A Most Contagious Game

A Most Contagious Game When a London businessman retires early and buys a Tudor mansion he s quite surprised and perhaps even a little pleased retirement being pretty boring to find a skeleton hidden in a secret room in th

  • Title: A Most Contagious Game
  • Author: Catherine Aird
  • ISBN: 9781601870025
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a London businessman retires early and buys a Tudor mansion, he s quite surprised and perhaps even a little pleased retirement being pretty boring to find a skeleton hidden in a secret room in the house The skeleton appears to be than a 150 years old, so the local police leave it to the homeowner to solve the mystery The police are much interested in sWhen a London businessman retires early and buys a Tudor mansion, he s quite surprised and perhaps even a little pleased retirement being pretty boring to find a skeleton hidden in a secret room in the house The skeleton appears to be than a 150 years old, so the local police leave it to the homeowner to solve the mystery The police are much interested in solving a local, modern murder Somehow the two deaths are connected First published in 1967, this is Aird s only non Inspector Sloan mystery and a complete triumph.

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    1. Catherine Aird

      Catherine Aird born 1930 is the pseudonym of author Kinn Hamilton McIntosh She was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and is the author of than twenty crime fiction novels and story collections Her writings are similar to those of Vivien Armstrong, M C Beaton and Pauline Bell.Aird is creator of the Sloan and Crosby novels, set in the CID department of the fictional Berebury, West Calleshire, England She served as Chairman of the Crime Writers Association from 1990 91 She holds an honorary M A from the University of Kent and received the M.B.E for her services to the Girl Guide Association She lives in England.Apart from writing the successful Chronicles of Calleshire she has also written and edited a series of village histories and is active in village life She is also an editor and contributing author on works regarding other writers and the art of writing.

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    1. Rating Clarification: 4.5 StarsFans of Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time would probably enjoy this stand-alone novel from Aird. Both novels feature a semi-invalid protagonist who spends his time solving the mystery through research, deduction and (yes, it must be said) conveniently available clues.As to the mystery involved, there were actually 2 running concurrently: one murder from the past and a current murder from the area. The mystery from the past was my favorite, and involved a 50+ hig [...]

    2. nonseriesIn its own way, A Most Contagious Game reminded me a bit of Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time. Both have elements of historical fiction, and both involve the solving of murders from the past. Tey's hero thinks he has solved the mystery of who really killed the princes in the tower (viz Richard III); the hero in Aird's book comes upon a skeleton in a priest's hole he discovers in his home. After being told that the skeleton is probably about 150 years old, the main character sets about us [...]

    3. This is a huge favorite in my family, resulting from our devotion (literally) to Edmund Campion and Nicholas Owen (my nephew is named after him) and is generally considered to be Aird's best book as well as a classic mystery. Happily, it is back in print.The story begins with a retired couple, the Hardings, buying a house "to get away from it all" in, and soon they learn that their home has a secret reaching back to the 16th century. In contrast to a secret from the past, which is one of Aird's [...]

    4. After a heart attract Thomas Harding & his wife retire to the country in an old manor house.He discovers a secret room that contains a body about 15 years of age.The room is a priest hole from the time of Elizabeth 1 . This was not a good time ( mid 1500s to early 1600s) to be Cathlic in England. Harding sets out who the boy was & why he was murdered & hid in the Priest hole.At the same the local police are searching for Alan Fenny for the murder of his wife.Harding gets evolved in t [...]

    5. "The Most Contagious Game" is a stand alone novel by Catherine Aird. It follows a retired man who finds a skeleton while trying to have his home rewired. It seems the skeleton is about 150 years old, and so the police don't care who the murderer is, but our hero, Tom does. Soon, he is able to piece together the motive for the killing, and so discovers the killer. In the meantime, the police are trying to solve a modern murder, with the suspect in hiding. The two mysteries entwine, and so our her [...]

    6. This book is very similar to Josephine Tey's "Daughter of Time." A wealthy man is recovering from a heart attack in his new (to him) but otherwise extremely old house. He discovers a skeleton in a priest's hole, and slowly researches how it ended up there. I've gone and made it sound all dry, but really it's not — Aird did a brilliant job at atmosphere in this book. She slowly generates tension and makes the historical characters alive as we learn about them. If your favorite part of a traditi [...]

    7. I do enjoy the style of British mysteries. I think I find them comforting. This solves a 150 year old murder of a teenage boy and new murder of a young married woman. Thomas and Dora Harding retire to Manor House of Easterbrook because of his heart health. Even though I'm not normally a history person the way it was presented in this book worked for me. Interesting right up until the last page.

    8. A Most Contagious Game has so many things that I enjoy in a mystery - it's set in an English village, there is a hidden room, and fun characters. This is a stand alone book by the author of the Inspector Sloan series. It being a stand alone book is my only complaint. I really enjoyed spending time with these characters and want to learn more about what happened to them.

    9. Plucked this from shelf in my shop. Not sure where it came from but did enjoy it. Older British mystery. Knocked a star for odd interpretation of U.S. Do we all drawl to the British ear?Do they understand that we do not use titles?

    10. 2 1/2 stars, this was a struggle for the first 120 pages or so, then everything happened extremely rapidly and the conclusion was a bit underwhelming in addition to a lot of easy guesswork for some of the mystery.

    11. Pretty sure that this was a recommendation and, based on this and a few others, I should start paying more attention to what the algorithms say. Very entertaining mystery, mixing the modern (well, 1967, when it was published).

    12. This mystery was first published the year I was born, 1967 so it definitely an old fashioned type mystery, not much in the way of forensics. It is Ms Aird’s only stand alone mystery (all the others were in one detective series). I picked up the reprint because I had wanted to revisit some older mysteries this year. Thomas and his wife, Dora, have moved from London to the countryside to live in a Tudor manor house. Thomas was a very successful businessman but a heart attack ended his career and [...]

    13. Serendipity is what brought me to this book - walked past the university book exchange today and stumbled upon it. Brought it back, and a couple of hours later, I'm done. If not for this, I am 100% sure I would never ever have heard of this author or read this book, and now I want to read more!The story is set in a quiet English village, its unlikely protagonist a retired City banker who's had a heart attack and been consigned to the country to recuperate. Investigating a mystery of the electric [...]

    14. I hadn't read anything by this author before, and what I have is a reprint as it was originally published in 1967. I love happy accidents, especially when it comes to books! The story unfolds along two lines of mystery: one over 100 years old & the other recent, both are murders, and both have sketchy information for our protagonist to study. The author very nicely takes us along as one piece of research leads to another, and another until we nearly have the whole picture of all the adverbs [...]

    15. A really old-style, very British, mystery. I have no idea how this book landed on my shelves. Perhaps a used bookstore trip? I have read a couple other titles by this author, so that probably explains it. If you like Agatha Christie you'll probably like Catherine Aird. All of her other titles are part of the Inspector Stone series. This title was a stand alone. The mystery is set in an old Tudor Manor House where a successful London businessman has been forced into retirement by illness. While h [...]

    16. This mystery novel, written in 1967, is great! Forced by ill health to retire early, Thomas Harding and his wife move to an historic Tudor-era home in the English countryside. They make an exciting discovery of a secret room – a priest’s hole – and even more exciting, they find a skeleton in it. For 150 years it has lain there and the discovery spurs Thomas on to solve this puzzle. A local villager has been recently strangled and the author cleverly weaves together these two subplots. Alth [...]

    17. I did like this--I now want to read up on priest holes--secret rooms for priests to hide in during the reign of Elizabeth I. And about Nicholas Owen, a craftsman famous for his cleverness in building these. But the mystery and the characters I found weak, and oh dear, the women, especially the protagonist's wife--flat and dull in the extreme. Also, in the writing, the aversion to the word "said," which resulted in characters constantly retorting stiffly, asking swiftly, admitting reluctantly, mu [...]

    18. Five stars all around for this book. I had the pleasure of finding my copy in some mouldering boxes at an antiques flea market. This story was a page turner and I was greatly looking forward to the solution of the mystery.

    19. A lovely book with quietly sympathetic characters. Not everything was explained at the end, but with a 150-year old mystery that's plausible.

    20. This is a mystery writer who began writing decades ago; my mother in law suggested the author, this was the one book I loved from this author.

    21. This short but ever so cleverly written British mystery will be a joy to read. Catherine Aird's A Most Contagious Game first published in 1967 has now been republished by Rue Morgue Press and is considered by the publishers to be a "Rue Morgue Classic British Mystery". And I certainly agree! This mystery has two murders 150 years apart that disrupt "the tranquility of a quiet English village". These two murders are connected in a very interesting way. What a dynamic way at to spend a few hours w [...]

    22. A great, understated little mystery. Ms. Aird did an outstanding job of spinning a mystery from these elements: A literal skeleton in a cubbyhole, a likable and curious-minded couple, a quiet, unassuming English country town and two murders--one very recent, the other very old. With this one under my belt, I will be reading more Aird in future.

    23. I don't remember reading this particular book by Catherine Aird but I do know I have read quite a few of hers years ago. Loved the story and the characters. Was a very fast read since it does not have a large amount of pages. I think I'm going to start reading her books again because I can't remember which ones I did. Nice mystery with two murders, one 200 years ago and one recent.

    24. A nicely written British mystery involving 2 murders -- one a cold case and one, present day. It reminds me of an Agatha Christie story but where her sleuths were unmarried, this features a nice married couple. I'm glad I read it.

    25. A delightful little British armchair mystery that was a quick read and held my interest. I would definitely read more from this author.

    26. This was an engaging mystery. No blood, no violence. Thomas Harding and his wife have recently bought an old manor in England. Mr. Harding is to rest, as he has heart trouble. He is bored, but eventually finds a murder mystery from generations ago right under his roof. His sleuthing is done by research and interviewing others. Well written!

    27. My spouse saw me reading two dead-tree books in a row, and thought to try to get me into the habit. So, she insisted I read this. It was an ok book, but I'll be glad to be getting back to my kindle. So will my tired arms and hands. Books are so heavy and unwieldy. ;-)Anyway, this is one of those archetypal cozy-British-village, murder-mystery books which have been all the rage for close to a century now. This particular book came out not quite 50 years ago. We have a middle-aged man (50 somethin [...]

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