Marrying for Money

Marrying for Money When the glamorous Grosvenor sisters arrive in the exclusive Hamptons beach town of Little Elbow they can t help but cause a stir Gorgeous Grace and Charming Charity are soon hot favourites on everyb

  • Title: Marrying for Money
  • Author: Chris Manby
  • ISBN: 9780340838853
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the glamorous Grosvenor sisters arrive in the exclusive Hamptons beach town of Little Elbow, they can t help but cause a stir Gorgeous Grace and Charming Charity are soon hot favourites on everybody s guest list Except that of their neighbour, Marcella Hunter Heiress Marcella doesn t want the competition and when Grace starts dating Marcella s Plan B man dull bWhen the glamorous Grosvenor sisters arrive in the exclusive Hamptons beach town of Little Elbow, they can t help but cause a stir Gorgeous Grace and Charming Charity are soon hot favourites on everybody s guest list Except that of their neighbour, Marcella Hunter Heiress Marcella doesn t want the competition and when Grace starts dating Marcella s Plan B man dull but extraordinarily rich Choate Fitzgerald the gloves are off Marcella determines to find out where the sisters really came from And exactly how they can afford to rent a six bedroom beach house in this millionaires playground In the process, however, it s discovered that quite a few of the people spending that summer in Little Elbow are not exactly what they seem

    • Unlimited [Contemporary Book] ↠ Marrying for Money - by Chris Manby ✓
      259 Chris Manby
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      This author has also released books under the name Chrissie Manby.Encouraged my by English teacher, Mrs Pocock, I published my first short story in Just Seventeen when I was fourteen years old The story was called Whatever happened to the wonderful boy I fell in love with and I published it under the pseudonym Carolyn Lane because it largely consisted of a transcript of an argument I d had with my boyfriend I bought a black denim jacket from C A with the proceeds I continued to contribute short stories to Just Seventeen to help pay my way through university I studied Experimental Psychology at St Edmund Hall in Oxford Alas, I devoted rather too much time to my social life and staggered away with an unimpressive 2 2 In retrospect, that 2 2 saved my life It meant that none of the graduate training schemes I had hoped to join would have me I wouldn t become an accountant after all I moved to London and took a series of temp jobs to support myself It was while I was working at Prelude Audio Books, a company which took erotic classics and put them on tape, that I met my first real novelist David Garnett David is a very well respected science fiction writer, who once dabbled with writing erotica under the name Angelique Prelude was recording the Angelique novels One afternoon, David spent a couple of hours sitting on my desk, waiting for my boss to come back from a very long publishing lunch to discuss some unpaid royalties I told David I d always wanted to be a writer He dared me to write a novella like Angelique s A few weeks later, I handed him my first full length manuscript David cast his experienced eye over my scribblings, helped me tweak it and then passed it on to his editor at Little Brown Incredibly, she made an offer on it My dream of becoming a proper writer was reborn That first book was called Inspiration It centred on the sexual shenanigans of a group of artists in St Ives Wary of embarrassing my parents, I published Inspiration as Stephanie Ash Four Stephanie Ash novellas followed, helping me to pay my rent and attract the attention of a literary agent In 1997, I published my first Chris Manby novel, Flatmates Thirteen novels on the single life as Chris Manby later, I ve just published Getting Over Mr Right as Chrissie Manby apparently too many people are under the impression that I am a bloke I live in London and when I m not writing in fact, even when I m supposed to be writing I spend an awful lot of time on Twitter Follow me on chrissiemanby.

    217 thoughts on “Marrying for Money”

    1. This book was a breath of fresh air! Full of Hamptons hyperbole and larger than life characters, this is sharp and lively women's fiction.Grace and Charity, the two out of place Brits who appear in a small Hamptons town for the summer, are not the most likable characters but they are entertaining and their quest for an eligible batchelor makes for a unique and funny plot. The whole cast are self-centred and egocentric, which makes this satirical novel edgy and fresh despite it now being ten year [...]

    2. И накрая всеки си получи заслуженото Абсолютен чик-лит, доста меркантилни дами, слабоумни господа обичайните неща, но има и някои свежи моменти.

    3. Sometimes it really pays not to judge a book by its cover and/or title. I was looking for an easy-read, holiday novel. This book, having read all of it to make sure, it not worth reading! The writing style is poor, the characters are shallow, unlikeable and unidentifiable and the plot leaves a hell of a lot to be desired. Starting with the two sisters, Charity and Grace. Grace initially seemed like a spare part to me - what was her point of even being in the novel? Despite coming to America on a [...]

    4. Marcella Walker is the awful anti-heroine of this engaging novel about the super rich in the town of Little Elbow. Her 27-year old self-obsessed nose is put seriously out of joint by the arrival of the Grosvenor sisters, Charity and Grace.The beautiful, Grace, and her gracious sister, Charity, are soon the talk of the town. Everyone is taken in by the English girls. When Marcella’s dull, super-wealthy ex-boyfriend, Choate Fitzgerald, courts Grace; it is too much for the timber heiress to bear. [...]

    5. This book, as much as I didn't particularly enjoy it, got me thinking. With its subject matter heavily influenced by the way people perceive each other, and judge one another on their wealth, fame or the people they know, I couldn't help think of today's society. People are judged on their looks more than anything else by a good 90% of the population - we have become a society that has little regard for hard earned success or intelligence. What I did like about this book is that, despite obstacl [...]

    6. I've always enjoyed Chris Manby's chick lit books. This one is about the richest, snobbiest person in Little Elbow New York who is obsessively jealous of her two new neighbours - a pair of British sisters who have rented the "cottage" next door. There are all sorts of twists and turns around the relationships in the small town and as always everything works out in the end for the good folks and the evil ones.

    7. Cute book! I super loved it! It's a story about two girls - Charity and Grace Grosvenor who won a huge amount of money that allowed them to spend their summer at the Hamptons. Here they learn many lessons but the greatest of them all is that if you're going to marry for money, you have to work for every penny

    8. While I generally like Chris Manby, Marrying for Money scored low on my goodbook-o-meter. it felt a little too 'big' and definitely over staged. However, this was definitely the intent and does fit the scene which this book takes place, but it just wasn't for me.Luckily, the book had more redeeming features like a little mystery, a hunky gardener and an enjoying moment with dog shit.

    9. I have a lot of Manby's books on my literal bookshelf at home, meaning I like her books enough to keep them for re-reading. This one was a major disappointment. A departure in style, tone, and content from earlier books and a misstep. Many of the characters were unlikable and the plot uncomfortably stretched disbelief more than once.

    10. A modern mixture of Cinderella and Molliere's qui pro quo. characters are quite linear, some of them in dark colurs, Marcella, Robin, Stephany, some (including Grace) not very smart. the final (most of it seen after no more than fifty pages) makes everyone happy. not a bad book, especially for the feminine part of readers

    11. I don't know why I picked this up, I don't usually read contemporary romantic fiction. I feel a little guilty admitting to quite enjoying this tale of social climbers looking for love in the Hamptons.

    12. I read this book in one lazy Sunday. It was enough to keep me going - more so to finish it than much else. It was one of those books where I knew every twist before it happened. I literally called everything. And I really had a hard time liking any of the characters except 'B'ryan and Peggy.

    13. It took me about three days to get a quarter of the way through this book, then I finished the rest in a day because I wanted to be done with it. Nothing exciting really happened but it was a nice easy read, and it filled the time.

    14. Well it's not bad, but the story doesn't get to you, neither the characters. It dragged on for too long. However it's ok for a rainy afternoon when you have nothing else to do :) I don't know why but every time I read the name "Marcella" i associated her with Paris Hilton :D

    15. I read this book in a few consecutive days. It’s everything I love in a book – captivating, glamorous, and funny. I liked the twists, and how each chapter ended, making you want to read on. This book was in no way predictable. Enjoyable read, and would defo read more from this author.

    16. Easy read - although some characters not very likeable. As with most chick-lit everyone gets what they want in the end

    17. Love the character of Marcella - what an evil and petty woman! Hilarious!! A very quick read that leave syou with a smile on your face!!

    18. I really enjoyed this book.A weird but exciting storyline.Loved the ending and the twists and turns!Would read it again.

    19. This is a bk that protraits that a girl don't just love a guy for his money, but for his heart (that includes not knowing that he has the money that she wants ^^)

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