Editorial Follow the editor and his client into the infinite ring of Ouroboros the self devouring in this episodic novella by Arthur Graham A story told through concentric circles of narrative each one addin

  • Title: Editorial
  • Author: ArthurGraham
  • ISBN: 9780615612096
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Follow the editor and his client into the infinite ring of Ouroboros, the self devouring, in this episodic novella by Arthur Graham A story told through concentric circles of narrative, each one adding a layer of truth while further smothering all notions of certainty, Editorial will leave readers wondering just how many times the same tale can be swallowed.

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    1. ArthurGraham

      Arthur Graham is a professional editor writer currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah He is an accomplished noveler, storyist, and publishite by all accounts His work has been unfairly compared to that of Charles Bukowski, William S Burroughs, Hunter S Thompson, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr Once a promising purveyor of fine literary fiction, he has since been reduced to churning out chapbooks instead He is not on Facebook but he does own a TV, so at least he s not a total hipster.Cofounder and former head editor of Rooster Republic Press Sitting Editor in Chief of Horror Sleaze Trash.

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    1. Arthur Graham is a panty-sniffing, booze-hounding, tax-dodging rapscallion, and he has been known to trick people of indeterminate age into viewing nude photos of himself online. He once killed a drifter in order to obtain an erection, and when that failed to work a second time, he started strangling kittens instead.He doesn't love his mother, and he only cleans his toilet once every several months.Arthur Graham is actually a double-agent working for STGRB, and he is only posting items in protes [...]

    2. There's so much to hate! Some readers are going to toss this book across the room to get it as far from them as possible. There's so much to love! And I mean luuuuuvvv, baby Some readers are going to toss one off to this! (If they have a willing partner, they might even toss their salad.)That dichotomy makes for an interesting book!The chapters in Arthur Graham's Editorial are short and sweet/sick, reading like vignettes for the scatterbrained as they flitter from one to another storyline like a [...]

    3. Rating: 4.25* of fiveThe Book Report: Did you ever wonder, standing there in front of your bookshelves, “Self,” you have to call yourself “Self” to make this work, “Self, what would happen if Virginia Woolf in full Orlando mode sat at a table with a bottle of Boodles and collaborated with Samuel Beckett and Bret Easton Ellis to rewrite Naked Lunch?”You don't need to, actually, Arthur Graham did. He called the resultingwritingsEditorial: The Bizarro Press Edition.My Review: I thought [...]

    4. Only seven days, one week ago it was when skanking home alone in the bitterest of March winds I thought I caught a glimpse of the notorious Arthur Graham as I passed the reeking alley which leads to the King Billy public house, where no one goes except they who have to. He was hunched up against the wall lighting one cigarette off the end of its predecessor. I turned back in time to see him slither into the King Billy itself. Not being in possession of a loaded pistol or two fists of iron, it wa [...]

    5. Why Arthur Graham, I do believe I’m blushing!I tell you, when you have to listen to depressing war stories or schizophrenic ramblings day after day, it’s so refreshing to get your hands on something that makes you laugh. Not little chuckle laughter (although there are plenty of chuckles to be had). No, I’m talking about snarfing coffee all over your monitor laughter. Cackling on public transit laughter. The kind of laughter that makes your tummy hurt. Oh yes folks, it’s very funny. That [...]

    6. Sometimes it takes a madman to write about a mad world. Or a mad man. And Arthur Graham comes across as one pissed off mofo in Editorial. He does not suffer fools gladly. He’s angry at this stupid, ignorant messed up world filled with toxic poison, liars, and politicians. Excuse me, that was redundant.Chaotic. Satiric. Bizarric. Editorial is barely contained; it’s bursting at the seams, running off the rails, a few crayons shy of sanity. You have to stick with it to the end to make sense of [...]

    7. UPDATE: I FINALLY received my autographed HARD copy of Editorial by Arthur Graham. I must say, when I licked it, it tasted better than the e-book. _____________I absolutely LOVE the crude ouroboros, and other provocative illustrations. Then there is this: "It is no small secret that many writers are also alcoholics, drug addicts, sexual deviants, or habitual wearers of blue jean Ed II was the rare writer (possibly the only writer) who never used booze to bolster his creativity he used it to diss [...]

    8. This is a refreshingly different book. It is written in an unconventional style, and tells the story of humanity as it occurs and reoccurs, always to the same end. Despite the infinite permutations of possibilities between time periods, we never learn. Irreverent but always relevant, the seemingly unrelated parts of the story ultimately fit together. Included are simply drawn sketches which cannot be unseen, and a desert episode that would make the Lizard King proud.

    9. For Pete's sake, how come I am the only person around who has not read this yet?Ttime to get excited again.WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!I'm so revved up for this that I'm going to pee on the living room carpet!!!!or smash my car into the sidewalk!or trip over my own feet in front of a super hot dude covered in tats!or pee in my pants in front of a super hot dude covered in tats! (That one would be worse)or just swallow my own epiglottis!*cough* *choke*

    10. You're trapped in this sphere. The sphere is built out of all the individuals in the world that have lived or ever will live. And all of their bodies are overlapping one another so there's no light in the hollow center of this sphere - just the voices of these people all shouting their stories at you. And their stories are the thread that holds this mass of flesh together like patchwork.So there you are in the center of this thing and all of a sudden it starts rolling down a hill. You lose your [...]

    11. In one of his monthly installments of "Stuff I've Been Reading" for The Believer, Nick Hornby posits that for those of us that are voluminous readers, our "reading body" will let us know when it needs to be fed a certain type of book, much as our human body sometimes needs a steak, a salad, a piece of chocolate cake. Graham's Editorial was the exact book that my reading self craved, at the exactly perfect time.Irreverant, hilarious and thought-provoking, this novel has all of the building blocks [...]

    12. I wasn't sure which I appreciated less—the insincere concern or the genuine indifference.There was a certain apprehension in approaching this book. There is a politeness to (despite the intentions of its robber baron overlords) and I dreaded interrupting such civility. The author is a sociable figure, not mercenary. One who regularly succeeds in making me laugh. His presence doesn't appear to simply push his own work. That is refreshing. I was hoping I wouldn't find a drunken bizarre exercise [...]

    13. Book Info: Genre: BizarroReading Level: AdultRecommended for: Fans of bizarro fiction, those interested in circular meta-fictionTrigger Warnings: Graphic sex (including bestiality and coprophilia), (implied*) incest, (implied) child molestation, genocide, blasphemy, non-PC use of “faggot”My Thoughts: This is an extremely strange and disconnected story, which is really the point I suppose. It’s definitely not a light or quick read, as it is very important to pay attention to understand wher [...]

    14. Here’s a quick synopsis that I hope gives nothing away. This book is a series of stories and it is your job to put them all together. The book features an orphan who tells his life story. It also features a strange drifter who turns into a snake. There’s also a horrifying dystopia a thousand or so years into the future wherein global warming is no longer questioned as a valid reality and, most interesting to me, some meta wherein an editor interacts with a book, which may or may not be this [...]

    15. author Arthur Graham promises that if enough people pretend to read his book he will pose naked with a motor-oil soaked sponge! /author_blogThat's how I'm interpreting it, anyway.

    16. *dons nipple pasties and ginger wig*giveaway, motherfuckers.you have to play to win.*climbs onto pole and gets back to #werk*

    17. I'm sick of plot. I mean, I'm sick of the unshakeable, so-called undeniable truth that books have to have three acts, a hero's journey, twelve points, three trials, or whatever the hell archaic structure every hack writer regurgitating genre fiction on the kindle tells you that you must have in order to sell books. Maybe you do have to make something a blatant rip-off of the same exact script mainstream Hollywood has been green-lighting for the last two or three decades in order to sell millions [...]

    18. This review is not about the book, I haven't read the book, so I can't talk about the book, when I haven't read the book. Hope that's clear. Note that if this was an unpublished book, I could review it and rate it and talk about the book if I haven't read the book. It says I can in GR review rules, so it must be true.But this is a published book, not an unpublished book. So a different logic applies in GR rules, it gets confusing what and how that was, anyway it was above.No, this review is abou [...]

    19. Well. Well, well, well.What you're about to read is a review that in no way does justice to this book. I'm not sure any reviewer could, so it's surprising to see so many have tried. I'll give it a go, but I'm not expecting to be happy with this review when it's done.What's it about? Well, it's about everything. Happening all at once. Over and over again. But funny. We're led through a series of absurd episodes across time and space by an unreliable narrator, occasionally clumsily but frequently [...]

    20. I keep trying to write this review with a straight face and I cannot do it. My face keeps breaking into a spontaneous smile from which laughter ensues. I keep wondering how in the heck I will convey this book, to you dear reader, to which you have probably not had the pleasure of reading, but should (and if you already have read this one, well then, you'll probably be able to follow this patchwork quilt of a review better than most).Arthur Graham has crafted a wonderful fable-like adventure that [...]

    21. ©2013, all rights reserved, not to be quoted, clipped or used in any way by Google Play, amazon or other commercial booksellers.I waited literally forever for this to come out and it was well worth it. I've never read it, but I have it from hearsay that it is really good, well nigh great, so you know you can trust me on this. I think the author is an asshole, but I'm not going to say that. However the book is marvelous, full of self-reference almost to the point of absurdity, indeed it could ha [...]

    22. Get real. I am NOT going to read a book by a guy who pastes nude pictures of his ugly ass on the internet. Now, pictures of his #$@& sent via iPhone to girls. well, THAT's different.(view spoiler)[also, i've got a wall for all you "ironic" FLAG'ers (hide spoiler)]

    23. REVIEW ALSO ON: bibliomantics/2012/04/26/bThis is the first time I have ever read a book that I considered to be a complete mind fuck. David Lynch in prose. No clear genre. I finished not exactly sure what I had read or what I was meant to learn when I reached the last page. Like the ouroboros on its cover, the narrative was cyclical with a similar story being written and retold in a constantly shifting narrative. When I finished I felt like I had read a book within a book within a book. Is it t [...]

    24. I do not even know if a review will do this justice, but I will try. This was unlike anything I have read. The circular nature of the storytelling and the way that the plot wrapped around itself was certainly different. The reader must pay attention to detail (don't try this while half drunk or half asleep) and reading it was sometimes a bit challenging, but so worth it. While reading the last 10% of the book, I had a shitty grin on my face the entire time. It was like there was a firework show [...]

    25. A highly entertaining and bemuddling collection of fantasy narratives - from almost possible to delirious to utterly bonkers - presented through focal personalities that merge into one another irrespective of gender, and indeed species, in a rather consistent manner; not a one-off transformation around which everything hinges, but a continuous cycle of back and forth reminiscent of Pelevin’s Life of Insects. Sudden plunges into Ballardian/Vonnegutian versions of the future - a global cooling, [...]

    26. Chaos and destruction without the complete obliteration of the "world".A very pompous sort of narration but so brilliantly written the tone changes with every sI have to agree. I don't know what I just read. I mean I dobut then when I try to properly review it I realize I have no idea what the fuck I am saying.The narration of this book comes off pompous but it is so brilliantly written mixing a proper worded sentence with "hours of page-peeling and penis pumping" just for example. The flow of n [...]

    27. If William S. Burroughs and Kurt Vonnegut turned into hermaphroditic snakes and had a baby together, this is the kind of book it would write. Editorial by Arthur Graham (with whom I share a publisher) is crude, funny and profound. Graham wrestles with big ideas like the theory of relativity, Marxist historicism, humanity’s impact on the environment and the nature of storytelling. He also writes a scene in which Charles Bukowski defecates on a man riding a flying toilet. Graham seamlessly blend [...]

    28. I wanted to read this in one sitting. My wife walked in looking delicious and I just finished reading the behind the diner scene and it was something I had to partake in myself. A walk with an editor and his client to write a life story. Arthur gives you a world of bizarre. Snake skinned people, a sneak peek at the 31st century and some sex. Some of the events may take place someday. Just when you start getting bored with a chapter, he says something funny again.A must read for fans of strange e [...]

    29. Graham manages to make a highly readable experimental narrative in this bizarre work. Some of the bizarro takes on experimental fiction that I've seen become extremely difficult to read, but not this one. Possibilities and eventualities, Graham's writing in this one is conceptually challenging at the same time that the prose is loose and fun. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Chapter 43 is a particular masterpiece.

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