Der Lord ohne Namen

Der Lord ohne Namen Die Chroniken der ZeitenwandlerPeter und Kate starrten den seltsam elegant gekleideten Fremden fasziniert an Eine riesige Narbe lag ihm wie ein Halbmond ber dem Gesicht Woher kam er Was wollte er von

  • Title: Der Lord ohne Namen
  • Author: Linda Buckley-Archer
  • ISBN: 9783473347193
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Die Chroniken der ZeitenwandlerPeter und Kate starrten den seltsam elegant gekleideten Fremden fasziniert an Eine riesige Narbe lag ihm wie ein Halbmond ber dem Gesicht Woher kam er Was wollte er von ihnen Vielleicht h tten sie sich auf der Stelle auf und davon machen sollen H tten alles daran setzen sollen, in ihre eigene Welt zur ckzukehren Aber sie bleiben ohneDie Chroniken der ZeitenwandlerPeter und Kate starrten den seltsam elegant gekleideten Fremden fasziniert an Eine riesige Narbe lag ihm wie ein Halbmond ber dem Gesicht Woher kam er Was wollte er von ihnen Vielleicht h tten sie sich auf der Stelle auf und davon machen sollen H tten alles daran setzen sollen, in ihre eigene Welt zur ckzukehren Aber sie bleiben ohne zu ahnen, dass die Zukunft der Geschichte in den H nden dieses dunklen Lords lag.

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      234 Linda Buckley-Archer
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    1. Linda Buckley-Archer

      Linda Buckley Archer is a London based writer Originally trained as a linguist and subsequently a scriptwriter, she became a novelist after writing a story for her son, who was a reluctant reader That story became the first volume of the time traveling GIDEON TRILOGY, which featured the dark side of 18th century London as well as the French and American Revolutions The trilogy was translated into ten languages Her latest novel, THE MANY LIVES OF JOHN STONE, is published on 20th October, 2015.

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    1. My review contains my opinion and is written for readers who are like me, particular in what they read, critical in their reading. An accident with an anti-gravity machine transports Kate and Peter from the year 2007 back in time to 1763. The evil Tar Man steals the machine and their only way back home, Gideon Seymour befriends the children and promises to help them find their way back to the twenty-first century.I thought this sounded like it would be a really wonderful adventure story but it d [...]

    2. This was a fine read. I made the mistake of reading one of the reviews on GoodReads before I started the book and that reader really blasted it. I noticed that a lot of the reviews were either 5 stars or 1. It's hard for me to keep an open mind with that junk floating around. ANYWay, this IS a young adult historical (science) fiction story with some time travel. The author handled it just fine - except for a short paragraph far into the story where the characters start to discuss how things coul [...]

    3. Absolutely brilliant! Excellent, realistic and utterly likable characters. I loved Peter and Kate. And how awesome is it that the authoress is able to tell a tale of time travel, quantum physics, parallel worlds, and the logistical quandaries that would arise thereof, without sacrificing the readers’ connection to the protagonists and their predicament? She tackles a sophisticated subject with precision and plays out its consequences in the lives of Peter Schock and Kate Dyer, as well as their [...]

    4. DNF.I was bored. I am not that kind of person though that starts a book then isn't quite loving it so far and then puts it down. I'm not.This book was just, bleh.

    5. First off, this was a good narration. I started to write "great", but then remembered three moments where, if I had been (God forbid) listening through earbuds, I would have had to claw them off my head and rock back and forth for a minute in pain. At the beginning and end of the book comes a sound effect which may or may not be some kind of audio logo for Simon & Schuster Audio, which sounded like a jet taking off. An intense blast of white noise. And the chapter in which the children come [...]

    6. Gideon the Cutpurse, buku ini banyak mengajarkan hal mengenai harapan, arti keluarga dan waktu.(Mungkin) buku ini adalah salah satu dari sedikit buku bergenre FANTASI yang tidak mengandung SIHIR sama sekali didalamnya. That's why i love this book. Hal lainnya yang saya sukai dari buku ini yaitu, berbeda dengan buku-buku lainnya yang bergenre sama yang pernah saya baca sebelumnya, pada buku ini, sejarah dan fiksi ilmiah dikemas menjadi bacaan yang menyenangkan. Detil-detil sejarah dan ilmiah dipa [...]

    7. Reviewed by Jocelyn Pearce for TeensReadTooPeter feels he has been brushed off by his father yet again--and he has been. He's been waiting for his birthday treat for months, but his father always has business meetings and is too busy to spend time with him. His mother is off working in Los Angeles, far away from Peter and his father in London. The morning Peter and his father fight about it again, Margrit, the Au Pair, takes Peter with her to visit her friends out in the country. These friends h [...]

    8. As many reviews have noted, it is hard to believe this is a first novel. Buckley-Archer "a scriptwriter and journalist, began writing Gideon as a radio drama. As she read Gideon aloud to her children and they refused to let her stop for supper, she began to see its potential as a novel."Whatever her experience she has clearly pulled it all together. The main characters are well developed, which isn't always the case in the first book of a series, and there are lots of interesting secondary chara [...]

    9. So good! Loved it. The story, characters, writing, even the semi-logic behind the time travel were brilliant. Peter's father has important business to attend to and sends Peter with their housekeeper to her friend's family farm in the country. The Dyer family is a big family whose siblings are all very tight with one another. Dr. Dyer, a scientist, has an anti-gravity machine at his lab. When Kate, Peter, and Kate's dog, Molly, go with him to the lab, a accident with the machine sends Peter and [...]

    10. First, I have to say, the cover of this book is great! It's a hardcover book with an opening actually cut out of it with the eye looking through. My kids love to touch it!Important note: there are two versions if the Gideon books. The British version and the American version. The first book is "Gideon the Cutpurse" (British version) and "The Time Travelers" (American version). The second book in the trilogy is "The Tar Man" (British version) and "The Time Thief" (American version). Be careful no [...]

    11. Wow. I just I was so not anticipating that this would be so bad. I knew it wouldn't be my favorite book ever, but I thought it would be a casual and entertaining read. It was not. -First off, it was really boring. The author left NOTHING out, even the most boring and mundane details that we really didn't need to know. I found this book to be overly long. -I really disliked Kate. All she did was cry, over the silliest things, and that really bugged me. I just felt that it was a really weak woman [...]

    12. Although the start is slow, this turns into a great historical adventure story. Jack and Kate are thrown back to 1763 and encounter a fantastic cast of characters in their efforts to get back to the 21st century. They must deal with a world full of highwaymen, footpads, elaborate dress, bad food, cutpurses, treachery, horrific prisons, and hangings. Eighteenth centuries details never feel forced or didactic, but serve to make the story more vivid. Being the first in a trilogy, the conclusion is [...]

    13. This is a fun time travel romp, although probably not a "light read" for some. I really liked it, and the author shines when she's writing about the 18th century; I have a feeling she didn't so much research the era so she could write her story, but came up with a time travel idea just so she could write about what she knows and loves. This is a great way to learn about how we used to live in the 1700s, and depictions of Ye Olde London (markets, pubs, prisons, etc) are superb. There's a lot more [...]

    14. I saw these books when I went to Barnes and Noble, and decided to read them. One of the reviews on the book is that they are as good as the Harry Potter series. I disagree. They are good, and entertaining, but not as captivating or as fast pased. Also it is easier to figure out what is going to happen than the HP books. But still, once you get started, it is entertaining and you have to keep reading!

    15. Two children from our time are accidentally sent back to 1763, where they make the acquaintance of Gideon Seymour, former pickpocket and cutpurse, and his arch-enemy, the Tar Man. I liked it, but didn’t love it.

    16. Four and a half stars. Most of the markdown for "head-hopping" which got intrusive at times and bumped me out of the story. But perhaps that's being picky.Peter Schock is looking forward to a long-delayed birthday treat; only to find that his father has once more prioritised a sudden and unexpected work commitment over his promise to spend time together. "I hate you!" are his last explosive words to his dad as he's dragged off by the sympathetic German au pair into the wilds of the Derbyshire co [...]

    17. I love Gideon! He's so awesome! He's definitely my favorite character. And oddly enough, I like Sidney. His character was very well written. I hate Kate. A lot. I really liked the story.

    18. I'm starting to like snow days. It's too cold to do anything but sit indoors and read, so I manage to finish The Time Travelers (it feels weird reading an ebook somehow). I previously talked about in Teaser Tuesday (link), and it was as good as I expected!The book revolves around Peter Schock, Kate Dyer and Gideon Seymour. There are a few other main characters, but I think these three are the most important. So when Peter's dad breaks his promise (a birthday promise to Peter no less), Peter ends [...]

    19. I won't lie, I picked up The Time Travelers, part one in the Gideon trilogy, mainly because it had awesome cover art. James Jean is such a deadly awesome artist, and I was so excited that he'd illustrated a middle school book, I just had to read it.As a first book, The Time Travelers was a bit cumbersome. The story was a lot of fun and I was digging the characters, but I found her style was a bit stilted. It was almost as if she was attributing a 7 year olds' way of reading to her 9-13 year old [...]

    20. I would give this 3.5 stars - I liked it more than just "liked it" but I didn't REALLY like it. It's a fun read, but a little too juvenile for my tastes. I picked it up at the bookstore based on the review on the back, which said that if you liked Harry Potter, you'd like this series. I thought, what the heck? It was just under 400 pages, but the font was rather large and double spaced.This book was basically about two modern British children who accidentally go back in time to 1763, and have to [...]

    21. Review originally postedHEREThis is a review for the entire trilogy.The Gideon Trilogy is a well-told story that keeps you coming back for more. I had a hard time putting the books down, especially the first two. Buckley-Archer is compared to J.K Rowling. I wouldn't go THAT far, but it is a good, entertaining story.The character development is decent. I read this trilogy after reading the amazing 100 Cupboards Trilogy which has phenomenal character development, so try as I may, it was hard to no [...]

    22. This has been at the bottom of my to-read stack for the longest time! I mean, literally, the bottom of a large stack of books sitting here just waiting for me to read them. It's a solid, hefty book and it helped to make my TBR stack very sturdy. I planned to read it LONG ago, but then got upset when they suddenly changed the name to "The Time Travelers" for the paperback copy. Why do they do that?? It just confuses things and I don't like it! With so many other books clamoring for my attention, [...]

    23. I haven't read this since high school, so I've been meaning to reread this for a while! It was one of my favorites back then, and I'm glad it's still a good read. :)Peter Schock and Kate Dyer are two kids thrown together by a misfortune: they're transported from the 21st century to 1763 in a laboratory accident. There (then), they meet Gideon, a cutpurse-turned gentleman who is beautifully complex, his employer, Lord Luxon, and Lord Luxon's henchman, the Tar Man, who steals the kids' only way ho [...]

    24. I picked this book up originally for two reasons. 1. The beautiful cover art sucks you in2. The cover blurb that states "For kids who love Harry Potter" - Entertainment WeeklyI might not be the target audience but I do enjoy young adult reads most of the time. The back of the book tells us that Peter and Kate manage to land themselves in 1763 due to an accident with an anti-gravity machine. They now somehow need to find their way back to their own time!This could have been wonderful but everythi [...]

    25. I love fantasy; I love historical fiction; I love science fiction. I did not love this book. I managed to wade through half of it, then quit to move on to something better. The writing is plodding and pedestrian; the plot is predictable; the characters are two-dimensional; the author wastes the opportunity afforded by time travel to either compare and contrast 21st and 18th century life or to provide a window into that past. The characters all speak with modern voices, with one notable and painf [...]

    26. Quotes (on the back cover) comparing this book to Harry Potter heightened my expectations, which consequently led to disappointment. Unlike Harry Potter, where Rowling introduces interesting subplots, complex characters, and imaginative twists, everything about this book was uni-dimensional. In fact, the author seemed to insert unnecessary parts for the sake of beefing up the content. In addition, the ending was underdeveloped and a weak attempt at introducing a second story rather than a natura [...]

    27. The Time Travelers (renamed from the less appropriate title, Gideon the Cutpurse) is a well-paced, and seemingly well-researched story that mixes a little bit of science-fiction with a lot of interesting periodical history and behavioral speculation about the mid-18th century. As the novel’s heroes Kate and Peter do their time traveling, readers are introduced to some fun etymology — defining the origin of ’straw men,’ for example — and a few enjoyable science-fiction concepts, like ho [...]

    28. Review pendingBook annoyed me, maybe because I'm too old to read it. My sister sort of liked it--she's twelve.I was told it would give J.K. Rowling a run for her money, that if I liked that, I would love this. They. Lied. To. Me. Somewhere J.K. Rowling chuckled as she read that and thought: Yeah, right. Thing is, because I'm stubborn and like to punish myself, I actually finished the book. What's wrong with me? Anyway, the real review, the more refined review, will come later. But first, another [...]

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