Kindness Is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler

Kindness Is Cooler Mrs Ruler When Mrs Ruler asks five of her kindergarteners to miss recess she s got a special plan up her sleeve She s about to teach a new golden rule KINDNESS IS COOL Soon the entire class is doing so many go

  • Title: Kindness Is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler
  • Author: Margery Cuyler Sachiko Yoshikawa
  • ISBN: 9780689873447
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Mrs Ruler asks five of her kindergarteners to miss recess, she s got a special plan up her sleeve She s about to teach a new golden rule KINDNESS IS COOL Soon the entire class is doing so many good deeds that their kindness bulletin board barely fits their classroom From clearing the table after dinner, to helping the elderly, one kindergarten class is proving thWhen Mrs Ruler asks five of her kindergarteners to miss recess, she s got a special plan up her sleeve She s about to teach a new golden rule KINDNESS IS COOL Soon the entire class is doing so many good deeds that their kindness bulletin board barely fits their classroom From clearing the table after dinner, to helping the elderly, one kindergarten class is proving that kids really can make a difference Count along with Mrs Ruler s class Can all their good deeds really add up to 100 acts of kindness Acclaimed picture book author Margery Cuyler will inspire children of all ages to have a heart and save the world

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      Margery Cuyler is the author of many books for children, including From Here to There, The Little Dump Truck, and That s Good That s Bad The idea for That s Good That s Bad was inspired by a conversation with her son, Thomas, who asked, Can t bad things change into good things Ms Cuyler grew up in the oldest house in Princeton, NJ, and started writing stories as soon as she learned how to write She now lives in the same house with her husband, sons and two catscmillan author marger

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    1. I really wanted to like this book because of the concept, but I just couldn't like neither the text (which is sometimes partly in rhyme) nor the pictures. I'm typically okay ywith busy pictures, but these just weren't all that interesting and didn't always illustrate the text all that much. I did like the individual pictures of acts of kindess, at least some of them, but in general I didn't think the book was all that inspired.

    2. This book deserves 5 stars! The genre for this novel is fiction in children's literature and it was very fitting to that genre. This could happen in real life and it gives the readers inspiration to make this happen in their lives. This book talks about a teacher named Mrs. Ruler and her class. Her class is learning one day then it becomes chaotic and a certain group of kids have to do good deeds to fix their actions. As the story goes on the whole class eventually gets involved and then the cla [...]

    3. This book follows the class of Mrs. Ruler. There were kids acting up in class and being mean so she challenged those kids to do 5 acts of kindness and they liked it! The whole class eventually joined in and they did so many good deeds. I really liked this book because it talked about the importance of being kind and gave practical examples of things kids can do. I would read it to kids in my kindergarten or 1st grade class when talking about manners or being nice.

    4. 100 Acts of Kindness! Could be 100 day, Valentines day, or August class-wide project.Note--kind of long for early Kinder.

    5. This book was ok, but it was a little busy. Still the point of being kind and doing kind acts is really the most important this in here.

    6. This was a great book. It starts out with Ms. Ruler asking 5 kindergartners to miss recess because she had a special idea. She teaches these kids the about a new golden rule; kindness is cool. All the other kids in the classroom want to do these good deeds as well so they end up filling up a bulletin board of all their acts of kindness. This is an awesome book on teaching kids good values. This book is also interesting because Ms. Ruler always speaks in rhyme. Hopefully a book like this will mak [...]

    7. A good concept delivered in a terrible manner. Mrs. Ruler's little rhymes annoyed me so much. Also, I'm not sure a kid would sit still for the whole book. It's a bit long and the pages are slightly text heavy, and there isn't much variation in the illustrations; the kids are in the classroom most of the time. All in all, disappointing.

    8. I read this book to Christopher, and I liked the premise of the book. The teacher, Mrs. Ruler, is teaching her students about kindness. They're given homework to do something kind at home. It had more of a random acts of kindness type vibe to it. It was a lot of chore type activities that the kids did at home vs. actually just being kind to someone. That bothered Christopher a bit. But we still enjoyed reading itmsradius/2017/07/juv

    9. Thumbs up: I liked reading about a Kindergarten teacher that teaches about kindness. She was wise to first encourage her students to be kind at home. Then she encouraged the children to be kind at school. Finally, the teacher suggested that the students go out in the community and make the world a better place.Not so much:I like the vivid colors used by the illustrator and I liked the pages where the classroom figures were large. Nevertheless, I didn't like the pages where the children shared th [...]

    10. This is a great children’s book! Not only does it send across a good message to children to be kind to others, but the illustrations in the book are also well done. Margery Cuyler, wrote an excellent book on showing children just how cool kindness can be. One thing I really liked about this book is that it wasn’t all about being kind to others it also separated the different types of acts of kindness the children did, into family, community and school. It starts to introduce to the children [...]

    11. This book is great in its message, but the carrying out part didn't really do it for me. Mrs. Ruler's kindergarten class is acting up, so she teaches the class about the importance of kindness. The story is a bit long and the illustrations are so busy that it can be distracting at times. The occasional rhymes thrown in throughout felt a bit forced, and hurt the natural flow of the story. The message nonetheless is an important one: do acts of kindness for others and those acts will multiply. Rat [...]

    12. This was such a fun book to read out loud to my granddaughter, and then again to my special needs teenage son. A classroom full of children but a few students are grumpy. Mrs. Ruler teaches them that kindness is cooler. And ecxourages them to try and do something 'nice' at home. And when they came back to school she posts it on the wall. The others wanted to get into the kindness act and they start caring for each other at school too. Part of the text is written in rhyme which makes it that much [...]

    13. This sweet little book reminded me of something humane educator Zoe Weil might write (although, she probably wouldn't have a bunch of gerbils in a little classroom cage in her story). Mrs. Ruler teaches her kindergarten class that being a bully is nothing to aspire to--rather, kindness is cooler!The rest of the book has the children performing a variety of kind acts--from helping wash dishes to donating clothing to charity to walking and feeding the family dog.

    14. This would be a great book for students to hear on the first day of school, or if they seem to be acting during the middle of the year. The book walks through students doing acts of kindness (as instructed to do by their teacher). The illustrations are wonderful on every page! A must read for younger students in a classroom setting.

    15. A great book to kick off any Random Acts of Kindness weeks/days/or projects.Our students were struggling to get along at the end of the year so we used this a refresher to be nice to each other even when we are anxious for summer, bored now testing is done, and frustrated. We followed up by creating compliments books and each student gave each other a compliment.

    16. I shared this with my 5th grade students as part of a school-wide display project; students are to write a good deed that they've done on a heart and decorate it. It's a cute book with cute illustrations. While it seemed a bit young for my students, it led to a nice discussion about good deeds.

    17. I wanted to like this book more yet I was bothered by details such as the text font, suggesting that "THE BEST" kindness was capturing loose gerbils, and skip-counting the number of kindnesses demonstrated by the class.

    18. It's a short children's picture book about a teacher who gets her students excited about caring for those around them. I'm putting it on here to remind me to share it with my kids elementary school teachers. G

    19. Another book our library needs. Read it at Brampton Library - Chinguacousy Branch in Toronto Canada! A touch too long, but I love the message. I love the kindness logs. The kids names are sort of difficult. The copy I read had all the kids names circled. But Liked it a lot!!

    20. a longer than normal picture book about Mrs. Ruler class learning about kindness to each other, family and community by committing 100 acts of kindness. The author keeps the story moving with rhymes and simple acts kids could do at home.

    21. Fun picture book about a class project--the teacher, Mrs. Ruler, always speaks in rhyme. Could give kids some great ideas!!!

    22. This book would be useful not only for elementary students, but also for elementary teachers. It has lessons that would help to build a stronger classroom community.

    23. A clever story to help children learn about the many things they can do to be kind to others. The list of kind acts at the end of the book is a wonderful tool for review.

    24. Good book to teach children about being kind and respectful to their classmates. This book is good also for building and establishing community in the classroom on the first 2 weeks of school.

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