The Queen's Promise

The Queen s Promise From the bestselling author Lyn Andrews comes a compelling historical epic set at the endlessly fascinating Tudor court about the most infamous woman of the age Anne Boleyn and the man who loved her b

  • Title: The Queen's Promise
  • Author: Lyn Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780755386703
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the bestselling author Lyn Andrews comes a compelling historical epic set at the endlessly fascinating Tudor court about the most infamous woman of the age Anne Boleyn and the man who loved her before she became queen From the moment Henry Percy, the future Earl of Northumberland, first glimpses the beautiful Anne Boleyn he is captivated and quickly proposes marrFrom the bestselling author Lyn Andrews comes a compelling historical epic set at the endlessly fascinating Tudor court about the most infamous woman of the age Anne Boleyn and the man who loved her before she became queen From the moment Henry Percy, the future Earl of Northumberland, first glimpses the beautiful Anne Boleyn he is captivated and quickly proposes marriage Anne has been taught to use her charms to her advantage and to secure her family s position of power at court She sees that Henry Percy s affection is sincere and agrees to marry him But a match of the heart has no place in a world where marriage is a political manoeuvre Torn apart, the lovers are exiled to separate ends of the kingdom For Henry a lifetime of duty awaits, while he remains true to the only woman he will ever love But he is not the only man to be bewitched by Anne And when King Henry VIII determines to make her his queen, the course of history is changed for ever

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      Lyn Andrews is one of the the UK s top one hundred paper back bestsellers Born and brought up in Liverpool, she is the daughter of a policeman who also married a policeman After becoming the mother of triplets, she took some time off from her writing whilst she raised her children Shortlisted for the romantic Novelists Association Award in 1993, she has now written twenty one hugely successful novels Lyn Andrews divides her time between Merseyside and Ireland.

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    1. The Queen’s Promise by Lyn Andrews was the only Tudor comfort I allowed myself on a recent trip to New Zealand and it did not disappoint!The novel tells the story of Anne Boleyn, beginning with her birth and ending just after her execution but it is much more than just another account of the main events of Anne’s queenship. The focus on her early life and relationship with Henry Percy, the future Earl of Northumberland, sets it apart from the bulk of novels I have read.Just as intriguing as [...]

    2. The Queen's Promise looks at Anne Boleyn and her first love, Henry Percy. While many novels about Anne Boleyn mention but then quickly gloss over their short betrothal in order to get to the more interesting events in Anne's life (when she begins to attract King Henry), this novel takes the unique perspective of telling events from Henry Percy's point of view.There are three main voices in this novel: Henry Percy, Anne Boleyn, and that of a fictional servant, Will Chatton. This allowed us to get [...]

    3. Yes, it's another Tudor historical novel and yes, it's another Tudor historical novel about Anne Boleyn!This one I think is worth reading though. Although Anne carries one of the main narrative threads the book is really more about Henry Percy, 6th Earl of Northumberland, who had some sort of understanding with Anne before she caught the eye of that other Henry. I don't think his life is as well documented as other more prominent figures at court, but there is enough information there to give a [...]

    4. Anne Boleyn's life and subsequent death have been the subject of many, many books. She was a fascinating woman and her story makes for a riveting read.There can't be many angles left which haven't already been explored to tell her story but The Queen's Promise seems to have found a refreshing one. It's told mostly from the viewpoint of Sir Henry Percy and his squire and really Anne is just one of the supporting cast, rather than the main focus. This is a story about Henry, for the most part. Ann [...]

    5. Another Anne Boleyn novel. Its point of difference from the others is that it focuses on her relationship with Henry Percy. The prose wasn't to my liking. Too many grammatical errors, particulary broken sentences with commas instead of periods, and some spelling errors which made my eye twitch.Also, vivacious. Everytime Henry thinks of Anne, he thinks about her vivacity. She's really vivacious. I FREAKING GET IT.The characters weren't too believable either. I can accept Henry as a soft and sensi [...]

    6. Henry Percy is not the fighter or dominant son that his father wants. He has no interest in the prospect of marrying Lady Mary Talbot or taking up duties dispensing justice on local thugs and raiding Scots. It is at Court where Henry is sent to make contacts to please his father under the eye of family enemy Cardinal Woolsey. It is there that Henry Percy loses his heart to the new girl at Court Anne Boleyn. But the Cardinal and King are determined to do anything they can to ruin this union. The [...]

    7. There are so many Anne Boleyn novels these days jumping on The Other Boleyn Girl’s bandwagon that I’m beginning to get weary of it all. Naturally authors are on the lookout for the unique spin that they can give their Anne novel to make it stand out from the others. This novel’s spin is that it’s told from the dual perspective of Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy, sometime Duke of Northumberland. Could be interesting, I thought to myself when I picked this book up, I certainly haven't read tha [...]

    8. I know, another Tudor book on my shelf! But this one is a little bit different Andrews story focuses on Henry Percy - his relationship with Anne Boleyn, their de futuro betrothal, his dealings with Cardinal Wolsey, position as warden of the marches etc.Another of the main characters is Henry's squire, the fictional character Will Chatton - the very definition of a self made man. His story weaves with that of Henry Percy, from his beginnings as a starving tenants son, to a literate & wealthy [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this take on the life of Anne Boleyn. I have read many books about this period in history and every author, and indeed every reader has a slightly different opinion on these historical famous people.Lyn Andrews gives us a slightly different look at Anne, starting early in her life, when at the age of six she is sent to the Netherlands to learn how to become a sophisticated young lady fit for life at the English court. She is expected to make a good marriage and do well for her f [...]

    10. I loved this book, which followed the tired and over done story of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, but from a much different and fresh angle. Most of the story was from the viewpoint of Henry Percy and his squire Will. This viewpoint really gave the story a fresh appeal. Numerous books have been written from Anne's point of view, but no one has written about this from the sad aspect of Henry Percy who had promised himself in marriage to Anne when she was 16 and he 21. It is believed that Henry Percy [...]

    11. I love a good novel about the Tudor era and I must say that I didn't have high hopes for this one at all, being that I've read all of Philippa Gregory's novels and thoroughly enjoyed them! This one was actually must better than I imagined and was refreshing! Firstly, Henry Percy is the main focus, along with Anne Boleyn. Unlike Anne, Henry's life is not well documented and as the 6th Earl of Northumberland, he is known as unlucky. I'm so glad that the author wrote about him as I now feel like I [...]

    12. Although I applaud Andrews' creativity in choosing to tell the story from the unusual perspective of Henry Percy, I don't think she did it particularly well. There were some very engaging chapters, but the vast majority were mediocre at best. I had very little interest in the characters: if anything, I found myself most drawn to Cardinal Wolsey, who was the nearest thing the book had to an antagonist.Will Chatton, Henry Percy's fictional squire, had a lot of potential: not only could he be used [...]

    13. The story of Anne Boleyn's early fated love affair with Henry Percy is well documented but normally this relationship is glossed over before the more interesting aspects of her life start to evolve around her life at court with Henry VIII.Interestingly, The Queen's Promise tells the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy from three perspectives. We have Henry Percy himself, weak, enigmatic, easily persuaded against fighting for the love of his life, alongside Anne, capricious, beautiful and as alw [...]

    14. It is a good book, but some mistakes with printing such as character names spelt wrong and words spelt wrong as well. The story itself was more focused on the childhood of both characters which was a refreshing change as I only knew certain parts about Anne's and I knew absolutely nothing on Henry Percy. Took a long time to get into but once the book started moving around half way through, it was good and couldn't put it down. The way the author intertwined two different love stories Will & [...]

    15. This has been on my shelf for a long time, and it’s been a while since I’ve read a Tudor novel so I wasn’t sure whether I’d enjoy this. But I really did! Although told from 3 points of view, I actually liked all three of them equally. It was great to see the different sides of Tudor court and nobility through the servant, the future Earl and the daughter of a low ranking nobleman.This is loosely based on historical figures and events (although Will is entirely fictional), so I wouldn’t [...]

    16. A really disappointing historical fiction novel. The title and the synopsis on the back of the book is very misleading. I thought the focus of the book would be Anne Boleyn, and was interested to see if this author might have any new perspective in the re-telling of this much covered period in history. However two-thirds of the book instead were from the perspective of either Henry Percy or Will Chatton - a fictional squire to Henry Percy (who wasn't even mentioned at all on the synopsis). This [...]

    17. while i did enjoy this book, i felt the chataecters were bery pne-dimensional. wil was a honest, kind man. henry percy was a scholar who felt not up to the task of following in his fathers shoes. as for Joanna, not much time was spent explaining why Will fell in love with her. cuz she was exotic-looking? henry P & annes fomance wasnt very well explained either. it just seemed that the author was in a hurry to get to the main part of the story.

    18. This book tells the story of Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy. Although Anne is central to the story it tells more of the life of Henry Percy before and after meeting Anne. It is well worth a read and is good to see book a book tell the story of a well known man in history even though not much is found about him

    19. A novel about Harry Percy, Anne Boleyn's first love. Harry is a reasonably well developed character, but everyone else in the book falls into the old cliche's -- Anne is shrew, Mary is the Dumb Blonde, Henry is a lecher, Wolsey is 'reptilian.'

    20. Surprising book. I thought it would just be another Anne Boleyn account but it wasn't. It told her tale from her very early life and the life of the man who wanted to marry her.

    21. I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did. It is well written and keeps you turning the pages. I found it hard to put down and even now days after I finished it I am still thinking about it.

    22. Don't expect another book about Anne. This is far more interesting as it is as much about life on Tudor England rather than the lofe of well known figure.

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