kiersten Fay. Marik was captured by blue tinted creatures called Cyrellians on the planet Undewla while searching for Princess Nadua. But one of his captors is unlike the others and dresses in furs. He discovers she is the leader of these people.I wasn't in love with the heroine for the most part but she got me in the end. Loved Marik, but I loved him from the previous book in the series, The Demon's Possession. A good series that kept me interested [...]

    3. Man, I'm not sure why I'm even giving this book two stars Wistfulness, I suppose. This one totally killed the series for me. I liked the first one just fine, though sometimes the characters were so daft is was painful and it was riddled with editing errors. In this one, the errors have been dramatically reduced. It is literally the only improvement made.Demon Slave was, incredibly, a DNF for me- probably one of maybe three books ever. I was seven tenths of the way through the book when I threw m [...]

    4. 3.5 'ICY COLD' STARS One thing I really loved aboutDemon Slaveis the world-building. Everything is explained in very a great detail, I could almost feel the freezing coldness of the Undewla planet. It's got an authentic feel to it -- from the trees to the creatures who could withstand an extreme cold surroundings without bundling themselves with layers of fur -- I could imagine them all very vividly.Author Kiersten Fay's writing's also is better in this one. There's this scene in a cave with the [...]

    5. I don't buy booksbut I bought this one. Great new author! I was captivated with a sample of the first book, couldn't put it down once I got the whole book in hand, and the second was the same. The second couldn't compete with how great the first book was but it for sure kept the momentum going. A bit confused still with one scene but it was so good I just didn't care.

    6. I was excited to read book 2 of the Shadow Quest series by Kiersten Fay since I so greatly enjoyed book 1, Demon Possession, when I read it last year. However, I was disappointed with the scope and character development here. Demon Slave did a good job of continuing the major plot line established in book 1 but lacked the depth that I so enjoyed.Marik, who I liked as a supporting character in Demon Possession, often annoyed me as the hero in this book. His actions and thoughts, along with Nadua [...]

    7. I just love this book. It was a amazing reading. Demon Slave, incorporated much of the main characters from Demon Possession, but is mainly the story of Marik and Nadua (Anya’s sister).The book did a good job of continuing the story from the first book with different characters added to the mix. I like that we have several other story lines to look forward. That makes you look forward for the next couple of books. I found it hard to put this book down. I'm very anxious to find out what happens [...]

    8. WHY DO THE HEROINES ALWAYS HAVE TO BE STUBBORN, PRIDEFUL BITCHES? It is NOT entertaining and I'm shocked that authors think it appealing for their main charater to be so rude, disdainful, and mean!

    9. 4.5 stars. Maybe not as good as the first book, but great none the less. Can't wait to read the third book, and I can say I have high expectations for it.

    10. This is the 2nd part to a series, but you could almost read this one as a standalone with a little background knowledge of the underlying main story line, as the story is surrounding 2 different characters than the main ones in the first part. This one takes us to a frozen planet in search of another of the princesses/sisters who have been separated from their people due to an invasion. We also get more introduced to another demon and his personality and background. Fey does not disappoint. Love [...]

    11. I re-read this book when I was sick. Let me say, having a headache was not going to deter me from seeing the relationship grow between Marick and Princess Nadua. You have no idea how happy I was to see a story told from Marik's perspective. I adored him in the first book, and I am so excited to learn more about him in this one. If you need a good book to read, when you are sick or even when your not I would highly recommend this one. Kierston once again blows me away with the depth she puts into [...]

    12. What a fantastic read!! This book is as good as if not better than the first. So happy to read Marik's story with Nadua. Both of these characters were well developed and likeable. The story had extra little plots playing in the background that just made it even more entertaining as a read. Lots of action and the secondary characters were just as engaging and likeable. Loved it from beginning to end!!

    13. Kiersten Fay has a wonderful talent for writing a perfectly balanced romance with an entrancing plot and just the right amount of spice to keep you turning the pages. Nuada's story was just as entrancing as her sisters. I loved the differences in the characters, how fierce Nuada was compared to sweet Anya. I loved how she help Marik face the demons of his past and finally see the other side. I can't wait to read what happens next.

    14. I'm enjoying this series. I liked Marik in book one and was happy to read his story. Nadua was an interesting character. Looking forward to reading the next book.*I received an ARC of this book which I am voluntarily reviewing*

    15. What a fantastic story. I've wanted to cuddle Marik and show him some love since the first book. I love how diverse his character was written with a nice mixture of hard and softy. I look forward to the next installment!!

    16. I love it sooooooo freaking much!!!! I actually could not put this book down. Love knowing more about Marik, his past and his heart. Also getting to know Nadua and how fierce and loyal she is. And there might be a little something more going on in that ship. Love it and totally recommend it!

    17. DNF @ 68%I'm sorry I couldn't finish this one. I really liked the first book, and I really liked Marik, but it became too much fantasy instead of sci-fi. Nothing wrong with the story, just not my cup of tea.

    18. I highly recommend this series. It really is well-written and includes some very interesting paranormal characters. The author includes a lot of action as well as romance as the demons find their mates at unlikely times and face great danger. While it is part of a series, the author does a great job including all the information you need to understand the story even if you are just starting the series. Sebastian, Analia and Marik are all on the hunt for Analia's sister, Nadua, while Sebastian's [...]

    19. A great second book of this series. I love how Marik and Nadua interacts. They development is great through out the story and we get the happy ending. As always the secondary characters are as well developed as the main characters. Great world construction and images. As Kiersten Fay got us used, her books are a treat and a delight to read!

    20. GENRE: Science Fiction RomanceTHEME: Demon, ParanormalRECEIVED: AuthorBLOG: seeingnight/REVIEW:It’s been a while since I read the first in the shadow quest series but as soon as I started, I immediately was drawn back in the world of demons and space pirates. I loved Sebastian and Anya’s story so much and was thrilled to read about them again even as secondary characters. This time around we get to follow Marik, a crewmember from Sebastians ship who is trying to track down Anya’s long lost [...]

    21. Demon Slave starts off from where we left Sebastian, Analia, Marik, Sonya and Ethan attempting to find one of Analia’s missing sisters. Kiersten Fay does an excellent job of making this a stand alone book and yet still weaving so very much of story arc into the book. I was impressed with her ability to make a reader feel comfortable whether they had read Demon Possession or not for what it’s worth I would suggest that you read this series in order, I know there’s a shocker, but so far both [...]

    22. Demon Slave is the second book in the Shadow Quest series. It follows Marik and Nadua in the Ice world of Undewla. Marik gets stranded after being separated from his friends on Undewla trying to locate Nadua. (One of Analia's lost sisters mentioned in the first book).The author did a great job in the world building. I like when I read a story and you can picture the surrounding vividly. Lots of action and again well described. Some new and interesting characters were introduced in this book and [...]

    23. I enjoyed reading Demon Slave. It incorporated much of the main characters from Demon Possession, but is mainly the story of Marik and Nadau (Analia’s sister). In this story Marik is captured, he breaks out, kidnaps and saves the life of the local’s queen, discovers she is the person he is looking for, fights the horrors of his past, falls for the girl, accidently breaks an old demon law, fights for his future and fights for the woman he loves.Nadau has lived the last 400 years not being abl [...]

    24. I like my demons like I like my food, HOT. This series Shadow Quest by Kiersten Fay is going to be the death of me. I couldn’t believe my luck when I started reading Demon Slave and Marik, the cook, story was told. I love him more than any other character; right now anyway, because of the horrors he has had to endure. Being taken away from your home world and made to live on the Edge for centuries can really mess with a mans mind. How he stayed sane with a heart of gold is mind-boggling. His l [...]

    25. After finishing Book 1 in the Shadow Quest Series (Demon Possession) I had to dive into book 2. Demon Slave captivated my attention from the very start. I really liked Marik's character in Demon Possession and was thrilled to find that I would see more of him in Demon Slave. Marik is so broken inside in the beginning of Demon Slave. His past and the hardships he has endured have made him question himself and his honor and watching him fall for Nadua while at the same time trying to push her away [...]

    26. Kiersten Fay is one of my favorite writers. This is book 2 in the Shadow Quest series and picks up right where book 1 left off. *Warning: possible spoilers*Marick, the Marada's cook and good friend to captain Sebastian and his brother Calic and sister Sonya, is captured when the group and Anya land on the freezing, snow filled planet Undewla to find one of her sisters, Nadua. It's a bit coincidental that the group that captures him is led by none other than Nadua herselfor is it? According to De [...]

    27. Another awesome book by Kiersten Fay. I would have given it five stars if not for Nadua's slightly annoying personality. And I do mean slightly, just a teensy bit.So Marik's stranded and left behind on Undewla (read Book 1 if you don't know why) and is captured by Nadua and her Cyrellian troops. But Marik think she's Cyrellian because the only body he can see is her eyes and Nadua happens to have ice blue eyes just like Cyrellians. So thus the story begins.We do get a glimpse into Marik's tragic [...]

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