White Dolphin

White Dolphin Frustrated at school and haunted by her mother s disappearance Kara only feels truly alive when she is sailing the ocean s waves But when she and Felix make a startling discovery on the beach it set

  • Title: White Dolphin
  • Author: Gill Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780192756220
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • Frustrated at school and haunted by her mother s disappearance, Kara only feels truly alive when she is sailing the ocean s waves But when she and Felix make a startling discovery on the beach, it sets in motion a dramatic chain of events And soon they must make an impossible choice Risk their own lives or face losing everything

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      Gill Lewis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the White Dolphin book, this is one of the most wanted Gill Lewis author readers around the world.

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    1. Kara is from in a small fishing village on the coast. Everything in her life revolves around the sea. Her mom, a marine biologist has been missing since she went to protect dolphins being captured for aquariums and sea parks. Her dad is struggling to pay the bills and because of this Kara is about to lose everything left that she cares about, Moana their sailboat. Enter Felix, a Londoner who has CP and is resentful about being forced to leave his friends for a small town of nothing. Sailing migh [...]

    2. Although this book is clearly written for younger children than me, it still tackles complex issues such as overfishing and death that are not normally covered by children’s writers, but is written in such a perfect and simple way that it is easy to understand and is very readable for people of all ages.Gill Lewis writes in a similar style to Michael Morpurgo, one of my favourite children’s authors that tackle a range of themes, and though both of Gill Lewis’ books are based on wildlife, m [...]

    3. My 4th grade daughter started White Dolphin and shelved it, saying that she didn't like the narrator. But several mothers said the book was amazing so I read it.I understand where my 9-year-old could not connect with the protagonist: a lonely girl lost her mother, she and her father experience financial hardship, he sells an important symbol of the family unit, fishermen destroy the sea floor and kill symbolic life, and the girl and her friend overcome social and physical challenges to save the [...]

    4. This book was full of adventure, but not just physically. After an albino dolphin gets caught in a fishing net and is struggling to live, Kara realizes she has to fight for what's right and vows to save the reef. Soon, after an almost claimed victory over Dougie Evans, a fisherman who doesn't care about wildlife, an unexpected catastrophe happens. The entire time I was reading this book, I was either shaking from nerves, trembling from fear, sobbing from sadness, or laughing from happiness. I to [...]

    5. Gill Lewis draws on her own expertise as a vet to create a powerful, engaging story which blends the wondrous elements of marine life with a tale of friendship and lessons in making the right choices in life.Narrated in the present tense by young Kara, there is a distinct feeling of urgency as Kara and her friend Felix battle to save the life of a stranded dolphin as well as trying to preserve the local reef which has been damaged by overfishing. As well as environmental issues there are insight [...]

    6. kara lives in an english coastal town. the fishermen's livelihood is threatened by diminishing numbers, and kara and her dad find themselves strapped for money. her father sells their boat, moana, in an effort to make ends meet.while swimming out at sea, kara sees a white dolphin. this dolphin becomes a symbol of change for kara and when the baby gets caught in fishing net, kara is forced to take a stand for what is rightis is the summer of kara's many epiphanies: her prodigal mother may never r [...]

    7. This is a contemporary realistic fiction about a young girl, Kara with dylexia, whose mother has disappeared on an expedition at sea and has never been found. Kara and a boy who has cerebral palsy embark on a quest to find out what happened to Kara’s mother and to save the town’s reef bay from destruction by dredgers. In her journey to find answers Kara learns she needs to move on without her mother.I would recommend this book for grades 4-6. This book has environment themes that could conne [...]

    8. My 9yo daughter read this and loved it. She couldn't wait for me to read it so we could talk about it. It's a fantastic read for this age, opening up doors to talk about a plethora of subjects, from bullying to unconditional love. I truly enjoyed it!

    9. The title of the book I read is White Dolphin by Gill Lewis. This book falls into the realistic fiction genre because even though some of the characters talk in the story which is fiction, it shows what could be the real life of a Dolphin who struggled setting itself free. A summary of the book is that a girl named Kara lives in a small community known as Cornwall with her father near the ocean. Kara had a incredibly hard childhood because she was bullied at school and her mother disappeared on [...]

    10. Shelby HuffAB-2May 13,2017Book Review #8Title: White Dolphin (also previously published as ‘ One White Dolphin’)Author: Gill Lewis I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. White Dolphin, is a brightening story on a child named Kara. Kara has always lived by the ocean, hence her love for the sea life. When she comes across a stranded dolphin her life changes for the better or maybe even for the worse. This is a heartwarming story that tells us, everything will be alright even in th [...]

    11. Given to me by a student who has difficulty finding books she loves. She loved this story, and I can see why.From the first page I was drawn into the narration of Kara, a frustrated middle school student: conflicted about her mother's disappearance, her father's constant work hours, her strict Aunt, their crowded living conditions, her dyslexia, the imminent reversal of a dredging law that threatens the reef she loves and depends on, and especially, mean Jake who knows all her weak spot and cont [...]

    12. Cassidy FrielingShawCollege Prep3 October 2016White DolphinWhite Dolphin is a amazing children's book by Gill Lewis. The book is created for the group of 11 years and older so the teen category. Prices for the book range from six dollars to 15 dollars depending on if you want a hardcover or paperback. White Dolphin was published May 2012 by Oxford University Press, USA. White Dolphin is a a easy read and consists of 300 pages. It the placed near the ocean and is a lot about marine animals and sa [...]

    13. When I first started reading this book, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. After reading for a decent amount of time I really started to enjoy it. Kara is a girl who doesn't know where her mom is and is living with her dad in her Aunt and Uncle's house. She and this boy, Jake are enemies if you will. Felix Underwood and his dad are interested in buying the Moana, Kara and her dad's boat. It's a sailing boat that Kara used to race in the Regatta race each year. The deal doesn't go through, but th [...]

    14. My favorite part was when Angel was safe, and the dredging in the reef stopped, and when Uncle Tom got his job back, and got more money for it. My least favorite part was when Dougie Evans and other fisherman were destroying the reef. My favorite character was Kara, because she was trying to help save all the animals who lived in the reef, and also to save the dolphins that could also get hurt by the dredging. My least favorite character was Jake because he was being mean to Kara's family and Fe [...]

    15. When Kara's small coastal town is threatened, she and her friends must work together to save the reef from being destroyed. But they are up against powerful people who don't want them to succeed. As millions of secrets, friendships, and memories unravel in front of their eyes, they must find out more about the disappearance of Kara's mother and save the reef.

    16. I'm thinking about using this book for my 4-5 gifted students. There are several strong themes included within the storyline and I think students would bind well with Kara & Felix.

    17. I have read all of his animal books ( white dolphin,gorilla dawn,sky hawk,scarlet ibis) I just need to read moon bear. I loved so much.

    18. *DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THIS BOOK! IT WILL SPOIL THE WHOLE THING FOR YOU!* Kara is the main focus of this book, she is young but is stubborn as a mule. Her Dad, Jim is trying to keep a job at the Merry Mermaid until the end of summer when it closes he is just trying to keep things simple & trying to keep his daughter safe. They are living with Kara's Dad's Sister, Bev along with her bun in the oven, her daughter Daisy & husband Tom. This story takes place in the schoolyard, Kara [...]

    19. This book is about a girl who lost her mother and thinks a white dolphin is a sign that her mother might come back. However, multiple bad things do happen in her life, such as the fact that her dad struggles to make enough money to support the whole family. It gets to the point that the dad actually starts considering selling the family’s boat that they had taken such good care of for all the past years. The worst part is that there is another family involved that is rich. Oh wait i seem to ha [...]

    20. Rachel Gedies 74White Dolphin I would give the book White Dolphin by Gill Lewis a five star rating because this was a well written, powerful story about a young girl named Kara who shows fierce bravery, and courage when faced with the disappearance of her mother. Kara’s mother has disappeared on a dolphin expedition, but Kara’s determination helps her to discover the truth about her mom and help her protect the nearby reef, and the dolphins, her mother fought so hard to save. Kara and her [...]

    21. Kara lives in small fishing village in England. Her mother disappeared over a year ago on a mission to help the dolphins she studied. Kara’s father struggles to make ends meet, and the two live with her aunt and uncle. Kara refuses to believe her mother abandoned her and her father and dreams they will all live together on their little boat, the Moana. Kara struggles with fitting into the school and is tormented by some of the kids, but she does not take it lying down. In fact she breaks a bul [...]

    22. Kara Wood didn't mean to hit Jake Evans. She just couldn't stand hearing him talk so nastily about her missing mother, her out-of-work father, or her. But to Jake and his father, who both hate the Wood family, it isn't just a broken nose. Jake's father is a fisherman, and he has to fish deeper and deeper in the ocean every day to reel in fish. He wants to dredge the reef to reel in as many fish as possible, and if a ban on dredging is passed, he won't be able to make a living.But one day, a rare [...]

    23. Kara has a host of problems: school is hard, her mom disappeared while on a scientific mission, her dad is having a tough time making ends meet, and the school bully is the son of the town bully. When a baby white dolphin is injured, Kara finds a way to protect and feed the dolphin in a shallow cove. After the dolphin is freed, local fishermen agree to a fishing ban on the reef. The town bully and other fishermen dredge the reef for scallops, destroying the coral and accidentally killing the whi [...]

    24. While Kara Wood waits for her long-missing scientist mother to return home, she deals--not very well--with bullying from Jake Evans, son of an influential fisherman in her small seaside town. She spends a lot of time running, running in anger, running to escape reality, and running so she doesn't have to face the consequences of her actions. Surprisingly, she and new boy Felix bond over his new love for sailing and their determination to save a white dolphin trapped in nets and washed to shore. [...]

    25. If you like Morpurgo you will like Gill Lewis as she writes in a similar vein.This is the second book I have read from this author and it was no surprise to find in the notes at the back of the book she is a vet, she draws on her experience of animals and her love of travelling for her books. There is also a message in the book, about overfishing of the oceans and how we are killing this planet, but at the same time the human story is involved as she understands the needs of small communities wh [...]

    26. One White Dolphin by Gill Lewis follows the story of Kara, whose life orbits around the ocean. She lives in the UK, in a small coastal town. Her mother, who went missing, was a marine biologist. Her father is out of work, and is struggling. Kara, who is being bullied at school, fears the fishermen who are planning to rip up the reef. When an albino dolphin calf washes ashore, this fuels Kara’s fire to protect the reef. With the help of a new friend, Felix, Kara embarks on a journey, on which s [...]

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