Last Night I Dreamed of Peace: The Diary of Dang Thuy Tram

Last Night I Dreamed of Peace The Diary of Dang Thuy Tram At the age of twenty four Dang Thuy Tram volunteered to serve as a doctor in a National Liberation Front Viet Cong battlefield hospital in the Quang Ngai Province Two years later she was killed by Am

  • Title: Last Night I Dreamed of Peace: The Diary of Dang Thuy Tram
  • Author: Đặng Thùy Trâm Kim Mai Guest Frances FitzGerald Andrew X. Pham
  • ISBN: 9780739354490
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Audio
  • At the age of twenty four, Dang Thuy Tram volunteered to serve as a doctor in a National Liberation Front Viet Cong battlefield hospital in the Quang Ngai Province Two years later she was killed by American forces not far from where she worked Written between 1968 and 1970, her diary speaks poignantly of her devotion to family and friends, the horrors of war, her yearnAt the age of twenty four, Dang Thuy Tram volunteered to serve as a doctor in a National Liberation Front Viet Cong battlefield hospital in the Quang Ngai Province Two years later she was killed by American forces not far from where she worked Written between 1968 and 1970, her diary speaks poignantly of her devotion to family and friends, the horrors of war, her yearning for her high school sweetheart, and her struggle to prove her loyalty to her country At times raw, at times lyrical and youthfully sentimental, her voice transcends cultures to speak of her dignity and compassion and of her challenges in the face of the war s ceaseless fury.The American officer who discovered the diary soon after Dr Tram s death was under standing orders to destroy all documents without military value As he was about to toss it into the flames, his Vietnamese translator said to him, Don t burn this one It has fire in it already Against regulations, the officer preserved the diary and kept it for thirty five years In the spring of 2005, a copy made its way to Dr Tram s elderly mother in Hanoi The diary was soon published in Vietnam, causing a national sensation Never before had there been such a vivid and personal account of the long ordeal that had consumed the nation s previous generations.Translated by Andrew X Pham and with an introduction by Pulitzer Prize winner Frances FitzGerald, Last Night I Dreamed of Peace is an extraordinary document that narrates one woman s personal and political struggles Above all, it is a story of hope in the most dire of circumstances told from the perspective of our historic enemy but universal in its power to celebrate and mourn the fragility of human life.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Đặng Thùy Trâm Kim Mai Guest Frances FitzGerald Andrew X. Pham

      ng Th y Tr m born November 26, 1942, in Hu , Vietnam died on June 22, 1970, in c Ph , Qu ng Ng i Province, Vietnam was a Vietnamese civilian doctor who worked as a battlefield surgeon for North Vietnam during the Vietnam War At the age of 27, she was killed in disputed circumstances by Alien forces while traveling on a trail in the Ba T jungle in the Qu ng Ng i Province of south central Vietnam Her wartime diaries, which chronicle the last two years of her life, attracted international attention following their publication in 2005.One of Tr m s handwritten diaries was captured by U.S forces in December 1969 Following her death in a gun battle on June 22, 1970, a second diary was taken by Frederic Fred Whitehurst, a then 22 year old U.S military intelligence specialist Whitehurst defied an order to burn the diaries, instead following the advice of a South Vietnamese translator not to destroy them He kept them for 35 years, with the intention of eventually returning them to Tr m s family.After returning to the United States, Whitehurst s search for Tr m s family initially proved unsuccessful After earning a Ph.D in chemistry he joined the FBI and still wasn t able to get in touch with anyone from the Vietnamese embassy In March 2005, he and his brother Robert another Vietnam War veteran brought the diaries to a conference on the Vietnam War at Texas Tech University There, they met photographer Ted Engelmann also a Vietnam veteran , who offered to look for the family during his trip to Vietnam the next month With the assistance of Do Xuan Anh, a staff member in the Hanoi Quaker office, Engelmann was able to locate Tr m s mother, Doan Ngoc Tram, and subsequently obtained connections to the rest of her family.In July 2005, Tr m s diaries were published in Vietnam under the title Nh t k ng Th y Tr m ng Th y Tr m s Diary, also known as Yesterday, I dreamed the peace in the USA , which quickly became a bestseller In less than a year, the volume sold than 300,000 copies and comparisons were drawn between Tr m s writings and that of Anne Frank.In August 2005, Fred and Robert Whitehurst traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam, to meet Tr m s family In October of the same year, Tr m s family visited Lubbock, Texas to view the diaries archived at Texas Tech University Vietnam Archive, and then visited Fred Whitehurst and his family in his home state of North Carolina.The diaries were translated into English and published in September 2007 They include family photographs and images of Tr m Translations of the diaries have been published in at least sixteen different languages.In 2009, a film about Tram by Vietnamese director ng Nh t Minh, entitled ng t Do Not Burn It , was released from

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    1. the last entry in her diary seemed particularly poignant. her last words tot he world and she didn't know it. I kept thinking about her mother, and how she felt reading the diary years after Dang's death. Dang would read their letters and write responses to people in her diary, things she didn't tell them in her letters. such love she had. If she didn't like anyone, she wouldn't name them, but spoke about their actions. and those she loved, she always carried in her thoughts. such a loving carin [...]

    2. What I've noticed about most of the reviews of this book is that they all mention the story of how the diary came to be published. They call that story interesting, intriguing, fascinating. And then there's the diary, where I see the words repetetive and never meant for publication mentioned a lot.Basically, people don't want to give this a bad review because it is what it is. The story of a girl who died in the medical service of her country during the Vietnam War.Maybe I don't have enough know [...]

    3. It’s possible the diary of Thuy Tran, a Vietnamese doctor serving in the National Liberation Front army, is a good read in Vietnamese. In English it is… terrible. I tried hard to remind myself of the real life behind the narrative voice, of the fear and sacrifice, of her youth… but despite the evocative form (reading a diary feels like - maybe because it is? - an invasion) the writing is so terrible it’s distracting. I appreciate, too, that Thuy wasn’t a writer by trade and so my expec [...]

    4. The excellent fifteen page introduction by Frances Fitzgerald of Last Night I Dreamed of Peace contains some incisive observations about the book, its meaning and its history and its origins. The book itself is a diary, an interior monologue by the main character Dang Thuy Tram, a mid twenty-something woman who is a new doctor in the midst of the war in Vietnam. Her job is to care for wounded Viet Cong soldiers just below the seventeenth parallel that divides the North and the South. She is surr [...]

    5. The whole story of how this diary came to publication is very interesting and reading the diary is an experience I highly recommend. Since it wasn't written with the intention of publication it can be choppy and repetitious at times as Thuy worked through her feelings towards war, love, family and her ethical code. Yet her constant self-examination and her evaluation of character traits in others cast light on the soul of someone who was very introspective and the philosophical closings of many [...]

    6. This 'little' book impacted med potentially a few other people in this worldke no other. This is the diary of a young, idealistic doctor who worked, not near, but in the precise location where I was in Viet Nam precisely the same time I was in Viet Nam.when she talks about the 'devil Americans'at's ME! As I read the diary entries I realized, the day I arrived in Viet Nam was nearingen I arriveden I traveled to the small LZ north of Quang Ngaien she was killed in an ambush.while I was nearby. Now [...]

    7. It's difficult to contain emotions-mine through hers. The diary hits me personally. I was born to the lullaby of this war. I grew up witnessing its savagery engulfing lives & humanity Indeed, the diary has the fire within. Her words are raw & achingly vivid as she accounts amid the atrocities, annihilation & dehumanization of war the very core of human conditions, existence & veracity. Fate did deny her life. But chances & choices, death can't deny her. Her voice echoes etern [...]

    8. Overwrought and gushingly emotional diary of a young female surgeon. I had hoped for a more straightforward accounting of life within the Viet Cong support system -- what American forces were up against -- but this wasn't it. I couldn't finish it.

    9. An incredibly lucky find when researching for a reading challenge task. I was looking for a non-fiction book set in South East Asia (excluding Indonesia) that has been translated to English. You know Anne Frank & her diary? Well, this is also a diary by a girl, a young adult in her early 20s. She may be a communist but she is also a person, a human who bled red with a breakable heart and beautiful dreams. As I read her most intimate thoughts, my heart broke for her over and over. This is onl [...]

    10. I so wanted to read this book, being fascinated with everything Vietnam War.but was exceptionally disappointed. This person, (a doctor for heaven's sake!) did nothing but whine and pine for an unrequited love like a 12 year old school girl.I hated all of it!

    11. Một quyển sách ướt sũng, ấy là nếu có thể chuyển hóa cảm xúc trong quyển này thành nước.

    12. Dang Thuy Tram was a doctor who lived and worked in Vietnam during the war. She left her family, became a member of the communist party and worked to heal members of the Vietcong army. During the Vietnam war Thuy kept a diary and wrote down her thoughts, her emotions and the daily tribulations of living and working during a war. She relates some of the history of Vietnam, the conflict with the French and her wish for peace and freedom. Only one diary out of three survives.Dr. Tram is shot and ki [...]

    13. It seems that the more we understand our enemy, the more we see them functioning in their daily lives, the harder it is to kill them. Perhaps that is why we dehumanize them; how sad. Ms. Tram’s diary of living under a jungle canopy in the middle of a battle field is almost as eye opening for the Vietnam War, as “All Quite on The Western Front,” was for WWI and “The Diary of Ann Franks” during WWII. A young lady, a doctor gladly volunteering to serve her country to care for her wounded [...]

    14. I had really high hopes for this book (a combination of 2 diaries from a young Vietnamese war doctor). I didn't hear about it from anyone - I just came upon it last year and thought it would be an insightful and beautiful read. However, reading it felt like a chore, but I hate not finishing a book.My main complaints were that the writing was overly dramatic, so I could not relate to the writer; and as far as expectations go, I thought there would be more depth to the events occurring at the time [...]

    15. In my sight, candor is always refreshing, even if the intended audience is only yourself. This educated, 25-year-old woman – although a doctor in extremely primitive circumstances and surrounded (view spoiler)[, and eventually engulfed, (hide spoiler)] by death – worried about what people thought about her, refrained from displays of affection in public for fear colleagues would whisper, felt the organization for which she worked sometimes failed to appreciate her for unfair reasons, was som [...]

    16. I only rated this 3 stars - probably because it was, after all, two full years worth of diary entries. After the first 150 entries, one is reminded that this is a diary However, the larger story is very provocative and the context becomes 5 star material. A young woman doctor from the North travels to the South to be a part of the medical teams in the war zone supporting the Viet Cong - our term - fellow Vietnamese, her term. She loves her country, both north and south, and was willing (voluntee [...]

    17. After reading twenty or so pages of this diary I got the idea that it was written by a highly idealistic, overly-romantic young girl, and the rest of the book became too repetitive to offer further interest. It was only in the last few months of her life, as the US forces zoned in on her location that her writings changed enough to hold interest again. Overall, the diary is a worthy war artifact, and Thuy Tram's writing is accomplished, but I didn't find it satisfying in the way one expects of a [...]

    18. Finally finished another book for the SEAReadingChallenge! This book is from Vietnam and it's the first non-fiction book that I've read for the challenge. Last Night I Dreamed Of Peace is a diary written by a young (27 when she died, only slightly older than me!) Vietnamese doctor as she worked in the front lines during the Vietnam War.I think this is my favourite book of the challenge so far! Dang Thuy Tram is an introspective woman and she writes extremely movingly about what she sees and expe [...]

    19. Damg Thuy Tram did something extraordinary at the young age of 24. She volunteered to serve as a physician in the National Liberation Front (Viet Cong) battlefield in Quang Ngai Province. Two years later she was killed by American forces not far from the hospital (this is not a spoiler - the reader will be aware of this from the beginning). This book shares her diary entries, the horrors she witnessed, her dreams of peace (hence the title obviously), her missing her friends and family, her desir [...]

    20. The Diary of Dang Thuy Tram is a touching personal insight into the mind of a young surgeon in the American War. Like any diary you can expect melodramatic tendencies, but unlike many diaries you will be surprised by the poetic and intelligent writings gifted to us by Thuy. To me, it is difficult to rate a diary. It is a gift that this diary has made it's way into our hands and it is a personal account of history that should be appreciate for what it is. As Thuy comes from Hanoi she weaves a dee [...]

    21. Đây rõ ràng là cuốn sách không thể đưa ra để mà đánh giá được, đó là một cuốn nhật ký, mà nhật ký thì đâu phải được viết để cho nhiều người đọc.

    22. Quyển sách mình mua từ những năm cấp 3 mà mãi đến khi đi làm mới đọc được. Một cảm giác buồn da diết khi đọc những dòng nhật ký của chị Trâm, dù vậy nhưng tôi vẫn cảm thấy cực kì may mắn vì đã đọc quyển này ngay tại giai đoạn trưởng thành, vì tôi có thể đồng cảm được với những suy tư của chị, những trăn trở của một người trẻ với vận mệnh của đất nước, cảm giác [...]

    23. The found diary of a young Vietnamese woman this book seems to lie on the cusp between memoir and autobiography (if there is such a place). Written during the Vietnam war and later rescued from a pile of documents to be burned, it tells of haunting moments throughout the conflict with the US, the pain of loss, and the tender memories of family and love. The prose alternates between the romanticism that only a young revolutionary could convey and more straightforward explanations of the enemy enc [...]

    24. I have tried twice to read this book, and twice found myself not really wanting to pick it up again once I set it down. I don't blame the author- who writes their journal entries assuming they'll be published for everyone to read? I have just found the style of writing, and the author herself to be a little overly dramatic and overdone for my taste. I was hoping for an insightful glimpse into a war that I don't feel I know enough about, from the perspective of a Vietnam citizen. While politics a [...]

    25. I had high hopes for this book because I don't see a whole lot of novels or memoirs written by Vietnamese authors about the Vietnam War and this was one of the few I found. It is a very slow read for me. I'm having a hard time with the poetic nature of the book. Additionally, I find little substance regarding the war and the history of the war. The monotonous overtone of this person's reflection about herself and the men that she nurtured is a bit boring. I'm half way through the book and I find [...]

    26. This book is just diary entries and therefore very difficult to follow. Much of the time you are having to refer to the footnote to get a back story. I wish they would have put in some background information. I could not finish the book so I really have no idea how it all ended up.

    27. Ok i must admit that i did not finish this book. It was really a hard read. I know that it is someone diary so it will not be like most books but this one really jumped around a lot. she would be writing in first person then in mid sentence she would jump to third person.

    28. I was hoping for more details about her life working as a doctor in North Vietnam and less repetitive waxing about her position in the Communist Party.

    29. Như mấy review cũng đã nói, đây là quyển nhật ký, nó không bao giờ được viết với mục đích công chúng cả. Mình có viết nhật ký hàng ngày, nên mình tự cho rằng mình hiểu cái phong cách viết này: ngắn gọn, nói về cảm xúc, chân thành với bản thân; các chi tiết tự sự được tinh gọn hết mức có thể, hoặc là chỉ nói quoa loa. Bởi vậy, có thể cô Thuỳ muốn lưu lại cảm xúc của mình, đ [...]

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