Who Is AC?

Who Is AC Lonely after moving to a new town Lin buries herself in her writing chronicling the adventures of superhero Rhea Ironheart and thinking nothing of the mysterious call she received two months ago But

  • Title: Who Is AC?
  • Author: Hope Larson Tintin Pantoja
  • ISBN: 9781442426504
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lonely after moving to a new town, Lin buries herself in her writing, chronicling the adventures of superhero Rhea Ironheart and thinking nothing of the mysterious call she received two months ago But when she witnesses a robbery at her local photocopy shop, Lin instinctively returns that call, only to find herself incredibly, supernaturally transformed Equipped with sleLonely after moving to a new town, Lin buries herself in her writing, chronicling the adventures of superhero Rhea Ironheart and thinking nothing of the mysterious call she received two months ago But when she witnesses a robbery at her local photocopy shop, Lin instinctively returns that call, only to find herself incredibly, supernaturally transformed Equipped with sleek gear, and leaving rose petals in her wake, an incredulous Lin suddenly has the power to be the heroine, not just write about one And Mel, the victim of a sinister cybervillain, needs Lin s help to undo the damage she has wrought online and to confront the secrets of her past Combining magical realism with a revealing look at technology, Hope Larson and Tintin Pantoja conjure a vivid, thought provoking world, eerily close to our own, that leaves us wondering Can we erase our digital shadow

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    • Unlimited [Horror Book] ↠ Who Is AC? - by Hope Larson Tintin Pantoja Ä
      100 Hope Larson Tintin Pantoja
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Horror Book] ↠ Who Is AC? - by Hope Larson Tintin Pantoja Ä
      Posted by:Hope Larson Tintin Pantoja
      Published :2019-01-16T03:39:26+00:00

    About "Hope Larson Tintin Pantoja"

    1. Hope Larson Tintin Pantoja

      Hope Larson is an American illustrator and comics artist She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

    412 thoughts on “Who Is AC?”

    1. It's obvious that Hope Larson was watching Sailor Moon when she wrote this. As an homage to the magical girl genre, Who is AC? is fun enough. Lin, our magical girl character, is a great character. I like her passion for writing, and her family is loving and attentive (always nice to see in YA). This is essentially a lengthy pilot, so there's a lot of setup and little payoff. If there's going to be more AC volumes, that will be fine, but if this is it, it's kind of disappointing. There isn't much [...]

    2. I spent an inordinate amount of time in middle and high school reading Saint Tail, Sailor Moon, and Tokyo Mew Mew--like many others, I was a magical-girl junkie. I still am, or would be, if I could find a series that combined the fun and brightly-colored pretty costumes of teenage waifs fighting evil with a more balanced look at what the impact of that may be. Basically, I want magical josei.Who is AC? does not, in any way, meet that want. It's aimed at kids--but I was still disappointed. For on [...]

    3. This graphic novel by Hope Larson and Tintin Pantoja was a pleasant surprise; meaning, I didn't expect to enjoy it that much but I did. It's a great story featuring fully fleshed out main characters and art with its manga influence on its sleeve.My only complaint is that this was a lot of set-up for what appears to be a series that didn't pan out. It's a shame, I would have wanted to read more of it. Still, it was a nice light read during lazy holiday afternoons in a coffeehouse sipping tea.

    4. A few fun and funny moments, but really not much happens and the whole thing is obviously intended to 'warn' teens about what they do online. A noble cause, but despite great art it still came off very PSA/after school special. Seems like there will be more installments, I hope it can develop a better balance of lesson and story.

    5. This slim little graphic novel ended up being a bit more philosophical than I expected. As a fan of "Chiggers" and her interpretation of "A Wrinkle in Time," I was looking forward to this new book by Hope Larson. Although she doesn't do the illustrations in this one! Weird!Lin, a 15-year-old into storytelling and making 'zines, has just moved to a new, very small town in upstate New York with her academic parents and younger brother. During the plane ride there, she has a VERY strange experience [...]

    6. Yay superheroes in daily life! Yay zine making in YA lit! Yay protagonists who are not white! Yay acknowledging the existence of technology!This is really just the beginning. We're left with more questions than answers. All we know is that our protagonist (a female-identified mixed-race zine-making high school freshman)has superpowers involving rose petals and her cell phone. And there's a creepy supervillain stalking her through people and the internet.It wasn't a total homerun for me. The tech [...]

    7. Not blown away by the art or the writing. Wanted to love this biracial teenager who writes fantasy, makes zines, and turns into a badass superhero (doesn't that sound like all the ingredients for awesome?!), but I didn't. The dialogue fell pretty flat, the plot fell pretty flat, I just wasn't excited about this.

    8. This book is fun but kind of weird. The villain is, like, an internet troll? And the troll makes people mean IRL? I was also surprised this was published in 2013, because Lin's cell phone is dated even for that time. It looks like an old Nokia.

    9. Who is AC? was one of my purchases from Portland's Stumptown Comics Fest. I'd heard a little bit about the book and after briefly chatting with Larson at the show, I opted to pick up a copy for myself. Unfortunately, it just kind of lurked in my room up until recently when I decided to crack it open and give it a shot.First of all, the book follows Lin, a 15-year old writer trying to get attention for her work while living in a small town. After a mysterious phone call while on an airplane, noth [...]

    10. The superhero/magical girl genre is a familiar troupe, but if writers have an inspired sense of vision, they can turn it into something fresh and interesting. Cardcaptor Sakura used the "monster of the day" aspect of Magical Girl shows as a tool to create meaningful character interactions and to explore their feelings and points of view; Madoka Magica deconstructed the genre, created a suspenseful, heart-wrenching story, and offered a meditation on hope, sacrifice, and morality; Mawaru Penguindr [...]

    11. Lin is the fifteen year old bi-racial daughter of a pair of academicians new to the New England college town of Barnhurst (population 2,647). Precocious in her literary ambitions, she sells copies of her self-published swashbuckling serial, The Travels of Rhea Ironheart, on consignment at the local bookstore. She has also just become a superheroine. When the binary string 00101111 01101101 01100101 (translating to “/me”, an Internet Relay Chat command and the name of a shadowy villain) appea [...]

    12. This was a disappointment. I was really excited about a new Hope Larson book, because I love her artwork so much. Unfortunately, this one's written by Larson, but illustrated by Tintin Pantoja, and Pantoja's artwork is not much to my liking. It looks amateurish to my eye, really -- a lot of the angles look distorted, and people's faces don't look quite right, but not so much in a manga sort of way as in a "drawing noses with a Sharpie is hard" kind of way. It's not just the artwork, either; I ha [...]

    13. I'll keep my remarks on this book short as it, unfortunately, did nothing for me. I loved Larson's Mercury but found this to be incomparable. The story was a pleasant diversion and the art is enjoyable thus worth a few stars and the time it took to read. However, I just did not connect with the characters. Honestly, I found them boring. AC's superhero persona was so mysterious as to be baffling and nothing was really resolved in the book. It is quite apparent that the story plans to continue wit [...]

    14. I really, really liked the characters and the concept: the actual story/art execution, not so much. I wish this were a little more fully fleshed out, though maybe that can happen if it expands into a series.

    15. Not drawn by Hope Larson, so that was disappointing, since the artist isn't nearly as good and even her story isn't interesting to me. Eh. Meh.

    16. Who is AC? Is a graphic novel by Hope Larson about a young girl, Lin who accidentally ‘downloads’ magical powers through her cellphone. Just as the power of technology can be used for good, it can also be used for bad and Lin has received the download in order to fight and defeat the bad that technology can loose on the world. Lin is a reluctant superhero, preferring to write books about daring heroines instead of being one herself. But she knows the role of a hero and knows what she has to [...]

    17. I was a tad disappointed in this book. I love Hope Larson, so I pre-ordered this book before it came out. I should have just waited to get it from the library. It took me two tries to get through it, which is unusual for me. The story was okay & well-written enough, but the art left much to be desired. Some pages were okay, others were messy & super hard to follow. It's worth ago if you're a fan, but don't expect Larson's usually high caliber.

    18. I was all ready to like this, and then I just couldn't manage to actually like it. The story just seemed busted somehow. Incomplete motivations, incomplete magical mechanics, unclear stakes, unclear causes and effects. It has the exterior gestures of a magical girl story, but lacks the working core.Larson's other books are better.

    19. I like the main character, Lin. She is a strong girl who is into writing and takes it seriously. But the story over all was just meh for me.

    20. I don't really get it Art's pretty fun and it has potential, but it feels really incomplete and overall not the greatest.

    21. Well. The artwork is beautiful. But I was confused most of the way through and it didn’t feel like it had a point. It wasn’t bad. Just okay.

    22. Awesome story! I love the main character. I also found the different family dynamics very realistic and well written. Super intrigued by the coders controlling this mess XD

    23. Nifty little book about online trollz in real life and a female super hero 😉: "Who is AC?" by Hope Larson and Tintin Pantoja

    24. I like graphics, I like teenager stories, I like conflict that seems out of one's hands.So, this is a great start to see what this can become! Only v1, but I'm sure there will be more!Enjoy!

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