Batwing, Vol. 2: In the Shadow of the Ancients

Batwing Vol In the Shadow of the Ancients As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New event Batwing follows a soldier carrying on the legacy of The Dark Knight in the most tumultuous region on Earth Meet Batwing the Batman of Africa as

  • Title: Batwing, Vol. 2: In the Shadow of the Ancients
  • Author: Judd Winick
  • ISBN: 9781401237912
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event, Batwing follows a soldier carrying on the legacy of The Dark Knight in the most tumultuous region on Earth Meet Batwing, the Batman of Africa, as he takes on the villainous Massacre and The Court of Owls This second volume of Batwing, from acclaimed writter Judd Winick, follows Batwing to the streets of Gotham as BatAs a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event, Batwing follows a soldier carrying on the legacy of The Dark Knight in the most tumultuous region on Earth Meet Batwing, the Batman of Africa, as he takes on the villainous Massacre and The Court of Owls This second volume of Batwing, from acclaimed writter Judd Winick, follows Batwing to the streets of Gotham as Batwing hunts for Massacre, following the elimination of the superheroes known as The Kingdom Batwing also must confront the Court of Owls, in a very special, action packed crossover with comic superstar Scott Snyder s Batman storyline Outgunned and on unfamiliarturf, can Batwing survive the Night of Owls

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      Born February 12th, 1970 and raised on Long Island in New York, Judd began cartooning professionally at 16 with a single paneled strip called Nuts Bolts This ran weekly through Anton Publications, a newspaper publisher that produced town papers in the Tri state area He was paid 10 dollars a week.In August of 1988, Judd began attending the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor bringing Nuts Bolts with him, but turning it into a four panel strip and creating a cast of characters to tell his tales Nuts Bolts ran in The Michigan Daily 5 days a week from my freshman year freshperson, or first year student, as they liked to say at U of M , until graduation in the spring of 1992.A collection of those college years Nuts Bolts was published in Ann Arbor Watching the Spin Cycle the Nuts Bolts collection had a small run of a thousand books a couple of months before graduation They sold out in about 2 weeks and there are no plans to republish it.Before graduation he accepted a development deal with a major syndicate syndicates are the major league baseball of comic strips They act as an agent or broker and sell comic strips to newspapers Judd spent the next year living in Boston, and developing his strip.The bottom dropped out when the syndicate decided that they were not going to pursue Nuts and Bolts for syndication and were terminating his development contract.Crushed and almost broke, he moved back in with his parents in July 1993 Getting by doing spot illustration jobs, Judd actually had Nuts Bolts in development with Nickelodeon as an animated series At one point he even turned the human characters into mice Young Urban Mice and Rat Race were the working titles.In August of 1993 he saw an ad on MTV for The Real World III, San Francisco For those who may not know, The Real World is a real life documentary soap opera, where 7 strangers from around the country are put up in a house and filmed for six months You get free rent, free moving costs, you get to live in San Francisco, and get to be a famous pig on television.The Audition process, was everything from doing a video, to filling out a 15 page application, to in person interviews with the producers, to being followed around and filmed for a day 6 months and 6 levels later, Judd was in.On February 12th 1993, he moved into a house on Russian Hill and they began filming Along the way Nuts Bolts was given a weekly spot in the San Francisco Examiner This WHOLE deal was filmed and aired for the show.They moved out in June of 1994, a couple of days after O.J s Bronco chase in L.A The show began airing a week later.Along with the weekly San Francisco Examiner gig, Judd began doing illustrations for The Complete Idiot s Guide series through QUE Books Since then, Judd has illustrated over 300 Idiot s Guides and still does the cartoons for the computer oriented Idiot s Guides line.A collection of the computer related titles cartoons was published in 1997 as Terminal Madness, The Complete Idiot s Guide Computer Cartoon Collection.Not too long after the show had been airing, Judd s roommate from the show and good friend, AIDS activist Pedro Zamora, took ill from AIDS complications Pedro was to begin a lecture tour in September Judd agreed to step in and speak on his behalf until he was well enough to do so again In August of 1994, Pedro checked into a hospital and never recovered.Pedro passed away on November 11, 1994 He was 22.Judd continued to lecture about Pedro, Aids education and prevention and what it s like to live with some one who is living with AIDS for most of 1995 Speaking at over 70 schools across the country, Judd describes it as, e most fulfilling and difficult time in my life But time and emotional constraints forced him to stop lecturing.In May of 1995 Judd found the weekly Nuts Bolts under whelming and decided to give syndication another go Re vamping Nuts Bolts

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    1. The first 2 issues finish up the Massacre storyline from volume 1. Why these aren't in volume 1 is beyond me. Winick telegraphed the "big reveal" from the first couple of issues. Then we get a well-done "Night of the Owls" crossover. The second half of this book suffers from too many guest stars. Volume 1 was excellent because of Batwing's rich backstory. Now he's gallivanting around Asia with Nightwing before bringing the awful Justice League International back home with him to take on Lord Bat [...]

    2. Good backstory; good tales of Batman's team in Africa.[I actually started this story in May, so unable to count toward Seasonal Reading Challenge or Library Challenge.]

    3. I had really enjoyed the first volume of Batwing. If anything, I liked this one more. Unlike some of the other new Bat family books, (Batwoman, I'm looking at you) Batwing has been given a roster of villains that are actually unique and interesting in their own rights. Lord Battle in particular, whose true power set ended up being fantastically mythical in nature. I think David, as opposed to Batwing, got the short end of the characterization stick in this volume, but that's pretty normal for a [...]

    4. This time last year I was wading my way through New 52 Volume 1s while this year I’ve been going through a ton of Marvel NOW! Volume 1s, so I thought it’d make a nice break to go back to some of the New 52 titles I enjoyed and read the second volume. I’ve regretted doing this for a number of them – Justice League, Aquaman, Suicide Squad, Batgirl Volume 2s are all terrible – but I somehow thought Batwing would be good, after all Judd Winick’s a good writer! Nope! This one is down ther [...]

    5. Aliens? Meta-humans? A dragon? Batwing: In The Shadow Of The Ancients makes some drastic changes from the first volume, The Lost Kingdom. Before embracing all things meta-human, the book addresses the final two chapters of the unfinished Massacre storyline. While these issues really should have been collected with the first tpb, and Massacre's identity is predictable, there's a well co-ordinated battle and a meaningful exchange between Batwing and Batman afterwards that should satisfy those who [...]

    6. This is a really strong book. Even though three stories are collected here, each feels well contained and important (with the Court of Owls crossover being the least important overall, but even it pushes some plot forward). It's a book full of crossovers, but they all work in context, and the other characters are present to support Batwing, rather than supplant him. Reading this so soon after reading Unknown Soldier forces some comparisons, as both deal with violence in Africa. This isn't nearly [...]

    7. The second volume in this "New 52" graphic novel is called, "In the Shadow of the Ancients," and is once again by Judd Winick with artwork by Marcus To and Ryan Winn.The storyline that was laid down in the first volume is concluded in this second volume. A story tying into the Court of Owls plotline that took place in all the "Batman" family of comics is included and a new storyline is introduced.I quite enjoy the introduction of the new characters and teams from both volume 1 & 2. The conti [...]

    8. Read the single print issuesTo me the strongest issues (#9-11 and 0) were the ones when Batwing was on his own or getting just a little help from Nightwing. The other issues were good but not as good as those because the story felt crowed with unnecessary characters.

    9. It was nice to see Batwing and other members of the Bat Family. Comic was good. Hope Batwing will be able to stop King Shadow and save his brother.

    10. I enjoyed the first volume and love the idea, but this one just didn't hook me in as much. There was a lot going on maybe too much.

    11. This series takes a downturn from its remarkable debut. By relocating from Africa to Gotham DC Comics might have bought itself a tie in with it's "Court of Owls" crossover but this title lost its soul in the bargain.

    12. Reprints Batwing #0, 7-12 (May 2012-November 2012). Batwing is searching for the killer of members of the African superhero team called the Kingdom, but finds himself pulled into a conflict in Gotham involving the Court of Owls. The kidnapping of a scientist leads Batwing and his allies in search of clues as to why…and conflict with Lord Battle.Written by Judd Winick, Batwing Volume 2: In the Shadows of the Ancients is the second volume in the New 52 series following Batwing Volume 1: The Lost [...]

    13. I really wanted to like this more, I really did. But, it took the great potential of the first volume, and finished up that story cycle far too quickly, and deprived us of more time with Massacre, the great villain (and would be Joker to Batwing) by moving on too quickly.I also felt that, like Volume 1, there's a lot of Bat Family here, in fact, too much to allow Batwing to stand on his own, I know that's part of Batman Inc but it's just too much other heroes and not enough of him on his own.I w [...]

    14. I think Batwing is the only title to feature a member of Batman Inc that isn't one of your typical Batfamily characters (i.e. Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl) That gives the title one point right there.Batman Inc, seems so long ago, an idea from before the New 52, that awkwardly made the transition into the current status quo. It was really Grant Morrison's Baby, and has gotten lost in the shuffle since Scott Snyder has become the Guiding Voice for the Bat titles.See how I am talking about Batman, whe [...]

    15. This was another solid showing by Winick. Batwing seems to fit right in with the Bat-Family. He's very interesting and quite intense. He might be down, but he's never out. The minute you underestimate him is the minute he figures out how to beat you, not unlike his mentor Batman. Added to the mix are some Nicely placed cameos by the Bat-Fam and JLI for a bit more flavor. All in all this series is definitely worth considering and I will be sticking with it until the end.

    16. I have grown to like this member of the Bat family.HeyBooster Gold.Okay, I would have added the two issues that finished the Massacre storyline (predictable) to volume 1. Because finishing that arc, the Zero Issue and the Night of Owls issue and then combining it with a short arc makes this feel very hodge podge.

    17. This could have been so much better. There were numerous metahumans introduced, hero and villain with far too little about them other than names.The Court of Owls segment was out-of-place, exemplifying why multi-title crossovers are so bad.Still like the African-base although that strength is being eroded by too-super a storyline.

    18. A good read. There were definitely some points where the story had plot holes that the characters just knew without discovering. I prefer the first story arc about Massacre more, but the second story arc is decent. I would recommend this book to all Batman fans.

    19. They really should have included the ending for the Massacre story in volume one. Plus the origin story should have been told before all of this. This volume contains random content with no real direction.

    20. I really enjoy this character and his story. If anyone earned the Bat symbol with tragedy and Resurrection it's this character,

    21. Pretty good story.I hadn't read volume 1, but this volume did a great job getting me caught up with what was going on.Never felt lost and was great to see a hero who didn't center around America.

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