Ice Cold

Ice Cold T FLAC operative Rafael Navarro will never allow another woman to suffer the consequences of his dangerous life But in a world where a terrorist can do damage with a keyboard than a bomb he needs the

  • Title: Ice Cold
  • Author: Cherry Adair
  • ISBN: 9781937774776
  • Page: 192
  • Format: ebook
  • T FLAC operative Rafael Navarro will never allow another woman to suffer the consequences of his dangerous life But in a world where a terrorist can do damage with a keyboard than a bomb, he needs the expert help of a cyber geek And fast.Fellow operative, and cybercrimes specialist Honey Winston prefers computers to people But when a serial bomber threatens the worT FLAC operative Rafael Navarro will never allow another woman to suffer the consequences of his dangerous life But in a world where a terrorist can do damage with a keyboard than a bomb, he needs the expert help of a cyber geek And fast.Fellow operative, and cybercrimes specialist Honey Winston prefers computers to people But when a serial bomber threatens the world s financial infrastructure, she s forced to work closely with Navarro, whose notorious skill in the bedroom is as legendary as his dexterity defusing bombs Honey and Rafael must fight sparks hot enough to melt their resolve, and push beyond fear itself, as they join forces in a bid to race the clock before a sinister and lethal bomber proves just how much they both have to lose.T FLAC is back, and the timer is counting down in the most pulse pounding explosive op yet

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    1. Cherry Adair

      Always an adventurer in life as well as writing, New York Times best selling author Cherry Adair moved halfway across the globe from Cape Town, South Africa to the United States in her early years to become a interior designer Now a resident of the Pacific Northwest she shares the award winning adventures of her fictional T FLAC counter terrorism operatives with her readers.Cherry settled in beautiful San Francisco, where she started what eventually became a thriving interior design business I loved being a designer because it was varied and creative, and I enjoyed working with the public A voracious reader when she was able to carve out the time, Cherry found her brain crowded with characters and stories of her own Eventually, she says, the stories demanded to be told When asked why she chooses to write romantic action adventure, she says, Who says you can t have adventure and a great love life Of course if you re talking about an adventurous love life, that s another thing altogether I write romantic suspense coupled heart pounding adventure because I like to entertain, and nothing keeps readers happier than a rollercoaster read, followed by a happy ending Popular on the workshop circuit, Cherry gives lively classes on writing and the writing life Pulling no punches when asked how to become a published writer, Cherry insists, Sit your butt in the chair and write There s no magic to it Writing is hard work It isn t for sissies or whiners Cherry loves to spend time at home A corner desk keeps her focused on writing, but the windows behind her, with a panoramic view of the front gardens, are always calling her to come outside and play Her office has nine foot ceilings, a fireplace, a television and built in bookcases that will house approximately 3,500 paperback books What can I say My keeper shelf has been breeding in the middle of the night, rather like drycleaners wire clothes hangers.

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    1. Cherry Adair makes a triumphant return to a popular long running series with Ice Cold, a romantic suspense she self published. Ice Cold brings readers back to the roots of the T-FLAC agency and gives them a pulse pounding thrill ride that is sure to please black ops lovers everywhere. It’s dark, it’s gritty and Ice Cold pulls no punches.Honey is an operative that is known for her icy exterior. No one can get close to her and she appears to care more about her computers then she does about th [...]

    2. WELCOME BACK T-FLAC!!!! You were sorely missed!!! And boy, WHAT A WELCOME!!!Rafael Navarro aka The Spanish Stallion (OH BABY!!! Yes i can definitely see why YUMMY!!!) and Honey Winston aka "Tight-Ass with a Tight Sexy Ass" <--- Rafe's words NOT mine :) *SIGH* i LOVED EVERYTHING about this story; the tight story line, the killer suspense and the SMOKING HOT SEX SCENES *YOWZA*!!!!But i think what i loved MOST of all was watching/reading Rafe tear through Honey's defences and Honey FINALLY givin [...]

    3. Thanks to the author, Cherry Adair, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this early!Ms. Adair always creates exceptional back stories. She seems to put a lot of thought into her carefully designed characters ensuring the reader receives only the necessary insight into the backgrounds, without overwhelming the reader. Given the personalities of these two characters it seemed that they were an unlikely couple; but leave it to her to make them seem prefect for each other.Two T-FLAC operatives, [...]

    4. I usually like the T-FLAC series, but not this e-book. A waste of money. Costs more than similar books and the ebook is out of control with zillions of typos! I finally grew annoyed enough to start noting the page -- more than 50 when I stopped counting. How could it be so bad? Frankly, I felt taken and grew pitzed off. Maybe the kindle version is worse than paperback. For one thing, the paragraph formatting went askew in one section. No indenting.As for the story itself, I usually like T-FLAC h [...]

    5. T-FLAC Operatives, beautiful insanely rich, Honey Winston (Ice Princess) and ruggedly handsome Rafael Navarro (the Spanish Stallion) are paired together on an assignment. Bombs obliterate several European banks leaving holes in the ground where the banks were and the locked vaults intact.Honey Winston is a Cybertech computer specialist. When someone kills her boss, Honey is best in the world. The night he is to pick Navarro up at the airport someone pretending to be Honey kills him. This leaves [...]

    6. Oh My! Sizzling hot tension! Non-stop action! Larger than life heroes!T-FLAC operative Rafael Navarro and cybercrimes specialist Honey Winston are thrown together to stop bombings around the world that are threatening to cripple the largest financial institutions, as well as the entire global financial infrastructure.Rafael, famous for being a hot ladies' man and Honey, who is known as the ice queen start out reacting to each other like oil and waterbut these bombings need the best black ops can [...]

    7. I had never read any Cherry Adair books and find that I am now hooked! I couldn't put this book down. Now I can't wait to go back and read the earlier books in her T-FLAC series. When bomb expert, Rafael Navarro, first meets cyber specialist, Honey Winston sparks fly and it's not just because they are fighting in the dark and pretty well matched! As Rafael and Honey race to stop a group of terrorists from destroying the world's banking community, they find themselves falling for each other. In t [...]

    8. Has anybody read Cherry Adairs TFLAC series?I LOVE THEM!HOT SEXY ALPHA MALES FALLING HARD FOR THEIR ONE TRUE LOVE. The Bonus is Cherry is a very fan friendly Author, very accessible. You can leave her a message on FB and she'll always try to answer back. Very classy New Book in October isIce Coldi74otobucket/albums/i27facebook/cherryair.7

    9. I just didn't like this one. DNFing at 50%. Romance is flat - no chemistry. Hero constantly thinks how 'icy' and hard heroine is but I just don't see that side of her.Too much actionjust not a fun T-Flac like I've read in the past.

    10. I can't wait for the nest T-Flac book to come out! I started reading these thrilling books by the fabulous Ms. Adair with the first book, Kiss & Tell, and have loved every one!

    11. Originally published at Reading RealityOnly in the 21st century do you get action-adventure by mixing a cyber-geek with a bomb expert. Last century it used to just be fists, knives and guns. Not that there weren't plenty of those involved in Cherry Adair's Ice Cold. And the action, between the sheets (when there were any sheets) and otherwise, was anything but cold.Ice Cold is Adair's 17th foray into the operations of T-FLAC, the secret agency that she created to tell her stories of action, adve [...]

    12. Originally posted on Nov 14 2012 at Butterfly-o-Meter Books:Ask me not how I managed it, but despite this being book #17 in the series, I never did read any of the others. So this was all new since I read it as a standalone basically and the novel fared very well.The T-FLAC world was really cool, all super-operatives, bomb whisperers and tech geniuses with the due amount of traitors and side-switchers. It was exciting and fun to read about these guys and their scope of activity and assets (fu~fu [...]

    13. My Review:I'll admit it, there were times when I was reading this book that I simply did not feel smart enough to follow all the in's and out's of the suspense story line. This is one complex book and I definitely had issues getting lost in the details of 'who', 'what', 'where', and 'why'. But when it's all said and done, this book is about Rafael and Honey.They are both T-FLAC operatives. Rafael is a bomb disposal expert while Honey is a computer geek. They are both highly trained and highly ef [...]

    14. Ice ColdT-FLAC Series Book SeventeenBy Cherry AdairRafael Navarro refuses to settle down and allow another woman to become victim to his dangerous lifestyle. Fellow T-FLAC operative Honey Winston has no social skills whatsoever and prefers computers to people. When the two team up to stop a serial bomber that threatens the world’s financial infrastructure they begin with butting heads but soon something more begins to grow between them.What I love about romance novels is that no matter what is [...]

    15. T-Flac operatives Rafael Navarro and Honey Winston are called to action when a terrorist tries to blow up the world’s banking infrastructure. With Honey’s ability to detect cyber crimes and Rafael’s ability to defuse bombs, they are the perfect answer to stop the destruction of the world’s financial industry.The closer Rafael and Honey work, the more attracted they are to each other. However, they must put their feelings aside as they race to save the world from true evil. They are stunn [...]

    16. Oh T-FLAC, how I have missed you! I have been waiting for Ice Cold for a long time and boy it didn't disappoint! After reading the T-FLAC psi ones, I was happy to get back to basics. Ice Cold is a riveting , nail biting adventure. It also has a very hot and steamy romance. Ms. Adair really knows her way around a love scene! Honey and Rafael are so great together. Honey is known as the "Ice Princess" because she never shows any emotion and seems to have no social skills at all. Rafael is known as [...]

    17. Great story by Cherry. but I was left with a question or twoFull Review: 3 1/2Ice Cold is Cherry Adair’s 17th book in the T-Flac series. But can easily stand alone. As this was the first book in this series that I have read. So never fear if you are not catch up on this seriesI enjoyed this book, glad that I read it and would suggest it to my fellow book readers. But I didn’t love this book. At times I found myself a little board and would skim parts. But I did like the relationship between [...]

    18. I have to give Ms. Adair credit, Opening a book with a kick-butt fight scene between the two main characters was one heck of a way to go!!Then to top it with a "Kiss me!", Wholly Boogers!!!!"Ice Princess", Honey, has to be my favorite character she's got it all. She's got the money, the look, the attitude and then some (LOL).I think it's amazing how a person can keep a front up as strong as she does in the beginningow no emotions. She is by far a totally bad ass!!Of course until Hot and sexy com [...]

    19. I'm well aware that Cherry Adair is a popular author and always meant to pick up one of her books. I'm a sucker for strong female leads and Navy SEAL/alpha male leads. Unfortunately, I clearly started with the wrong novel and this experience will likely prevent me from ever picking up a Cherry Adair novel again.While a fan of rapid paced stories that keep me on the edge of my seat, I felt that a lot of the tension and character build up was very hollow. It felt very formulaic and prescriptive an [...]

    20. This was my first T-Flac book by Cherry Adair and I'm looking forward to reading another one. Rafael and Honey are thrown together to stop a serial bomber. The two have never worked together. They just know each other by reputation only. Rafael is a field agent. Honey spends most of her time on a computer. When Honey gets pulled into the op, Rafael doesn't expect her to be able to handle it. She proves him wrong! I liked that there was a strong female character. She could hold her own in any sit [...]

    21. T FLAC IS BACK BABY ! Cherry Adair has done it again only this time it was even better ! The book had loads of action,passion,drama and best of all the true brilliant writing by totally awesome author Cherry Adair!This lady knows how to write and you will get sucked into her work from page one. The characterization was out of this world and there were so many interesting surprises and bonuses that I could not get enough! If you have never read a book by this author you simply must,must I tell yo [...]

    22. Fantastic addition to the T-FLAC series! Wonderful characters that had flaws but it only made them more real. Strong, non-stop, nail biting action kept me riveted to the pages! Hot and steamy romance made me want to stay longer.

    23. T-FLACK ContinuesRafael and Honey are totally different people. He is an action man trying to save the country from terrorism. She is an IT specialist working with him to prevent a disaster beyond anything seen before. Together, they are unbeatable! Enjoy!

    24. The book starts with action, when Honey Winston discovers her boss murdered and she has to fight for her own life in the dark. Her enemy seems to know all her moves, and it ends in a standstill, both with their guns pressed to the other’s head. Who will pull the trigger first? Then he clicks on the light, and she recognizes Rafael Navarro. This does not mean that she lowers her weapon, as he could very well have killed her boss. Rafael convinces her he just arrived, and thought her the murdere [...]

    25. Ice Cold by Cherry Adair was published by the author and released in October 2012. Honey Winston has the reputation of being an "Ice Princess". Completely devoid of emotion, all Honey needs is her computer. Honey's specialty with T-FLAC is cyber crimes.Rafael Navarro is a bomb specialist with the T-FLAC organization. He lost his wife after only five months of marriage and has vowed to never get involved with another agent again. Then he finds himself teamed up with the famed Honey Winston. When [...]

    26. What I LovedCharactersRafael: Usually I'm not a fan of the cocky male characters that like to sleep around with woman, but I actually did really like him. It mentions his reputation as the 'Spanish Stallion', but he doesn't read like that type of guy. Thankfully. Honey: At first I wasn't so sure about her character, the 'Ice Princess', but same thing as I went through the book and her history and her personality really opens up and unfolds. By the end I loved her strength and her character's kic [...]

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