The Secret of St. Claire

The Secret of St Claire Lighthearted romance sweet and funny Idyllic quaint and straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting is St Claire Louisiana at least on the outside Beneath the veneer it s anything but That s the s

  • Title: The Secret of St. Claire
  • Author: Robin Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781935216384
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lighthearted romance, sweet and funny.Idyllic, quaint, and straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting is St Claire, Louisiana at least on the outside Beneath the veneer, it s anything but That s the secret of St Claire.Born and raised in St Claire, Lindsay Juneau s life was seemingly full raising a six year old daughter and caring for her widowed mother Of course, thLighthearted romance, sweet and funny.Idyllic, quaint, and straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting is St Claire, Louisiana at least on the outside Beneath the veneer, it s anything but That s the secret of St Claire.Born and raised in St Claire, Lindsay Juneau s life was seemingly full raising a six year old daughter and caring for her widowed mother Of course, things aren t always what they seem, and the newest resident of St Claire isn t buying the ruse.Veterinarian Nicole Allen is looking for something different She finds it in St Claire with its hypochondriac rabbits, shotgun toting shut ins, and eclectic mix of people The most alluring, though, is a woman who s also looking for something different.

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      264 Robin Alexander
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    1. Robin Alexander

      Born in 1965, Robin Alexander grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she still resides An avid reader of Lesbian fiction, Robin decided to take the leap and try her hand at writing It didn t take long for her favorite hobby to become a full time author With nearly a dozen titles in print with Intaglio Publications, Robin s books have fast become a favorite among fans of lesbian romance Robin approaches everything with a sense of humor, which is evident in her style of writing.Librarian note There is than one author in the database with this name.

    334 thoughts on “The Secret of St. Claire”

    1. Happy International Women's Day! Was anybody else able to take the workday off? I did and I started it off reading lesbian fiction after a quick donation to Planned Parenthood. ;)I'd taken a break from Robin Alexander because she's candy and I shouldn't overdo it. And I'm glad I did. I recall downloading this book a long time ago, kind of confused about the bunny cover. Then, after I accepted 'Just Jorie' as my lord and savior, I realized my grave mistake of letting 'The Secret of St. Claire' si [...]

    2. I do not know what it is about Alexander books. I always seem to have a certain amount of reluctance to start, I stumble a little in the beginning, but - most of the time (with a few exceptions), I end up giggling happily as I inhale the book. Also I like how Alexander seems to like people roughly around 37 years of age.St. Claire Louisiana is, as the book description notes - 'straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting'. It's a lovely little town, off the beaten path, miles from hotels and highw [...]

    3. While Pitifully Ugly by this same author made me laugh the whole way through, this book had me smiling the entire time. It is not like so may other formulaic romance novels where girl meets girl, spends most of the book fighting their feelings, get together, have a falling out, and then work it out. Instead, when the two acknowledge their feelings, you get to spend the rest of the book envious of their love and passion. They do face obstacles, but thankfully it's not from a horrible lack of comm [...]

    4. I loved this book. What a delightful, gentle love story with lots of humor sprinkled throughout. Clever dialogue that keeps the characters real, believable and easy to identify with. I especially appreciate the story flow as there is no time wasted with the angst of fighting an attraction found in so many romance stories. This story draws the reader in and doesn't disappoint. The lovemaking is pretty hot, too!

    5. This was a wonderful book until they got together, and it was okay in the very beginning of the relationship, but then basically everything happened too fast. And I mean fast. As in, literally within less than two months of knowing each other. I was in shock.The main redeeming factors for me were the cute mutual pining in the first half of the book, Alexis being adorable with Lindsay and Nicole, and those last scenes at the Christmas party. The actual relationship development, though, was just w [...]

    6. This is my first read of this author's work and I enjoyed it greatly. It's a sweet story and I found myself really rooting for the main characters to be happy. I also appreciated how the author ended the book. Issues resolved and a snapshot of the future. Can't wait to read more from this author.

    7. Wonderful storyThis was a very heartfelt book. Full of smiles, tears, friendships and exciting revelations. Coming to terms with ones fears of hate and gossip. This story addresses homophobia, bullying, and what accusations can do to someone.Robin Alexander does a wonderful job tackling each subject with tacked, laughter and kindness.This book although I wish the ending was longer it does end in a very sweet way.You must go and get your copy today. You won't be disappointed.

    8. Lindsay is closeted in her small Louisiana town, and plans to stay that way until her daughter (only a child) grows up. At least that's the plan until veterinarian Nicole Allen moves to town. Can Lindsay face the conservative backlash and embrace her new love or will she let the opportunity slip by? As per usual for Robin Alexander books, the female side characters - in this case Lindsay's mum and daughter - are delightful additions to the book.

    9. I really wanted to like this book! I thought it started really well, but within a handful of meetings and very little internal dialogue of either character they were already declaring their love. I thought story progressed far too quickly for any chemistry to be woven into the story and so when they got together I felt like I'd missed a couple of chapters. Nice idea for the story, I just couldn't get on board this time.

    10. I loved the town and its characters. I loved the two MCs. I loved the story. Fans of F/F should definitely read this.

    11. Total fantasy -- everyone is so supportive, the mom is a matchmaker, the romance is super fast yet deep and meaningful with red hot sex from the first moment, the kid is perfect, everyone's parents are totally on board. Everything that happens is more than unbelievable, there is no fallout of anything, there are no obstacles and the only character who is even remotely negative is painted as villainous so early on that there is no emotional response to her bigotry. The speed of the romance is esp [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book because it was written in the trite formula of girl meets girl, they fall for each other, trouble arises, only to read through countless pages of boredom until they get back together. This book was a breath of fresh air and Robin Alexander can tell a good story. I enjoyed the characters and I wanted more of the story since it was such a delight to read. I look forward to reading more of her writings as long as she continues to write with style instead of following form [...]

    13. Nice and romantic love story. When the real love come in you life , that is the moment for throw off all regret and to live fully

    14. Im hooked! can't get enough of Robin's books, she one very talented writer. Really enjoy everything about them. fantastic story lines and very very funny. I'm on a Robin Alexander marathon.

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