You Can't Shatter Me

You Can t Shatter Me Sixteen year old Carly is set to become top of her art class until bully boy Justin gives her a vicious payback for standing up for one of his victims Her boyfriend karate trained nerd Dylan wa

  • Title: You Can't Shatter Me
  • Author: Tahlia Newland
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: ebook
  • Sixteen year old, Carly, is set to become top of her art class until bully boy, Justin, gives her a vicious payback for standing up for one of his victims Her boyfriend, karate trained nerd, Dylan, wants to smash the guys face in, but a fight at school means suspension, losing his chance at school honors and facing a furious father Carly is determined to find a creaSixteen year old, Carly, is set to become top of her art class until bully boy, Justin, gives her a vicious payback for standing up for one of his victims Her boyfriend, karate trained nerd, Dylan, wants to smash the guys face in, but a fight at school means suspension, losing his chance at school honors and facing a furious father Carly is determined to find a creative solution to her problem, but will she sort it out before Dylan s inner cave man hijacks him and all hell breaks lose Justin might be a pain, but his harassment leads to a deepening of Dylan and Carly s romance, and Carly finds an inner strength she didn t know she had The magical realism style provides a touch of fantasy in an otherwise very real story that offers heart warming solutions to bullying You Can t Shatter Me is food for the soul It has received a BRAG Medallion for outstanding fiction and an AIA Seal of Excellence in independent fiction.

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    1. Tahlia Newland

      Tahlia Newland, author of the multi award winning Diamond Peak Series, writes inspirational metaphysical and speculative fiction with a touch or of romance She is also an editor and a mask maker who loves creating digital art and sitting on her veranda staring at the rain forest.Before writing full time, she had over 20 years experience in scripting and performing in Visual Theatre and Theatre in Education In 2012, she set up Awesome Indies Books to showcase quality independent fiction She has had extensive training in meditation and Buddhist philosophy and lives in Australia with a husband and a cheeky Burmese cat called George She also has a wonderful adult daughter.

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    1. Review by: Katie FrenchTitle: You Can't Shatter MeAuthor: Tahlia NewlandPublisher: Catapult PressGenre(s): Young Adult, Magical RealismLength: 140 pagesThe RundownWith bullying on the forefront of everyone’s minds these days, it is no wonder that You Can’t Shatter Me, a young adult magical realism story, caught my eye. The story revolves around two young protagonists: Carly, the teenage girl-next-door with a huge imagination and Dylan, the nerdy-yet-lovable boy who catches her eye. The two e [...]

    2. I tossed up between a 3 and 4 star rating for this one. I went with a 4 as you can see. The reason I wasn't sure was because I felt that the imagery and the fantasy aspect seemed a little too prominent within the story. Hold up, I'm getting ahead of myself here.Tahlia has a very strong story here, the characters are realistic, honest and believable. Their reactions are true to being a teenager and the situations they find themselves in is a realistic representation of what a teenager might go th [...]

    3. In this unique YA magical realism novel by Tahlia Newland, teenager Carly Simmons tries to write her own superhero story by standing up for an overweight boy who is being tormented by the school’s resident terror. As all superheroes are apt to do, she earns herself an archenemy in the angry, bullying Justin. But she also finds a boyfriend in smart and sensitive Dylan, karate student and brainy nerd, who admires her for taking a stand.This fast-paced, short novel combines an extremely original [...]

    4. This short YA novel deals with a serious subject (bullying amongst high-school kids) and is imaginatively told from the perspectives of the two main characters, Carly and Dylan, with a unique blend of realism and fantastic elements which add to the overall power and imagery of the story. The reader is quickly pulled into the inner world of these two teenagers as they interfere with the activities of the school bully, Justin, only to become targeted by him themselves. But there is a far greater d [...]

    5. I thought I would enjoy this book, but not as much as I did. It was a well written story that I think would be a good book to have in schools.You Can’t Shatter Me is a book about bullying and how to deal with it, but it was also so much more. Carly is trying to write the story of her life the way she wants it. She wants to be a superhero, and when she sees a boy being picked on by the class bully, Justin, she has her chance to be the hero. But then Justin turns around and starts picking on her [...]

    6. I first encountered the beautiful clarity of Tahlia Newland's style in her short story, "A Hole in the Pavement". The same clarity, and the same magic use of metaphor, is here in "You Can't Shatter Me".The story starts slowly, wistfully, and builds into something special. A very effective use of the wish people often have that they could script their own lives a wish that helps along the way, but can't be where our journey stops. We have to move from a sometimes desperate desire for control to [...]

    7. Sad and heartfelt, yet sweet and sassy…at’s the story of Carly, Dylan and Justin. One day in school, Carly sticks up for a young boy who is being bullied by Justin, defying Justin, standing her ground, and from that day, Justin makes Carly’s life a misery. With Carly writing her life’s script, becoming a superhero is her dream…e magic and reality collide throughout this reasonably short story, with terror being a solid part of reality….with Dylan becoming a part of Carly’s life, th [...]

    8. Review: You Can’t Shatter Me by Tahlia Newland (June 30, 2012)By Katherine AsheYoung Adult fiction is not my usual reading matter, in fact until these last two weeks (7/1/12) I had never read a YA book. But I've been asked to review a couple of books and I find that, judging from this little sampling, YA as a genre appears to have some considerable virtues, not the least of which is the wholesomeness and good will of the authors. This venture into YA has been for me quite a relief from the com [...]

    9. "You Can't Shatter Me" is a moving young adult novel that grapples with the universal problem of bullying. A blend of magical realism and philosophy, it is at heart a very spiritual story without being heavy-handed about it.Sixteen-year-old Carly Simmons, a girl with "insipid grey eyes, mousy hair and thunder thighs," daydreams about being a courageous, avenging superhero. Both she and the nerdy Dylan have both suffered at the hands of Justin, the school bully, and watched helplessly while he ab [...]

    10. originally posted on my blog,How I see it You can't shatter me was a truly revolutionary book for me, because it was all so true. I recognised myself in Carly. I could easily imagine myself in this story, or her being my twin sister. The book was not like any other book I have ever read. Yes, it was about bullying, but not about how miserable it made people feel, but about how to stop the bullies, and how to understand them. And that's the best thing about the book.Carly is just a plain normal g [...]

    11. The subject of bullying is one that definitely deserves to be addressed. I am happy to see that lately it has taken more of a center stage. Teens especially should be aware of how devastating the effects of bullying can be. In You Can't Shatter Me, author Tahlia Newland embraces this topic and delivers it in an imaginative yet informative way. In my opinion, this is a book that all young adults should read. It is also a great book for parents and educators who may need a fresh look into teen str [...]

    12. You Can't Shatter Me is a story about bullying. A young girl witnesses a "misfit" being bullied, and suddenly not able to watch this one more time with no one intervening steps in. Which of course bring the focus onto her. At the same time, another student, who has been watching her from afar, steps in to protect herNow they are both under fire from the bully.Carly and Dylan are now targeted by this bully, a very angry young man named Justin. The story deals with the beginnings of a relationship [...]

    13. In this little novella, the reader follows Carly and Dylan through an epic journey of good vs. evil, handwritten scripts and the thought that life can be written the way a personwantsit to be written. Ever since I first picked up a book, I've thought changing point of views were a really awesome way of conveying a story. Whether it be changing points of view in third-person or it be changing points of view in first person, I liked the idea that a reader could see into the thoughts of multiple ch [...]

    14. Carly is a spunky sixteen years old and in the face of standing up to a bully, she puts herself in his path. While standing up to the bully she is asked out by Dylan, the smart nerd. She sees him in a different light and agrees. The bully harasses her throughout the book while she tries to live with it and forgive him for how he is because she realizes he has a bad home life. She tries all sorts of different things to stop the bullying, but the more she turns the other cheek, the more he bully [...]

    15. I’m turning 42 on Friday, but I still love young adult (YA) fiction. In fact, I firmly believe that YA offers some of the most empowering stories and empowered female characters available in modern literature. I also believe that Tahlia Newland’s fiction is some of the best YA on the market, so when she asked if I’d read and review You Can’t Shatter Me, of course I said yes.I was not disappointed.In fact, I was awed.Newland refers to this story as an example of magical realism, and it is [...]

    16. I thoroughly enjoyed this short novel by Tahlia Newland to the extend I chose to read it twice - and got even more from it second time around. On the surface this is a story about high school teens - boy and girl becoming aware of one another, while outside that is the constant threat of bullying by an unhappy individual who knows no other way to escape his own, very real demon in the form of an abusive parent.The way the story is written, with a strong magic realism aspect to it and emphatic un [...]

    17. What would you do about a bully? When Carly is faced with a harassing boy named Justin, will she be the superhero she wants to be, or will she wilt before his tyranny? She has in her favor a new hairdo, a wild imagination, a supporter named Dylan with surprises behind his nerdy exterior, and people around her who care about her and encourage her to take the high road. Sometimes the high road seems pretty darn high.Tahlia has woven a tale of high imagination with You Can't Shatter Me. Though the [...]

    18. This book is well-written and engaging – but it's also brave, because it addresses a tough subject while other YA books are content to pursue vampire romance and zombie infestations. Don't get me wrong, those topics are fun. But if someone is bullying you, Edward isn't going to show up to toss the bully's tookus across the schoolyard, and the chances of getting bitten by a radioactive spider and developing superpowers are pretty slim. You need good advice.I'm impressed by Tahlia's use of Zen B [...]

    19. Focusing on the very real psychological traumas of teenage bullying, “You Can’t Shatter Me” is one that aught to be compulsory reading in all Middle Schools.(Schools who teach 12 yr olds to 16 year olds) Author Tahlia Newman is no stranger to the young adult genre, having several acclaimed titles published. She brings a mature warmth to this subject area, without being overly preachy or stilted. Readers will be enchanted with the character and storyline within moments of beginning their jo [...]

    20. Tahlia Newland's You Can't Shatter Me is an affirmation of positive thinking and healing through meditation. It's a book that belongs on any young reader's, parent's and teacher's must-read list. Bullying is a great concern for any parent who has a child in the school system whether it be at the elementary or high school level. Newland depicts a heart-wrenching picture of the cruelty and humiliation experienced by the victims of bullying.The characters are well fleshed out and memorable. Carly, [...]

    21. To read this review and others like it check out my site, ufreviews I think everyone now a days is aware of the problem of bullying. I think everyone has at least one experience with bullying, be it being the victim, the person doing the bullying, or the person standing on the sidelines observing it. There has been a lot of talk about this issue, and a lot of different ideas about how to teach kids and teenagers about this problem. This is a book geared toward young adults, and it fits the bill. [...]

    22. Even though the book is captivating and well written, I am a bit of a doubter for parts of it. Carly stands up to the school bully which leads to two main after effects. One, now the bully will try to make her life miserable. Two, a brainy guy, the school likeable nerd, connects with her after the superhero rescue and thus starts their relationship. He would like to take on the bully, but this could jeopardize his position in the college as well as his position with his father! Carly thinks they [...]

    23. 3.5 StarsThis was a great story about Bullying. There was mulit-point-of-view which was fine. Extremly well written. Great capture of narrative voice and well-developed characters.The reason why I took 1.5 stars away is because for me I believe the book was more in between two genres--fantasy and contemporary. This book is in the Magical Realism genre.I would have liked it to be fully fantasy, which is more of a personal choice. I also would have enjoyed it more if it was more adult but this is [...]

    24. This book is both sweet and gritty. The story is a real situation that we can all relate to, but I've given it a magical twist, one that I hope will give the inspiration and confidence to change the way we handle bullying, whether we are the victim, the bully or the bystander. I hope you enjoy it and that it becomes a positive force for solving the bullying issue.

    25. While there was some woo woo stuff that I don't necessarily get behind, this was, overall, a good book with some very helpful ways of dealing with bullies. Also, I really enjoyed the more fantastical aspects of the book.

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