Super Dinosaur Volume 2

Super Dinosaur Volume The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a ten year old kid and his best friend a nine foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex who loves to play video games New enemies new adventures and new weapons aw

  • Title: Super Dinosaur Volume 2
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Jason Howard
  • ISBN: 9781607065685
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of a ten year old kid and his best friend, a nine foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex who loves to play video games New enemies, new adventures, and new weapons await Derek Dynamo and Super Dinosaur

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      224 Robert Kirkman Jason Howard
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    1. Robert Kirkman Jason Howard

      Robert Kirkman is an American comic book writer best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Invincible for Image Comics, as well as Ultimate X Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics He has also collaborated with Image Comics co founder Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt He is one of the five partners of Image Comics, and the only one of the five who was not one of the original co founders of that publisher.Robert Kirkman s first comic books were self published under his own Funk o Tron label Along with childhood friend Tony Moore, Kirkman created Battle Pope which was published in late 2001 Battle Pope ran for over 2 years along with other Funk o Tron published books such as InkPunks and Double Take In July of 2002, Robert s first work for another company began, with a 4 part SuperPatriot series for Image, along with Battle Pope backup story artist Cory Walker Robert s creator owned projects followed shortly thereafter, including Tech Jacket, Invincible and Walking Dead.

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    1. A young boy and his father are working with a small t-rex to save the earth. A entire world was found under the earth's crust, a world where dinosaurs still exist. The boy, his father and their dino friend must work to protect this utopia from evil villain Max Maximus.The three main characters in this book are Derek Dynamo, a ten year old boy who fights Max Maximus along wit his talking t-rex, Super Dinosaur and Dr. Dynamo Derek's father. The three live together in an fortress in the mountains.T [...]

    2. Another cheese, over the top fun story but they do throw in a few twists and turns as the world is built up a bit more with some new and pretty cool villains like Squidious. Also some nice reveals with Exile who is probably my favorite villain just from a design standpoint. I really can't wait until the next volume to see where this goes especially as we finally get hints of something really big building.

    3. The last time I reviewed this title back when volume one came out I lost either a review follower or someone that had friended me either intentionally or coincidentally unfriended me, I forget exactly which one. I suppose this occurred because he didn't agree with my negative review. This time around I don't have any criticisms because Robert Kirkman didn't use any lame word-play names for his characters like he did in his world building first story arc. The art by Jason Howard and the coloring [...]

    4. Derek Dynamo and Super Dinosaur are back! And this time they have to battle Squidious, the evil villain who is currently harbouring the Dyno Men. But other evil lurks in the background, as Derek`s father continues to struggle with his memory. And a new evil is rising to fill the void left by Max Masimus.This volume is marginally better, as Kirkman relies less on the whizz-bang premise to tell his story and gets down to actual plots. Still, mutant talking dinosaurs using mecha to fight other muta [...]

    5. The scenes in this volume just felt too disjointed. It felt like every other page was a different scene so no scene ever had the chance to really develop. That's partially an issue with so many plots running concurrently but also just Kirkman's writing style (see Walking Dead). I also lost track of which characters (mostly the bad guys) were in which scene and which side of characters were on (some of the bad guys turn good for a bit).Still a quick, action-packed read with some good plot develop [...]

    6. This volume gets a little bit darker, as friendships are tested by the new residents of the Dynamo lab. And Derek's father is having issues coming to terms with the damage Maximus did to him, as well as with what happened to his wife. People switch sides and do foolish things. There's still a lot of light and casual humor, but the stakes are being raised. This collection just doesn't spark as much as the first volume did. Still good, but not as good.

    7. Seriously?! This is the book that twelve year old me would have written, drawn, read, and/or loved. Possibly sadly, that's still me. Super Dinosaur is a fun all-ages book that doesn't mean its a kids' book. There are plot twists and interesting plot points. Its pretty amazing to me that Robert Kirkman can gross you out in The Walking Dead and then channel his inner child for Super Dinosaur. Overall, just a fun read that shouldn't be overlooked.

    8. Kirkman is best known for The Walking Dead, which is an unflinching and often bloody exploration of the extremes of the human condition. Whereas thisn't. But it does have a Tx with missiles.

    9. This is a great book for getting younger people into comics. No dark, brooding, violent vigilantes here, just dinosaur people, robots, and lasers. Great fun!

    10. Super Dinosaur and co have to battle baddies who are trying to get into inner Earth. This is still a lot of fun, and the girl characters get to do something more in this volume. A good read.

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