Mad About The Boy

Mad About The Boy Of all the nightmare options that passed through Antonia Heaveringham s head when her husband Hugo uttered the words I ve got something to tell you a coming out speech never figured Suddenly alone

  • Title: Mad About The Boy
  • Author: Maggie Alderson
  • ISBN: 9780143000020
  • Page: 234
  • Format: None
  • Of all the nightmare options that passed through Antonia Heaveringham s head when her husband Hugo uttered the words, I ve got something to tell you , a coming out speech never figured Suddenly alone in their adopted home of Sydney, with no friends save for her six year old son Tom and a pair of jewelled Jimmy Choo mules, Antonia soon finds that an attractive single wOf all the nightmare options that passed through Antonia Heaveringham s head when her husband Hugo uttered the words, I ve got something to tell you , a coming out speech never figured Suddenly alone in their adopted home of Sydney, with no friends save for her six year old son Tom and a pair of jewelled Jimmy Choo mules, Antonia soon finds that an attractive single woman is not nearly so welcome on the champagne social scene as the wife of a glamorous English aristocrat It is only the arrival of Hugo s outrageous lavender haired Uncle Percy that lifts her out of her depression and propels her into the gym to combat the effects of some serious comfort eating There she meets the mysterious James, who leads her into a shadowy world of criminals, corruption and high stakes property deals But what starts out as a lark leads her into a situation where keeping a secret becomes a matter of life, death and love.

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    1. Maggie Alderson

      Maggie Alderson is a British Australian author that s what I m supposed to say, but I m not very good at writing about myself in the third person, so I m going to can it I was born in London, brought up in rural Staffordshire, and educated at the University of St Andrews and then at the University of Life, Sydney campus I spent many years covering the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London etc which is the best people watching ever I had to remind myself to look at the models An obsessed bookworm since childhood, all I wanted to do from the age of six was write books I also hoovered up every magazine and newspaper I could lay my hands on and by the time I was a teenager was determined to edit a magazine and be a newspaper columnist I have edited five magazines including British ELLE and my Style Notes column ran in the Good Weekend colour supplement for twelve years, as well as being syndicated to The Times My first novel Pants on Fire was published in 2000 and was a bestseller in the UK and Australia I ve written eight novels since, which have been translated into many languages I ve also published four collections of my columns and a children s book called Evangeline, the Wish Keeper s Helper, which was shortlisted for the Prime Minister s Award in Australia My latest novel is called The Scent of You and is the story of perfume blogger Polly, facing up to a crisis in her marriage and her sense of who she is told through a filter of her obsession with perfumes and also featuring very well dressed, seriously damaged, red hot men, which are my speciality The book was inspired by attending perfume events in London and realising just how many fascinating people there are in that world and a fair few brilliant nutters.You can read my heroine s blog fragrantcloud

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    1. There are a few things in this book that really bug me there's a whole criminal intrigue part of the narrative that could have done with a bit more expert fact checking. Just because we're reading a novel about a woman going through divorce doesn't mean we are stupid. Also, why did Suzy act the way she did? There are a few moments as a Sydney local when I cringe at the casual name dropping of random suburbs.

    2. Mad About The Boy is Maggie Alderson’s second novel (her first being Pants on Fire). A year after Hugo and Antonia move to Sydney, Hugo announces he’s gay and also has a boyfriend (Greg). He leaves Antonia alone in her adopted city with only her son, Tom, and food for comfort. Not only that but all of her friends seem to have deserted her. Then along comes Hugo’s outrageous Uncle Percy who sends Antonia to the gym. There she meets the mysterious James but what on Earth is he hiding?I loved [...]

    3. I'm actually a little frustrated by Maggie Alderson as a writer. I've read three of her books now, this was the first. They start strongly, the female character is usually fairly strong and self sufficient. The writing style is good. But then therse stereotypes seem to appear from nowhere. Like the very camp gay man which is the uncle in this one. The new man whose character never really get fleshed out so you don't know what she sees in him. Then the ending is always a little disappointing, wit [...]

    4. In my early 20s I went through a click-lit phase and though I don't/can't read that kinda stuff today and am angry at the many female authors writing about women who's only purpose seemed to be finding "The One" and their lives were a mess up until they were saved by a guy (what an unhealthy narrative to promote to young women!), this short, non-in-depth review is simply to say that back when I did enjoy these kinds of books (light relief, comedy and escapism) I found Maggie Alderson's books of [...]

    5. Was an enjoyable read with witty banter and a loveable character cast. Although I am listening to this audio book in the middle of my reading slump so that could be contributed to the lesser star rating than what it deserves. Will give it 3.8/5 stars.

    6. average! started off good, had witty writing a likeable female character, however, was too stereotypical about snobby people and gay men to the point where got old fast and slightly bored me.

    7. Maggie Alderson Mad About The Boy Novel ReviewAfter publishing Pants on Fire, Maggie Alderson blew us all away with another phenomenal novel; Mad About The Boy. Antonia Heaveringham moved to Sydney with her husband Hugo and her only son Tom only a year ago. When someone says 'I've got something to tell you' a thousand things fly through our mind, in Antonia's case she never imagined what was about to come next. A pansy. A woofter. A shirtlifter. A bum bandit. A turd burger. A marmite miner. Hugo [...]

    8. I REALLY enjoyed this book. I loved How to Break Your Own Heartbecause even though it deals with some fairly heavy stuff, it's very uplifting, and so was Mad About the Boy. Despite finding out her husband is gay on the first page, Antonia pulls herself together after a few months of wallowing and manages to make a good new life for herself, although going to the gym at 2am is not really a healthy activity. I really enjoyed her journey through opening up her own antiques store and the process she [...]

    9. This book elicited so many emotions - from utter depression and sadness to fuzzy 'feels' and joy, and delight in the works of karma. The beginning was so sad and I really felt for the main character. The characters were multi-dimensional and very interesting, as was the plot. I really enjoyed reading about the relationships between the characters, and loved the world of the protagonist, Ant. Regardless of the great plot with great characters, my love for the story faltered a tad towards the end. [...]

    10. This was my second attempt at chick-lit (in as many days). I figured that I would give it one more go, just in case I made a premature judgement based on the one book. I also thought that maybe the fact that I was missing a lot of cultural references and significances in the previous book that may have affected my enjoyment levels. This one was set in Sydney so there could be no misunderstandings. It had Jimmy Choos instead of Manolo's (God I cant believe I know the names of expensive shoe brand [...]

    11. I loved this story, it was really enjoyable and highly recommend it. It has some sad moments and lots of happy moments - Uncle Percy is great - everyone should have one!Antonia & Hugo Heaveringham have been together for 10 years, since meeting at Uni and they have been married for 6 years and have a 6 year old son Tom. They have recently migrated to Australia from London when Hugo admits to Ant that he is gay and has a boyfriend who he wants to go and live with.Ant is devastated as she has j [...]

    12. Insomniac’s delight!This is the first novel I have read by Maggie Alderson and it will definitely not be the last. Unable to sleep - a condition which afflicts me frequently and explains why I read and review so many books - I scuffled around under the bed (it is a library book) and came up with Mad About the Boy. Totally over the top, glitzy and unrealistic, this story is great fun. Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and a plot with lots of twists and turns. The characters are likeable, eccentr [...]

    13. I've read the story and now I'm listening to the playaway version - and I'd recommend both. Maggie writes a good story, this one has a bit more depth to it than "Pants on Fire" and the characters are very likeable/interesting and diverse.My first impression of Stephanie Daniel's voice was that she didn't fit my mental image of Antonia - she sounds too old. Persevere however, as her talent at performing multiple character voices brilliantly is remarkable. This talent adds to the pleasure of liste [...]

    14. This book is the kind of book that you could imagine something similar actually happening. Even though the main character has something happen to her at the start of this book that completly turns her world upside down, it's also got an incredibly hilarious twist to it. Antoniyas life changes for the better about half way through the book when her recently made friend James becomes something more. They both fall for eachother but can openly see eachother because he's trying to solve a case and h [...]

    15. It's been a while since I read this book, but I can say I enjoyed it with confidence - because I enjoy all Maggie Alderson's books. They are definitely what I'd call "chick lit" - there's always a feel-good romance in them somewhere, but they're not predictable, formulaic Romance where you know on page 2 who the heroine will end up with. The heroine will go on some kind of journey, so her life is better by the end of the book than it was at the start - and the obstacles don't feel manufactured.A [...]

    16. My reading taste has changed a little in the past few months, more fussy and l have been very lucky with that fact that l have found some new authors to fulfil my little chang in taste.I used to read very straight forward sort of books with main story line were : Meet a boy - Fall in Love - Fall out - Get back together. Now l want a little extra in books and this book is exactly the sort of book which does that.It's strange to say but this book have a little bit of crime in as well as the usual [...]

    17. I definitely liked this one more than Pants On Fire. This one has more actions, the storyline is deeper, and the characters are more multidimensional. Expecting somewhat similar tone to Pants on Fire, I was glad I got more satisfaction from Mad About The Boy. And the lovely Antony Maybury is back, which I think is a nice touch.

    18. Ik had dit boek al eens eerder gelezen en heb het nu opnieuw gelezen, omdat ik niet precies meer wist hoe het ook alweer afliep. Het was leuk om weer eens te lezen. Het is wel een echte chicklit. Zo rooskleurig als alles in dit boek loopt, zo loopt het in het echte leven niet, maar het is wel een leuk boek om te lezen. Het leest ook heel vlot en ik had het dan ook zo uit.

    19. This book was absolutely interesting! I loved it! It started out a bit lighthearted and slowly it turned pretty intense! Gosh! I loved Maggie's writing style, it was super easy to understand and it was so good, I literally felt like I was in Antonia's head! Finished it in 1 and a half days. James is SOOOO hot!

    20. It was fun and this was the second time I'd read it a few years apart. I liked it better first time round - I know that because I'd kept it. LOL .I love the uncle, I like the premise, I like the writing. The bit I'm not so keen on is the romance element. I think I'd have liked a bit more of that but it was a quick read and enjoyable. Three and half stars for me.

    21. I really enjoyed the story. Although I read "Pants on Fire" previously and honestly didn't have high expectations with this book. However, I would recommend the book to those who enjoy reading romantic novels with a hint of thriller and mystery in it. It just adds up to the excitement.

    22. DNF at approximately page 1, after hitting my third homophobic slur. If you're a cishet-presenting woman you cannot reclaim slurs traditionally directed at gay men, I don't care if it's your (stereotypical) gay character saying them.

    23. Good fun, easy read, and couldnt put it down. Great interesting original storyline, with endearing characters, wasnt sure where the book was going to go, but half way through I can see it, but even then it wasnt a disappointment. Would recommend as a beach/holiday read or typical chick lit.

    24. Semi-bog standard chick lit book set in Sydney. Devastating break-up: check; Weight gain: check; Weight loss: check; Cheeky characters: check; Devilishly handsome man: check. A little and easy read.

    25. Really loved this book, it was very funny, tough situation for anyone to deal with but the characters around this girl were funny, thoughtful and caring and helped her get out of her tough situation. Loved how it was set in Sydney

    26. I love this book. It's not something I would normally read given I prefer horror/fantasy or 50's/60's childrens books, but it's fantastic for a light hearted romantic comedy. I re-read this whenever I need a bit of a lift and chuckle.

    27. Really liked this book the story and characters had me hooked from start to finish. This is the first book I've ever read that was written by this author and I definitely intend to check out her other books.

    28. I love Bridget and I have missed her. That's probably the only redeeming thing about this book I'm afraid.

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