Jennings Goes To School

Jennings Goes To School When Jennings arrives at Linbury Court Preparatory School as a new boy he soon discovers how much he has to learn especially when the other boys seem to be talking in a different language Spivish oz

  • Title: Jennings Goes To School
  • Author: Anthony Buckeridge
  • ISBN: 9780755113682
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Jennings arrives at Linbury Court Preparatory School as a new boy, he soon discovers how much he has to learn, especially when the other boys seem to be talking in a different language Spivish ozard But it is not long before Jennings becomes a celebrity, following an intrepid escape from the school grounds and a riotous attempt to enliven a fire practice, which leavWhen Jennings arrives at Linbury Court Preparatory School as a new boy, he soon discovers how much he has to learn, especially when the other boys seem to be talking in a different language Spivish ozard But it is not long before Jennings becomes a celebrity, following an intrepid escape from the school grounds and a riotous attempt to enliven a fire practice, which leaves Old Wilkie literally climbing the walls From then on, every time Jennings gives trouble the elbow, a new disaster trips him over But only one thing really matters to J C T Jennings his First Eleven debut When the long awaited match arrives, Jennings certainly uses his head.

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    1. Anthony Buckeridge

      Anthony Malcolm Buckeridge was born in London but following the death of his banker father in the First World War he moved with his mother to Ross on Wye to live with his grandparents At the end of the war they returned to London where he developed a taste for theatre and writing A scholarship from the Bank Clerks Orphanage fund permitted his mother to send him to Seaford College boarding school in Sussex His experiences as a schoolboy there were instrumental in his later work, particularly in his famous Jennings series of novels.Following the death of his grandfather, the family moved to Welwyn Garden City where his mother worked in promoting the new suburban utopia to Londoners In 1930 Buckeridge began work at his late father s bank but soon tired of it Instead he took to acting including an uncredited part in Anthony Asquith s 1931 film Tell England.After marrying his first wife, Sylvia Brown, he enrolled at University College London where he involved himself in Socialist and anti war groups and he was later to become an active member of CND Unfortunately at university he did not take a degree after failing Latin By then the couple had two children and, with a young family to support, he found himself teaching in Suffolk and Northamptonshire, which again provided further experiences for his later work During the Second World War, he was called up as a fireman and wrote several plays for the stage before returning to teaching in Ramsgate.He used to tell his pupils stories about the fictional character Jennings, who was based on an old school chum of his, Diarmid Jennings Diarmid was a prep schoolboy boarding at Linbury Court Preparatory School, where the headmaster was Mr Pemberton Oakes.After World War II, he wrote a series of radio plays for the BBC s Children s Hour chronicling the exploits of Jennings and his rather staid friend, Darbishire Jennings Learns the Ropes , the first of his radio plays, was broadcast on 16 October 1948 And then in 1950, the first of 26 Jennings novels, Jennings Goes to School was published Jennings Follows a Clue appeared in 1951 and then Jennings novels were published regularly through to 1977 before he reappeared in the 1990s with three books that ended with That s Jennings in 1994 The books were as well known and as popular as Frank Richards Billy Bunter books in their day and were translated into a number of other languages The stories of middle class English schoolboys were especially popular in Norway where several were filmed The Norwegian books and films were rewritten completely for a Norwegian setting with Norwegian names and Jennings is called Stompa And in France Jennings was, rather oddly, known as Bennett He also wrote five novels featuring a north London Grammar School boy, Rex Milligan, one other novel, A Funny Thing Happened The First and only Adventure of the Blighs 1953 , wrote a collection of short stories, Stories for Boys 1957 , his autobiography, While I Remember 1999 and edited an anthology, In and Out of School 1958.In 1962 he met his second wife, Eileen Selby They settled near Lewes where he continued to write and from where he also appeared in small non singing roles at Glyndebourne.He was awarded the OBE in 2003.He died on 28 June 2004 after a spell of ill health with his second wife Eileen and three children, two from his first marriage, surviving him.Gerry WolstenholmeSeptember 2010

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    1. I totally loved the adventures of John Christopher Timothy Jennings when I was young, and on a recent reread this book managed a rare feat - rather than my jaded adult sensibilities seeing flaws I hadn't originally noticed, I actually found it funnier than on first reading. My own childhood in working class London should, logically, have given me nothing to reference in Buckeridge's work, yet somehow his ability to set a scene, draw a picture, and slowly inveigle you into the lives and mindset o [...]

    2. Jennings Goes to School is the first in a popular series of boarding school adventures featuring the boisterous Jennings and his slightly more sober sidekick, Derbishire. I went to a very old-fashioned boarding school myself, and our headmaster would occasionally read us extracts from the Jennings books as a treat. I remember the whole class howling with laughter at Jennings's exploits and I used to wear out the copies in the school library when I had some free time. I was intrigued to see if Je [...]

    3. I absolutely devoured this series as a child. I must have been about 7 or 8 and was given these by my uncle, who had also loved them as a boy. I was completely obsessed with the idea of going to boarding school at that time, (I think it was all to do with midnight feasts), so pretty much read anything that took place in one. Set in the 50's (I think) the books centre around Jennings, a prep-school boy and his hapless sidekick, Darbyshire. Predictably, they get into all kinds of scrapes with hila [...]

    4. This, and the subsequent series of books about life at Linbury Court Preparatory School, was an unalloyed delight to the ten-year-old me. Quite how the author could write with such insight into the minds of boys of my age I found amazing. I read and re-read all the adventures of John Christopher Timothy Jennings, C.E.J. Darbishire, Selbanev, Retsim(s) Retrac and Snikliw (see "Jennings' Diary") & co. My best friend liked the books too and when I told him I thought of myself as Jennings with h [...]

    5. Used to love these books when I was younger and it's nice to find that this stands up to the passage of time, both personally and in a more general sense. What is strange is that, although clearly written by somebody with experience and understanding of children, it's as much from the teachers' point of view as it is from the pupils', if not more. Cringe final chapter where Mr Carter is revealed as the book's author aside, this isn't a problem - it's just curious that this appeals to children wh [...]

    6. Entahlah udah keberapa kalinya saya baca buku ini Sekarang baca ulang lagi, karena ngeliat buku ini pas lagi beresin lemari buku.Ceritanya kocak lucu, saya senyam senyum sendiri. Yah, karena ini buku pertama dan mengisahkan tentang Jennings dan Darbishire yang baru masuk preparatory school, belum banyak kehebohan yang dibikin ma Jennings.Well sebenernya, kasus kasus di buku pertama ini lebih banyak terjadi karena kesalahpahaman aja sih. Atau lebih tepatnya keluguan dan ketidaktahuan seorang Jenn [...]

    7. At their best, the 'Jennings' books are side-splittingly hilarious. At their worst, they provide a fun and insightful look into boarding school life alongside a slightly misguided look at life in the local community.This is a strong start to the series, but the very best is yet to come.Highlight: Darbishire's postcard home.

    8. Aku berani bertaruh sejuta, orang yang masih ada akal sehatnya takkan mau menulis cerita tentang anak-anak seperti kita!Ah, (*seperti kata Pak Carter) siapa bilang Buku pertama dari seri si anak asrama Jennings. Sebenarnya saya sudah membaca & menikmati beberapa buku Jennings lainnya sebelum baca yang ini pada dasarnya seri ini memang bisa dibaca dari yang mana saja (*sangat gampang memahami situasi dan hubungan antar tokohnya), tapi menyenangkan juga akhirnya bisa mengetahui awal hubungan J [...]

    9. In the quest to introduce my kids to children's books they wouldn't dream of reading themselves I decided on Jennings after the success of Just William. I'd never read any of the Jennings books as the "Naughty-Boy-in-Posh-School" formulae had never appealed to me. In fact the whole children at boarding school idea had always seemed totally dull but that might have been due to the Lothsome Enid B. But I went hunting second-hand book shops for a suitably aged copy from which to read. The hint that [...]

    10. I came across my old Jennings books while rooting through stuff stored in my recently-deceased father's attic, and, having finally got around to re-reading the first volume, I am very glad neither he nor I threw them away. It holds up exceptionally well - funny, charming, and endearingly eccentric. It is above all written with huge affection for its characters, and Buckeridge's optimism and kindness really shines through. I'm looking forward to my daughter being old enough so that she can enjoy [...]

    11. I read the Jennings books as a child and loved them. I feel a lot of nostalgia for the books I loved as a child, and was pleased to discover that new editions of the Jennings books had come out. This is the first in the series when Darbishire and Jennings first arrive at Linbury. I laughed out loud at some of the funny incidents and the schoolboy 'logic'. A great thing to read if you need cheering up.

    12. Pinjam dari Iyut, via Mute. Baca ulang lagi setelah duluuu sekali pernah baca.--------------------------Astaga. Itu pasti kata yang kupilih jika harus menggambarkan J.C.T. Jennings dalam 1 kata.Jennings masuk sekolah yang baru, sebuah sekolah asrama bernama Linbury Court Preparatory School. Yah semacam SD. But, itu nda penting, karena mungkin Anthony Buckeridge tidak mementingkan wajib 1 tahun ajaran diceritakan dalam 1 buku. Yang jelas, Jennings masuk kelas 3 terus ditempatkan di ruang tidur no [...]

    13. I never got to read any Jennings books when I was younger, so when someone lent this to me I couldn't resist. Set in an English boys' prepatory boarding school and written in the 1950s, the language and culture of the characters is clearly dated, but on reading Jennings' letter home to his parents in chapter one I sobbed with laughter; it was the funniest thing I'd ever read, and I was hooked!The adventures of Jennings and his best friend Darbishire as they run rings round poor Mr Carter and Mr [...]

    14. Membaca buku ini tidak cuma membuat gw cengar cengir di angkot buku ptama serial ini sukses bikin gw ngakak diangkot ampe pak supir noleh karena kaget hihihi, abis gimana dong, kocak banget :pKalo bisa ngakak gugulingan di angkot, mungkin itu gw lakuin pas bagian kebakaran di asrama :))Jennings itu ya, idenya aneh2, n sepertinya bakal jadi bencana, tapi akhirnya pasti lolos hwaahahahai'm falling in love with jennings thanks to iyut n silvana for introduce me to Jennings :*hehehe telat yah gw, ha [...]

    15. L'histoire d'un collégien anglais du début 20e (à vue de nez, on a pas de dates et les collèges anglais étant restés très longtemps figés dans le même carcan, dur de savoir).Bennett, c'est un peu le Tom Sawyer anglais, faisant les 400 coups et s'attirant invariablement des ennuis. Son côté indiscipliné et roublard a assuré un certain succès à la série.Une fois qu'on a atteint l'adolescence, mieux vaut oublier Bennett et passer au film de Lindsay Anderson, "If", une autre vision d [...]

    16. I read this as a schoolboy. The Jennings books still sit on my shelves. Anthony Buckeridge had the skill to write for boys whilst at the same time being very perceptive about the workings of the schoolboy's mind: thus adults can find the Jennings books very funny as well. I still read them and there are times when I'm crying with laughter.If you can ever hear Mr Buckeridge read his own books then do so and pass onto me where you heard them.This review would apply to all the Jennings books, there [...]

    17. I enjoyed the Jennings books as a child and remember crying with laughter at some of the scenes. Whilst I enjoyed rereading this book, and laughed out loud on a few occasions, I did not find it quite as hilarious as I did first time round. That said, this is the very first of the Jennings books and it may well be that later books are funnier. I will certainly revisit a few more. I read some aloud to my ten year old son and he enjoyed listening to it - so the magic still appears to be there for m [...]

    18. This book entwined fixed negative thoughts by itself and simply thrown themselves outside the window. We could never have learned if we have never made mistakes. Having said so, the reality of untangling editions of bad experience is not recommended because they are ours. This suggests opportunity to count them as learning experience to have been there. Good for children ages 15 onwards better to ages 35 and so on.

    19. 1950/ BritishLucu bikin ngakak, konyol dan aku suka banget. Tipikal cerita yang ga bosan kalau dibaca lebih dari satu kali.dan kesan dari novel ini, sering banget bayangin kalau jennings itu pemeran utama di film home alone xD

    20. I read the Jennings books when I was 9/10 years old i.e. 40 odd years ago. I'm conscious that they were written in a period which was regarded as innocent. However, I would recommend then to any parent for their children and not that garbage produced by JK Rowling.

    21. Loved this series as a child in the '70s, and am somewhat astonished to find how well they hold up, largely due (like Wodehouse) to the nostalgic view of a parochial Britain that never really existed; the peculiar comedy provokes a smile or two on every page, and is frequently laugh-out-loud.

    22. Wizardly Supersonic!! No matter how many times I read this book I am still put in fits of laughter. The fire drill incident is a favourite of mine, so too, the disguises for running away.

    23. In itself probably an enjoyable 3 star book but there are unmistakable shadows of later (and better) comedies and has the early draft of some well known jokes.

    24. Cerita ini benar-benar lucu. Saya tidak berhenti "pamer gigi" dan tertawa sendiri saat membacanya. Benar-benar buku yang menyenangkan.

    25. So atrociously funny that I kept being told off as my endless fits of laughter kept waking up various baby cousins.

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