Reckless for Cowboy

Reckless for Cowboy You ever play dare with a cowboy before sweetheart When it comes to the Calgary Stampede Brooke Hamilton has one piece of adviceay away from cowboys Too bad she can t follow it herself You d think i

  • Title: Reckless for Cowboy
  • Author: Daire St. Denis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You ever play dare with a cowboy before, sweetheart When it comes to the Calgary Stampede, Brooke Hamilton has one piece of adviceay away from cowboys Too bad she can t follow it herself You d think it d be easy, considering how badly she s been burned But the minute she meets Cooper Hays, saddle bronc rider and rodeo hotshot, her reckless heart falls hard and f You ever play dare with a cowboy before, sweetheart When it comes to the Calgary Stampede, Brooke Hamilton has one piece of adviceay away from cowboys Too bad she can t follow it herself You d think it d be easy, considering how badly she s been burned But the minute she meets Cooper Hays, saddle bronc rider and rodeo hotshot, her reckless heart falls hard and fast Brooke knows it s all a game to Cooper Everything s a game to him Risking his life on the back of a wild animal Winning impossible dares Whisking her off on the best dates ever The man knows exactly how to shock and surprise her, taking her places she s never been before and making her feel things she s never felt before But Brooke s counting down the days to the end of Stampede to the moment when Cooper gets what he wants and walks out of her life Proving to her, once again, her reckless heart should not be trusted.

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    186 thoughts on “Reckless for Cowboy”

    1. 4.5 - Free today!! freebie (Oct. 10), it was a really funny, sexy short story with a hot cowboy. 85 pages, I recommend. Review to come, but grab this while you can.

    2. I'm not going to lie, the cover is what drew me in. I am smitten with that cover. Absolutely smitten. Imagine my surprise when I found out there was more to this story than just a nice set of man-candy abs. In fact, the story is pretty darn good. And the sex? It's hot. This one was a winner on quite a few levels for me.This book was a free Kindle download I picked up 10/08/12 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

    3. Another book where the woman probably needed a shrink or one helluva pity party or both.Brooke has some issues, mainly, she over-analyzes stuff. She is the stereotypical woman that cannot separate sex and love. But, it seems to me, she hasn't been having any good sex, so I don't know why she would fall for the guy. You've never had an orgasm from sex? Thanks for playing, next contestant please. And, of course, we have the, 'I was screwed over by this type of guy so that makes ALL guys of this ty [...]

    4. Hot Cowboys! HmmmLove me some cowboy butt in wranglers!Straightforward short story about a waitress who meets a cowboy in a bar. She resists. He pursues. They do it. Misunderstanding. All resolved. HEA.It was a cute story and I enjoyed it. I just like more tension or suspense or angst in my books. I did like that even though Brooke has issues with cowboys and cussing, she doesn't let it keep her down. Yes, it should be a cowboy, with a truck and Garth Brooks playing, but you get the idea!

    5. I received this freebie in exchange for my honest review in the Oh Canada books set.My feelings about this book are a bit all over the place. I'm a sucker for a good love story and HEA but I do want there to be a decent plot or story line and I want the love story to make sence. This one just had too many misses for me.Brooke is an intelligent woman, working at a bar until she starts an internship at a law firm and about to start law school. She has a pension for cowboys but has a tendency to pi [...]

    6. Quick short read that was entertaining. Cooper that boy is something else, and Brooke good lord she's a hoot, "he broke his ankle a bit? What is that? Tough guy, cowboy talk? I leave before I have to listen to any more of this." Cooper he's ALL man, "do you have any idea what you've done to me?" There's an amazing ridge of solid flesh behind his fly." He's a total flirt, but he's a flirt that goes after what he wants, "I'd like to get it on with you," Cooper says. "If Denny needs to be there for [...]

    7. It was average for a short story freebie. Cooper the hot cowboy and Brooke who after being hurt by a number of past cowboy boyfriends, still creams herself by just looking at one. To me the writer concentrated more on how often Brooke got sexually "wet" than on the story itself. Like I said AVERAGE!

    8. There's nothing more sweet and romantic than a cowboy who takes you out on a beautiful night to watch the stars on your first date. I don't know about y'all but that's pretty romantic to me. One thing is unsettling though, what if he's just a pscyho killer who's out to murder the heck out of you. Hmm. I guess this is why fiction is better than real life. On to my review, this is actually my second cowboy-themed love story that I read in one day. Wow! I'm on a roll here folks and somehow I can't [...]

    9. Brooke Hamilton has one piece of advice, stay away from cowboys. Having been burned more than once in the past, she does her best to take her own advice. Too bad the mouth-watering, persistent Cooper Hays is staying in town for the Calgary Stampede. She has a hard time staying away, especially if it seems that everyone is pushing them together. *spoilers*Cooper Hays knows what he wants and he'd do anything to make Brooke his, even make a bet to kiss another man! If he does it, he gets Brooke for [...]

    10. I'm giving this read 4 stars because I felt that the author got the most out of the characters for the length of the story. I will say that I chose this freebie based mostly on the cover and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it!Like any short story you sometimes have stretch the willing suspension of disbelief a lot further but I felt the author did a great job of moving things along without the story becoming too unbelievable. I would have to say that the only things stopping me from giving t [...]

    11. This book was not good. more than half of the book the female lead just keeps talking about how she's a faucet with an unfixable leak in basically every dialogue. He just had to pass by for her to be all "moist and dewy." Aside from the cringy thoughts of our protagonist, the story is pretty simple and wasn't really enjoyable.

    12. I understand the author is from Canada. Yet, it does not excuse the usage of "kilometers" when the story is taking place in the States. Other than the length of the book, or shortness if you will, it's my only grief with this book.The Stampede sizzlers are short enough to be read inside of two hours. And as with any short story, everything moves forward much too fast. The characters are likable, and the story line itself is all right, but there just isn't enough time to connect with anyone.The a [...]

    13. Just a fantastic book!!! Very original and a great read. It's a story about Brooke who has been broken hearted by cowboys too often and vows not to get sucked into any more of their lies or promises. Then there's Cooper. Irresistible, smooth and the perfect catch. Try as she may Brooke falls for Cooper head over heels and ends up learning more about herself in the process than she thought possible. There's sex scenes and then there's the real deal in this book. Exciting, spicy and satisfying. I [...]

    14. At 117 pages "Reckless for Cowboy" is a quick "Happy Ending" Read. Don't over analyze it just take the book for what it is Brooke meets Cooper a healthy dose of flirtation and half-hearted resistance ensues. Brooke and Cooper hook up. a few misunderstandings get in the way only to be resolved in time for the characters to squeeze in one more "Happy Ending." If you looking for a romantic quickie cowboy "love story" to read give "Reckless for Cowboy" a go.

    15. This story was okay, it was interesting enough to hold my intention and best of all, it was free :)However, the abrupt ending dropped this from a 4 star to a 3 star read for me. Cliff hangers are one thing but this was something else. There was a scene and at 75% I expected another chapter or two to wrap things up, but nope, it just ended! Had it not been free I would have felt truely ripped off.

    16. Brooke doesn't like cowboys. She loves them. The problem is that she falls for them and gets her heart trampled. Along comes Cooper and wham she can't help but be interested. Tall dark and handsome. Not to mention charming and an all around nice guy. But the question remains is he any different than the other cowboys? I truly enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more by this author.

    17. I'll never look at the word 'splash' the same again. More then once the heroine describes her getting excited as 'splash'. Maybe once in a book in a joke situation I could see the verbiage used but when you're trying to draw a reader in to a sizzling situation kills it. Anyway, I have a weakness for cowboys but I didn't quite have the splashing good time reading this book as I'd hoped. :-p

    18. I liked this book for a quick read. It was filled with cute flirting, then it got into hot and steamy. It always depends what kind of mood I'm in, to determine what I want to read. This was perfect reading for my mood. I am also interested in reading A Wicked Way Interactive by Daire St. Denis. Thanks to an excerpt from this book.

    19. Wow! Talk about hot scenes! This novella has 'em. But the author doesn't stop there.At heart, this is an extremely sensual and romantic love story, with a to-die-for hero and a realistic, likable heroine. It's all told from her point of view, though you come to know the depths of both characters and what makes them tick.If you like hot cowboys (and who doesn't?) this one's a must.

    20. This was alright. I think i had expectedmore from this book. then what i got was not bad But I was no 5 stars eitherI know reviews can be disappointing but I will read anotherbook from this author to see If maybe one of her other books is a better read for me .

    21. What a great little novella! Liked everything about it Cooper was such a sweetie. Sometimes I need a break from the rough alpha's. Whew- the sexytimes were well done, lol especially the bath tub scene! ;-)

    22. Brooke rides her bronco!Brooke is a waitress at Cattlemens Bar. She meets Cooper who is there for Stampede week. Brooke feels a zing every time she looks at Cooper, but she has sworn off real cowboys. Can Cooper convince her to a date? Read to find out.

    23. This is a sweet, yet hot short story about a woman, Brooke, whose kryptonite is cowboys. She's been mistreated by more than one and when she finds herself once again weak in the knees because of a cowboy she tries to fight her attraction. But Cooper, the cowboy in question, won't let her.

    24. Eh, the cover is what drew me in, but the first person point of view, combined with the heroine's attitude was a bit of a turn-off. Perhaps I'll give it another go in the future, but for now, it's a DNF :-/

    25. i loved this book, Brooke had been hurt before so didn't trust any cowboys, let alone the handsome coop, but he was different and had to prove it to her, the chemistry between them was sizzling hot, she just couldn't help losing her heart to him, he made her feel special and wanted.

    26. Arc review For honest honest coop and brook make the pages come alive with their relationship. Coop is not you regular cowboy rodeo guy and he's going to prove it to brookry good story

    27. This was ok as well. I may be in the mood not to read cause it seems everything I read I am not liking. But this one was strange in everyway.

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