Marriage by Mistake

Marriage by Mistake He woke up to discover two days of his life completely gone Workaholic Boston blueblood Dean has made it his life s goal to be the opposite of his irresponsible womanizing father But Dean discovers t

  • Title: Marriage by Mistake
  • Author: Alyssa Kress
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He woke up to discover two days of his life completely gone.Workaholic Boston blueblood Dean has made it his life s goal to be the opposite of his irresponsible, womanizing father.But Dean discovers that while in a hypnotic trance he d acted exactly like his father, traveling to Las Vegas where he d wooed and wed some sexy, airhead dancer.Now, Kelly may be sexy, but she sHe woke up to discover two days of his life completely gone.Workaholic Boston blueblood Dean has made it his life s goal to be the opposite of his irresponsible, womanizing father.But Dean discovers that while in a hypnotic trance he d acted exactly like his father, traveling to Las Vegas where he d wooed and wed some sexy, airhead dancer.Now, Kelly may be sexy, but she s no airhead She knows the cold and puritanical man who claims to be her husband is not the man she d married But she suspects the warm and tender man she does love is buried somewhere deep inside And she s determined to find him

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    1. Alyssa Kress

      Alyssa Kress completed her first novel at age six, an unlikely romance between a lion and a jackal Despite earning two degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and spending nearly a decade in the construction industry, she has yet to see her feet stay firmly on the ground She now lives in Southern California, close to where she first committed pen to paper, together with her husband and two children.

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    1. I very nearly DNF this book. I just couldnt get into it and almost quit at 30%. I didnt like either of the characters and I have to say that only slightly changed when I forced myself to read the rest. (view spoiler)[ The H treats the h, his wife, like a two bit whore and for some reason (Im not buying the love at this point) she goes along with it He only talked to her or saw her when they had sex and then he would leave and schedule their next rendezvous. Another thing- they are married so ple [...]

    2. I wasn't sure i was going to like it nothing about it screamed that it was i book i'd like. However once i started reading it i couldn't help but laugh, I mean you meet this wonderful guy, go get married and dude runs away!!! You track him down and not only is he super rich, he's a jerk! Worse he doesn't remember he married you!There were times the snobbery in the book showed, but nothing that wasn't tolerable. The odd-ball couples are interesting. The fact that the male lead was so messed up em [...]

    3. Let me start by saying I downloaded this book on my Nook because it was free and occasionally I like mindless fluff. This falls right into the formula romance writing category. Girl and boy hook up, there is a conflict, boy doesn't like girl, girl tries to get boy to change his mind and in the end leaves him only to have him realize he can't live without her. This was a long read over 600 pages. To make sure it was that long, Kress throws in a second romance with the same plot about 3/4 of the w [...]

    4. This isn't an erotic read - although there are some spicy scenes. There is romance and thinking - yes, seriously, adults trying to figure out how they got where they are and what to do about it.I've read reviews that are: it dragged and they spent too much time thinking --- what the author did was create people you can identify with. People you can think along with wondering how they heck to fix where you are - and figure out what you really want.The guy has issues 'cause his father figure sucke [...]

    5. As the saying goes, 'Never judge a book by it's cover', the cover of this book comes across as a bit tacky, but it was a pretty good read. I quite enjoyed the storyline, the subjects it covered, the humour, especially the fishing scene, so this book was quite a surprise really, in a good way.

    6. She loved him, but no love should lead to self-destructiveness. Hello amnesia trope! In here, the Hero got an amnesia for two days (thank you hypnosis). During that state, he married a Las Vegas dancer. Then Kelly, the heroine, wondered why Logan (real name was Dean) suddenly disappeared. She went to Boston and confronted her husband and was surprised that the man she married never seemed to meet her. Both are stubborn people, so they decided to test the waters for two months! The sexual tension [...]

    7. Marriage by Mistake by Alyssa KressKelly Williams, a Las Vegas showgirl, met a handsome man in the casino. She quickly fell in love with him and they married. Forty-Eight hours later he left to get donuts and never returned. Puzzled and angered she hunts down her husband in Boston to finds a building named after him and a man in an expensive Italian suit who looks at her as if he’d never laid eyes on her before. Well that went well.Dean Singleton had a life of a revolving door when it came to [...]

    8. It was fairly long-winded but pretty okay for passing the time. I thought character development fell a bit short. Even though we get a peek into Dean's and Kelly's heads, they never did come alive for me. I knew what the characters thought about each other, yes, but I couldn't come to the same conclusions myself. There were some errors, but the plot was executed in a fairly coherent manner, which I appreciated. It's very hard trying to rate this, actually. Speaking in terms of enjoyment, I'd rat [...]

    9. DNFI realized pretty early on that this book wasn't going to be something I was interested in. I've read books before where the characters got drunk and got married in Vegas but this wasn't exactly like that. For one thing, the main female character, Kelly, is head-over-heels in love with Dean, the man she met and married two days before. The amount of emotions she felt toward Dean threw me off because she had just met the man, and I don't care if you believe in love at first sight or not, this [...]

    10. I have to say when I downloaded this free book I didn't expect for it to be as good as it is. The story is a little farfetched, hypnosis, instantaneous love, etc. But the heroine has a lot of spark, she gives as good as she gets and the hero doesn't come across as a philandering man-whore without a sense of decency ( as a lot of these male fictional characters do) He's a little lost, unsure of himself and in a complete tizzy, which is in itself quite humorous, and I did laugh while reading this. [...]

    11. I grabbed this as a freebie for my Kindle swayed by the good amazon reviews and was genuinely surprised at how good it was. I'm not really a plain romance reader I prefer a few more vamps and werewolves along with my heroines but I'd selected this a few weeks ago and thought I'd read just a few pages before bed. To be perfectly honest I thought it would help nod me off as it isn't my usual choice. 2.5 hours later I finished it with a big smile - amazed to see the time!it doesn't honestly deserve [...]

    12. I picked this book up last July, way outside my comfort zone, and I loved it unreservedly – even the sex, and that, as you may have gathered, is quite an achievement. Neatly overcoming my commonest objections to romance with a tarnished female lead set on winning a man who is actually worth winning, and an ingenious impediment to her success that is both genuine (if unlikely) and genuinely overcome without once making me shout ‘just bloody talk to one another’ at the screen (I am not a rom [...]

    13. Downloaded this as a freebie and was suprised that it was better than I thought it would be. There were a few editing errors, but it was free I overlooked them! A light easy read, which was just what I needed flying to & from our vacation destination.

    14. Two-haiku review:Free e-book crap shootEvery once in a whileThere's a valentineHe gets hypnotizedMarries her, can't rememberShe fights to keep him

    15. I enjoyed this novel immensely. It was funny and fast-paced, and the characters were likeable. I'd read more stories by Alyssa Kress.

    16. I've nothing much to say about this: nothing spectacular but not bad either. It's a good romantic novel perfect for whiling the time away.

    17. The grammatical mistakes were very annoying. Shame, this was a good read but I found it difficult with all the bad grammar.

    18. Good Read I was slow to like this book. But once It stared getting good I had time putting it down. I love books like that. It was so up & down I couldn't wait to turn the page.I could fell the pain & the fight within. I even cried a little . At some time I didn't know if should be mad or happy . Put that just shows what a written she is. Looking forward to the next one. Must read .😄😄

    19. This was an adorable book. No overly gratuitous sex scenes. I mean, you know they're doing it, but it's not explained down to the last detail. Dean really needed to get his head out of his ass sooner than he did. I understand that she wrapped p the storyline, but the father should have had a few more scees I'd like to know what happens with the cousin and the son. I want to see a happily ever after, better than the one I got.

    20. Terrific RomanceThis story will tear your heart and make you laugh at the same time. I really enjoyed watching the way strong acting people had to face there own demons, and decide how they would deal with them.

    21. Very good book, it shows the difference between sense and sensibility. Sometimes we should let ourselves driven by sense!

    22. Romance and familyI loved the writing in this book. I would definitely read another one from her. The family dynamics are a little crazy and modern but it works!

    23. If you can overlook the trashy cover, this is a fun, easy read. Kelly flies from Vegas to Boston to find her husband, the one who went out for donuts but never returned. Dean is shocked by the blonde interrupting his business meeting his wife? I always enjoy these storylines, waking up married, marriage of convience etc What's different about this one? Not a lot really. Powerful and closed off, Dean Singleton can't remember a single thing from the previous weekend. Why he can't is a little humer [...]

    24. I wish I'd liked this more. I love a guilty pleasure premise like "we got married in Vegas while the guy was under hypnosis" as much as the next girl, but even for that sort of whackadoodle thing, the motivations and situations didn't make a heck of a lot of sense to me. In addition there were a few odd word choices and a few instances of misusing words, though at least everything was spelled correctly as far as I remember. It was free at , though, so I got what I paid for.

    25. Actually, I’m not that into the cover. It doesn’t represent the whole story at all. Yes, Kelly was a dancer, but the dance part didn’t appear that much. Maybe, the cover could be replaced by something more romantic. Something that represents the square love kind of thing (I don’t know yet how to spell cinta segiempat in English).I love Alyssa Kress’ idea. It started with Dean and his problems of hypnotic session he had decided to be in. He forgot everything he did in several days befor [...]

    26. Don't let the unimaginative and unappealing cover fool you, this is a good story. Nothing less and nothing more. It is basic, but well written. There is little to no grammatical and spelling errors and the characters keep you interested and entertained. It's your run of the mill romance novel with it's own twist on a Vegas wedding.Background wise, we focused more on the main male, Dean, than we did on the female lead, Kelly. That's fine however, as this did not detract from the story. It still k [...]

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