Wedding Cake Killer

Wedding Cake Killer Wedding bells will be ringing in Weatherford Texas this Christmas when Phyllis Newsom opens up her home for her best friend s wedding And although the bride is wearing white no one suspects that sh

  • Title: Wedding Cake Killer
  • Author: Livia J. Washburn
  • ISBN: 9780451238092
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wedding bells will be ringing in Weatherford, Texas, this Christmas when Phyllis Newsom opens up her home for her best friend s wedding And although the bride is wearing white, no one suspects that she ll soon be wearing black After all the planning and the cake tasting the big day has arrived Eve Turner, one of Phyllis s boarders and her best friend is moving out andWedding bells will be ringing in Weatherford, Texas, this Christmas when Phyllis Newsom opens up her home for her best friend s wedding And although the bride is wearing white, no one suspects that she ll soon be wearing black After all the planning and the cake tasting the big day has arrived Eve Turner, one of Phyllis s boarders and her best friend is moving out and getting married to the affable Roy Porter While she s sad to see Eve go, Phyllis is than happy to host the event in her house and to bake the bride and groom a delicious three tiered coconut wedding cake Even though a snowstorm in the forecast seems like a recipe for disaster, the day runs as smoothly as butter cream But the marriage doesn t last long past the honeymoon When Roy s found dead at a Weatherford bed and breakfast, Eve s the top suspect Now Phyllis must find out who iced Roy before her friend finds herself behind bars Includes recipes

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    1. Livia J. Washburn

      Under the names Livia J Washburn and L.J Washburn, Livia Reasoner has been writing award winning, critically acclaimed mystery, western, romance, and historical novels for than thirty years She began to write in collaboration with her husband, author James Reasoner, and soon branched out into telling her own stories She received the Private Eye Writers of America award and the American Mystery award for her first mystery, WILD NIGHT, and was nominated for a Spur by the Western Writers of America for a novel she wrote with her husband, James Reasoner Livia won the Peacemaker Award from Western Fictioneers for her story Charlie s Pie.

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    1. The rating for this fine book is more like 4.5 than 4. The best thing about this book, apart from a spellbinding finale, was the lack of too many suspects. In the last book I half thought Roy Porter, the future groom of Eve, was going to be the victim. Here, instead of cementing his place as a regular of the Newsome household, he keels over. Now I've read the blurb before reading, so I was pretty pumped for the story to reveal itself to me. My expectations were exceeded easily, as the case took [...]

    2. dear livia,maaf ya aku bacanya langsung nomor tujuh. saat menemukan buku ini, aku langsung kepengen baca tanpa mencari tahu dulu apakah buku ini bagian dari serial atau single title. i read it and i love it! nggak adil rasanya membanding-bandingkan karyamu dengan karya penulis cullinary mystery lainnya yang aku suka (mrs. f), tapi saat membaca bukumu ini, aku langsung terpikir buku-buku beliau yang pernah aku baca.aku yakin kamu nggak bisa membaca reviu ini karena dalam bahasa indonesia (salahka [...]

    3. I have always enjoyed this series and this seventh novel in the series was just as great as the other six I've read. Phyllis, Carolyn, Eve and Sam are what every small town in Texas should be!The novel had all the things a great cozy mystery should have and though I figured out whodunit before Sam stated, "you know who the murderer is, don't you," to Phyllis I still loved it!

    4. A decent enough mystery. I kind of suspected the killer early on but there were enough red herrings along the way to keep my interest.

    5. I haven't read any of this series before. It was a light, fast read. There wasn't a lot of suspense or tension but the characters were agreeable and the setting, a town in Texas, different. I would have liked more descriptions of the town and the scenery since I have never been to Texas. The plot had a good twist and there were some engaging moments such as when the main character is arrested by a Deputy Sheriff who is a former student and sent briefly to jail. (This is not a spoiler since she i [...]

    6. Phyllis Newsom is happy to be hosting the wedding of her dear friend and border Eve, but when the groom is found dead, Eve is suspect #1. Despite warnings not to interfere with the investigation, Phyllis can't help herself when one of her friends is in trouble. This is really an enjoyable cozy mystery series. (A Fresh Baked Mystery) Phyllis is in her early 60s and I find this interesting plus I like her romance with Sam. If you love cozy mysteries you can't go wrong with this series!

    7. Phyllis helps her friend get married. After the honeymoon, Eve and Roy settle at a B & B. A few weeks later, Roy is murdered and Eve is accused. Phyllis and friends start asking questions and things get complicated. See how it is solved.

    8. Might not be the crime story of the year, but let's be honest: if you picked it, you were probably in serious need of a real break from anything. So thumbs up for normal, straightforward novels.

    9. I picked this book up from the donation pile at the library and read it because it was set in Weatherford, Texas, a kind of Texas equivalent of Cabot Cove. I liked Phylis and her friend, Sam. But her other two "friends," Eve and Carolyn were not as sympathetic and, in my opinion, not deserving of Phyllis' friendship. In fact, I was thinking maybe Eve killed her new husband, but she didn't. You gotta love a book, though, where a character (Sam) uses the phrase "a horse's patoot."

    10. The big day has arrived! Wedding Bells are ringing for Eve and Roy! Even the forecast of a snowstorm can't ruin this special day. Phyllis, Carolyn, and Sam have everything under control. The whole day is wonderful.When Eve and Roy return from their honeymoon they move to a local B&B while they continue to look for their own place. Who could have guessed that Eve would be moving back in with Phyllis? She has no choice when Roy is found dead in their room at the B&B and Eve is the prime su [...]

    11. Phyllis Newsome and her boarders are happily preparing for their friend, Eve's wedding to Roy Porter. Even though the Christmas holidays are upon them, they manage to make a memorable wedding shower, and decorate for the big day, New Year's Eve.The wedding goes off fine and the happy couple head out to the Bahamas. Life goes back to normal for the remaining three, Phyllis, Sam and Carolyn. The wedding couple are due back to stay in Eve's room while they search for a home, but when they arrive th [...]

    12. This one started at the endat was fun.Phyllis is in jail! And then we are back at the beginning at Eve's bridal shower. Much to Eve's surprise, everyone she invited showed up. There were many there unknown to Phyllis, Sam or Carolyn, so it was easy for a stranger to slip in and steal Eve's letter opener from her room - especially since the bathroom is upstairs.Then we jump to the wedding, the honeymoon and the return but not to Phyllis' but to a bed and breakfast. It was here that Roy was discov [...]

    13. Sweet murder mystery featuring retired teacher with her cast of friends. She uses her small town background and understanding of human relationships to figure out scenarios and motives.Good description of people and dialogue scenes. Lengthy description of decorative schemes and food preparations, which make me smile: it is so reflective of a time gone by when people cared about such things, took the time to do such things, and had the space to store these. Who has the space nowadays to store dec [...]

    14. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    15. It took half the book before the story finally crossed from totally boring characters and story into just okay. I gave it a 2 simply because I can't give it a one and a half. This is the first book in this series and by this author that I've read. I won't be going out of my way to get another one in this series; if I see it on the shelf I may pick it up. All the characters are old and retired; several are "crotchety" and annoying. And it's not like I'm a 20-something myself but I couldn't warm u [...]

    16. 3.5 Not the best in this series but still a fun read. This didn't really take place during the holidays like I was expecting, and I do think the holiday books are the author's best. Still, there was a bridal shower, a quick look at New Years Eve, and the murder of Eve's new husband, who turns out to have a very shady past. A fun cozy read and there are a lot of yummy looking recipes, which is always fun!

    17. Phyllis really finds herself in a "pickle" this time while investigating another murder and keeping herself out of jail. There is a murder at a Bed & Breakfast just out of town that leaves one of Phyllis friends and housemates accused of murder so Phyllis has to once again investigate and find the truth. Mrs Washburn continues to keep with the small town charm and her lovely cast of characters. I continue to save the recipes!

    18. I really enjoy Livia Washburn's cozy mystery series for several reasons, but mainly because it is set in a town that I know well - Weatherford, Texas. Wedding Cake Killer is the latest book in Livia's series, and it carries forth the continuing storyline with character updates and a dandy new murder mystery! The plot moves along fast, and the mystery and intrigue of "who dun it" are spellbinding, and a lot of fun.I highly recommend Wedding Cake Killer as a fun cozy to enjoy this winter!

    19. The cover of these books are always so misleading. It never snows like the cover implies that it does. Anyway, I was excited to find out about this book because it had been awhile since there was one in the series.In this one, Eve gets married and soon after her husband is murdered. So Phyllis (who I still think has a bad attitude) and Sam go and figure out who killed him. There was some good twists and I was happy that I figured out who the killer was before they did.

    20. Retired and widowed, former teacher Phyllis has rented rooms in her big house to others she'd known from her teaching life. Now Eve, perhaps her closest friend, has suddenly decided to marry Roy. Soon Eve is a suspect in a murder, and there seems to be no way to prove her innocence. What's worse, Phyllis and her friends learn some startling information about Eve's past. But Phyllis won't let that, or the District Attorney's bitter opposition, stop her from clearing Eve's name.

    21. This makes me think of a scenario where the Golden Girls are actually sleuths.It wasn't a bad read, but I found myself skimming more than usual and still understanding the plot. Very basic, and the killer is slowly revealed until the crescendo at the end. I will say I was happy that it didn't involve some ridiculous ending like other cozy mysteries I've read.The first book I've read in the series, and possibly not the last. It didn't have much depth, which is a shame.

    22. This is the seventh book in the Fresh Baked Mystery series. This time the story starts with the wedding of Eve and Roy. After their honeymoon Eve and Roy decide to stay at a B & B near Weatherford, TX. Eve is arrested for the murder of Roy and of course Phyllis is convinced of her friends innocence. The book contains recipes. It was a quick easy read.

    23. Wedding Cake KillerAnother non-review==================Sum-It-Up:(5) Bought at a book sale. (4) Eleven errors, nine pages.(3) Book needs editing.(2) No hook.(1) Over-description. I gave the book a shot, but with no hook, lots of (mostly stylistic) errors, and over-description, I decided to move on.

    24. What a fitting book for the Christmas Halliday then Wedding Cake Killer book#7 in the series A Fresh-Baked Mystery. All hands on deck because we have a Bridal Shower on Christmas Eve and the Wedding on New Years Eve then a Honeymoon and then the death of the groom and the killer is trying to frame the Bride so it's up to her friends to solve the murder and try to stay out of jail them selves.

    25. I loved this story. We learn about Eve's past. The author tempted us a bit in the last book and I couldn't wait for this installment. Washburn did not disappoint with this one. The twist at the end was great! The recipes are the end are good too. If you haven't read this series, start from the beginning and read them.

    26. Eve just got back from her extended honeymoon for a couple of weeks and her husband gets killed!Who, other than me, knew he was not who he seemed in the beginning???Read on to find out how much of a cad he really was and how Phyllis finds the real killer!Enjoy!BTW I really hope the DA does NOT get re-elected! :)

    27. Another wonderful action packed bookI found this book was action right from the first page! I loved the storyline and how it played out. The outcome was a surprise , but did totally make sense.

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