Walk of the Spirits

Walk of the Spirits When Miranda Barnes first sees the sleepy town of St Yvette Louisiana with its moss draped trees above ground cemeteries and her grandfather s creepy historic home she realizes that life as she k

  • Title: Walk of the Spirits
  • Author: Richie Tankersley Cusick
  • ISBN: 9780142410509
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Miranda Barnes first sees the sleepy town of St Yvette, Louisiana, with its moss draped trees, above ground cemeteries, and her grandfather s creepy historic home, she realizes that life as she knew it is officially over Almost immediately, there seems to be something cloying at her Something lonely and sad and very pressing Even at school and in the group pWhen Miranda Barnes first sees the sleepy town of St Yvette, Louisiana, with its moss draped trees, above ground cemeteries, and her grandfather s creepy historic home, she realizes that life as she knew it is officially over Almost immediately, there seems to be something cloying at her Something lonely and sad and very pressing Even at school and in the group project she s been thrown into, she can t escape it Whispers when she s alone, shadows when no one is there to make them, and a distant pleading voice that wakes her from sleep The other members in Miranda s group project, especially handsome Etienne, can see that Miranda is in distress She is beginning to understand that, like her grandfather before her, she has a special gift of communicating with spirits who still walk the town of St Yvette And no matter where she turns, Miranda feels bound by their whispered pleas for help unless she can somehow find a way to bring them peace.

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    1. Richie Tankersley Cusick

      Richie Tankersley Cusick is the bestselling young adult author of over 25 titles, including two adult horror titles, Scarecrow and Blood Roots Her popularity grew at the height of the horror YA boom in the late 80 s early 90 s, particularly with books like Lifeguard , Trick or Treat and Teacher s Pet , just to name a few, allowing her to keep company on the bestseller paperback lists with the likes of R.L Stine and Christopher Pike Her fan base expanded about the time she changed publishers to Archway Pocket Books with titles like Vampire and Someone at the Door.

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    1. 3.5 StarsI was a massive fan of Richie Tankersley Cusick when I was younger so I was really excited to see she had written this series. It didn't quite meet all my expectations but I did enjoy it.I really loved the characters – especially Etienne and Roo. It did take a while for me to warm to Miranda but by the end I really liked her. What I really loved was the playful banter and continuous teasing between all of the characters. It was really fun to read and my favourite aspect of the book. I [...]

    2. This is a fast paced ghost story. It is perfect for a scary evening. It was well written and I was drawn in from the start. Also if you love ghost stories with an Amercian Civil War theme, this story is for you.

    3. Bad prose and a really annoying protagonist are the two things I came away with from reading this book.The writing suffered from a lot of repetition and a lack of sentence variety. Also, it felt sort of choppy to me. I constantly kept checking chapter lengths because it was starting to drag on my enjoyment of the story. It got better later on but not enough to leave me with a favorable impression.Also, Miranda, even if she’s a teenager was the brattiest thing ever. She’s so overly dramatic i [...]

    4. If you love paranormal romance with humor, this book is for you. To start off Miranda has to move to a small town in Louisiana because her home town was destroyed by a hurricane. At first she is miserably alone and pissed at the world. However, due to the small town and her famously know (crazy) Grandpa she is pretty much placed into a group of friends that already know a lot about her. Of course there is a love brewing but I think the best relationship in this series is Roo and Parker! They hav [...]

    5. Cusick, Richie Tankersley Walk of the Sprits pgs. 320 PuffinLanguage~PG-13, Sexual Content~PG-13; Violence~PG-13Miranda has just lived through a nightmare. A hurricane devastated her home in Florida, now homeless, she and her mother have moved to Louisiana to live with her Aunt Teeta and her grandfather. As part of a school project, Miranda and her friends need to research the history behind their town for a Ghost Walk. A Ghost Walk is a tour of an area with special interest in the stories of th [...]

    6. OK story, but sometimes I felt the author was trying a little too hard.Plus, the protagonist was a little annoying, even for a 17 year old!

    7. There's nothing I love more than a good paranormal story but Walk of the Spirits is quite possibly the most predictable book I've ever read. My first and biggest problem with it is the characters. They were so annoying and painfully stereotypical. Parker, the smartass athlete who drinks a lot and hates his parents. Roo,the misfit. Ashley, the preppy perfect cheerleader type. Gage, the irresistible one and Etienne, who always comes to everyone's rescue. Last but not least is the main character Mi [...]

    8. It was a very good book, I gave it 5 stars because I liked the story outline. The book is about a girl named Miranda,she is forced to move to her mothers hometown after an unfortunate hurricane hit her miami home. There she meets new friend Ashley, Parker, Roo, Gage, and Etienne who sh has taken a special liking to. Then in the small town of St. Yvette word spreads fast that the grand-daughter of the local town wack job has arrived. Miranda didn't even know she had a grandfathher untill she was [...]

    9. I didn't realize until after I actually looked at the cover of this book that this author was someone I'd actually read before. She wrote a bunch of scary teen books that I read when I was younger. That being saidis book was not as scary as I remember her others being, but it was still spooky enough to fit my Halloween mood. However, the main character here, Miranda, was so incredibly obnoxious and did not change or evolve at all through the course of the novel. Some of the stuff that happens in [...]

    10. I think what I loved the most about this book was the great relationships Miranda's new friends had. They were different from each other. I never would have imagined a dark, goth-like girl hanging out with a cheerful cheerleader & the school's star football player. (Although there's a good reason why the dark chick & the cheerleader hang out.) And even though they teased each other all the time, they cared about each other a lot. (Parker & Roo were just hilarious, and Gage was too cu [...]

    11. Slow, boring and cliched, Walk of the Spirits was not a book I would have expected from an author I consider a favourite. Miranda moves to a new town and for some reason, starts seeing ghosts. Not that she's ever done this before. She quickly makes friends with a group of cardboard characters and the scooby doo gang try and solve the ghostly mystery, while Miranda thinks a lot. We have pages and pages of her thoughts, most of which are repeated from previous pages. I have no idea how I finished [...]

    12. I love books about ghosts, and Miranda's ability to talk to them and help them was cool. The humor in here was great. I love that kind of sarcastic, dry, witty humor.The main characters are just not my kind of people. Roo was always somber and depressing, what with her morbid fascination with death and anything remotely dark. She was always taking a drag from cigarettes, and Etienne was always chain smoking with her. I just didn’t go for it. The way she talked about him, saying he was hot and [...]

    13. Cusick, Richie Tankersley Walk of the Spirits, 328 p. Speak (Penguin), 2008. A hurricane in Florida has driven Miranda and her mother back to Mom's childhood home, next to her loving aunt, but also to her crazy grandfather, whom her mother doesn't even want Miranda to meet. As she as she comes to town, however, Miranda starts having bad dreams. With the help of five new friends, who enfold Miranda immediately into their group, Miranda must learn about her gifts and how to use them to help troubl [...]

    14. No words could start to explain how amazing this book was, this is one of the thriller books I would never forget I have read. This book is obviously about ghosts and spirits that other people can see and would hope to help them get to the other side, but mixed in with all the drama of this book was love and heating comments. 16 Miranda is shattered when her life suddenly changes because of a natural disaster. Miranda soon has to move and start her life over again, meeting new people and doing n [...]

    15. I read this book only because it was sold for 7 dollars and had part 1 and 2 of the SPIRIT WALK series. Sounds like a good deal to me, at least when buying it from Walmart it isWHAT I LIKEDOne time while doing research on how to develop characters for your novel, I came across a worksheet that described some stereotypical character types. I feel as if Richie found this same exact worksheet! All of her characters are typical, predictable. You have the cocky jock (Parker), the ditsy blonde-but-lov [...]

    16. Growing up, I was a huge fan of Cusick's books. I've read almost all of her junior fiction, and when I saw that she started writing young adult books, I naturally became excited when I saw this book at the store. One of the major positive qualities that this book has is how historical it is. Cusick uses the Civil War to fuel the plot in the book in a small town city, St. Yvette. Miranda moves to this small town because her home was destroyed in a hurricane. She makes five new friends: Ashley, Ro [...]

    17. Spirits. Ghost. Whatever. Paranormal, supernatural book. Walk of the Spirits. Ghost/Paranormal book.Okay, I'm done talking/typing good old sentence with only subjects. English teachers would call it fragments, but we are not talking about the correct usage of grammar here. Right? Right (nods and crosses fingers), I hope none of you guys are English teachers.Anyway, I love how Walk of the Spirits started out. Miranda Barnes seeing her new home for the first time is definitely a good and strong be [...]

    18. Reviewed by Randstostipher "tallnlankyrn" Nguyen for TeensReadTooHurricanes do anything possible. They cause chaos, damage, and emotional distress. For Miranda Barnes, the hurricane that hit Florida is causing all of the above tearing her life apart.Miranda is losing everything - her home, her friends; basically, the life she's adapted to. Now, once she moves into her grandfather's house in St. Yvette, Louisiana, strange things start to happen. It's bad enough that everyone thinks her grandfathe [...]

    19. Well, shucksWalk of the Spirits seemed like such a promising read based on the blurb, but it ended up being a pretty darn big disappointment. The setting is described in the blurb as: "sleepy St. Yvette, Louisiana, with its moss-draped trees and aboveground cemeteries". Sadly, that seemed to be the most atmospheric description offered anywhere in the book, and that made me sad. I freaking love books and movies set in Louisiana amongst the old cemeteries, bayous, and Civil War-era mansions. I hat [...]

    20. This is a great book, I was caught in the story right from the first chapter, its full of suspense and romance. The story start with Miranda and her mothers tragic lost. Her father had died a few yrs. ago and now they were survivor's of a hurricane, losing everything, they are now force to move back to her moms home town to live with her grandfather she never meet and hadn't know she had until she was 10, her mother never spoke of him. She moves to the small town of ,St. Yvette, living in the ga [...]

    21. I would call this book a "pleasant diversion." It was an enjoyable ghost story with the requisite twists as Miranda tries to figure out what the ghosts need from her. I could make a couple of quibbles -- why didn't she see any ghosts where she used to live, for instance? And I didn't think Etienne's accent really made sense with the backstory he was given, plus he seems more like 25 than 17. I didn't end up with any grating questions, though. The friendship aspect of the story gave it a boost -- [...]

    22. Walk of Spirits is about a girl, Miranda, having just survived a hurricane and had to move to her estranged grandfathers house, learns that she can communicate with spirits. When we first meet Miranda she is heart broken and confused. She inadvertantly gets brought into this tight knit group of friends, and things take off from there. She learns she can communicate with the dead, she finally meets her grandfather, a ghost is trying to tell her something, Miranda and her friends solve a very old [...]

    23. Alright, so, without giving any of the story line away I'm going to keep this simple. The characters if you can get past that high school snarky/pettyness [or if you're a YA reader like it's aimed for, brilliant.] The friends bickering is really funny and gives it a real feel to them. My one complaint is Miranda, toward the end she seems to develop a bit more, but far less than the other characters. She's somewhat whiny and just Mmm off to me? Maybe she's supposed to be that way.Anyhoo, overall [...]

    24. I absolutely loved this book as it had a wonderful story line and the protaganist was telling the story in her own perfect way. the characters are amazing Etienne who was perfect but yet not so perfect Gage who is the sweet and understanding cousin of Etienne (I would say something about the "cousin" thing but I dont want to ruin the book but anyone who read it understands) Roo funny mean and emo who is just the best person everAshley to my oppinion she doesnt seem very smart but she is kind and [...]

    25. I think I'm too old for this book, because it just seemed cheesy. Although the characters are teenagers, the action seems like it's for 4th graders. In fact, with younger characters, I think this could be a hit for tweens. I'm amazed that it's published under the Speak imprint, which is usually more for teenagers.Miranda Barnes loses everything in a hurricane in Florida, so she and her mother have to move back to St. Yvette, Louisiana, her mother's hometown. Miranda is told she can't speak to he [...]

    26. Probably 3.5 stars. This book was certainly not what I was expecting. It wasn't nearly as dramatic as I thought it was going to be, and some of the things with the ghosts took me by suprise. On the otherhand, I did figure out a lot of what was going to happen. There wasn't really anything much that happened between the actual characters, though. In fact, for the most part, the characters were pretty flat. Parts were kind of spooky,the story was interesting, and I liked Etienne (and whenever he s [...]

    27. Oh gosh, I never really thought I'd be into a ghost story like this. And I am so happy that upon avoiding all the "looks like it's going to be another obvious cliché"' books in the YA/Paranormal Romance section, I can still see originality and creativity stories.The character might be a bit annoying at first with their different - yet sometime frustrating personalities - but once you realize how similar they are to us and the people in school - may they be shallow and like to cake their faces i [...]

    28. This book is truly amazing. I do have to say that in the beginning it wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. But the more I read to more excited I got. I love the different characters and how they just really make this story come together. I would have to say there were a few times were I found myself confused but the more I read on I understand it better.I do have to say that I love the ending of the book, I love how it had me in suspense. I would also have to say my favorite two chara [...]

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