Premeditated A week ago Dinah s cousin Claire cut her wrists Five days ago Dinah found Claire s diary and discovered why Three days ago Dinah stopped crying and came up with a plan Two days ago she ditched her

  • Title: Premeditated
  • Author: Josin L. McQuein
  • ISBN: 9780385743297
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A week ago, Dinah s cousin Claire cut her wrists.Five days ago, Dinah found Claire s diary and discovered why.Three days ago, Dinah stopped crying and came up with a plan.Two days ago, she ditched her piercings and bleached the black dye from her hair.Yesterday, knee socks and uniform plaid became a predator s camouflage.Today, she ll find the boy who broke Claire.By tomorA week ago, Dinah s cousin Claire cut her wrists.Five days ago, Dinah found Claire s diary and discovered why.Three days ago, Dinah stopped crying and came up with a plan.Two days ago, she ditched her piercings and bleached the black dye from her hair.Yesterday, knee socks and uniform plaid became a predator s camouflage.Today, she ll find the boy who broke Claire.By tomorrow, he ll wish he were dead.

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    1. Josin L. McQuein

      Josin L. McQuein Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Premeditated book, this is one of the most wanted Josin L. McQuein author readers around the world.

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    1. Actual rating: 2.5No spoilers.I find myself really conflicted about this book and the subject it addresses. This book left me really uncomfortable and disturbed at how the main character chooses to tackle her particular brand of vigilante justice. I truly feel for her---the issue of bullying is not an easy thing to address, and to see a loved one suffer like that would likely also make me lose control. I truly appreciate the topic and how it was addressed, but I ultimately did not like Dinah, th [...]

    2. It's a true testament to Premeditated's quality that I am actually able to write this review right now, months after finishing this novel, given the fact that I have an absolutely awful memory. I normally forget a novel's details within a week or two at most, but I am able to say that, nearly two months after finishing Premeditated, I remember it practically vividly, from the amazingly developed characters and their relationships, the utterly fantastic plot twists, to the brilliantly built confl [...]

    3. Ok, so the girl's cousin kills herself, she discovers the reason: a boy. So she decides to get revenge Sounds great! But a have a feeling she'll end up falling for the boy instead:(

    4. I think this book may have a classic case of the premise sounding cooler than the actual book itself. It started off really slow, and bored me for about halfway through, to be quite honest. But when things picked up, I got quite into it, even though the story was extremely predictable.It had a pretty realistic ending, too. Overall I liked the book and the themes it deals with, but I do feel like the marketing is a bit much. A very heavy emphasis on murder, but (view spoiler)[there wasn't even an [...]

    5. This was an intensely engaging and enjoyable YA revenge thriller. This story is told from the first person perspective of 17 year old Dinah. Her 15 year old cousin is in hospital in a coma after a botched suicide attempt. Dinah has read her cousins diary and knows the name of the boy to blame for the suicide attempt. She gets herself transferred to the private school that the boy attends in order to seek her revenge against him. It's a dark but strangely engaging tale. Dinah is surprisingly easy [...]

    6. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/With a three year age difference between them, Dinah has always been there to be a neighbor and best friend to her cousin, Claire. When Dinah’s parents moved across the country at the end of the last school year, Claire ventured into her first relationship without the helpful advice from Dinah and things went way too far. Not able to cope, Claire cut her wrists and is in a coma. Now Dinah has moved back to home, changed her image, registered at Claire [...]

    7. 2.5 starsThe premise was actually quite interesting. Dinah's cousin ends up in a coma from self harm. Dinah being bad ass, seeks revenge on the person who caused her cousin to self harm in the first place. Cue main character setting off to highschool and donning a private schoolgirl disguise and you have the recipe for intrigue success!Sounds like a tame kill-bill plot, and the girl actually sounds like she could pull it off. Except once you actually get to the part where Dinah's undercover, it [...]

    8. I love a good, suspenseful story and I love YA. Mix both together and I’m a happy girl. “Premeditated” is hard for me to categorize. It wasn’t a thriller per se but it also wasn’t a typical romance. It was something else entirely. Something good. It was suspenseful. It was well-written. And full of characters that weren’t just monochrome stereotypes of teenagers or of people as such. There wasn’t just good and bad, rich and poor, nice and mean. There was more than what met the eye. [...]

    9. Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews4.5 StarsPremeditated was everything I hoped it would be! Dinah goes "under cover" at a fancy prep school to find the boy who caused Clare to slit her wrists. She carefully observes the students to find the culprit, his friends, the ones he cares about so she can bring him down.What does he want? Find it and take it. What's his dream? Find out and crush it. Who does he love? Find out and make them hate him.There were so many parts of this book that I adored [...]

    10. 4.5 starsOriginally posted at Writer of WrongsRating: SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER awesome thriller with SPOILER SPOILER kickass heroine SPOILER SPOILER lots of feels and especially SPOILER SPOILER.The cover: Yessss. So much mystery, and lurking, and watching. She's totally biding her time before she strikes.The story:  I've been waiting for this book a long, long, long time. I first heard about it on the website Query Shark, where aspiring writers post their queries for critique by agent Janet Reid [...]

    11. Some books work for me, some books don't. *sigh*I am sad every time I have to abandon a book but my free time is limited and I prefer to spend it reading something that I do enjoy.I hope that you will have a better luck with it. --First edit: 2012WOW! this sounds terrific!But am I seeing wrong? 2013?!--Later Edit: Apr 2013Ok, I was dying to read this but1. if there's something similar to John Tucker Must Die in this book I am so running away from it. I gave one star and a half to that John nove [...]

    12. I scored this book through an ARC Giveaway on the author’s blog. Imagine how excited I was to read the very book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on since I saw the amazing query on Query Shark two years before. Suffice it to say, I read this book in one day. Without giving anything away, Dinah is a teen hell bent on making the boy who drove her cousin to suicide pay the ultimate price for his actions. During the course of the story, things are not as they seem while conflict is hit at every [...]

    13. I knew it… I KNEW it… Every single reveal here isn’t necessarily a surprising reveal because anyone with a lick of sense and a moment or two for Scooby would likely have pieced things together. But like Scooby of old, it was entertaining, seeing things play out as they did in this one. Except maybe my Scooby comparison isn’t a fair one as it lends itself to the idea that maybe Premeditated could be too juvenile? Maybe a Buffy comparison is best? How as one watched there’s the “I thin [...]

    14. Short review: say what you want about Premeditated - it makes you reconsider the consequences of every decision you ever made or will make. Too bad it came a little too late for the actual MC of the book.It doesn't help that I called the twist about halfway into the book. I just completely disagree with the way Dinah handled things. Plenty of other reviewers have gone into the nitty-gritty of it, but just reading how systematically she destroyed Brooks's life and pigeonholed her new classmates w [...]

    15. "By tomorrowhe'll wish he were dead." This layered, intriguing revenge thriller is well-plotted and well-written--and we're giving away an ARC on the blog!themidnightgarden/2013

    16. Bahpretty anti-climacticthe twists didn't affect me muchand I got who the perpetrator was a mile away x_x

    17. Absolutely awesome from start to finish. Such a great revenge thriller that kept the tension going right up until the end. And what a perfect ending! I can't wait for more from this talented author.

    18. Premeditated combines so many things I enjoy in a book: a revenge story, a going undercover story, a story about family relationships, and a story about preconceptions and prejudice. While there were a few suspension of disbelief moments and I did guess the ending, that did not spoil my enjoyment of the book one bit!As the story begins, Dinah is pulling up to the Eleanor Lowry school, ready to enroll as a new student. She's actually taking her cousin Claire's spot after Claire was admitted to th [...]

    19. I liked this book. It was fun and real and I loved the characters.FULL REVIEW:Can I have a TV show? PLEEEEASE?I think that this is the type of the book that would translate into a TV show REALLY WELL. Not a movie. This would not do a s movie.But TV show? Yeah.The plot was set up in the same sort of way that TV show plots are set up, where there’s a chunk of a lot things going on, but one bit that sort of winds through the entire chunk, connecting everything. Every time Dinah did something to m [...]

    20. I had to read the book with the infamous killer query.I liked it better than I thought. Don't get me wrong, with an introduction like that, I expected the book to be technically good. I hoped it would be, at least. But I didn't know if it would really be my type of novel. Was this going to be a crazed, bloody horror? Or a dark psychological thriller? A reluctant romance that explores themes like forgiveness?I wasn't sure what I would get. I put off starting it late one evening because of the lik [...]

    21. After reading devouring Arclight earlier this year, I knew I'd be picking up Premeditated as soon as I could get my hands on it.  I do love a good revenge story, but that synopsis had me sold.  And apparently that is how the author queried the story!  That is fabulous in and of itself.But the writing, the narrative voice's everything I'd hoped for after a debut like Arclight.  Dinah goes to extreme lengths to inflict retribution on the guy who broke Claire's heart so fully that she harmed [...]

    22. My favourite quote on revenge is this one by Douglas Horton:While seeking revenge, dig two graves-one for yourself. This book is supposed to be about revenge and it is somehow.When Dinah learns that her cousin Claire has tried to commit suicide and is lying in a hospital bed in a coma, swears to take revenge on the boy who made Claire suffer and is willing to go to any lengths to do it. She is determined to ruin his life,however, things don't turn out to be the way she expected.Life is not a bow [...]

    23. I had to actually force myself to finish this, because the outcome of this story was so painfully obvious at about half way through that you just can't help but be frustrated at the way the protagonist is drawing incorrect conclusions left and right, not to mention totally oblivious when the truth slaps her square in the face.Also the cover and blurb were somewhat misleading, because where I was expecting a type of awesome kick ass attitude like the beginning episodes of the series "Revenge", wh [...]

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