A Face in the Shadows

A Face in the Shadows None

  • Title: A Face in the Shadows
  • Author: Susan Evans McCloud
  • ISBN: 9780884948988
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Susan Evans McCloud

      Susan Evans McCloud Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Face in the Shadows book, this is one of the most wanted Susan Evans McCloud author readers around the world.

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    1. Why on Earth do authors have to end novels at the exact second that the girl and the boy finally overcome all odds and declare their love? You read through all the build up, the trials they go through, the heartbreak, the extraneous plot lines and then it just freaking ENDS! No fair! I feel like as the reader I am entitled to a certain amount of wrap up and I loved this book but left it feeling gypped! With that being said, I loved this short, sweet, love triangle between a French girl who had l [...]

    2. This book was very emotion driven. The main Character, Augustine, was a young French woman living with her aged and life worn mother. Augustine gets an oportunity to go to America and study at a University which she reluctantly accepts. This story follows her journey there as well has her struggle with a painful past that haunts her dreams. By the end of the book she has learned, not only to trust more in God, but she has finally found answers to the questions from her pain ridden past.

    3. Everything I've read by this author, I've loved, but this is the best so far. The characters are so well done and relateable, the plot keeps you reading and hoping, and you learn a lot about history in the process. Such a wonderful read!

    4. 2.5 stars. I feel really bad when I don't like books that people recommend to me. That somehow, by not loving the thing they love, I am questioning their taste. That is not the case at all! I think it says more about me, and my hang-ups, then about the person who recommended the book.The first half of this book was so slow to me. The author kept using the same descriptive words over and over. Augustine "trembled" at everything. She gets pushed around and dominated by everyone around her. She is [...]

    5. So, Jaclyn, one of my teacher friends, and one of the few that I implicitly trust with book recommendations, gave this book to me (yesterdayI ignored my normal work today) and said she imagined this was what college would be like. With that introduction, I think I took the story much less seriously than I should have because it is just SO far-fetchedThat said, I read this book in less than 24 hours, still got a workout in, slept 8 hours and partially took care of my kids, so obviously it was com [...]

    6. This book is fairly average. I liked the main character initially, but her personality got on my nerves after a while. I would have liked to have had the main characters explored in more depth and to have seen more of Augustine's world than the narrow window we saw.When her mother dies in the end, it didn't have the impact I would have liked-- she was so pre-occupied with her mother's journal that the emotional connection with her mother in the moment was lost. Good but not outstanding. (Grade: [...]

    7. After reading a few depressing novels, I picked up my favorite adolescent book. No one picking this up for the first time now would give it five stars. The prose is not spectacular. The characterization is occasionally cliche, but this book never gets old for me. It is a story of a French girl coming to college in the 1950s after having lived through the nightmare of World War II, and there is the added detail of finding faith as it is written by a McCloud (who I know best as hymn writer). Simpl [...]

    8. I have to say that when I was in my teens I read every Anita Standsfield book there was to read, and I liked them back then. Now they are too predictable and frankly I hate reading them, but I still have a love for picking up a quick and clean romance. Susan Evans McCloud is one of my favorites. I think her stories are sweet and innocent. I enjoyed this one again after reading it when I was a teen.

    9. This story is post world war 2. The daughter has terrible nightmares without much meaning. Its her mothers wish for a daughter to leave her beautiful home in France and go to BYU Utah. She meets up with a Professor and a charming Southerner. Who will win her heart and help her overcome her nightmares and through it all comes face to face with the past. I enjoyed this very much. I think the writer caught the very manerisims of the German Professor The Southerner you want to slap.

    10. Another book from my shelf. I don't remember when or why I got it, but once when Gloria was here she met up with the author at a doll museum, I think. She told me later they had a great conversation and made plans to get together the next time Gloria came to Provo. But she never came back and I've wondered whether the author wondered why she didn't hear from her.

    11. I've always been a great fan of Susan Evans McCloud but hadn't read this one yet. It has turned out to be one of my favorites. The storyline was very captivating, the narrative engaging, and the descriptions thoroughly artistic. Her writing style is so poetic and fluid, and it brings the main characters out where you can reach them. Highly recommend.

    12. A serious love story and post-World War II trauma. Agustine, who is French, gets to come to America and attend BYU thanks to the returned missionary who had taught her mother about the gospel. Hans Bekker, her English professor, happens to be German and the spitting image of one of the German soldiers who entered her home and killed her father when she was a young child.

    13. This is one of my favorite books by Susan Evans McCloud. Augustine is a French girl who comes to America to go to school at BYU. There are two men in her life one a young man who is a player among women and a young professor who has a Europeon backgrond.

    14. This book is based on a French girl that was a small child during WWII and was personally impacted by it. She comes to BYU and has to come face to face with that past. It's a really good book. I loved it!

    15. About a girl from France that is still feeling the effects of WWII as she comes to America. I really enjoyed it.

    16. Susan Evans McCloud is an LDS author, and I really like most all of her books. This one takes place at BYU and is interesting.

    17. Very good portrayal of self discovery! Sweet and interesting in it's descriptions. The prejudices and loyalties seen in foreign cultures is very interesting as well!

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