Austenland Jane Hayes is a seemingly normal young New Yorker but she has a secret Her obsession with Mr Darcy as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is ruining her love life no

  • Title: Austenland
  • Author: Shannon Hale Katherine Kellgren
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  • Page: 427
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Jane Hayes is a seemingly normal young New Yorker, but she has a secret Her obsession with Mr Darcy, as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, is ruining her love life no real man can compare But when a wealthy relative bequeaths her a trip to an English resort catering to Austen crazed women, Jane s fantasies of meeting the perfect RegencyJane Hayes is a seemingly normal young New Yorker, but she has a secret Her obsession with Mr Darcy, as played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, is ruining her love life no real man can compare But when a wealthy relative bequeaths her a trip to an English resort catering to Austen crazed women, Jane s fantasies of meeting the perfect Regency era gentleman suddenly become realer than she ever could have imagined.Decked out in empire waist gowns, Jane struggles to master Regency etiquette and flirts with gardeners and gentlemen or maybe even, she suspects, with the actors who are playing them It s all a game, Jane knows And yet the longer she stays, the her insecurities seem to fall away, and the she wonders Is she about to kick the Austen obsession for good, or could all her dreams actually culminate in a Mr Darcy of her own Narrated by Katherine KellgrenLength 6 hrs and 23 mins

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    1. Shannon Hale Katherine Kellgren

      Shannon Hale is the New York Times best selling author of six young adult novels the Newbery Honor book Princess Academy, multiple award winner Book of a Thousand Days, and the highly acclaimed Books of Bayern series She has written three books for adults, including the upcoming Midnight in Austenland Jan 2012 , companion book to Austenland She co wrote the hit graphic novel Rapunzel s Revenge and its sequel Calamity Jack with husband Dean Hale They live near Salt Lake City, Utah with their four small children, and their pet, a small, plastic pig.

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    1. I am a Pride and Prejudice snob. I only like the BBC version, with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy and Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett. While there are parts of the newer, shorter, harried, and nuance free Hollywood version I enjoy, like the supposed-to-be-prettiest-sister Jane, who is actually much prettier than the actress in the BBC version, every time I've watched it (which, I grant, is only twice), I feel angry afterwards. First, Kiera Knightly is NOT Elizabeth Bennett. Elizabeth Bennett does n [...]

    2. The movie is one of my favorites, so I was so excited to learn that it was based on a book! Unfortunately, this is one of the rare cases where I enjoy the movie more than the book. Movie Jane was a raging Austen fangirl and just a tad pitiful, which was totally relatable and made me root for her. Book Jane seemed to have her life more or less together, so it wasn't as satisfying an experience. Still a pleasant read and I totally want to visit Austenland, but I think I would have enjoyed it more [...]

    3. I crept quietly up the dark stairway, entered my room and tried my very best to shut the door silently behind me. It thudded despite my best efforts and I cringed, but Phil didn’t stir in his 3 o’clock-in-the-morning slumber. I sighed, relieved. I felt so entirely sneaky. I felt as if I had cheated and there was a sting of guilt as I looked at the distorted red figures on the alarm clock through the empty glass on the night stand. “Please don’t wake up and look at what I see” I silentl [...]

    4. I was so engrossed in this book I read it in an afternoon. If I were still a teenager, this would be the book I'd read over and over.I hate this book. SPOILER ALERTWhy? I mean, if it was so engrossing that I couldn't put it down, why do I hate it? Because Jane Hayes, the main character, is me except that she gets to live out my fantasy and gets the happy ending only found in Austen novels.Jane is in her early 30s, in a job she likes but does not love, convinced she must embrace her spinsterhood. [...]

    5. I read this book all the way through only because I love Jane Austen, and because the concept of the book was quirky and irresisistible. It kind of felt like eating an entire bag of cotton candy. I guess I just don't like chick lit, maybe. But the author of this book seems to have written mostly children's books before, and this struck me as a children's book but for women. And not even a well-written children's book. The dialogue in spots was read-out-loud bad and the main character was flat a [...]

    6. I can't believe I just gave one star to a Shannon Hale book. Never thought that would happen.Review originally posted here.I really like Shannon Hale's books. And I love Jane Austen. It has taken me this long to get around to reading Shannon Hale's Austenland because I had a suspicion I might be disappointed. The book is a light quick read perfect for summer reading. If you are fan of romantic comedy, either in chick lit or chick flick form, then you might enjoy it. If you are a Jane Austen fan [...]

    7. 2.5 stars -- mostly for the Jane Austen aspect. Obviously if you're not a huge Austen fan, this book will not be that amazing. It's more fun if you're just as obsessed with Mr. Darcy as the main character (ok maybe not to that extent. She was really intense). Some of the characters were a bit annoying and the premise is kind of silly, but the story still has enough endearing moments to make it worthwhile. The book is a short, fast read. But I'd honestly recommend just watching the movie instead [...]

    8. Seriously, I don't even know why I bother to read any P&P sequels, prequels, re-tellings, or books "inspired" by P&P. They all end up being a complete and utter nonsense (with the exception of "Bridget Jones' Diaries"). "Austenland" is no exception, unfortunately.The premise of the book is OK. 33-year old Jane Hayes is single and obsessed with "Pride and Prejudice" Mr. Darcy (just like you are, admit it, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this review). She inherits a 3-week vacation to "A [...]

    9. I picked up this book at about 10:30 last night thinking that I would just read the prologue to get the basic idea and then start it tomorrow. Alas it was not meant to be. After about a half hour I whispered an apology to Aaron and slipped out of bed to go read in the living room. After reading late into the night and a quick nap (okay 5 1/2 hours) I got up this morning and didn't stop until I finished it. This book is so entertaining. I read a lot and I have often had a book bring me to tears b [...]

    10. Jane Hayes is a single thirty-something with a string of no-good boyfriends and an unhealthy obsession with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Didn't someone already write that book, you say? Banish thoughts of Bridget Jones from your mind, because Shannon Hale knows her Austen. A true knowledge and love of the novels that spawned the fantasy lifts Austenland above its chick-lit peers.The fabulous conceit of the novel is that there's a Regency-era mansion in England that hosts an exclusive vaca [...]

    11. This book was horrendous, certainly not worth anyone's time to read it. I loved her children's books, so I was excited to see that she wrote an adult book about Jane Austen (a serious departure from her usual subjects, which turned out to be a serious mistake). This book was basically Bridget Jones, minus any snarkiness, and with a huge dose of sincerity. Horrendous. (I loved Bridget Jones, but it was bearable/lovable BECAUSE of its snarkiness and level of self awareness). Worst of all, it's set [...]

    12. This is such a fun book. I love Jane Austen and got a kick out of Hale's creation of "Austenland". Laugh out loud funny at some points. I love the movie and after watching a few times decided to do a reread of the book. Love the movie adaptation, it brought the characters to life.Originally read May of 2009Reread June of 2016Content: Mild innuendo and sexual humor

    13. I would never label myself as an Austen snob, or more specifically a Pride and Prejudice snob. I've read the original multiple times and I've read a handful of spinoffs, satires, and continuations, and I tend to love them all. I also pretty much love all the movie/TV adaptations, even though I do have my favorites. It all centers around the brooding, aloof, prideful gamma hero Darcy, of course. And I just love getting little glimpses into other P&P lover's ideas of this much-loved couple. I' [...]

    14. I saw the movie first and loved it and the book was just as fun. The ending of the movie is different than the book but no less fulfilling. If you're a fan of one you'll really like the other.

    15. Let's be realistic here: almost every female goes through their Jane Austen obsession phase. This book explores the "what if" of that obsession, and takes it to a whole new, somewhat unhealthy level. Jane is your typical thirty-year-old woman that harbors a secret Darcy/Colin Firth obsession, which slowly begins to take over her life. In an attempt to help Jane discover herself, her deceased Aunt sets aside a vacation for Jane in her will- to Austenland. When we first arrive at Austenland, the r [...]

    16. Jane Hayes is obsessed with Mr. Darcy. More particularly Colin Firth’s portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the film version of Pride and Prejudice. Can you blame her? Really? But, it might have something to do with why the thirty-three yeah old Jane is still unmarried and single. Her obsession for Mr. Darcy keeps any "real" man from measuring up.Jane’s Aunt Carolyn is aware of her obsession. When Aunt Carolyn passes away she leaves Jane an all expense paid vacation to Pembrook Park, a resort that lets [...]

    17. Yup that we do Can't seem to get enough of Austen and all things Darcy.This simpering piece of banality though?Do yourself a favour.Swipe left. one star

    18. The movie was so much fun so how could the book be so sleep-inducing and the writing atrocious?Shannon Hale's worst work for certain. She's better with stories for children or teens.

    19. If you are a fan of the works of Jane Austen, and particularly of the Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth - starring mini-series of Pride and Prejudice, then an opportunity to spend three weeks vacation in a manor in England, live action role playing as an Austenesque heroine is a dream come true. Since this is an expensive proposition, (the home, the clothes, the food, the staff of actors, the horses even) our heroine Jane Hayes is lucky enough to receive such a trip from a great aunt who wishes to both [...]

    20. Oh dear. I seem to be in a two- and three-star rut in the last few weeks, and I had really hoped that Austenland would break me out of it. I think Shannon Hale is a really gifted author, and her books for young adults and middle grade readers have been consistently excellent: smart, well-written, engaging, interesting, with strong female characters that I just plain liked. But Austenland felt like a flop, a vapid paean to "chick flicks" and men in tight breeches. Now, I'm not an Austen hater or [...]

    21. Austenland was a delight to read and one of the best of the Chick Lit genre that I've read so far. Plenty of laughs and a happy ending, what more could you ask for?

    22. I had hopes for this- truly I did.By the cover and the cryptic jacket blurb I thought this was a paperback Lost in Austen. Hopefully better, because I couldn't stand that series and still can't believe BBC produced it. So. Girl is obsessed with Colin Firth in his Darcy persona. Old benefactor lady discovers this and (because she is rich and apparently totally understands such obsessions) buys her a three week treat in Austenland- an English 'pretend' resort (disguised as an old manor house) wher [...]

    23. All in all a worthy and enjoyable guilty pleasure. But afterwards, I had a few churning thoughts about this lively narrative about the 30-some lass who is treated to a vacation at Elizabeth Bennett Fantasy Camp, where she and the other ladies get to wear empire-waisted dresses and be wooed and courted with the highest of courtly manners. As the witty heroine's female counterparts -- desperate for escape from their mundane lives -- twittered about, being the wealthy, aging losers they were, I cou [...]

    24. Admittedly I’m late to the party with this one. Despite my love of all things Austen (and the 1995 miniseries version of Pride & Prejudice in particular, which, let’s admit, is what this particular book is all about), I had no intention of reading Austenland until I saw the movie. It’s a remarkably faithful adaptation with perfect casting, but I still enjoyed the book more because books. Lonely Jane Hayes receives a bequest from her aunt to spend three weeks in Austenland and live in t [...]

    25. How can i express my love for this book? This book is so much more than i anticipated!! Jane's list of 'boyfriends',her endless list of rejections,her crazy obsession with Mr.Darcywell these things are me!! This book is one of my soulmate-books!!! <33 I can't even review this properly. I'm just going to tell you that if you love Jane Austen then you definitely should read this!!! A truly enchanting book that i've read in one freaking day!!! LOVED IT!!! ♥ PS: where is my ticket to Austenland [...]

    26. Some books you read for enlightenment. Some you read to answer a specific question. Some you read to expand your horizons. And some you read simply because they go really well with bonbons, a mug of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket.Austenland by Shannon Hale resides solidly in that last category. It is the story of Jane Hayes, a New York City graphic artist who, at age 31, is still single and secretly obsessed with the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. You know the one: the one with the del [...]

    27. I've been reproached for my tendency to judge books by their cover, the cardinal GoodReads sin. But I do. This book was no exception. The cover design is whimsical and charming, especially the upside-down Pemberly on the back. However, I became cautious when I saw the author's picture in the back she looks about 12, or at least 22, has buggy eyes, and her smile is just too smug.However, I sincerely take all of that back after reading this (I believe her first) book. I can even forgive that she l [...]

    28. This is the type of Austen fan book I have been searching for - she allowed me to release the guilt of my Colin Firth/ Darcy obsession with a funny and interesting story about her obsession with Colin Firth / Darcy. I literally LOL'd hysterically at a couple of parts - maybe that was just my mood at the time but darn it I haven't done that with too many books. I loved the set up romances and I wondered thru the entire thing who was real and who wasn't knowing that it was set up that way hoping j [...]

    29. Disjointed plot and incoherent themes. A woman who is obsessed with the BBC version of “Pride and Prejudice” longs to get over her Mr. Darcy fixation because she thinks it might be impeding her life. Then a great aunt dies and wills her a vacation at some Regency-themed manor house in England where she can become immersed in Austen’s world for three weeks. She somehow views this experience as her big chance to – stay with me – exorcise her Darcy obsession. I don’t get it either. Also [...]

    30. This is a silly, silly, silly, summer read. It is certainly not Shannon Hale's best work (her best being Goose Girl). It is her first adult fare, so far as I know. In the book, her main character travels to England to stay at a Pemberly-like house where guests are treated to a Jane Austen experience. The whole book seems to be a lark for the author and appears to have been written and edited in a hurry. For example, her Aunt Carolyn suddenly becomes Aunt Caroline toward the end of the book --- w [...]

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