The Covert Wolf

The Covert Wolf When a mission gone wrong kills his best friend navy SEAL Matthew Parker will stop at nothing to destroy the demons who threaten his team To do so Matt must locate a mysterious orb before the demons

  • Title: The Covert Wolf
  • Author: Bonnie Vanak
  • ISBN: 9780373885510
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a mission gone wrong kills his best friend, navy SEAL Matthew Parker will stop at nothing to destroy the demons who threaten his team To do so, Matt must locate a mysterious orb before the demons use it to destroy the world But the only woman who can help him Sienna McClare has her own agenda and every reason for hating his kind A half blood, Sienna hopes returninWhen a mission gone wrong kills his best friend, navy SEAL Matthew Parker will stop at nothing to destroy the demons who threaten his team To do so, Matt must locate a mysterious orb before the demons use it to destroy the world But the only woman who can help him Sienna McClare has her own agenda and every reason for hating his kind A half blood, Sienna hopes returning the orb to her people will gain her acceptance back into the only family she s known But working with a Draicon werewolf like Matt comes with a high price one that could cost Sienna her dreams.A natural born leader, her werewolf lover must now teach Sienna to listen to her heart and go where their all consuming passion leads them.

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      Bonnie Vanak fell in love with romance novels during childhood While cleaning a hall closet, she discovered her mother s cache of paperbacks and started reading Thus began a passion for romance and a lifelong dislike for housework.After years of newspaper reporting, Bonnie became a writer for a major international charity She travels to destitute countries such as Haiti to write about famine, disease and other issues affecting the poor When the emotional strains of her job demanded a diversion, she turned to her childhood dream of writing romance novels.She lives in Florida with her husband Frank and two dogs, where she happily writes books amid an ever growing collection of dust bunnies.

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    1. ARC provided by NetGalleyFirst book of the Phoenix Force series (and part of Draicon Werewolf series)Lt Matthew "Dakota" Parker is part of Navy SEALs, but not just ordinary SEALs. As Draicon werewolf, he also part of paranormal black ops which the assignment is annihilate anything paranorm that threat his country. After lost his buddy, a werejaguar Adam, he lost himself. That after he get a new task , to find Orb of Light and paired with a woman Fae, Sienna. Even there are attraction between the [...]

    2. I didn't connect with any of the characters in this book and honestly couldn't care less what was going on. Mainly because every paranormal entity was in it - fae, demons, mages and various shifters. I think the author should have concentrated on just a few and developed a tighter plot. UGH!

    3. 3 stars.Even though this should be the first book of a standalone series, it feels like I've started a book in the middle of a series. There is some assumption that the readers are familiar with Ms Vanak's Draicon world. Nevertheless, this was a solid read with a seasoned narrator in Jim Frangione. Not sure if the H/h actually resolved their issues at the end though. Maybe I'll get a better understanding in the next book? Let's see

    4. Matthew is a Draicon wolf who serves in an elite Navy SEAL team of supernatural soldiers. Their existence is a secret, but their service is invaluable, as they help fight demons and other evil entities bent on chaos and destruction.The story begins with the death of Matt's best friend Adam. Someone used a powerful orb to pinpoint the team's location and send fire-wielding demons to ambush them. Now, Matt is on the hunt for the orb and whoever orchestrated Adam's death. His boss forces him to pai [...]

    5. Sienna is a half-fae and half-Draicon who was raised to hate Draicon wolves she's disconcerted to find herself working on a covert op to obtain the Orb of Light alongside Matt Parker, a Draicon Navy SEAL. But she'll do it because obtaining that Orb means being accepted back into the community of Fae that raised her and she'll do anything to belong. He's everything she was told Draicon weren't - he's noble, honorable and willing to risk his life for the right cause. He's also gentle and patient w [...]

    6. I really really enjoyed this book. There is a lot of suspense and some passionate scenes too. Navy Seal Matthew Parker is out to destroy the demons who threaten his team. The demons are out looking for the Orb of light, to use it to destroy the world. He has been tasked by his commander to hunt down the Orb and to do that he needs the help of Sienna McClare, who is part Fae and part wolf. Matt has no love of the Fae and Sienna has no love of the wolves as she thinks they destroyed her parents. Q [...]

    7. The Covert Wolf is a very good Urban Fantasy Harlequin novel that centered on Lieutenant Matt Parker, a Draicon (werewolf) SEAL officer who deals with mystical things that threatened the lives of the country and Sienna, a banished half-fae and half-Draicon who wanted to find a missing orb, a powerful magical item, so that she would be accepted back into her Seelie family. Matt was coping with guilt over the death of his bestfriend Adam, a jaguar shifter who died when they were ambushed by pyros [...]

    8. Setting: Afghanistan, Helmand province; New York; Santa Fe; Forrest Plains; New Orleans; Theme: connection; love; family; truth; protection; powerCharacters:Lieutenant Matthew ‘Dakota’ Parker; Draicon –powerful werewolf; SEAL team 21’s Phoenix Force – all 8 have unique psychic powers; have spelled a demon portal below nuclear site in New Mexico; on assignment, have a bad feeling ‘tickling’ the back of his neck, he and his best friend ambused by Dark Fae and Fire demons – and his [...]

    9. This might be my weakest 4 star of all my reviews but I feel like it got there. It had a chance of getting there easily but there were a couple of hiccups. You can’t judge a book by the cover and sometimes not even by the synopsis. When I read that the hero was a navy seal I thought it was going to be more of an action fantasy maybe along the lines of the Bourne series or something. That was not the case. This book was much more of a PNR between Matt a Draicon werewolf and Sienna half werewolf [...]

    10. Y'a des les livres quand on les commence on est tout de suite conquis, plus on avance dans l'histoire meilleure c'est et quand arrive la fin on a du mal à réaliser. Ici c'est tout le contraire.Certes ce livre est le premier tome de cette série, et j'insiste bien sur cette, mais certainement pas le premier de l'univers crée par Bonnie Vanak. Je sais même pas dire par où elle à commencé, apparemment elle s'est construite un univers bien à elle et quand on prend l'histoire en plein cours ( [...]

    11. readtomyhearts/20I really liked the idea of an elite group of soldiers that were highly trained but also had other abilities too. This group is dedicated to each other and each one specializes in a special ability. It isn't just werewolves, but mages, wizards, and shifters. I loved how Matthew Parker is an alpha but instead of always looking out for his pack, he treats his team more like his pack. That isn't to say he doesn't love his family but he has accepted this group of guys as a another di [...]

    12. Un premier tome très sympa malgré quelques petits défauts.Bonnie Vanak est une habituée de la collection Nocturne d'Harlequin. On la retrouve ici dans cette série où se croisent de nombreuses espèces toutes intéressantes et dans un récit plutôt bien construit. Sienna est une hybride mi-fée mi draïcon (loup-garou). Sa mère a été violée par l'un d'eux et depuis elle les déteste plus que tout. Alors quand elle apprend qu'elle va devoir travailler avec un SEAL de cette espèce pour [...]

    13. 4 STARSI loved the twist in the end of the book. I laughed in a few places and blushed in other places. Yes thier are a lot of love scenes that I skipped over. I really like the plot of the story too.Matthew Parker is a Navy Seal but just not any regular seal he belongs to a group that are not normal humans. He turns into a wolf and as magic. He just lot a member of his team on his last mission. Mathew blames the fae who sold them out to demons.Sienna McClare is have wolf and half fae. When she [...]

    14. I'm speechless. Of course when the central plot of a book is to find a magical orb (gag) one shouldn't expect too much. This book takes the kitchen sink approach to the paranormal world, dropping in every overused trope from the genre. The book includes, shifters of every kind, fated mate bonds, sexual rituals, mages, vampires, demons, fae, psi and a very special snowflake. I'm actually surprised that Vanak has authored so many other paranormal books given that she writes with zero conviction an [...]

    15. Matt Parker, part of an elite paranormal SEAL team, has been tasked with finding a magic orb. If the orb falls into the wrong hands, all hell will break loose - literally. Comfortable with the other members of his team, he is dismayed to learn that he will be working not only with a civilian, but a woman who is also a Fae - one of the races responsible for the death of his best friend.Halfbreed, Sienna McClare, holds a hatred of her own, specifically for Draicon's - the wolf shifters who she bel [...]

    16. I don't read werewolf stories or vampires for that matter. I'm just not interested, normally. But I saw the author at Heather Grahams' Writers for New Orleans and decided to buy this novel. Werewolf Navy Seal? I do love Navy seal, alpha men stories. So I gave it a go.My paranormal loving friends will laugh because I enjoyed this novel. Faes are fairies and I know these from Irish tales of old. Matthew's a werewolf. The truth of the matter is I have to heart the characters. And what I liked about [...]

    17. I think that its really an interesting concept to have a seal team out there who has special abilities. They can really help protect the populous from all the mythical creatures out there. Matt and Sienna are initially very aposed to working together to find the mysterious orb. They both have a deep set distrust of the others heritage. Matt dislikes the Fae, and Sienna the Draicon. But they must put the past behind them before the real evil out there does its best to destroy the world. The path [...]

    18. The Convert Wolf is a good Urban Fantasy/Mystery Novel with hidden plot twists, despite its length, the book is compact with action, plots, subplots and character progression and simple to read.Normal these kind of books have my favorite classic hot alpha male and mart mouthed kick-ass female. But not this Novel these is no head of heal fall-in-love-scenes but a for me to slow built up the attraction between the characters with added conflicts that only distrupt the romance story line. I had a h [...]

    19. Alas, this book just didn't resound with me. This was more about the burgeoning romance than about the quest they were on. I admit a compelling plot almost always trumps romance for me.Whilst in and of itself, it was a good story, the heroine just made me want to pull my hair out.She was so indecisive. One minute she's all about the hero, the next she has to 'protect herself' and 'find herself'. Whilst I find the indecisiveness credible, she was constantly yo-yoing. I can't believe the hero put [...]

    20. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review.I think this book is very worthy of a 4.5 star rating!I was highly entertained with every page that I read. The plot is good. The characters are fantastic. I especially liked Matt with how strong, loving & kick-ass he is. Sienna is a wonderful character too. She's timid yet strong & funny at times too.I loved the romantic suspense between the two lead characters aswell & the love scenes made for very intriguing reading!I would [...]

    21. A very different paranormal romance. Our hero is a navy seal first and a werewolf second. He has recently lost his team mate and best friend in action. Our heroine is a halfbreed fae werewolf. She has tried as long as she can remember to keep her wolf half buried . They have to work together to find a very powerful magic orb. There are lots of other dangerous demons looking for it also. Things would go easier if she could control her power better. Lots of action. A very good read.

    22. Fast and highly charged with a Secret Navy Seal Team a Fae that's trying to find out who she is and what purpose she has in the world. And a whole lot of Demond's that are out to get the team and Fae for they protect an orb that can destroy the whole world. A Exultant Harlequin Nocturne " Phenix Force " Series to read. P.S. This is my first Harlequin Nocturne Book. Can't wait to read more from the series.

    23. In Vanak’s paranormal romance novel, navy SEAL Mathew Parker will stop at nothing to destroy the demons who threaten his team after a mission gone wrong kills his best friend. To accomplish this, he must locate a mysterious orb before the demons use it to destroy the world. The one person who can help him, Sienna McClure, has her own agenda.Predictable paranormal story.

    24. I loved this book. I can definitely recommend it.Sienna is the last of the Diablo wolf pack. She was saved and protected by the local Fae community.Matt is a member of Phoenix Force SEAL team. This team is comprised of all paranormals.Together they are trying to find and recover the Orb of Light. Not only do they succeed but they find they are destined mates.

    25. I really didn't care for this book. It read like an outline to me. None of the plot lines were truly sussed out. The Covert Wolf could have been amazing if the world building had been more complete. I felt that even though there were incredible things that were going on in the book that I never felt the emotions. I felt myself saying huh? quite a bit during this reading. Wouldn't recommend it.

    26. I really enjoyed this book, I liked the concept of a secret supernatural SEAL force known only to a select few in the navy. I also really liked the characters, main and supporting! It kept my attention from start to finish and I loved how it ended!

    27. I liked it even if the plot was not something astonishingly new but I think I've already saw everything there is to see in the paranormal world, literally speaking (pun intended)ANKS TO HARLEQUIN AND NETGALLEY FOR THE PREVIEW

    28. A little confusing the writer assumes you know about the fae and wolf word in the story, a little frustrating.

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